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  1. I am so glad I blindly bought two full sized bottles of this! It completely covers cops. Lasts quite a while. On a whim, I layered it with the Cherry OCCO, and it smells like cherry pie on me. Not a bad thing at all!
  2. I’ve not logged in for seemingly ages (not that I’ve forgotten you guys, but it’s been overwhelmingly busy around here). And tonight I realized I would have to open my last hoarded tub of this stuff very soon. I came on the forum, and read this! I did did like the first version better than the second one, but, still love it all the same.
  3. I could see no way out of ordering full bottles of weenie pump. Seriously. Between the fragrance notes and the name... Cannot wait for them to get here!
  4. @Potion Master I suspected the new site had deeper problems. It has to be so frustrating! For me, I found myself going to your old temporary website or Etsy to order, because so much was on my plate here recently that it was just easier. You will will make it awesome, never fear💗.
  5. It’s 💕 LOVE!!!! Alexi Relax is a gorgeous sandalwood/vanilla musk scent! I had such high hopes for Sensual Harmony, but, the ying lang was just too much for me. This would pair pair nicely with last year’s Sandalwood Musk OCCO. @Potion Master this is unique, and I’d love to see it offered more permanently, perhaps without photo.
  6. I’m updating this from my review earlier. The cherry is fading, but now the chocolate is coming through, not overtly, but it’s present. So far a ‘good’ chocolate—so it’s turning out to be a winner on both fronts. I’ll see how it smells when I wake in the morning.
  7. I’ve had this for almost three weeks now. Travel shock! Big time major didn’t make the trip happily (apparently). First time I tried it, all I got was a sharp stabby red currant. I though hmmm... I’ll give it a couple of days... then I gave it a few more. Then, I sighed and put it into my “I don’t really wear these” box. But, I kept thinking about it... and eventually I had time to come on the forum more, and the reviews started trickling in for it. TODAY I retrieved it from its place of banishment, and it is now a glorious full bodied bursting with cherriness 🍒. The currant let go it’s stranglehold. Chocolate still hasn’t made an appearance, and I’m okay with that. Chocolate could have been fine, but, with me and my skin chemistry, it’s dicey. Never underestimate the the value of reviewing for the benefit of others! ...Now to see what kind of staying power it has. Yay! I’m so happy.
  8. I'm trying it! (The Alexi Relax) this is perfect for me right now. So great (not) that I missed the sale, and now I'm shopping again. Timing is everything.🤨
  9. I've achieved the rank of Mr Mxyzptlk. I had to look it up lol.
  10. I know your question was about which phero choice was best, and I absolutely would go with any of the ones the veterans here suggest, an expert I am not. But, don't forget about just plain smelling good! The scent memory is a powerful thing. You couldn't know what scents he likes (of course) but, you know what you like on yourself. Don't overdo it, but smelling good is an attractant, and helps define who you are (if that makes sense). I've been mia on this board a lot lately, so I apologize if you've talked about what types of fragrances you like, because I haven't been around to read this. Smell nice, don't scare off the fish, and have a great time!!! (PS, if he fly fishes, he is a patient guy who is willing to show determination. THAT is a good trait!)
  11. @Eastwood22 all I can say is you obviously have good taste! sorry about the car. Don't even get me started! I am really over theft and people not understanding boundaries as far as what is theirs and what is not something take for themselves. Just the other day, my neighbor's hanging flower baskets were stolen from either side of their front door. really. flowers. who does that.? I'd be driving around the neighborhood looking for them, if they were mine. Last summer the BF left the windows down on the jeep when he ran in the store, and when he came out someone had stolen his cigarettes and lighter (not that this is a bad thing, if you know what I mean) It did not make him quit. And my son's GPS, that for some unknown reason was in my vehicle, was taken too. My vintage Chanel sunglasses were right there in the console, but they missed them.
  12. @LoveStruck .. and yes, Mara does create too many to have just one love.
  13. @LoveStruck I’m so happy to see you’re posting again 😊 your reviews were ones I learned a lot from when I first came to the forum. LPO does have great staying power on me, and the apricot isn’t too prominent either. My difficulty is the patchouli. Like so many of the LP varieties. It tends to take over. I do keep a bottle though. Just don’t wear it all that often.
  14. I wear them every day. Halo’s point about age (where you’re at hormonally) is something to keep in mind. I’m completely post menopausal—probably the oldest forum member who posts with any regularity right now. For me, I use a generous swipe down the cleavage to my belly button (lollipop shape). For the boyfriend I adds more! Sometimes lots more. He does not know about any of my secret arsenal lol. Works great every time and he’s 65. Yay for OCCOs.
  15. Simple for layering is great! Coffee on its own etc. I’d LOVE any type of rebrew for Wild Cherry, non pheroed would be the most versatile. As much as I love chocolate, I continue to have difficulties wearing many fragrances that are chocolate. I’d never say I didn’t want to try another. I know for me it might not work out, though. Wild Cherry was an exception, could not ask for a more perfect scent! Even though the chocolate in it was present, it was not the star.
  16. Coffee? I thought the coffee was nixed. Had to read back more carefully. So yes to coffee. But, an even higher YES to a version of the red wine chocolate coffee combo like in the sugar scrub. I have used 99% up (and I got two tubs of it!). I know the coffee was mainly the actual coffee granules in the scrub than a scent note, but that stuff was FABULOUS! .... or just coffee. You know me and my adoration of food and beverage aromas PM. ...speaking of coffee, off to brew coffee, feed the fur kids, shoot the dog (insulin haha) and all that stuff. @Potion Master I was up late unraveling the Cherie Currie mystery and now I’m behind because I slept in!!! Will comment in that thread after all this morning insanity gets done with.
  17. Wild Cherry OCCO would be incredible. I could only hope for it! I realized just now many of the notes I listed are also in Wild Cherry description.
  18. Oh! How long has this been being discussed! I have to get off my phone and to a proper keyboard ASAP!!! But, Incase I don’t. Lemon buttercream yes. True Cherry blended with cedar, vetiver and maybe vanilla or tonka? Last year the sandalwood musk was incredible. Dreamsicle also appeals to me. Cupcake dreamsicle how’s that?
  19. Eve

    Special Delivery 2019

    @Eastwood22 it was mostly amber on me, The current was there (to my nose and skin chemistry) more than a pure cherry. I didn't dislike it, but was not a replacement for Wild Cherry. I ended up gifting it, so not sure how it would have aged with time.
  20. @Potion Master, I mentioned this up thread somewhere, and also to John in an email, but just in case, thought I’d repost about not finding the NoCo anywhere on new site. Not alphabetically nor in permanent collection or with search function. Additionally, pull down selection menu for sugared layerables Pink musk through Vanilla Bean is not there. These are the only snags I’ve come across.
  21. I've been wearing this a lot lately. It is good for the whole LFM aura, but also for something quick to spritz on when I don't know what fragrance I'm in the mood for. Now, yesterday I had on an old ratty Steelers jersey, biker shorts and sneakers, and it did feel it lacked congruence. Not enough to change, but it bothered me a tiny bit.
  22. What an accomplishment! I love the wish list I like that scent descriptions are prominent. I did not find the NoCo in permanent fragrance section. I did a search for NoCo and nothing came up. Is it m? I didn't spend long, so it probably is me.
  23. I agree with the others that this definitely has a vintage vibe—I keep thinking Estee Lauder Youth Dew, although it has been many decades since I’ve sniffed that, and don’t think I particularly liked it. It’s not that it smells like this particular fragrance, just an example to say that it has an elegant classic aura.
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