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  1. Hi Kids- there is no brown sugar in this. It's a spring scent, there is a bit of caramel and incense notes in it, but it's sugars, citrus, musk and some darker elements. It's not a thick scent, not heavy. It's spring, but with a specter following it around LOL
  2. Sinister Pink is in no relation to LP Pink- just so ya know.
  3. Sinister Girl


    I think this and Sassy Syliba are the most underrated scents of that month, I LOVE them, esp in bath stuff. Nom
  4. I'm sorry, I can't re- do the fragrance. It's over 30 ingredients, and 15 of those are no longer available. Sorry, SG
  5. I had to Ebil up pinks stuff. Spring should be ebil, and naoes it iz.
  6. Sinister Girl

    Bayou Musk

    oh but check this- there is a men's version of this too! it's......well, you have to wait!
  7. I had to eat ALLL the cookies to get this right!
  8. sometimes you get two if the printer misfires, or the system goes down. If one package tracks and the other does not- that is what happened. SG
  9. Sinister Girl

    Skull Orchard

    You have a good nose!
  10. Sorry, Not yet for Native Soil. Sorry to disapoint!
  11. Sinister Girl


    Ylang is tricky. There are three kinds of common EO distillations. Just depends on what you are going for. This one is a complex distillation with like 7 or 8 years of ageing- oh wait no, I tell a lie- it's been on the age since 1997. Awesome yes?
  12. And I STILL love this. One of my faves- next to LP Spring 04 or 05- I has the last bottles hoarded!
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