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  1. I got my shipping notice yesterday - can't wait!!!
  2. Happy to hear everything went well today!
  3. Kayla

    Private Editions for JUNE 2018

    May I please reserve an itty set too?
  4. Kayla

    Private Editions for JUNE 2018

    I would like the second version without the frangipani. Thanks!
  5. Holy crap, you have a lot to deal with tomorrow! How about Popularity Potion so everyone likes you but isn't jealous of you, some extra Est for the ex, and some cops so you feel sexy and confident. I love H&S the most out of all of the social / bonding pheros, but if you don't want to talk to people, I wouldn't wear it in that situation. Every time I wear it, I have long, deep conversations, even with people who I am not close friends. Just be yourself, focus on your son, and you'll have an amazing day. You've got this!
  6. Kayla

    Private Editions for JUNE 2018

    I would like a Coco Chrissy's please. Thank you! : )
  7. Kayla

    New Releases for JUNE 2018 - Summer!

    I didn't check my answers yet, but I totally thought that Delicai was a new version of Special Delivery. Obviously, it isn't, but it sounds delicious!
  8. So, usually I adore this for the scent, but I have a bad cold and can't smell much of anything at the moment. I will say that this saved the day today, as I was in a foul mood upon waking this morning (damn PMS). I slathered this on and the Balm Bomb did the trick within 10 minutes and had totally mellowed me out. I'm amazed that even though I couldn't smell the scemt, the pheros worked regardless.
  9. I haven't used B2.2 much, just Teddy BB, which I like. You'll have to see which one works best for you.
  10. Kayla

    New Releases for JUNE 2018 - Summer!

    The artwork is beautiful! I especially like the Evening Breeze label. I can't wait to see what is in Deliciae!
  11. Here's the link that describes how they are different: https://luvpotionperfume.com/post/147182243873/pheromone-list Look under Unisex - it's the percentages of the ingredients.
  12. Kayla

    Stalk Talk!

    Sounds like fun!
  13. Kayla

    Forum Upgrade!

    It's beautiful with the rich, earthy colors.
  14. This is really sweet and rich. I get mostly chocolate and honey, but also smell the orchid peeking through just a bit. I think the cops are sweetening the honey, which I really enjoy because it's not turning powdery, nor is it a dirty honey smell on me. I don't typically wear cops in public, but this perfume might be an exception. I can't detect the cops at all.
  15. Kayla

    Hiya from Tx.