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  1. @halo0073 I love that! My man seriously is trying to get me to learn ASL with him, presumably for the same reason - shit talking about people without them knowing. I can picture you making jokes and cursing while he mumbles sweet nothings....
  2. @tyvey thank you for that story! I love how accidentally wearing pheros can sometimes turn the day into a sitcom episode. I can picture both of your male colleagues doing their strange little dances. Poor guys!
  3. I'm sure Mara will be on it now that the new website is up and running. Strangely I've never bought a bottle of UN Gotcha, but I have Fuzzy Wuzzy, Tickle Tickle, and stocked up on several bottles of Honeyed Love Potion when I heard that there was going to be a break in it's availability.
  4. Okay, I finally got my man to wear Adam's Nectar WITH The Love God. I really do believe it enhanced my mood. We've been traveling a lot this year, and he does do one thing that annoys me. I've traveled alone a lot, and I like to move quickly. He walks slower, but needs to get to airport like 10 hours before the plane boards. Once we've gone through security, I like to put our carry on stuff down and run around independently to get/do what we need. He doesn't. He's like, "wait here and hold this, I'm running into the men's room," and I'm like, "no." Why do I have to wait outside the men's room? What if I also need the restroom? He says he doesn't want us just running off all over the place without eachother, as if we're going to "lose" eachother. If we're both going to gate C26, how will we misplace eachother? Especially if the plane doesn't board for many hours? I think we will have time to reunite. Now it's it just the airport, it's everywhere we go when we are traveling. We're in New Mexico for a work trip for him, so we got up early and went hiking and that was great. But after that, he wanted me to hang out in the bar while the band rehearsed all day. Um, no. I felt bad when he said like we "weren't even spending time together on this trip," because I know he thought what he said was real. Some of the people on this trip annoy me, so I did choose to get into a different car back to the hotel after dinner the other night. And last night before the show I told him I'd walk instead of riding with them because I just needed some quiet. He said "but I'll be working all night and this is my only chance to hang out with you!" Which, obviously, is not true, but man feelings are very big feelings, as we all know. I made up my mind that I would hang all over him when I actually got to the show. And I had requested earlier that he wear the Adam's Nectar trial with TLG which I had asked him bring. So I was pre-committed to being clingy, but it wasn't a challenge. I'm not a clingy person, I'm the least fond of PDA's of most anyone I know. But he's such a doll (it's the best way to explain it at the moment) and he is thrilled anytime I shower him with love, in public or in private. Public affection from me is just way more rare. But the Adam's Nectar and TLG made it so much easier!
  5. Careful. It might sneak up on you when you're least expecting it. @tyvey it did occur to me that it could possibly be an LP, but I never suspected it was on me! My man was sitting some rows behind me, but I didn't know where exactly. (He was actually in very back of plane.) I sat up real tall a few times and swiveled my head around looking for him. I knew he got on the plane with some new trials. It's not like I recognized the scent, it smelled like something I wanted to eat, but I made a mental note to ask if he scented himself mid-flight: If it was him, I was going to scold him for being heavy handed. What kind of a jerk needs to rub their personal deliciousness into their fellow flight mate's noses?
  6. Wow, this is beautiful! I feel like it needs to be a spray. I'm in a hotel room by myself, eating yogurt and drinking ice coffee in a king size bed. The cheery and bright green apples make this behavior somehow more decadent. As if I've dressed up for lounging. I hope my man likes this one. Green apples are his favorite.
  7. I wore this on an airplane yesterday, and I did get a bit of that whipped cream accord. I didn't realize it was coming from me, but I was eyeing the bag of face down snacks the woman next to me was eating. "What is that? A bag of smoky sweetened nuts?" It was making me a little angry because I had only been offered ritz bitz by the stewardess. Where's my sweet and smoky treat? It wasn't until later that I realized it was me. By the time I was in passenger seat of the rental car, all that was left was the smoke. Here's the thing, I couldn't stop huffing it. We saw a cool sunset and took a tram ride up (and down) the Sandia mountain in New Mexico. (Work trip for my man.) I don't want to smell how it smelled personally, I don't want it to be my perfume, but I couldn't stop smelling my wrists. I'd like the cuffs of my coziest sweatshirts to smell like that, just not my skin. I will cherish this sample, though, and save it for another outdoor sunset adventure.
  8. Good advice. I hate when I foil a scent. I traded away the 2015 variant, not because I didn't like it, but I didn't wear it and ot ended up on my trade page. I do remember that good-bye sniff moment, when I was like, "huh. This is good. Wonder why I never wore it?" All I remember is that it was a heady chocolate. This, though. I wouldn't have traded this! I get a more earthy chocolate, it's richer. I don't mean that it's richer than any other variant of VK, I mean the chocolate itself is very absorbing. Like, absorbing my attention. I'm all about the buttercream in everything but it's not up front for me. This is a fancy perfume, an out to dinner perfume, not a "meet you at the coffee shop" perfume. It's powdery, but not dry; Moondust Cocoa was a literal cocoa powder on me. The powdery-perfume vibe must be from the musk, and the myrrh and vetiver must be what keeps it more rich and mysterious. This is absolutely not your average chocolate perfume. No orange on me, personally. Now that I have it, I wouldn't add OCCO Mocha, that one's much more of a party in a bottle and this is more sophisticated.
  9. Oh, yes. I mean again! I just want more. Somehow my tub has lasted all year and I love it so much. Last time I put on Butterscream Lemon my man said something about it smelling "too much like lotion," because he sees me smearing it all over my legs. And the OCCO Lemon is also to die for! I hadn't realized the order in which you made these things happen. Thank you for the Butterscream!
  10. @StrawberryKitten Butterscream Lemon is one of my (top 50!) favorites! I'm also guessing that Mara will make us a good lemon buttercream body product soon. And the best new loves frequently come as the sniffles in trades!
  11. @Snoopyace with my Weenie order, I got him a trial of Adam's with TLG, despite the fact that he has both a virgin bottle and the boosted one, because eventually the stars will align and he will take it out of the house and I will be there. He's taking me on a work trip next week and I will suggest he only bring trials, "to be safe."🤞🏽 Ya'll should know, there's some good stuff over there in the Going Going Gone section. Like two last little bottle of LP Brûlée, one last bottle Sareena with Lace, and three last bottles of Butterscream Lemon. And there's a 1/3 oz bottle of Sugared Gingerbread in the sale section, too. I'm only telling you all because I already have what I need and won't be making my next order for a while, not until I run through all these Weenies. But when I do make my next order, so far, Pearfection tops my list. If I don't need most every bottle in this collection, I'm thinking a spray of Fairy Cake Gingerbread will make the cut. It's so yummy that my man actually stole my FC Gingerbread sniffle!
  12. I have Pearfection on right now. Another want. My man repels from smoke notes on me, but it's pretty subtle here.
  13. Holy Pumpkin Funnel Cake!!! 30 seconds in and I'm thinking "please don't change, please don't change...." An hour later, the allspice amped on me like it does in every perfume with allspice. I'll test it again in a few weeks and check it more throughout the day.
  14. I haven't opened/sniffed a single trial, nor my FB of Garland Latte, because this is my fear around this set. I need to see what else can go on my trade page!
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