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  1. Eastwood22

    Pallas w/ Lumina

    Makes sense! My sprays never leave my bedroom. But I love a good fogging! I'm sure there are times when people might wish I wasn't so happy to "share."
  2. Eastwood22

    Lina's Pumpkin Cake Batter

    Do it. Funugreek is #1 supplement for making your JJ smell and taste like maple syrup. The only thing that could surpass it would be to actually put maple syrup inside yourself, and I'm guessing that's not advisable for all kinds of reasons. Then again, you're in Canada, maybe it would be considered an act of patriotism? I can't wait to see how yummy this pumpkin will be when I mix it with Wicked! The temperature changes here are so mild and vaguely uninteresting, I'm only waiting by choice. I could put poinsettas into my hair and it would only seem odd as I don't put flowers in my hair on the regular.
  3. Eastwood22

    Lina's Pumpkin Cake Batter

    I am also curious if this would cover cops. I received it as a gift from Kayla today, and I instantly fell in love. Here's the funny thing, though, I'm so accustomed to Mara covering the cops smell, that I think I've begun to mix the smell of naked lady parts with vanilla and cake! Seriously. This is what happened- I put the PCB on in the car, decided it smelled amazing, and had my man smell it, too. It hadn't even dried down so the pumpkin hadn't yet fully bloomed. Here's the funny thing, now that @Potion Master has crossed some olfactory wires in my brain, I huffed it again and asked my man, "but do you think it smells too much like vagina?" His eyes widened, he looked at me like I had finally lost my mind for good, and said "Clearly you've never smelled a vagina." He went on to patiently explain that some smell a little "sweet and sour," some are ones that "other guys" say smell like "chili cheese Frito's," added that mine "hardly had any smell at all, just a little sweet," but emphasized that exactly no vagina ever smelled like vanilla cake batter or pumpkin pie or Buttercream frosting. (I really do know what they smell like, and I take fenugreek capsules intentionally for that "just a little sweet" effect.) I then asked how much pumpkin and vanilla he thought I would need to eat to smell like that and he doesn't believe it works that way. (Oh, FYI ladies, if you eat fennel and citrus, especially pineapple, and take fenugreek, you can balance your hormones, kill smelly vaginal bacteria, and taste and smell like maple syrup!) Anywho, I loooove the Pumpkin Cake Batter! And it smells nothing like chili cheese corn chips!!!
  4. Eastwood22

    Pallas w/ Lumina

    @dolphindolls2 I'm so glad! Did you do oil or spray? If you only did oil, maybe make one into a spray, I think it makes everyone happy! No reason to have grumpy bumpies in your vicinity.
  5. Eastwood22

    Body Butters

    Damn. Wish I knew about these before they were all gone. Picked up Aphrodisia on the sale, I can only smell it now if I press my nose into my arm, so I keep on doing that. Really yummy stuff. Wait? This is body butter, different from the tin I got in the sale? This is a butter/cream for moisturizer/skin care? And it's still available on the website? I have the Aphrodisia perfume, does the body butter smell the same? I'm not a rose fan but I can't smell the rose in this one.
  6. No, if it's just the phero LFM, we call it UN LFM (for unscented,) the UN's have more of the phero molecules than the scented ones, BUT the scents are made to enhance the pheros so they're just as powerful, IMO. Mara offers the UN's so we can mix and match. I recommend starting with scented, though, it's easier to not put on too much and some of the pheros on their own have a distinct smell. Plus, for your purposes, you'll be using cops so just stick to scents made to cover them.
  7. Depends on the persona that you will be playing. If your all in Leather and want navy business suits with gold buttons and tasseled shoes, Leather or Dom. If you're in classy dresses, LFN. If you're wearing kitten ears and want to captivate a bunch of generous roofers and plumbers, try Cuddle Bunny. You really need to define your persona first and then pick your phero.
  8. Eastwood22

    Dari's Rocket Powder

    I didn't do anything, that's all @Potion Master. I can hardly even review it. But I sure can wear the hell out of it!
  9. I've only worn it in oil. I do have a few blends with lighter cops that I use in sprays, but not this one. If I did make some into a spray, I'd treat it like Sexpionage, I'd spray it on my body while naked and make sure it dried down before I put any clothes on, and I'd plan on staying home with my man, or only be somewhere with him by my side at all times.
  10. Eastwood22

    Wanted Man

    Love God is the one, for sure. And PM is great for me, clearly, knowing how I follow him around when he's wearing Girl Nip and Year One.
  11. Eastwood22

    New lovely lady to the mones community :)

    That's pretty damn impressive!
  12. Eastwood22

    Wanted Man

    Damn, reading these reviews makes me wonder why WM is having no real effect on me. I think maybe we can't really test new pheros while BF has a spinal injury. Although, I did put on a sexy dress this morning and made sure to put it back on after teaching, I want his attention but not thinking about sex.
  13. Eastwood22

    Rebel w/ Wanted Man

    We are trying to figure this one out. I get that freshly showered thing, my man smells white flowers at first? Is that something to do with the lavender note in this blend?
  14. Eastwood22

    Cheryl's Summer Tea w/ Aja

    These bees really love their white flowers! I think I need to stick to dark and dirty bees. I'm like a person who's so gluten intollerant that I can't eat eggs from a chicken that ate a slice of bread without getting sick. It seems I can't even do honey from a bee who likes jasmine, or even has a painting of jasmine flowers in it's cozy little hive. Sad.