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  1. Good to hear everything worked out!
  2. oceanjewel

    Forum Upgrade!

    Photobucket backed off wanting people to pay recently. Lost too many users to other photo hosting sites
  3. Wow! Tall order. Seem to remember you posting once before that LFM with some extra DHEAS was a good combo on you and LFM has EST in it. Good luck!
  4. In that situation I would wear LFM. Cougar might work too
  5. oceanjewel

    New Releases for JUNE 2018 - Summer!

    Awesome labels! Especially Evening Breeze Wonder if Dukhan is named for the Sudanese ritual?
  6. oceanjewel

    Hiya from Tx.

  7. Shipping notice for latest order today! Should be here Monday
  8. oceanjewel


    There’s another variation of that quote you might like. “Be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn “
  9. Just ordered: Cacao Amor Cheryl's Short Story Mystic Dewdrop Virgin Goddess of the Blue Moon Un LFN
  10. oceanjewel

    Stalk Talk!

    I'm wondering if there will be another summer sale?
  11. My threebies are on their way!
  12. oceanjewel

    Jenna's Domina Venus

    I'm loving this one! To me, it reads kind of like Bad Girl's bigger badder sister. Pairs well with LFN
  13. No more of a nut than the rest of us
  14. oceanjewel

    Hi from melisse in california!