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  1. How did I not know this? Jeez, for some reason, Une has been completely under my radar. And it’s hard to do a board search for it due to it only having three letters. I guess I have to go shopping now. Thank you, Mara
  2. I have tried searching and can’t find the answer. Is Une the same (basically) as Phero Girl? I just realized ive never tried Une, but I have Phero Girl, and it is one of the few honey scents that I love wearing. When I read scent description on the LPMP store website, they have the exact same notes listed sans the eow.
  3. Eve


    To specifically answer your question in reference to anger or irritation, no. But, this one keeps me awake if I apply it near bedtime ("sleeping type bedtime) I'm talking insomnia with a capital I! It is my number one choice for seducing the BF.
  4. Eve

    Private Editions for JUNE 2018

    I'd like to release my reserve for the Coco Chrissy's. I have been vacillating and finally decided that if I don't know I have to have it, I should wait a bit.
  5. Eve

    Dukhan-Summer 2018

    This is not masculine on me either. I get coconut, but not as much (any?) smoke as I was hoping for. It teeters on turning into plastic baby doll, but does not go full blown plastic. I think this is a made in heaven match for Beth's Blushing Milkmaid. I've been going back and forth between thinking I need lots of bottles, to thinking I'm good with a trial vial, so will give it some time to rest, and then get a better feel for how it works for me. Edited 14 hours later to add an update: i put put some on after showering tonight, and the smoke and oud are showing up more. I’ll give it a true break for a few days, once it has a chance to get over its jet lag, I’ll give it another go
  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Not a super strong scent, but oh my is it darling and delicious! It is not overtly citrus, not overtly sugary, or overtly any one facet, it is very well blended! I've never worn anything with PP in it before, and as I'm not much of a self responder to pheromones I can't give much of an opinion on how the pheromone factor makes me feel. It is light and summery without being tropical. I am sad that it doesn't last longer. However, there is a trace lingering on my wrist this morning, a reminder of what I applied before bedtime. I think I'm going to have to go full spray bottle on this one.
  7. I love this!!! And, not just for the fragrance, because although yummy, it is delicate and soft. The star of the show is how it transforms my skin into silky wonderfulness. You know how skin feels after exfoliating? This soap creates that same feel, (no scrubbing required!) I just looked, and there are three more listed in inventory, so you guys better grab one while you can, because I'm thinking this is the perfect choice to round out my next order
  8. I did not know there were soap cutters (of course there are! but, I didn't even consider such a thing. Now I know, now I will shop! Yeah, that is how I sliced myself. it was so creamy it stuck to my knife, and when I tried to slide it off with another less sharp knife... never mind, you get the picture. For the record, my daughter's cat that has been staying with me since the summer of 2005 (yes. perhaps he's my cat now) has never been given a bath by me even once. He is a good bather, when he was fat he'd lay back and lick this huge expanse of stomach, and I'd tell him he had a lot of real estate to cover . Now that he is ancient and baggy instead of fat, it is less work for him.
  9. You will love them! I liked mine so much that I decided I should cut some of it off in order to have part in the shower, and part by the basin, and my butchers knife slipped and I sliced my finger really really good (anything doing is worth doing well lol). But, I did achieve having one in the shower and one by the sink, and now the one in the shower is just a sliver. ... Not that we don't wash our hands, of course.
  10. I'm late to the party, but wanted to let you know I was thinking about you, and glad it went well. ( the tuxedo t-shirt hahahah)
  11. Eve

    Private Editions for JUNE 2018

    May I reserve a Coco Chrissy with a low floral note? 🏝️ thanks!
  12. As I read this, I could feel my eyes getting wider and wider! You already know I'm not the "go to" for phero advice though. However, with my limited experience I would lean toward LFM and the DHEAS, I've not ever tried PP.... regardless, don't forget cops. Those are win win ! So, what I am envisioning from this post is you as Reese Witherspoon's character in Big Little Lies.
  13. I got ,my shipping notice today! Yippee!
  14. Eve

    Amethyst Haze

    Yeah, I don’t know. (That was profound😎) The variant of native wisteria which I currently have, is named Amethyst Falls, and if you google reviews of it, some people will describe it as smelling like cat pee, and I think that is because they may be very sensitive to musky odors, and they dislike this type of scent. And, no, for the record, Amethyst Falls does NOT smell like cat pee!! Chinese wisteria is more intense, and although it doesn’t really smell the same as stalk or freesia, I kind of group them together in the same category for my own frame of reference, if that makes sense. They have a permeating sweet scent.
  15. Eve

    Amethyst Haze

    I’m generally not a floral perfume chick, and so, even though this was not a winner for me, it has good qualities in that it is intense and long lasting (which is great if you love something). It morphed into a luxury dusting powder or guest soap type fragrance. For those who mentioned the actual wisteria flower, two main types (and their variations) are primarily found here in the US. I’ve grown both. The Chinese wisteria is sweeter and more of a “purple” flower type scent, and the wisteria native to this continent is much muskier (and not actually very sweet). This one is my preference over the Asian variety, but if you took a preference poll, I don’t know that I’d be in the majority.
  16. Eve

    New Releases for JUNE 2018 - Summer!

    Simply stunning labels! I want to BE in that Evening Breeze! and the tropical garden!
  17. Eve

    Forum Upgrade!

    and now it looks even better! Love the aged parchment background.
  18. Eve

    Hiya from Tx.

  19. Eve

    Forum Upgrade!

    Congratulations! And maybe even the website back! Woohoo. I’m very happy to hear this. Tell her I approve of the new skin (can she get me new skin too?? Haha)
  20. Eve

    Forum Upgrade!

    I like the new color scheme, much more elegant than the transition one. But wait! It changes after I log in... old (new) colors, then new new colors. It didn’t always do this, right? Tell me I’m not crazy. How unobservant can I be? If it it always did this, post upgrade, it’s just one more sign I’d never have made it as a spy.... or a private eye...
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    That’s why I’ve come to believe trial vials, NR sampler sets (and ittys) are the way to go. It took me a while to get on board with the sampler sets, but it really is a great way to try things I’d never have considered, and to confirm if I really do like how a fragrance wears on me. Of course there is not always that option if a fragrance has been around for a while. Even this past month, I knew that none of the new releases were prime candidates for me to want a full bottle of, but no regrets getting the sampler. Of the pherotine releases in February, I went out on a limb and got two full bottles in addition to the sampler. One turned out to be a major love, (Wild Cherry) the other, (Buttercream Peach) I will probably never wear. BUT, in the sampler set was a huge huge HUGE hit for me (Bad Girl). That was what made me see that the sets are one of the best investments in exploring LPMP. I have no idea why Luna’s quote is showing up twice in my post, but I’m using my phone, and can’t see how to x it out.
  22. Eve

    Hi from melisse in california!

    Hi Melisse, and welcome I caught some of your posts on the FB forum, but did not realize you were new to here as well.
  23. I realize this thread is almost 9 years old, but, the topic came up recently with a friend of mine who has 7 kids ranging from ages 3 to 20. We were discussing behavior triggers. Use of pheromones around kids has not been particularly relevant to me personally, as mine are all adults, and I (sadly) have no grands. I really don’t wear pheromones very often anyway. Copulins, yes (daily,) and when I use pheros they are almost always the sexy time type- for sexy times DHEAS I also wear, but am not sure these fit the precise criteria for being pheromones (?) Is there more up to date research on this, other than articles sited here in this thread?
  24. Eve


    I was extremely fortunate to snag a bottle of this! I like it on its own, and would categorize it as an autumnal / wintertime, seriously sexy nighttime scent. I’ve experimented layering it with Wild Cherry, and WOW! It does not get sexier than that. It also makes it seem more appropriate for the warmer months ahead. Ruthvah is stronger and has a bit more lasting power than the Wild Cherry though, so I need to reapply the WC to keep the combo going. It it is so great for me, because I don’t generally do well with patchouli in fragrances, and it seems the majority of the dark resinous type scents have patch in it, but Ruthvah does not. We definitely need MORE of this one Potion Master!!!!
  25. Eve

    Soleil d'Or w/ Aja

    Me too it’s my favorite of the April LEs. I knew I was not a good candidate for “spring” scents. I adore real flowers, but have never been a floral fragrance lover. The tearose reads very true on me. When I wore it to bed, I dreamed about roses (really!) and woke thinking it smelled like there was a vase of them at my bedside. Sadly no, though. To me, this is a warm summer day or evening kind of scent though. Maybe it’s the warm earthy vibe that is present as an undercurrent. It is sun and specifically tea type roses, and it is elegant, grownup, and not particularly sweet. I’ll most likely eventually use up the trial vial, but, like I prefaced this post, not a floral perfume chick.