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  1. Yeah, definitely not a work scent 😂 or if you’re around men you don’t want to attract
  2. Not sure how to describe the notes themselves. The feel of this one is warm, rich, and sensual, like a slow, subtle seduction that kinda sneaks up on you. Perfect for Valentine's Day ❤️
  3. Had to order the new 02.20 and a bottle of the Key
  4. Did you ever find some of the UN Gotcha?
  5. Gotcha!!!!! Yay!!!! And new blends to play with too! Awesome!
  6. Of course you should start now 😁 And right after will be time to start saving for the sale
  7. Looks like there are only trial(s) left https://luvpotionperfume.com/listing/535982825/universal-antidote-halloween-collection
  8. oceanjewel

    Hello! 😺

    Don’t be embarrassed. Your in good company with that
  9. Gorgeous labels and kitties! So happy to see the return of Whisker Wishes Can’t wait to the notes, especially for the Key and Horn of Plenty and the Snake I haven’t done the spell from my mystery box yet and some of these look like they would pair well with that
  10. Everything I’ve added to my cart so far has been included
  11. Good Not only for you, but as an example for your daughter It took me 8 years to find a good one after my previous relationship ended. Don't give up
  12. ^^^^ Also totally agree! Will also add that this type of behavior often escalates to domestic violence. Better to let him go
  13. This smells like a walk in the woods on a chilly fall evening. Not sure what's giving it the cool air impression, the evergreen maybe? Its one of those outdoor types that isn't too masculine for me but I'm going to slather some on my man just to find out how it smells on him.
  14. I don't know how to describe this one either except as my favorite LP variant so far. On me its less sweet than the others and has an outdoorsy quality, but not in an overly masculine way. I'm also getting a "catnip for men" effect when I wear this 😈
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