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  1. Eastwood22

    Jardin Tropique-Summer 2018

    I handed my man six trials this am and told him to pick one. After I took back the Deliciae from Mr. Butter, this was his number two choice. I must have a blank empty spot where this Orchid's receptors are meant to be. An hour in, he could smell it and I could not, he said it was a pretty floral and smelled like summer to him. Six hours later, I can smell a faint huff-able amber, but that's it. I'll try it again in a few weeks.
  2. I wore this to bed last night, to test it out on my man. I already have a FB on the way, and I'm excited about it no matter his opinion, but I was glad he drifted off to sleep after giving it the extra second grab of my wrist. Sometimes when I ask him to smell something new on my wrists, he says, "I just smell oranges," because the scent is often on my hands. I can eat 5 lb of citrus a day no problem, but it will be nice to have it on my neck and be intentional, instead of just on sticky fingers.
  3. Wow! Another summer winner!!! I'm not always a berry fan, sometimes they're a little too cutesy, and sometimes they remind of cheap body sprays and the headaches I get from over-exposure to them. Someone mentioned hearing someone (maybe a teacher) saying that they hate both Vanilla and Rose on this forum last week. I'm guessing that person had been traumatized at the mall, standing in line behind some member of the body spray army. Carta de Amor is NOTHING like any berry body spray on the planet, and smells nothing like a shopping teenager. As far as a grown up currant and berry, it's perfect. There's a nice even blend of berries, and I like the clover. The oakmoss with the clover allow it to be fresh and bright with no little girl vibe. I don't know if anyone else would call this "clean," but I think it's a great stepping-out-of-the-shower/ "I'm excited for my brunch plans" kind of scent. I'd be so happy if my clothes smelled like this when I put them on. It does have that "youthful exuberance" vibe, but in a natural happy way, not forced. I grabbed it this morning without putting much thought into the pheros, and I was in a great mood for my morning class. I was playing a Beatles heavy set list for my am class, and it just so happened that most of the class was alive and enjoying music in 1967, so we had a lot of fun. Maybe this blend is similar to Topper? I've had good results with that one. I feel like I would reach for a spray of this one like I do with Drive By Fruiting, its uplifting and would put even Oscar the Grouch in a good mood. This trial set is rough for me because, so far, I want them all. I've yet to find one "not for me!" I hope to finding several that I DON'T want, but it's not going well.
  4. I really must have more of this tiare. I know you love Peach so this must be good for you, too.
  5. Yeah, don't think it's for me. If I ever met Practical, I don't remember them. I could never pick them out in a line-up. I need Sereena Virgin or with something I will benefit from phero-wise. It smells so good I cannot imagine not surrounding myself with impenetrable cloud of it.
  6. Eastwood22

    Cananga Coco Cacao w/ Aja-Summer 2018

    I'm waiting for it to settle a little more, it was the first one I opened and it was mostly cocoa butter, and then I fell asleep within 10 or 15 minutes so I decided to wait a whole week before investigating again.
  7. Eastwood22

    New Releases for JUNE 2018 - Summer!

    Would it be possible to get Sereena without the Lace? I love this stuff.
  8. Oh, wow! Gardenia can knock me over, like jasmine, with all that "I'm a flower! I'm a flower!" shouting, this is sultry, not bright like what I think of when I think about gardenia. Thanks for the info, Luna. The "peppery" thing was maybe from the sandalwood. Doesn't matter why it smells like it does, I just know I need more!
  9. Hmmm, it could be my imagination or something completely unrelated, but I'm feeling like Lace doesn't work for me. Is the percentage of Alpha-nol in Lace very much higher than in Open Windows? I wear OW all the time, and right now I just feel lazy and I need to take 3 kids bowling. I'm wearing Sareena and I want to go FB but I'm not living a life where I can crawl back in bed at random intervals.
  10. Wow, this is really pretty and intoxicating. I have no idea what tiare smells like, but I'm getting something like cucumbers something a bit like carnation. I didn't check the notes before I put it on, the cucumber vibe was at first drydown, the peppery carnation thing is happening 2 hours in. I love every LP Peach I've come across so far, but this one really does stand out, like Halo said. I can't wait to "smell check" it with my man.
  11. Eastwood22

    Cowabunga Gazunga-Summer 2018

    Oh. My. God. Or Holy Cowabunga! I want to drink, swim in, and pet this perfume, all at the same time. No one is going to believe me when they say, "Oh, you smell so pretty, what am I smelling?" and I tell them the name. Whatever. Non-believers don't deserve this anyway. But I do! It's a cool drink of honeydew melon cooler on a hot day, there's no challenge in drinking it down, I know kumquat is a citrus but the combo is so smoothe, it won't slow you down. Chug away. Apologies to all of you waiting for the eloquent scent reviewers to chime in. But if you like melon scents, I say just buy it, and then you'll know what it smells like and you'll be very pleased with yourself for making such good choices. For the record, the only scent I've had with kumquat is Ladybird, it's not sticky sweet like that. Cowabunga Gazunga is cooling and refreshing, not sticky. If you wear this on a hot enough day, people might lick you. I am literally getting thirsty as I huff my wrists. I wish I knew of a beverage that tastes this good, I run to the store immediately. Edit- I did run to the store and found an organic CBD oil infused Peach ginger drink called Vybes. It wasn't melon, but had the right not-too-sweet refreshing smoothe fruit mouth feel. And now I'm at Peet's because I need beans, but I ordered a Honey Black Tea blended with cold brew coffee and mango added.If anything, Cowabunga will keep my focused on staying hydrated.
  12. I would never try to bathe a cat unless it was some kind of glitter glue situational emergency. And that is, indeed, your cat, unless she's making cat support payments.
  13. Eastwood22

    Time Travel: Somewhere in Time

    I tried it again today, no trace whatsoever two hours later when I checked. I think my skin is just dehydrated and it was thrilled to drink it up.
  14. Halo, always looking for ways for me to buy stuff! You are guilty! Both the Butterscotch and Rose City shampoo bar were plenty soft. I do NOT need to go back to Michael's. Yesterday I bought a killer memory book/planner/journal for my daughter there, it's actually amazing. I got her the giant one and spent half the night stenciling and coloring dates and whatnot. After all the stickers and assignment and gratitude pages, I was out $65 even with coupons. But it's awesome! Regarding the creaminess of the soap, my daughter is a bit of a cat whisperer and actually gives all the cats baths in the bathroom sink, and for whatever reason they put up with it. (Maybe because she reads them stories afterwards?) Anyway, she took my new Butterscotch Brulee bar and scrubbed John Snow down with it. He is crazy soft and smells fabulous. I bet Mara had no idea that she also makes shampoo bars for cat sink baths!