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  1. We’ve been sitting on the sofa watching tv with the windows open, and I’m generally downwind from my man when a breeze floats through. This new TT is the only full bottle I bought with all the trials and I’m very glad I made the decision. All we had of the original was a little sniffle, but BF hoarded it and really loved It. I don’t know if he’d give up the last speck for a wrist by wrist comparison! For this girl, it doesn’t matter one but if it’s a match, because it’s a lovely vanilla tobacco, and it’s (mostly) all I need on a man. I’m also glad for him to have something I really enjoy with Charisma in it. Tee Kay Oh was closer to my heart than any others paired with Charisma, but it wasn’t crave-worthy, for me. I spiked his Havana on Earth with Charisma, but that is NOT an everyday scent. We’ve been sitting on the sofa watching tv with the windows open, and I’m generally downwind from my man when a breeze floats through. It’s so sexy! And finally a good match for Charisma that he can wear on the regular. I mean, if I get him a back up bottle!🤣
  2. I am currently in a battle with the clover in my yard, so the clover note is a stand out for me. I think I have to wait until after I've won the war to appreciate this scent. Maybe the peach is ripe, but it's feeling clean and green to me, which tones done the sweetness and I don't get the sticky vibe I crave in my peaches. The honey is way in the background for me. If someone was looking for a nonchalant way to spark a fire with a co-worker, perhaps, the Gotcha could sneak up on them, I will test it again in a month, after my invasive clover struggle has ended. Maybe then it will smell like success, reminding me of my warrior nature in the garden.
  3. Oh, I meant to say, this one lasts. It would be cool for a first time sleepover, it would linger enough that someone would keep getting little reminders of you on sheets or pillows, or just in the air.
  4. Yup. I read your words last night, @luna65, so when Shaun asked me to go to Home Depot today, I said "only if you wear Gent!"
  5. Wearing masks is really messing me up as far as testing! I put it on, then went out in an N-95 mask. I went to Home Depot, stood in social distance line, also to pet food store, but couldn't smell shit and no one followed me around but my man. I think I'll test this again tomorrow. I think the Levitation got to me, though. I was in kind of a resigned mood and my spirit picked up.
  6. I'm loving the smell of the tomato vines that gets on my hands after I mess with them in their tomato cages, it reminds me of summers at my grandparents' house. This has that kind of feeling!
  7. @bliss3 I keep a spray of H'd LP with Gotcha in my bathroom because I frequently shower before bed. It's a winner for sure, never want to be without it.
  8. Absolutely qualifies. Sometimes, especially when sampling, I forget about the phero's intent. In this case, the phero's power. I put it on with my man on sofa next to me, made him wait until it was at least dry to sniff. He said something about the chocolate being too much, or something like that. Then ten minutes went by..., and that's all you need to know about that. I have linked Sexpionage and Sexology together in my mind, which is dumb because the response on my man is different. Or rather, his approach is different? They both end the same! But sexology (because of the EST, I suppose) encourages either more cuddling or jokes, a little more connection, Sexpionage encourages more aggression, although a little less than Cougar. Although I don't know what's in Cougar, so I can't make phero / lack of EST assumptions. I think I will be playing with Sexology more, it's suitable for cozy afternoon sex. Good for 'sheltering' in place. Sexpionage is better for "needing to get to sleep soon, but..." sex.
  9. I have this on now. I've had a trial or two of earlier variants of Rocket Fuel, but they just didn't float my boat the way I expected. This one, however I keep coming back to on my wrists. It must be because the honeycomb is a little toned down compared to whichever one I have, honeycomb can go plastic-y on me. The brown sugar is the star, the kind I was seeking in the BAM Brown Sugar. This Rocket Fuel is really growing on me. I can see myself adding a touch of it to sex-up many other (more-tame) scents. It seems 'natural,' like a good sexy skin scent. I think I'd love it in a spray.
  10. I don't have as keen of a nose as you all, so an hour in, it smells the same as the original to me. Maybe it's a tiny bit more "sheer?" My man, the nose, immediately said that it was sweeter than the original when he first put it on. I'm very happy with this one and will prob grab another bottle for him soon!
  11. The Manda Panda story is a good one. She was a preacher's daughter, Manda Panda was her screen name. BF used to sneak in and out of her bedroom window when they were teens.
  12. This may be unisex, but I'm claiming it for myself! It's hard to test all these new scents during allergy season and while wearing masks, but I'm in on this one.
  13. Me: Today, I'm going with Manda Panda BF: I dated her once
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