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  1. Did this cover the cops well, Stacy? I got a trial size of this in a trade and really love it. I was reading through the reviews and and wonderingif I should get a bottle boosted with cops.
  2. I'll get in touch with Halo to request an email exchange.
  3. Hi from melisse in california!

    Welcome, Melisse! You're off to a great start! You will love Beth's Blushing Milkmaid. It's scrumptious!
  4. Yay! It really does take a long time to get to Canada.
  5. Tinkerbelle, I have a full bottle that I tested once or twice that I'd be willing to trade or sell. Let me know if you're interested.
  6. Delectable

    Thanks, Eve. I bought a bottle of LV's Midnight Snack in the trade section a while ago and just assumed that it should smell like maple syrup. It wasn't until I got my latest order that I figured out it was the caramel reading that way on my skin. I wish I would have known before I ordered a full bottle of Delectable unsniffed. It does smell lovely in the bottle, though. I might try a scent locket or trade it.
  7. Tyvey’s Hollywood Candy

    I'm so happy that I ordered a bottle of this! It smells sweet and light and is sheer, but has a decent throw. I can totally understand how you envisioned this as a beautiful, hard candy or jewel. It reminds me of a beautiful translucent, glycerin soap bar with a sweet floral scent.
  8. Fluffy

    This starts out as a really strong Magnolia on me - almost to the point I was going to wash it off. I decided to wait it out and after an hour, it has now settled down and I can smell the musk and just a hint of marshmallow as well. It smells rich and has a nice sweet smell to it.
  9. LOVE this one!!! I wasn't sure I would even like the scent, but ordered a sample because of the label (I adore dogs). I was thrown off by the hay and lettuce because I wasn't sure if they would work on me. Wow - I think this is my favorite scent from my order. It is a sweet, light floral vanilla that wears close to the skin and almost smells like it should naturally be there. I don't usually buy spray scents, but am considering getting this in a spray. Either way, I need a full bottle. ♥♥♥
  10. I love this one! The cherry blossom does start out strong on me as well, but after 45 minutes or so becomes a beautiful, light, enticing scent. I keep huffing my hand where I tested it. I love the Japanese Cherry Blossom hand soap from B&BW and use it in my bathroom a lot, so I figured I'd like Zakura - just wasn't sure what the cedar would smell like, so I only picked up a sample. I'm pretty sure I'll be ordering a full bottle soon! It smells amazing!
  11. Delectable

    So, I've discovered that caramel in fragrances reads as pancake syrup on me, and am wondering if that happens to anyone else. Both Delectable and Lady V's Midnight Snack have my children and husband (who don't realize it's my perfume) saying they smell syrup - and it's not a bad thing, just what my skin does with caramel, evidently. I will try Delectable again in a few days and see if I get any more of the floral scent, but so far I haven't.
  12. Woo-hoo!!! My package just arrived. Now...what to try first?
  13. Oh, that's right, I forgot you live in Canada. It will go by quickly and you'll have the box in your hands before you know it.
  14. Mine are too. I just got the email today. I cannot wait to get them!!!
  15. I can't wait to get my bottle. It's not a "me" scent on paper, but Tyvey was so excited about how it turned out, I was convinced that I had to get one.