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  1. I just knew we had this conversation about something.... glad I have the forum as a memory substitute!
  2. Right?! But I also hinted that I need a new snowboard and bindings (like for reals, mine prob has 150 days on it and it's from 1999) and a fancy face roller and god only knows what else he's bought me. BF is really clever with gifts. He also encourages my crazy, like I love headlamps, and he found me a beanie with the lights built in! He just got a new CC and I'm afraid of what's happening behind the scenes. I know he's already put several AirBnB ski in/ski out weekends at Kirkwood on it, and a tv for my daughter because of Disney+. Whatever he buys now means he's working more to pay it off later, so less time for me. And that's what matters most, him fawning over me with his attention. Plus, I cannot think of a FN thing to get for him and that's so embarrassing. He's a pretty basic guy in that there isn't much he wants. Shit.... I know what he wants.... he wants a housekeeper! Ugh. Thanks, @luna65, for inadvertently walking me through that. I don't want a housekeeper. I will get him a few month's worth.
  3. Omg @Eve! Makes me wish I had carpeted stairs. @Potion Master congrats on the move! You're a braver woman than I, I loathe moving! How wonderful to hear that it's a bigger space! Someday I really will visit.
  4. Damn. I've never purchased a whole bottle set before, but I kinda want to with these! Not a bad sounding description amongst them. Normally there's at least one or two that sound iffy to me. Maybe my man will want to get them for me as a holiday gift?! I just tried to engage his attention with a "do you want to see the labels?" but he just laughed and said no. He's watching football and never wants to hear scent descriptions, so my timing on "hint dropping" is just plain wrong.
  5. I now it's not the same cat, but also reminds me of kitty from Love Potion: Valentine. @ElizabethOSP beautiful painting and artwork! Can't wait to get my greedy little paws on some of them!
  6. Omg! So excited! And River Newt looks like my Charlie! I'm going to go put on some Whisker Wishes right now, wishing my cold away....
  7. I'm thinking this will be the sleeper hit of this OCCO release. I predict that in a year or two there will be quite a few "oh wow, I just found this trial, I can't believe I didn't get it when I had the chance" postings. Why don't you all go re-visit now? You know you're placing an order soon anyways....
  8. @Kayla I have it with B2.2, and it's perfect for night-night!
  9. I shy away from TMI, and I think True Confessions inspires the same kind of "I will talk too much if I wear this" kind of fear. The ratios of the pheros are different and I'd like to suggest ya'll try it for bedtime when you're cozying up with your SO. Last night I put it on because we were going to be hanging on the sofa but each of us engaging in different activities, and I've been busy and mostly unavailable this week. Really I was too tired to end up babbling. I had some on wrists, so I did strategically aim them at his face when we went to bed to encourage feelings of closeness. Next thing I knew, he wanted to get really close. There was the feeling of having had long out deep conversations without having to bother to talk. I recommend!
  10. Don't forget about the Gotcha hiding out in perfumes on the trade boards! I know @oceanjewel has two bottle of Vampire Bait with Gotcha and Aja in it, if that scent works for you. I feel the same way about Gotcha but I have back ups of Honey'd LP and also Tickle Tickle. Oceanjewel's Trades
  11. I finally unwrapped the FB I got in the sale over the summer, my previous experiences with this one were from my trial vial and I believe I was using it sparingly. As I just wore the praline variant earlier this week, I really noticed the difference, in at least these two versions. This one, as mentioned above, really has some zing! It's also reminding me of Drive By Fruiting. I feel like I want to add something to it, to make it a little 'heartier', without disturbing the tart/fresh fruit vibe. If I layered it with a little Fairy Cake Lemon it would still be bright and sunny, but with a cupcake chaser. Or maybe I could get a little more complicated and layer the PCMP with Peach Sparkle? Or De Lucious to ground it a bit?
  12. Wearing this yesterday, the very last of the lingering notes must've been the cherry wood. I didn't have the notes handy, but I thought I was getting something like sandalwood. Is there currently another LP perfume with cherrywood? I searched but nothing is coming up.
  13. @Tawny85, I agree that a blend won't make someone a different person, but if there is a bit of aggression somewhere in him, Blatant Inviration could bring it out. My man could go either way, but I had on BI last night (when he was moving fast and aggressive) and when I said "be careful..." he simply said "No." Cougar also brings out his inner "this is mine and I'm taking it now" boss man. Have you tried BI?
  14. This scent is just so classy, I wish I was the person I thought I could be when I bought it! The woman who wears this always has perfect red nails and perfect red lips. In that perfect red, you know the red I mean. Not because she's trying hard, it's just who she is. Sigh. My nails are always a mess these days and if I do a strong/bold lip, it could potentially end up on my teeth. Maybe people will mistake me for a young blonde Jackie O if they smell me a few minutes before they can see me.
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