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  1. Hildegerd

    New Releases for JULY 2018 - SPECIAL SET!

    I would love Midnight Lavendel in virgin version.
  2. Hildegerd

    Stalk Talk!

    I am looking forward to see them.
  3. Hildegerd

    Stalk Talk!

    Eager for informartion on the october release.
  4. Hildegerd

    Breakfast in Bed

    I love this perfume.
  5. Hildegerd

    Stalk Talk!

    Me too.
  6. Hildegerd

    Stalk Talk!

    So would there be any releases for september?
  7. Hildegerd

    North Pole 2017

    It covers cops, just saying.
  8. Wasn't it a poll last year of what pheromone got you most favors/gifts? Check that one?
  9. Yeah, and in 30ml since I have a thing for collecting all the perfumes with cops. I love cops and wear them almost every day.
  10. I ordered spray bottles of Cougar and Popularity Potion, I am so excited.
  11. Go and order a bottle before it is too late, babe.
  12. I bought bottles of Empathy and True Confessions since they are going OOP.
  13. I have this on in oil form and it so good, the bottle is soon empty, I can only hope there is bottles left when I have money to reorder.
  14. I have a roller ball bottle with the unscented True Confessions and I use it when I invite friends over for dinner Saturday evenings. It makes people relax and helps to deepen the conversation and my guests to open up a little bit more.