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  1. Mara’s like that!! 💕 I attempted placing just a regular order during the sale, and she posts that I need to pick what freebies I want.
  2. Eve

    New lovely lady to the mones community :)

    Welcome, Vicki Lee 😊
  3. Eve

    Dari Gold

    Oh, Just Desserts is yummy! I came *this close* to ordering somet some for my last sale order.
  4. Eve

    Dari Gold

    I like this, and I kept thinking it reminded me of something. After digging through my stash, I finally located Just Desserts. Initially when I layer Beth's Blushing Milkmaid over Just Desserts, I get something very similar to Dari Gold. But, after a while, the BBM + Just Desserts has a markedly more buttery smell to it. It could be because the Just Desserts can't hold its own against the stronger BBM, in all of its buttery coconutty glory. Anyhoo, I know that the listed notes are not the same as the combo, but for those who missed out on Dari Gold, its something to consider layering together. (I missed out on Ebil-ish and Lick of Cream, so cannot compare to them.)
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    PM I was trying to keep things simple for you guys, and just place an order as a regular order! But... seeing as you took the time to be more than generous (and hence, now I'm not making it easy after all) , how about 2 large Sugared Vanilla Bean thanks so much! xo
  6. Of the entire collection of LE OCCO's, this one is the one the one that is just not a go for me. I think a lot of this has to do with me just not gravitating to floral fragrances in general, combined with tangerine not being in my top faves for fragrance notes. It does cover the copulins completely, and was not a scrubber, just not something I would reach for to wear. I'll give it a while longer, and revisit.
  7. This defies everything I *thought* I understood about what categories of fragrances best cover copulins. Never, ever would I think there is an OCCO strength of cops in this! Even though I am not a floral perfume kind of person, this one I would and will absolutely wear from time to time. It is feminine and clean smelling. It very well mannered in the sense one could wear it to social occasions, or in business situations where sexy fragrances would be inappropriate.
  8. I like this a lot more than I expected to! The long dry down is a classic sort of oriental fragrance on me, in the same vein as commercial scents such as Obsession or Opium. And, it covers the copulins completely. I I don't love it as much as the Sandal Musk, but it is very very pretty.
  9. Eve

    Eve's Choco Cherry OCCO

    It starts out very similar to Wild Cherry, but the dry down is completely different. It is sweeter by a lot (on me). I do like it better than OCCO Choco, but that is a personal preference thing.
  10. Eve

    Rose City Shampoo Bar

    So sincere and adorable!
  11. ... finding this an interesting thread! As you guys probably know from what I've posted before I don't often get self effects from pheros - there are some exceptions though. The stronger formulation of DHEAS does, but not really the lesser concentration. Open Windows I've not tried , nor have I tried Lumina or Topper. Levitation does give me selfies unless I wear it for a few days in a row. The worst thing about when I test drive a social pheromone blend on others. is I forget I have it on. Even though some of us on the forum may tend to scrutinize reactions too much, I err on the other side. I *think* if I had to pick pheromone social blends that most accurately project who I am in other's eyes, it would be LFM./LFN although the LFN is obviously more sexual too. LFN I do get self effects from, and I think it is congruent with how I am perceived by others. I wear it a good bit lately. Cops are my huckleberry. Like totally. May I never run out. Here is my little Irish Blessing with a EOW/OCCO spin: May his Rock of Cashel rise up to meet you. May he .... ...okay, I got nothing else. A very very short ode to copulins indeed! I liked the rock of cashel though.. I'm ordering Lumina next, thanks in part to what Eggers wrote. I will report back.
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    Rose City Shampoo Bar

    Awww! How sweet! (and tell him, good to know)
  13. Eve

    Hello from sunny France!

    Welcome! (not sunny here, but I can always hope it will be soon)
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  15. Okay, that is cherry 🍒 not cerry divinity. Clearly I am someone who needs the edit function (or bothers to proofread)
  16. My teensy sale order should be here tomorrow! I’ve been curious about Petit 4.2, and have read so many references to Cerry Divinity. Can’t wait to try them 😊
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    I use virgin bad girl to cover. I even made a small boosted bottle (don’t remember what ratios though). It covers completely🙂
  18. I have a couple on order Can not wait! I have the trial size, but don't want to risk using it up in case some apocalyptic mailing event happens before I can receive them! In reference to how it smells compared to Caramel Musk, I no longer own the CM, but I remember I tried it, and it read as more masculine on me than I cared for, which is kind of weird in that I'd say I tend to like unisex fragrances. As I no longer have it, I can't retry the CM to identify what the difference is for me, but it may have been how some caramels react with my skin chemistry.
  19. Kayla this reminds me of Beth's Blushing Milkmaid, too. I need to try it again to better evaluate the amber aspect that Luna, talked about. I do love BMM, and will definitely use up my trial vials.
  20. lol. That's okay. When I die, someone is going to discover my very real back-up stockpile. It resides in a Frye boot box in the back bottom of my armoire, and I know I've still got room left in that box. Which is good, because autumn is coming and we know no one does autumn like Mara!
  21. It is amazing! I do smell cops - as in a whiff, when I first apply, then poof! cops all gone.
  22. So far, as I make my way through the sampler, this is my top favorite! ( I don't see that changing, either) I'd love to think this could become a permanent OCCO option, as I've not found anything even similar to it! I was hesitant to order a full sized bottle to start, because I was not all that sure. Sometimes I love sandalwood and vanilla, and, some times I don't. Adding to my hesitation, I've previously tried Sensual Harmony, which shares some of the same notes and it just did not agree with me at all, which is a real shame, because I do like LFM. Even though it wears a bit close to the skin, this lasts a looong time - as in I could still smell it a little after showering. Absolutely worth checking out!!!! I wish I'd gone full bottle with this one, and plan to rectify that immediately!
  23. OMG!!! I got the shipping notice late Thursday (I think). When I checked tracking it kept telling me it was in Vancouver, shipping label created, awaiting pick up. late Saturday it still said that, and I assumed what with the sale, everyone was super busy and tracking WAS accurate and up to date. I planned to check late today due to the time zone difference ...but I decided to take a peek just in case, and IT’S OUT FOR DELIVERY 📦! !!! My order was the new LE OCCO’s
  24. Eastwood, all I can say about that is, I love to share 😎 (of course it’s playing in my head too now)
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    Oooh! May I reserve the cherry divinity? COMPLETE!