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  1. Shoot. We gave ours away, infused with the Love God when trying to help our young man friend. Nothing here to sniff. I'll have to trust you guys.
  2. I certainly wouldn't complain. I need something with Cuddle Bunny that's not a floral. Not even violets, even though I love the Soliloquy of Lady Macbeth that @anchoredinopulence mentioned. I wear Gossamer Threads, even though white musk isn't my jam, because I need the pheros. A CB that's foodie but not chocolate, or a CB that's lavender buttercream-ish, or just something cuddly would be phenomenal. For cuddly bunnies that don't like flowers, unless they're crazy sexy flowers. I saw citrus and grapefruit mentioned, I bet something like Fairy Cake Lemon would be perfect. I second that. What about LP Rouge with Gotcha? Who wouldn't want that? Alexi Relaxi is fantastic. I would love another variant of something like the 2014 Unisexy w/ B2.2. Scented Balm Bomb is perfect already, how about a scent so harmonious with B2.2 that it's just called Scented B2.2? I love it with the Unisexy, I think the tobacco makes it just so. I bet Scented B2.2 smells like Teacher's Pest! Speaking of tobacco, of course I second the Adam's Nectar.
  3. I put some of my trial of this on yesterday, mainly for the name. Honestly, I wasn't expecting to like it so much! I didn't even consider the notes, if was going on for humor/intent. But I kept picking up whiffs, it's really yummy. Maple isn't always great on me, but it's so perfect with the fig here. I see it didnt get the best of reviews, but four years later, maybe ya'll should go check on this one. I just took something off my trade page a few days ago that I swear didn't smell like much of anything when I first got it, and it's gorgous now.
  4. SWS tends to make me act more like an adult, and therefore, people treat me with more respect. My man, however, seems to get luckier with me when he's in SWS.
  5. Geez @livinlavidacabo, that seems so awful! I'd recommend Balm Bomb or Teddy BB for when they're holed up in their room so at least they'll feel better. @starlitegirl MLH is Mother's Little Helper. "An UNscented pheromone blend for women to help create a sea of peace and calm, pleasant interactions, warmth, coziness, friendliness and helpfulness...while secretly exerting a little authority too." I think MLH could possibly be good, I'd also recommend SWS. No one messes with me when I'm wearing SWS.
  6. Ha! Sorry I missed this exchange before! I've been grabbing little trials more lately, I just put this one because something with sandalwood has been lingering on either me or my clothes. I didn't realize I liked this one! I was just so excited about some of the others, I may have mixed this up with Resinate in my head. The sage is the star for me, but I'm also smelling something sweet. And then there's the oak moss. It smells like a late summer evening hike on the edge of a big meadow. It reminds me of a specific campground next to a big field, where I camped in a national park. I don't know what state it was in but I remember the high grass meadow that was next to where we slept. This smells exactly like how that felt.
  7. "An attraction blend for women that creates a loving atmosphere and soothes irritability. This blend encourages deep bonding, makes people of both sexes feel less intimidated in the wearer's presence, and encourages a 'nesting' vibe in men - instilling a craving for permanence and commitment. Works fabulous in familial situations, we call this our “family reunion” blend." I just wanted to revisit the official TH description. I've also heard it called the "prickly female" blend. And, wow, did it work for me today! My ex mother in law, let's call her The Bad Queen, is not a nice person, and has something bad to say about anyone who's not within hearing distance. 16 years ago I did not realize that Xmas 'eve' started at noon and I arrived around 4pm, (because that's how I interpret the word eve), so she is still talking about how I'm always late, she's just talking and she's never nice. The Bad Queen is the kind of person who needs someone to hate. She tells people they're too fat or too skinny and anything else that comes to mind, and my kids won't stay at their house. When they were very little, they knew we didn't eat fast food, so they refused to eat at McDonalds at the ages of 6 and 3 so she refused to feed them anything else and they were starving when I picked them up at 8pm. Today, I had to drive 1hr and 5 min, according to Waze, to a birthday party at a bowling alley for The Bad Queen's daughter's son. This was rough as my son had 10(?) boys sleepover last night and they were up until 2am and I awoke to them arguing about Anarchy at 6am. But I made sure I left in time to arrive at 1:27pm for 1:30pm party at Bolero Manteca. EXCEPT Waze, when I re-put in the name of the bowling alley, offered me Bolero Milpitas and I clearly clicked on it and that's where I went. And Waze let me know it would be another one hour and 5 minutes to Manteca. Now, you might think I should've noticed where I was driving, but there are tons of places outside the CA Bay Area that don't interest me in any way. Anywho, I texted that I had driven to the wrong place and sent a map of exactly where I was so that no one could say I was lying about why I was late. In anticipation of spending my day driving my kids to a party where people would be mean to me, I sprayed my wrists with 5 or 6 solid shots of TH, and some DHEAS on my neck for me, covered it all with Latte Peche and a little Wicked on the back of my neck. When I arrived, I saw SIL's husband outside and he walked us in, and my ex-FIL was genuinely happy to see me. I then walked around and foamed up everyone's hands with a long-acting germ/virus killer I had in my purse. I realize now that's when I dosed everyone with the TH! Today was not the usual day, and I occasionally caught my ex's family smiling and gazing at me with something resembling approval, or even possibly, mild affection. I love bowling and brought my own ball because a) I have one and b) corona virus. NO ONE MADE FUN OF ME. No one told me I was late, or crazy for having hand sanitizer, or grabbed babies away from me when I was holding them. (The Bad Queen does that.) I was helping the youngest of her grandchildren bowl, who's under 3 yrs old, and we were having a great time and she didn't stop it. Here's where it gets really crazy. She sat down next to me, and I don't know how it started, but she began showing me pictures of her oldest cat. I know she wasn't interested in seeing my cat pics, so I just let her keep showing me more pictures. Normally she just says my name like it's an annoying word and looks at me sideways. Today it's cat pics. And then she went on to tell me her health problems, which no dr. can decipher, and we talked about different possible triggers, although she's investigated everything I suggested already. I don't want her to be unhealthy so I hope they figure it out. But the whole thing was completely opposite of what I expected. On the way there, I was wondering if today would be the day I'd appropriately stick up for myself and everything would go terribly sideways. But no. It was pleasant gazes and cat pics. Thanks Treasured Hearts! I was ready to burn some bridges if it proved necessary, but now I think they're just back to thinking my ex-husband is a moron for letting me getaway. Another Big LPMP Win!
  8. If I were wandering around in the 80's and I smelled fantastic, and I happened to have chosen original non-reformilated Opium as my signature fragrance, and someone gushingly told me how fabulous I smelled and I knew that that they were going to copy me, guess what I would tell them I was wearing? I would say Cinnabar! Cinnabar was the perfume that my grandmother kept offering me because I liked Oriental fragrances, and she kept getting little bottles with her big Estee Lauder gift sets. I remember quite a few dusty bottles, I don't think anyone ever ran out of Cinnabar. My wildly random guess is that it didn't smell the same on the next person was because it wasn't even the same perfume. I bet the first person was wearing original Opium and straight lied. Obviously I have no idea who any of these people are, but can you imagine how pissed the first person who wore Giorgio or Lauren or whatever to high school and one month later everyone was wearing it? I'd consider keeping my signature scent choice a secret, especially a widely available commercial scent. To address half of your original question, if someone loved original Cinnabar or Opium, they would swoon over LP Red. If you already know you want a FB of Leather, I'd say it's totally congruent. It would be a lethal combo, in the best sense. It wouldn't be something you'd wear everyday, though! Major date night combo, in my opinion.
  9. I love me some Sugared Bacon! But I'm guessing I'd pass on Green Forrest Bacon. I will ask my man to wear this again, now I'm curious.
  10. I have this in a spray, and I love it. I'm not sure that I "need" more, but I sure did enjoy it, as evidenced by the mostly empty bottle. Tonight, as I was spraying if on me, it was making a little sound, which I've never noticed in a spray before. I'm sure it's the glitter in the nozzle, but I swear it sounded like it was giggling! That's how I see this one, not sad that it's almost all gone, just happy and giggling that it's getting to come out and play.
  11. Hmmmm.... Going to re-visit Perfect Match tonight in consideration of 02.20. This is one phero that I've mostly had used "on me," meaning in Firl Bip. (Supposed to say Girl Nip, but I'm okay with Firl Bip.) I had also bought my man Year One w/PM, but we've most likely worn it the same number of times. It smells better on me! I know I'm a responder to PM, but is he? He's already a cuddly MF. I'll post back on this after testing.
  12. @Dolly it's nice to see you posting again! When I first. came onto this forum I read all your phero info posts and you saved me from asking a few less questions and I made a few less mistakes. And you're funny, so I'm glad you're back.
  13. I want to visit the castle! I had my sights on Halloween time but my man took me to New Mexico for a gig he was working (and a show I didn't want to miss.)
  14. It ate through some kind of tire something or other that sounded real important. @raydee8_love
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