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  1. That sucks! Fingers crossed they find it soon!
  2. @anchoredinopulence Did the post office find your package yet?
  3. @Potion Master Are you looking for humanitarian charity suggestions or can they be environmental charities? This is one of my faves https://www.panthera.org/
  4. Is the apartment office open today? Maybe they left it there. They used to do that all the time at my old apartment. It was annoying 😐
  5. I’m seconding an OCCO of red wine, chocolate, and coffee. Great idea!
  6. Adding my vote for Lemon Buttercream, Mocha, and @Hildegerd‘s idea for a green/unisex OCCO (thinking that one would pair well with most of the unisex scents I like)
  7. Crap. Most of my mail and all of my Mom’s use initials for the first name. Thanks for the heads up
  8. Are you looking for someone else’s PE? New PE requests are turned off right now
  9. How about key lime cheesecake? There was an ice cream place here that had that flavor
  10. Just tried logging in on Safari. My wishlist disappeared too
  11. oceanjewel

    Chant du Lac

    Not getting earth or rose (which is good since I usually amp rose) in this even when first applied. Mostly I get the water accords and melon with just a hint of lily even after dry down. I love aquatics, so this is a great summer scent for me
  12. oceanjewel

    Velours Frais

    Wet I get carnation mixed with spices and tobacco, but as it dries down the spices and tobacco disappear leaving me with a lovely fresh carnation scent. Glad i got a full bottle of this
  13. I did. Just logged in, so it seems to have worked for me
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