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    Cataluna LPMP Has Sent You A Package

    I received my package! So quoting Halo, "SQUEEEEE!!!" I have had a quick sniff of most of the vials but need to get going into work ... and eat lunch because I am so hungry!
  2. Oh my gosh! I have just bought 2x threebies to get 2 bottles of Totem: Raccoon. It was love at first sniff (and 2nd and 3rd and 4th ... sniff). So yummy!
  3. Wolf Dreaming

    Private Editions for APRIL 2018

    Ooohh! Goody!!
  4. Wolf Dreaming

    Halcyon Daze - Summer Collection 2017

    This is delicious! I get the strong passionfruit and peach-grapefruit notes coming out strong on me. I am finding that I am loving the fruity scents. This is fabulous for long summer days ...
  5. Wolf Dreaming


    I wore 2 drops of girl / girl from the pherotine dropper to my first day back at work today and I had both my female managers coming up and giving me hugs 😃. All the women were extra nice and I felt good - I was relaxed and laughing. Earlier in the day when I had not opened my delivery I felt anxious around everyone. So I really felt the effects on myself and in others reactions to me.
  6. Wolf Dreaming

    Cataluna LPMP Has Sent You A Package

    I finally picked up my package from work today with my pherotines - and I had some lovely gifts in my package - thank you 😃.
  7. Wolf Dreaming

    New Releases for JUNE 2018 - Summer!

    The labels and names are so beautiful and mysterious. The colours are so vibrant. So excited to find out about the notes and stories behind them 😃
  8. Wolf Dreaming

    Hi from melisse in california!

    Hi Melisse, I find that a "sneak attack 🙂 " is the best with my man. He would totally over-ride every sensation on offer if he was aware that it was happening at an orchestrated level ! Do not underestimate the capacity for people to purposely blank things out because they don't believe it works or they don't want it to work !
  9. Wolf Dreaming

    Forum Upgrade!

    The forum looks amazing, I agree with everyone that the colour scheme and design is striking. Good job background faery elves!
  10. Wolf Dreaming

    Hiya from Tx.

    LOL - it sounds like she fits right in already 🙂
  11. Wolf Dreaming

    Hiya from Tx.

    Welcome SaiyanPrince, What a wonderful "bug" to share with your wife 🙂. There are a few people on the forum who are having lots of fun with their other halves as they explore the world of phero's and scent together, definitely look out for their good stories; and please share any of your own.
  12. Wolf Dreaming

    Erin's Latte Peche

    Delicious! When it first went on (I tried it yesterday) there was a huge WHAM! of coffee in the air; then the peach emerged and curled seductively around the coffee. After a few moments the coffee settled down and the perfume became individualised - except for that faint lingering scent of peach the fragrance turned into something deep and surprisingly exotic. I could not really smell the coffee, as a note, at all. A true masterpiece, absolutely sublime.
  13. Wolf Dreaming

    Lani's Heavenly Lei

    I have been working almost non-stop from half past seven this morning and it is now 6pm ... so I am feeling exhausted and brain dead. But I still need to get about 3 more hours of work done tonight. I tried Lani's Heavenly Lei because the fragrance was wonderfully strong and sweet and refreshing in the bottle. It lives up to the hype on my skin. It is perfect to go along with the balmy evening weather. This would also be lovely on holiday.
  14. Wolf Dreaming

    Lava Rain

    That sounds amazing - I love how you have matched different scents to different aspects of your journey. Enjoy and please report back on the experience...
  15. Wolf Dreaming


    I like that one too :-)
  16. Wolf Dreaming


    I have just made it to Unicorn Jockey! I love unicorns 😃. I once stumbled over this quote: " Be yourself. But if you can't be yourself - be a unicorn!"
  17. Wolf Dreaming

    Tyvey’s Hollywood Candy

    I am trying out this scent today and it is wonderful. It is like the haunting scent of flowers that you get when you are walking around a garden in early summer and you catch the fragrance of something floating on the air. It is a subtlety crisp and softly sweet flower scent. Absolutely beautiful.
  18. Wolf Dreaming

    Bernice's Pigeon Potion

    What hoodoo magic is this??!! This perfume is utterly exquisite ... dare I say it? I think I will ... I think this is a rival for Raven Moon. I cannot discern any of the scents, they mingle and create someone absolutely out of this world. A soft drift of heaven to my nose ...
  19. Wolf Dreaming

    Marissa's Orchide Vanille

    This was absolutely beautiful - I experienced the boozy vanilla and the musky orchid on a perfectly skin-scented base. It melded into my skin so that I smelled like a slightly deeper, more sensual and exotic version of myself. If there were fb of this left I would have one. A stunning scent.
  20. Thanks Eastwood. I am excited about trying mine out when they arrive ...
  21. So glad that you had a great evening. I hope that things are working themselves out for you :-)
  22. Hi PinkNika - let us know how you get on. I have only recently bought a bottle of Liebchen so am interested in knowing how this works in this situation. My fingers are crossed for you at any rate. Have a fabulous time.
  23. Wolf Dreaming

    Ohana w/ H&S

    This is an absolutely beautiful, complex scent. I cannot identify any of the ingredients as they have been blended so well that they create a unique scent greater than the sum of its parts. To me the scent is soft and sweet with an underlying layer of the energising aspect of sea air.
  24. Wolf Dreaming

    Mystic Dewdrop w/ LFM

    I wore this yesterday and it is a winner. The honeysuckle is distinct but not overwhelming. It is sitting in a smooth sweet base. Just my kind of scent.
  25. Wolf Dreaming

    Hi from melisse in california!

    Ooh! Can I join too?