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  1. Eastwood22


    I wasn't here yesterday when mailman tried to give me my latest order, I have this and Unbeleafable and some other goodies and I'm so sad that they say i can't even pick it up until tomorrow. This. I want this. Now would be good.
  2. Eastwood22

    Beta Androstenol review anyone?

    I'm sorry. What a bummer! But at least you know "Leather Good/Crying Bad."
  3. Eastwood22

    Sugared Honeycomb

    I don't find them to be alike, and I don't have any solo Aja for comparing to my little SH trial. I seem to recall being surprised that SH wasn't good on my skin, it wasn't a good smutty on me, so I wouldn't have added it to anything. I'm sure most ladies wear it all on it's own. I mixed most of a bottle of Aja with a full bottle of something that was too PG on me and made it into two sprays, the Aja turned it perfect. Vampire Bait on it's own doesn't particularily appeal to me, but the variant with Aja is gorgous and sexy. SH is more of it's own thing, IMO, whereas Aja didn't do anything for me by itself. It can take a fragrance from "nice" to rich and sexy instantaneously. I know you asked for a scent comparison, but that's what I've got. I'm not so great at describing notes.
  4. I wore this tonight for teaching two classes back to back. I know that this is not a "me" scent, meaning it doesn't resemble some delicious dessert, but I keep reaching for it. I don't really know these notes, but I think it's mainly pear, hay and teakwood on me. Like enough hay that it makes me think I'm going to sneeze! There seems to be a lot of extra heavy shit happening all at once. I try to be a good listener and a calm presence for my students, sometimes they confide in me, sometimes they vent and cry. I think the vibe of Mommy's Little Monster helped me show up how I was needed tonight. It was a night of grown-ups needing a calm captain steering the ship, smelling like creme brûlée would NOT have been helpful. I've only worn MLH scents around my kids, but it seems it helps calm adults who just need someone else to take the reins once in a while.
  5. Eastwood22

    Chakra Oils: Sacral

    I wore this tonight for teaching, it was the perfect follow up to Deliciae! The sacral chakra has a steady "I want" vibe to it, but I couldn't have felt more content.
  6. Eastwood22

    Ail's Open Windows

    Open Windows is a great blend, I'm glad it's working for your boss. Now that's a win. And maybe those strangers will go be nicer to the people they actually do know!
  7. Eastwood22

    Elementals: Air

    @tink333 @tyvey it's funny because I've only worn this once, and I loved it the whole time, and I had spent a day at the laundromat in it but I smelled so fresh and clean! I must bust this out again soon.
  8. @SugarKitten what a weird day!
  9. Eastwood22

    Elume w/ Perfect Match

    @Eve I assure you it smelled nothing like a dirty pepper to me!
  10. Eastwood22


    New rule- if you have an iPhone, and you text the word Unbeleafable to someone, instead of just sending that word, hold down the blue arrow until you get choices on sending it as a special bubble or with balloons or confetti. Choose lasers!!!! Every time you text the word Unbeleafable, you must send it with lasers!
  11. Eastwood22

    Elume w/ Perfect Match

    He is so decisive when he doesn't like a scent, it's impressive to me. When I test a new scent, I am fairly heavy handed, so I can really experience it fully. He only needs two little swipes and he knows immediately if it's not for him.
  12. Eastwood22


    "The things... you smell... on me It's Unbeleafable." Says my man
  13. Eastwood22

    Cauldron Cake

    Holy Patch Attack, BatPerson! I don't amp patch at all, but I now know who does, and it's my sweatshirt! I slathered Cauldron Punch this am, by late afternoon all that was left was a little allspice so I spritzed myself with White Velvet Pumpkin, grabbed my sweatshirt and ran out the door. I could smell something "on me," I knew it wasn't WVP, so figured it was a little transfer from the Unbeleafable my man was wearing. (Yes, it's that good.) but I was thinking, "wow, it's really different on me!" And then it got louder and louder, and louder, but I wasn't "worried"about it. But when I put same sweatshirt back on before work, holy wow!!! I got a Patchouli Punch, straight to the face. I've never experienced that kind of patchouli overload before. @halo0073 I'm so sorry if that's what happens to you! So glad it's only my sweatshirt and not me. I'm sure I would've had a headache by now if I didn't grab a different jacket.
  14. Eastwood22


    Damn. I think you're onto something here. Really?! I'm fairly gullible so I believe you. My man has this on today, and I wasn't going to mention to him that this song was stuck in my head, and then at breakfast I heard him softly sing "The things, you say...." I didn't think I would like this one on him, as he amps wood notes, but this is so lush and deep. I think it's the myrrh and sandalwood with coffee in the background that I like so much. He says he smells something like pear, I'm guessing it's the brightness of the rose geranium. I'm surprised, but this, so far, is my favorite of all the Weenies on him.
  15. Eastwood22


    Is anyone else having this problem?