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  1. Eastwood22

    Fancy Article

    Interesting! We love pineapple around here, but it wasn’t calling to me, with the sage, enough to order a full bottle, unsniffed. I’m going to put this trial in his pile, and not tell him the notes. I bet he’ll love it!
  2. Just a heads up to anyone who might be a knucklehead like me - LOOK IN YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT FOR AN INVOICE instead of just “waiting for it,” like me. I do this same dance EVERY YEAR. I send an invoice request, and then I sit around waiting for an email saying I’ve got a PayPal request, except my notifications are not set up to make this magical announcement, and then I sit around worrying “should I ask Mara for my invoice?” I don’t want to be pushy. “Did she get my email?” I don’t want to rush her. “Am I running out of time?” I don’t want my reserves canceled! All those mental gymnastics, and the PayPal invoice is just hanging out, waiting for me. Today, I checked on a whim. Yup. It was there. It’s not like I didn’t know she was working on it yesterday, but I kept looking in my email for it. DON’T BE ME. Look in your PayPal!
  3. I put on Tortuga with True Confessions before teaching a nighttime class. I thought the phero was Open Windows, I would never intentionally wear TC to class, boy was I chatty! But the real hits came right before class. I was so glad to have that trial in my car after a long drive, I hadn’t given any thought to the phero at all, I just wanted that awesome smell.Tortuga makes the stickiness I felt from sitting in a hot car feel good, since I smell like I’ve come directly from the beach. I had gone into the studio to make my playlist, and another teacher was teaching his class via zoom. I turned on the fan on my side of the room, and I guess it was blowing over to him. I was minding my own business, making my playlist with headphones on, and he paused his class to come over and talk to me! He got a little choked up telling me about two other studios closing, (all the local yoga studios are throwing in the towel), and then told me how much he missed me. It was sweet but I never meant to phero-bomb him!
  4. Thanks @luna65. So maybe more like a classy PP? I just want to wear it appropriately. Except where the fuck am I going?! Although, I had Honeyed LP with Gotcha on at the health food store the other day. The guy ringing up my purchase complimented me on my mask, then my dress, and then how my scarf matched my mask and my dress. I asked for a napkin and he ran and got me a whole roll of paper towels. He kept mumbling random compliments the whole time. Poor guy. LFM doesn’t signal ‘ready for sex,’ but what guy doesn’t want the unattainable woman? I’m interested to see how it performs, either way! And I’ll try not to be so well color matched and put together if I get to test it out.
  5. Eastwood22


    Welcome @kittylittle! Nice to meet you! And yes, lace is pretty intoxicating! I only wear it if I’m going out dancing, so clearly not running out anytime soon! You’ll most likely get more use out of the Hush right now. Did you buy the trial vials for the new releases? They’re going to go pretty fast since Mara made much less than she normally does due to the current limited ability of ingredients. I’d suggest you check out the 2020 Spells Collection trial vials, it’s a great way to try a bunch of LP perfumes and pheros without breaking the bank.
  6. Hello @vika! Thank you for saying hello! Which fragrances and pheros have been your favorites?
  7. I just ordered this on a whim, as SS4W never gave me any selfies, so I don’t remember reaching for it much. I do hope the new Stone Labs variant will be more of a winner for me. Can anyone speak to the difference between this one and LFM? (Which, in my mind, could certainly be called Classy Dame!)
  8. @StrawberryKitten you don't sound like a "whackjob." Where does that word come from, anyway? The other night I put on the Sigil Ma Goddess, right as I was about to chillax in bed. Then my daughter came in and laid down. The, four cats, one right after the other. There's not even a phero in there! I just ordered my fourth bottle of Scented BB. You'd think I was drinking it. It doesn't just work on me, but everyone around me. I just ordered Connect off the sale page, and I cannot remember what it smells like, but it's got the Teddy BB. It effects me in a similar way, they're both lifesavers!
  9. Sent. Fucking math. I need to get slathering immediately to make some room for this new haul!
  10. @Potion Master, apologies for adding more shenanigans, but I’m realizing that I don’t want to miss out on these three new releases- 1x FB Credentials w / SWS 1x FB Crown Jewels 1x FB Mrs Fubbs' Parlour w/ LFN. Can you please add those to my invoice? I thought I had previously reached the $400 mark, but I was adding in the new release trials set and those don’t count towards freebie bottles because they’re already hella discounted, right? With those, I believe I jump up to $450, so I’d also like to reserve 1x FB Pippin Potion 1x FB Hot Cherry Please let me know if I’m getting kicked out of the mathletics department and/or if you want me to send an updated invoice request. Sorry for the hassle. No hassle! Yes, please send me an updated invoice request. I will be working on them tomorrow (Weds). Thanks!
  11. I think full virtual is better than confusing them with up/down here/there running around. At least if they’re always at home, they can get into a routine. But what do I know? I’m sure the kids would rather see each other. Today her math teacher had them go into breakout rooms to ask each other specific questions, “what did you do try that was new this summer?” “What didn’t you get to do this summer that you did the summer before?” etc. The three girls in my daughter’s group just sat there. I pretended I was her and typed into chat for the other girls to turn on video, unmute and say hello. They did it but would’ve just sat there in silence otherwise.
  12. I noticed today that I have a bottle of NOCO White. I totally get the woman’s expression on the bottle! OCCO White does pair with everything if you’re a foodie like me. I did all the stressing and research for my daughter and made it pretty easy, she’s in a good mood now, so I guess she was relieved to be starting school. Plus she recognized kids in her class that she wasn’t expecting to see, so I’m very happy about that. Weds is my son’s turn for a new high school on zoom. I’m guessing teen pregnancies are way down this year!
  13. @StrawberryKitten yay! Today has been hectic, first day of middle school for my daughter via zoom and instead of sending zoom classroom info for each grade, they sent one for whole school with about 100 separate zoom calls. This would be her first day of going from “classroom” to “ classroom,” and considering she’s new to different periods and doesn’t even know her teachers names, navigation was hectic. I ended up leaving to teach my noon (Zoom) class with LP Brule, Sarong, Ma Goddess, and 5 other mismatched scents leftover from the night before’s “smell here... now here...” sale game. (I covered him, too. There was a moment when he put Elementary on his knee because it was only place left!) When I came home, I ended up with Coquin, 10:31, Desperation and Djinn, Mommy’s Little Monster and god knows what else on me. I finally just scrubbed myself clean. I’m going to take my own advice of Brûlée and Butterscotch and lay in bed until someone demands something from me.
  14. I fear I may need to reserve a few more items. Please reserve for me 1x Fairy Cake FIGGY 10:31 with Magnet Connect w/ Teddy BB Coquin w/ Aja & Copulins and for purchase- LP #9 Chai w/ OW
  15. I'd say layer it. It's not that heavy of a scent, it could get overtaken by BBM, but OCCO's would be great. Butterscotch, Orange, Pineapple, or White, I'm guessing. You could also layer it with some Sugared's to mix it up.
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