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  1. Awesome! Cant wait to hear how it goes!
  2. ❤️ I love this stuff too!
  3. Eastwood22

    Ail's Open Windows

    I wore Paradisi with OW today, I feel as though I had great hits with strangers. They found me more approachable and I was more open myself. I haven't been wearing OW much lately, I'm so glad I took to for a spin today.
  4. Pallas with Lumina is a great grapefruit scent I wear to work often. It does have vanilla but it's a complex blend and the vanilla is not in the forefront, I don't notice it myself, it's just a smoother. You might also want to try Winter in the Tropics w/ La Femme Mystere.
  5. I believe you need Swimming with Sharks. I'd recommend either Sharp Dressed huMan w/ Swimming with Sharks, a nice, professional clean linen and lavender blend, or my favorite fruit salad, Phero Charged Money Potion w/ Swimming with Sharks. (PCMP) From the web store, about this magical PCMP- "Based upon the popular “Nine Fruits” Witchcraft and Voodoo spell, the object of this magical potion is to attract equal proportions of money and happiness in your life. Thus, the ingredients are not only for attracting wealth, but also for self confidence, mood elevation, love attraction, sexual allure, and motivation. This fruit salad-type blend bestows a positive attitude to the wearer, and that is half the battle in terms of achieving success of all kinds." Swimming with Sharks, info, more info here, possibly worth reading this thread, too. SWS is essential for what you are wanting at work, IMO.
  6. Eastwood22

    Stalk Talk!

    I remember your restraint during the sale! It was impressive.
  7. Eastwood22

    Ail's Open Windows

    @Alice Wonderland yup, it's one of my favorites on him. I do have many, many favorites, though.
  8. Yummm... Wearing Ambrosia of Eros now, loving it. It's about 90 minutes post drydown, I'm huffing myself for sure. Sadly, my man dismissed it immediately, said he smelled "that plastic note." Meh. What does he know? Glad he went to work because I will be re-applying. Did all bottles of this have cops? I'm imagining it was fairly minimal, drop count wise, I smell nothing. If it didn't have cops, I'd say it might be good for men. Not meaning the scent is masculine, but good for a man that wants naked women compulsively nuzzling him.
  9. Eastwood22

    Ail's Open Windows

    @Alice Wonderland have you tried Veridian Muse? It's unisex with OW, my man wears it, and it's lovely.
  10. Wearing Super Happy Funtime today, the pink berries are reminding me a bit of banana for some reason. The orange blossom is very well blended in with the pink-ness. I'm not big on pink, and I feel like I'd rather smell like this while showering, but it really did put me in a great mood. The Levitation, of course, didn't hurt! I was very outgoing and social this morning. I wouldn't go FB on this myself, but if happiness and good times are your thing AND you want a scent to match, you couldn't possibly go wrong. I like smelling fruity, but need more mysterious fruits. (Unless it's a Fairy Cake, of course.) Or mysterious, possibly dangerous fruits. Dangerous Desserts, with Fresh Fruit Chasers. That's my jam.
  11. Eastwood22

    New Releases for FEBRUARY 2018 - Pherotine!

    Damn. Time flies when you have too many trials! I can't believe it's been 350 days or so since these babies came out. I remember I took all my trials on a camping trip, a camping trip where I let my kids pack their own clothes! Great time to allow them to learn some personal planning and accountability, mom. THAT won't be happening again. It was understood that we'd be in a "tent cabin" without heat, that we'd be in the redwoods, and my daughter only brought dresses and shorts. And my son walked into the ocean in his shoes and didn't have a backup pair. I practically had to cook his shoes to get them dry and had to ask her oh-so-nicely to keep wearing the pants we drove up there in. My very favorite part of that trip was when my son ran inside because he knew raccoons were trying to intrude on our s'mores party, ran back out with his giant K-bar knife, (its at least 8 inches long and very sharp), handed it to me, and ran back into the cabin. Like I was going to get into a knife fight with two raccoons. What were you all doing when you got these babies? Which was/were the ones you now worry about running out of? (Oh, Hi, Liebchen!) What did you forget to try/accidentally leave in the wilderness/ lose when your car got stolen? Just curious. I'm still not sure if I tried Island Rain. I misplaced a bunch of them in the jumble of unpacking car from family trip and it took a while to find them. Come on, tell us a story. It will be more fun than just passing time and making pleas and dropping hints for what we want Mara to make. Mostly more fun. I'm sure she knows we loved Liebchen and another LP Valentine would be nice.... .
  12. Eastwood22

    NoCo Spicy Brown Sugar

    Yum! I want to try this soon!!!
  13. Eastwood22

    Sugared Oakmoss

    Hmmm. Well I just came on here to tell you how good Sugared Oakmoss smells on my man. Looks like I already did that. It morphs into something almost spicy on him. Was there ever a Sugared Teakwood? I'd love to smell them together.
  14. Eastwood22


    This year has been really great for me so far! @Eve and @Potion Master, we are very into playing Progressive Rummy, 10,000 with dice, and the Magic the Gathering card game. It's complex, but makes me popular with the 12 year old boys, and the 40 year old ones that behave like 12 yr old boys. I have a lot of hope for 2019, I hope it's all going well for the rest of you, too!
  15. Eastwood22


    I have this on right now, put on maybe 6 hours ago. It's chilled to the flowery side of Lavender, at least the flowery-side, for me. I find I do flowers less and less these days and mostly stick to gourmands. When I first put it on, it was a lovely burst of maple. Like so maple-y, my man asked me if I was wearing Maple Sugared Bacon. Nope. But now I think I might combine them sometime soon.