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  1. I'm pretty sure LP Rouge kept me and my big mouth out of jail last night! I'll try to get to the story later.
  2. "I looked through his bag, just like I was looking for drugs or condoms." Those words, huh?
  3. My therapist says some crazy shit to me sometimes, and sometimes we make lots of jokes. I know I've unintentionally bombed her with social pheros. But I've also used Open Windows on myself on purpose. The only covert bombing I've done was with TMI and my ex when I knew he'd be picking up my kids at my house from my man and his best friend. I knew it would be a tense and awkward morning, especially without me there to smooth things along. That was supposed to happen around 9am. In an attempt to make him less like himself, I rolled TMI all over the top of the leather chair that he always sits in while kids get ready to leave. When I got home after 11am, he was still here, talking with the guys! He then played cards with all of us for at least an hour while the kids waited impatiently to go.
  4. @luna65 and @halo0073, the name caught my eye when someone reserved it in the sale thread, I think @greenappletart? It's on the Etsy site. So I saw the notes and really I should drink Teddy BB by the gallon, so it was an obvious choice.
  5. You said the word, Liebchen. And then you said it. I really really really hope it comes off as Liebchen on me. And I super duper hope it gets shipped soon! I could kick myself for not finding my invoice sooner, I wasted 5 good days, being a bum. πŸ’€ But, it's coming. And I heard it smells like Liebchen.
  6. Tee-hee-hee. I ordered two bottles, unsniffed! That's a first for me and I can't wait to slather!
  7. I had just spent a bunch of uninterrupted time with my man (and my kids and his parents,) so I wasn't ready for him to jump right back into working all day and all night. Last night, I got a sitter and visited him at work. He was wearing Adam's Nectar and he smelled so good. I was feeling especially cuddly and was all over him. During setbreak, I took him outside and we were kissing and cuddling. I was feeling so into him! When we got home, I asked him if he was wearing any phero's, but he said he was wearing his virgin. Leave it to me to behave like a crazy person any chance I get! I seriously had to check. I took his backpack out into the living room while he slept, and checked for phero's! Nothing. He really was wearing his virgin AN. But I looked through his bag, just like I was looking for drugs or condoms. Turns out, Adam's Nectar is so good it makes me act as if I'd been phero'd by the Love God, even when there are no pheros whatsoever. Adam's Nectar itself really does project the "Love God Vibe."
  8. I'm now waiting on the new OCCO trial set, FB's of the OCCO's Butterscotch, Lavender Buttercream, Buttercream Lemon, Orange Droolicious, and back-ups of last year's OCCO's Pineapple & Midnight. Also ordered back-ups of Unbeleafable and Veridian Muse for my man, plus back-ups of Drive By Fruiting and Soliloquy of Lady Macbeth for me. Besides the new OCCO's, the new-to-me bottles I'm excited to try are Alexi Relaxi, the latest PCMP's and Ebil-ish, (although I've had trials and previous incarnations) Kissed By the Sun, and Sally's Daytime Elegance. I'm not trying nearly as much new stuff as I did last year, but I'm feeling confident they will all be winners!
  9. I had so many problems last year, I'm sure that was one of them! I have also sent PayPal requests to John and they've been in PayPal and I haven't checked because I was looking in my email. PayPal will text me all kinds of notifications EXCEPT unpaid invoices. That seems to be an oversight on their part, just my opinion. Sorry for the delay @Potion Master! Here I was, exercising patience on getting my invoice, and now I've made it that much longer before I can drown myself in Butterscotch cops!
  10. I had this on yesterday morning when my man got home from a weekend work trip. Immediately he was all over me. "I forgot how pretty you are!" Gotcha is his kryptonite. Cougar is also kryptonite for him, but very different. Cougar is his growling and biting, "this is mine, I'll be taking it now" phero. Gotcha is his "holy shit! I am so fucking lucky, I cannot believe my good fortune. You are so amazing! I love you so much and you also happen to be smoking hot! And whoops, there go my pants..."
  11. @july_girl have you hear the song July Flame by Laura Viers? It's haunting... https://open.spotify.com/track/1jxJTAFQbITxh68MgrUPxq?si=cLME5VpnScyjwAZ9gqTYog
  12. Omg! I'm such an idiot! I was only checking my regular email, there's nothing there, but I looked in PayPal and there was an invoice from the 15th! I guess I figured I'd messed up on my list and was an expecting a draft/wtf are you talking about reply. If I was meant to get a yahoo email, that never happened, but sweet! I got an invoice and it's paid. β€οΈπŸ€ΈπŸ½β€β™‚οΈπŸ’œ thanks @Potion Master!!!
  13. @Potion Master, I've got nothin'! I did do major email cleanup when I got home, so maybe I accidentally deleted. Please resend, sorry for the hassle! Glad I said something..
  14. Oh shit, been checking everyday, lemme go look...
  15. Hi, sent mine on the 14th, please advise if you didn't receive it. I'd happily resend by don't want to put extra emails in your inbox!
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