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    Stalk Talk!

    You don't need to apologize.
  2. Hildegerd

    Stalk Talk!

    where? I can't see anything under the Limited Edition/what is new section. Edit: I saw it now.
  3. Hildegerd

    Stalk Talk!

  4. Hildegerd

    Oshun & Ogun

    Dark honey and musky. I love it.
  5. Hildegerd

    Stalk Talk!

    Any Christmas Holiday collection information soon?
  6. Hildegerd


    This sounds like something I need to try.
  7. Hildegerd

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    Typical, I can't afford anything this october, I will see what is still available in November.
  8. Hildegerd

    4th Dimension

    I got this one in one of the pay for one, get three offers and it really blew my head off. Such a lovely un modern rose scent. Totally love it.
  9. Hildegerd

    LFM | Pop Potion | SS4W

    On me these pheros turns out like this: LFM = Bad ass Bitch phero. PoP = The IT girl (especially in combination with cops and Lace) SS4w = Your ordinary daily life sexy woman.
  10. Hildegerd

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    I love that one too. And it is perfect with Leather or Cougar.
  11. Hildegerd

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    It taste very nice and sweet raw and I often bring it with me in my brown bag to work. And a traditional dish are salt meat with mashed mangelwurzel together with beer. It is absolutely lovely.
  12. Hildegerd

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    Me too. One question: Is it just two perfumes with pheromones this halloween LE?
  13. Hildegerd

    Stalk Talk!

    So when do the weenies come?
  14. Hildegerd

    New Releases for JULY 2018 - SPECIAL SET!

    I would love Midnight Lavendel in virgin version.
  15. Hildegerd

    Stalk Talk!

    I am looking forward to see them.
  16. Hildegerd

    Stalk Talk!

    Eager for informartion on the october release.
  17. Hildegerd

    Breakfast in Bed

    I love this perfume.
  18. Hildegerd

    Stalk Talk!

    Me too.
  19. Hildegerd

    Stalk Talk!

    So would there be any releases for september?
  20. Hildegerd

    North Pole 2017

    It covers cops, just saying.
  21. Wasn't it a poll last year of what pheromone got you most favors/gifts? Check that one?
  22. Yeah, and in 30ml since I have a thing for collecting all the perfumes with cops. I love cops and wear them almost every day.
  23. I ordered spray bottles of Cougar and Popularity Potion, I am so excited.