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    Moondust Cocoa

    I'm getting a rich dark chocolate type of hot cocoa with just enough sweetness to keep it from being bitter. This is going to be a great bedtime scent. I accidentally bought 2 bottles when ordering and I'm glad I did. Saves another order for a back up bottle
  2. oceanjewel

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    I'm not on Facebook or Instagram. Is there a way to buy without joining?
  3. oceanjewel

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    That's the problem. I'm not on Facebook or Instagram so I can view but not buy.
  4. oceanjewel

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    Is there a website or are they only available through social media?
  5. Its so hard to wait. I didn't have enough self control not to open and at least sniff them
  6. My weenies are here!!!!!! The magnet is so adorable!! Now to be patient with travel shock....
  7. oceanjewel

    Honeyed Love Potion w/ Gotcha! 2015

    I've found that I love the honey heavy scents and this is no exception. This is sexy sweet honey with a side of apricot and amber. I get a smidge of the vanilla but no patch even after several hours. Gotcha was my first phero and makes the alpha males I'm around fall all over themselves to make me happy plus it turns the BF into a total snuggle bug
  8. oceanjewel

    Stalk Talk!

    Mine is at my local post office Which is already closed
  9. oceanjewel

    Love Potion: Exotica w/Gotcha!

    ^^ Ooh yay! I never got to try Exotica, but have a bottle of Elume on the way
  10. Yep ๐Ÿ™‚ Here's a link to some research on it. https://www.disabled-world.com/health/neurology/depression/sad-dep.php
  11. Vitamin D3 and Omega 3. One of the biggest causes of S.A.D. is vitamin D deficiency. You could also be one of those who needs more than the RDA. I found out I need 1.5x the RDA of both
  12. oceanjewel

    Stalk Talk!

    (Im)patiently waiting for mine. Scheduled for Tuesday delivery
  13. Happy Birthday to us ๐Ÿ˜€
  14. Got my shipping notice for the Weenies!!!
  15. oceanjewel

    New lovely lady to the mones community :)

    I don't know how long, but I have asked to hold one if its almost gone and I'm going to place an order within a week. I just did that with Essence of Bloodroot while waiting for the new releases to be available.
  16. oceanjewel

    Hello Lovers of LPMP

    I disagree with the recruiter. Some of what you listed should be verifiable by a prospective employer. It sounds like you have quite a few skills that could be played up in an interview. Maybe try listing them and have someone do a mock interview with you? SWS is great for that "I'm competent and confident" vibe that gets respect in the workplace. Good luck and I hope you'll let us know how it goes
  17. oceanjewel

    Hi, everyone!

    @SugarKitten Stormy Weather has True Confessions so if your friend didnโ€™t blow up around you when wearing Island Rain, maybe Open Windows works better for you. Sorry youโ€™re having a rough week
  18. oceanjewel

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    Yay! Already sent my invoice request. Some of the notes were a total surprise, like pumpkin + gunpowder... Have to try that one
  19. oceanjewel

    Hello Lovers of LPMP

    Welcome For a job interview I would go with Swimming with Sharks. Don't sell yourself short, managing a home and family uses some of the same skills as managing a business.
  20. oceanjewel

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    Ick! From what I can see you're doing just fine without it
  21. oceanjewel

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    So far these are on my "to buy" list especially if Eastwood is right about the notes Moondust Cocoa EBIL-ish Gravenstein Unbeleafable Elume Z-Day (Don't know why, but I love the little kid on this one. There's just something sweetly innocent about it)
  22. oceanjewel

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    I was thinking some kind of pumpkin beer type thing because of the German beer of the same name. Probably a bit too literal though
  23. oceanjewel

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    Yay! Love the label for Soul Food especially and the label for Z-Day is too cute! ๐Ÿ™‚
  24. Seconding the suggestion for Megawatt. I have that in Determination Potion (also sold out) and it always works when I need to get things done.