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  1. Sophia's Soliloquy of Lady Macbeth

    Damn. I've been wearing Friends and Lovers all day, but my jacket is wearing yesterday's Lady Macbeth, and I keep getting the best little trails of scent in the air.
  2. I thought I'd do more mixing myself, turns out I've also mainly kept them as is. It also feels a little like heading out with a loaded gun in my boot, except it's a little phero dropper bottle in a denim jacket pocket.
  3. Hi from melisse in california!

    I run a studio over here, Loka Yoga, in the Diamond district if you ever want to come by and say hello. You can rest assured that it does smell good at my studio!
  4. Hi from melisse in california!

    Oh, cool, I'm in North Oakland , or the central area realtors call "NOBE," North Oakland Emeryville Berkeley. Do you happen to do yoga by any chance?
  5. Halo did this change for you? Or did you not try it again?

    I finally got some amazing hits with SS4W, FROM MY CAT! Seriously. I have one very "cat like" cat, meaning that she can more or less take me or leave me, but we have a good working relationship. Charlie Cat says hello to me at least once a day, she likes to come by for a few scratches, but has more important non-human related activities to attend to other than my once or twice daily greetings. Tonight, I had on SS4W, and she climbed onto my chest when I was laying down and was divebombing me with purrs and rubs and kisses, and kept going on and on. My kids were blown away, as was I. It should be called SS4Cats! One to each wrist and one to the throat was the spray sweet spot for catromance, btw.
  7. Sophia's Soliloquy of Lady Macbeth

    Okay, so I watched the movie Lady Macbeth today, then put this on. So that possibly could've colored my reading of the scent as "scary," but I don't think so. My SO and I both noticed immediately that it smelled different from the bottle and on me when wet. I was thinking it wasn't going to work out, it was almost resinously dark. But then, one hour later, it was heaven. Continual self-huffing.Two hours later, I lavishly slathered again, same exact cycle. Love it. Next time I might dab a bit of Fairycake Tuberose to lessen the dirty dirty girl first hour vibe.
  8. Hi from melisse in california!

    Hello Melissa! I'm in Oakland, if you're dying to smell something (or ready to order a FB of something unsniffed,) you're welcome to roll around in my well labeled boxes!
  9. Sophia's Soliloquy of Lady Macbeth

    My goodness. What is a black orchid and why is she so smutty? This is scary sexy. Like scary for real. Lemme ponder this for an hour or two.
  10. Forum Upgrade!

    Not sure, but when I was posting in/replying to a thread, the forum was automatically assuming that I wanted notifications. Before you hit "submit reply," make sure the slider toggle right above is over to the left and isn't green.
  11. La Femme Mystere

    I'm curious, does anyone else's partner get especially vulnerable and/or giggly with this blend? Once in a while, my man kinda gets the giggles for a few minutes at the beginning of a make out session. It's like he's too vulnerable or giddy or something. It's cute, and I always feel like it's time to back off and just chill a bit, but he still wants to move forward. So it's not like he doesn't want to have sex, or even that I'm being aggressive, he's the one that wants to push through the giggles. I'm sure this sounds really strange, but it only lasts a minute or two and we soon get to where we've headed out to go, I'm just wondering if it's related to anything in LFM.
  12. I got distracted and forgot why I came on here! i just sent an invoice request for the two bottles my man (currently) wants, Veridian Muse and River and Rain, and 2 bottles of Latte Peche. Even though I've had them for so long now, I STILL haven't tested any of the new April releases, because I'm still sneezing a bit and can't entirely trust my nose so I just need to wait. I wore Pallas today and realized it seemed more powdery and creamy than usual, which was lovely, but I normally get the fruit and flowers, too, so I'm not qualified to make any decisions.
  13. The best. I love OW and love these kind of results even more.
  14. I'm not sure I understand your question, but Girl Nip is a sexy scent that has Perfect Match in it. It's meant for men, my man wears it, but Perfect Match isn't a gender specific phero and some women wear Girl Nip too. Some of the men's scents are just really sexy. It happens to me a lot, I say to my man, "smell how amazing I smell," and he says "that's good, but smell me, I smell better," not because he's an ass, but because sometimes it's true. The Girl/Girl phero is meant to be worn by women for women. I have both Bosom Bows and Themyscira, and they're both awesome smelling and have the Girl/Girl female attractant. You can get trial vials of either of those two scents still, I believe.
  15. Warm & Toasty

    OOoooooh, yay, this one is lovely! I had to wait for a day alone with my daughter because both my son and my man hate banana, but I honestly don't think either of them would pick it up. When I first put it on, I was getting that dusty smell I've been getting with the oatmeal note, and I was bummed. Like, "Oh no! My skin can't handle the scent of any bulk dry goods!" An hour later, it doesn't smell like bread, certainly not popcorn, just kind of a cozy skin scent, like how I smell after taking my afternoon nap in my bed of crushed sugared pecans.