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  1. Hildegerd

    Bernice's Pigeon Potion

    A grownup perfume with roses and amber. Very sophisticated, I feel sorry for everybody that doesn't have a bottle.
  2. Hildegerd


    SLF is my total favorite.
  3. Hildegerd

    Stalk Talk!

    I just hope there is a perfume with Cougar in the summer LE and one with Cops.
  4. Hildegerd

    Stalk Talk!

  5. I had no other plans but to try out the mones I was curious about to see if I needed the BIG bottle.
  6. Hildegerd

    Stalk Talk!

    Would there be a LE collection for May?
  7. Hildegerd


    I am going to remember that.
  8. Hildegerd

    Threebies listed on Etsy

    Cool, you need a little roller bottle with BiB in your life.
  9. Hildegerd

    Threebies listed on Etsy

    Yes, really. I love it. Want ten bottles with it and I love pairing it with Cougar or Audacious.
  10. Hildegerd

    Threebies listed on Etsy

    I ordered one with the breakfast in bed, I could bath in that scent.
  11. Hildegerd

    Bernice's Pigeon Potion

    My goodies came today. Wow, just Wow. I will come back with when I wore it more.
  12. Hildegerd

    Threebies listed on Etsy

  13. I have used pheromones around pregnant friends and notices no weird reactions to them from the pregnant friend either.
  14. Hildegerd

    Private Editions for APRIL 2018

    My order are here tomorrow, I am so exited to Pigeon Potion.