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  1. So, I let this settle for a few weeks before reviewing it because I wasn't getting much of anything besides berries on my skin, and I knew that it should smell more cakey. Honestly, I was afraid that the blue raspberry was going to ruin the scent for me because it amps something awful on my skin. Well, today, I am FINALLY getting some creamy pumpkin, maple and vanilla along with the blue raspberry, and I am so happy because it smells delicious! It is still very sticky and sweet, as expected, and I am really enjoying it on what is a rainy, blah day.
  2. Thanks! I wasn't looking for any at the moment - just curious.
  3. Are the PEs going to be loaded later? When I looked, there weren't any listed.
  4. Very pretty! The labels look like they're beveled and really pop with the lighter background! ❤❤❤
  5. Wax melts? Spell potions? I can't wait to hear the big announcement!!!
  6. ^^^ I totally agree! He is a narcissist and you need to save yourself before you get any more caught up in his bs than you already have.
  7. I tried it last night and the OCCO Mocha overpowers the Velvet Kisses because the coffee note is so strong. I layered the two scents instead of placing them in different application points, which was definitely a mistake because I lost the chocolate smell from the Velvet Kisses. They are congruent, but when you try it, don't layer them. I will try again another night with separate application points.
  8. I think that I will try this tonight! Sounds delicious!
  9. This starts out really spicy and smoky on me, then morphs into a rich, creamy, medium-spiced pumpkin after about 20 minutes. There is not even a hint of cops peeking through. This is going to be great for layering with vanilla, apple, and coffee scents, or anything from the fall collection! 🎃
  10. Woo-hoo! I'm so happy to hear that you received your packages!
  11. Hahaha! Hopefully I don't end up there anytime soon, lol.
  12. I am wearing this again tonight because I slept so soundly last night with it on. In the beginning, this reminds me a bit of Coquette (maybe the same type of fig mixed with vanilla?). I really love it and am probably going to get another bottle because it is so comforting to me. ETA: Plus, I am in love with the label! There is something enchanting about it, and I love the birds.
  13. Kayla

    Midnight Rider

    This is really lovely on me. It gives the feel of mouthwatering, fresh, drippy/juicy fruit with a nice base to ground it. I don't get any smoke, but it definitely has a richness to it and it lasts a long time on my skin without being overpowering. This would be great combined with EOW or one of the OCCOs!
  14. Thank you for the comparison!
  15. Luna, how does this compare to Lina's Latte? I didn't order the sampler and was curious if it is similar or had a completely different feel.
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