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  1. Congratulations on the move, Mara! It will be nice having more space.
  2. Kayla

    Hello! 😺

    Welcome, Angelic! It looks like you're already fitting in nicely - with the full cart just after ordering, lol! Mara's perfumes are addictive! 🙂
  3. Wow! I thought that it was a photograph at first. She is incredibly talented!
  4. These look amazing! I can't wait to see the notes. 🙂
  5. It sounds like it would be really congruent with Teddy BB. It's so smooth and relaxing.
  6. I tried my sample of Unisexy again last night after having put it away several summers ago. I have really been into Perfect Match lately, so I dug through my samples to locate it. After almost 24 hours of wear, I can still detect a faint vanilla musk remaining on my wrists. I am not sure how I overlooked this gem and almost forgot about it. Upon first applying, it smells a bit masculine with the tobacco and sandalwood, and also a bit powdery. After about 30 minutes, the vanilla and musk come out and it develops into a beautiful, deep skin scent. I just ordered a spray bottle with PM and a virgin roll on to be able to wear alone or with other pheros - plus, I was able to use the Gratitude coupon for 20% off. Thank you, Mara! :)
  7. I decided to place a small order from the new website with the discount and hold off on my order from the old website until the spell potions arrive.
  8. I was going to wait for the spell potions and add on the items from the old website, but with the sale, I figured that I would get them now.
  9. @Potion Master, just wondering, if I want to order a few things from the new website with the discount, but also want to order from the old website without the discount, should I send you an email? I don't want to make two PayPal transactions for you, unnecessarily.
  10. So, I let this settle for a few weeks before reviewing it because I wasn't getting much of anything besides berries on my skin, and I knew that it should smell more cakey. Honestly, I was afraid that the blue raspberry was going to ruin the scent for me because it amps something awful on my skin. Well, today, I am FINALLY getting some creamy pumpkin, maple and vanilla along with the blue raspberry, and I am so happy because it smells delicious! It is still very sticky and sweet, as expected, and I am really enjoying it on what is a rainy, blah day.
  11. Thanks! I wasn't looking for any at the moment - just curious.
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