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    BANG discontinued... what should I use? HELP

    Mara posted about it back in September in this thread. http://lovepotion.invisionzone.com/topic/568-super-sexy-concentrate/?page=17&tab=comments#comment-485669 Sounds like a supplier issue
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    BANG discontinued... what should I use? HELP

    Unfortunately SS4W is also being discontinued 😞
  3. oceanjewel

    BANG discontinued... what should I use? HELP

    It is, but he asked about a replacement for Super Sexy for Men
  4. oceanjewel

    BANG discontinued... what should I use? HELP

    I’ve never tried Bang so don’t know which one would be a good substitute. Sorry You could try emailing the shop to get Miss Mara’s opinion
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    BANG discontinued... what should I use? HELP

    Have you tried the new Love God blend? Its been getting rave reviews.
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    Stalk Talk!

    Hard to say what will and what won’t. Mara usually announces when they’re available on the forum, so maybe just keep checking. There’s also usually a sale in the summer (doesn’t include some things like the unscented pheros). It’s pretty awesome and another event you might want to set money aside for
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    Stalk Talk!

    Pherotines are trial sizes of the unscented phero blends. They're only offered once a year, so if you want to try a bunch of different pheros before committing to full bottles, then yes save up
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    Song of the Desert

    Put this on this morning and got a blast of cactus fruit that reminded me of the Prickly Pear ice cream I had in Tortilla Flat, AZ. As it dried down the florals came out and toned down the sweetness, then the sage and a scent that reminded me of amber, but not quite. I'm guessing that's the copal. Overall a lovely scent that reminded me of spring in the desert and my AZ vacation. Wish I had been around when full bottles of this were available.
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    Happy New Year!!!
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    Perfect Match?

    It’s still available on the temp site, so maybe just hasn’t been moved to the new site yet
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    I hope it’s coming back! It’s my favorite blend
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    New Site Coming Soon

    Try this https://lpmp.store
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    Stalk Talk!

    Am I the only one hoping for an LFN boosted scent soon? Seems there hasn't been one for awhile
  14. That depends, at least in part, on your skin chemistry. Your skin might amp some notes and completely absorb others. LPs don’t have the stabilizers used in commercial scents.
  15. La Femme Mystere is in Sensual Harmony. Seconding Eastwood for trying La Femme Mystere or La Femme Noire on him. I usually use Gotcha or Sexpionage on my guy, but if he gets inattentive I break out the LFN and it works 😁
  16. Got my shipping notice Yummy B&B stuff on the way!
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    Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍁
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    New Girl to the community

    Welcome 😊
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    Stalk Talk!

    Based on this thread it might be a bath and body month http://lovepotion.invisionzone.com/topic/13169-suggest-a-scent-making-scrubs-butters-and-whipped-soaps-today/?tab=comments#comment-488316
  20. Trying this again and so far, so good. I'm not getting the bitch mode and the guys at work are behaving. Apparently I only need a tiny amount to get the results I keep reading about here, only used one drop from my pherotine bottle
  21. Try wearing less, LPs pheros are pretty powerful. Too much can have the opposite effect of what you want
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    This reminds of sitting on the front deck, steaming cup of coffee in hand and a cool autumn breeze stirring the leaves with just a whisp of last night's fire hanging in the air. Defininitely unisex, as I could see a man wearing it, but I love it on me too. Contemplating a back-up bottle...
  23. Maybe Treasured Hearts if you’re trying to soften her up
  24. oceanjewel

    Soul Food 2018

    Unless the whole thing gets filled at the next sale