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  1. @StrawberryKitten Butterscream Lemon is one of my (top 50!) favorites! I'm also guessing that Mara will make us a good lemon buttercream body product soon. And the best new loves frequently come as the sniffles in trades!
  2. @Snoopyace with my Weenie order, I got him a trial of Adam's with TLG, despite the fact that he has both a virgin bottle and the boosted one, because eventually the stars will align and he will take it out of the house and I will be there. He's taking me on a work trip next week and I will suggest he only bring trials, "to be safe."🤞🏽 Ya'll should know, there's some good stuff over there in the Going Going Gone section. Like two last little bottle of LP Brûlée, one last bottle Sareena with Lace, and three last bottles of Butterscream Lemon. And there's a 1/3 oz bottle of Sugared Gingerbread in the sale section, too. I'm only telling you all because I already have what I need and won't be making my next order for a while, not until I run through all these Weenies. But when I do make my next order, so far, Pearfection tops my list. If I don't need most every bottle in this collection, I'm thinking a spray of Fairy Cake Gingerbread will make the cut. It's so yummy that my man actually stole my FC Gingerbread sniffle!
  3. I have Pearfection on right now. Another want. My man repels from smoke notes on me, but it's pretty subtle here.
  4. Holy Pumpkin Funnel Cake!!! 30 seconds in and I'm thinking "please don't change, please don't change...." An hour later, the allspice amped on me like it does in every perfume with allspice. I'll test it again in a few weeks and check it more throughout the day.
  5. I haven't opened/sniffed a single trial, nor my FB of Garland Latte, because this is my fear around this set. I need to see what else can go on my trade page!
  6. Ha! My Weenies are here! Shipping notice said tomorrow and I was fairly certain they'd dissapear on the way thanks to no power in NoCal. I'm really glad because I was starting to have some serious "missing out" feelings.
  7. Compromising Positions is no joke! That's an appropriate response/hit. I think I don't wear it enough because I take it for granted since it's in the permanent collection. (Which is silly, I should have a few signature scents that I can have forever.) If I were forced to pick 10 LP's that I should never be without, I bet it would make the cut. And please don't make me choose.
  8. @Eggers I'm pretty sure that getting Rouge is like seeing a unicorn. But I'm guessing that Red and LFM together would do the same thing. Mine is a spray, I'm sure that helps.
  9. Dammit. I never told that story and now it's no longer entertaining to me to tell it. But, @Eggers, do you have LP Rouge? I know you have LP Red. I'm asking because you know I go out to shows in LFM, it's my "don't touch Eggers" blend. I know you go frequently go to shows in Cuddle Bunny because dudes are more awesome, but last night I was remembering how it's happened to me THREE TIMES where the singer in a band has gotten off stage after the show and come to talk to me when I'm in LP Rouge. I was just about to go on the forum and tell you about it, I had some time to kill because I was at a show my man was working early (and I was wearing LP Rouge), and the singer stopped what he was doing to come say hello and give me a hug. True story. Four times. Try it, K? Mike Ness will be tripping all over himself to find an excuse to come chat you up.
  10. @quietguy to put it into perspective as to what kind of man gets to do that kind of thing, he had two Bentley's and an airplane. And a cute little side house to play "we'll live here someday" with my girlfriend. Honestly, I liked the guy. He was funny and worldly and gave good "fatherly" advice. He was very interesting and made everyone around him feel comfortable. When he listened to someone, it was obvious he was intrigued by him. If he though someone was full of shit, he payed them no attention. (His snap judgement was always dead on.) As the best friend of his girlfriend, I reaped all the benefits without the heartbreak. She and I got to launch our own underwear line. When we flew to Vegas on his private plane I got to sit in the jump seat. Do you know you don't have to wear seat belts on private planes? That was neat. When we stayed in the top suite at the very very top of the Bellagio, it was like being on top of the world. He even told her what a good friend I was because I always dressed modestly around him and her other girlfriends would flirt with him. Obviously, it was a shifty and shitty thing to do, but I do know he married his HS sweetheart and it was a bit of an arranged marriage. I don't doubt his affections for my friend were real, she's amazing. She was crushed when she found out, wouldn't eat or stop crying for weeks. I almost felt bad for causing her to research him. He actually paid her rent and carnote and some other bills for over a year after they broke up because she had spent several years traveling, had left her fashion job, and was "doing research" for his upscale denim company. That means she would shop for two days, hand him all of her stuff, then he'd take it his company and they'd discuss trends and her fashion choices. He didn't stop paying until her maid told him about her new boyfriend. It was hard for her but she's now married to a great guy and they have two kids, and they both live in LA and are major fashion influencers(?). Not sure if that's the right word, but they seem to be influencing the masses, as far as I can tell. It was a long road with a fabulous ending.
  11. Genius! I've not had a single friend ever demand to see papers, good for you! I did have a friend commit to a man for several years, who always had to run off to another country for a family emergency during the holidays. This was maybe 15 years ago, before we were used to everyone's personal info being on the internet. After the third Christmas where he had to run off, I thought to tell her to Google him, and we found out he'd been with his wife since he was 15 years old! He was also ten years older than what he had been claiming. If you stick with this and he's legit, he will always know that you are a woman NOT to mess with.
  12. I like how you're proceeding with caution! And I love that you asked for divorce papers. That's bold! I apologize that I didn't realize you were from a more conservative country. It makes sense, though, now that I understand. As an American woman raised by several generations of feminists, I just couldn't conceive of letting a man have any kind of temper flare ups directed my way in such an early stage in a relationship. I don't know what country you're in, so I can't guess at the customs, but here in the U.S. his behavior would be considered off and it raised i more than just a few red flags for me. But I think being cautious with someone you meet online and moving slow is universal, right? I personally go by the rules of 10. That means I have to go on at least 10 dates with a man before I have sex with him. Sex can be weird enough, why have awkward sex with someone I don't really know? For me, it's never been a way to "get to know someone." I also try really hard to "date" at least 10 different men before I get into a committed relationship. This can be a quick coffee date, or a movie, or whatever, but I have to go out with 10(!) different men before I choose one. Since I don't even kiss before a 3rd date, it's not a big deal. But it keeps me from ever settling for the first person who wants to take me to a movie. (I don't know that I've ever gotten to 10, but it's where I aim and I will tell my daughter to do the same!) As as far as pheros go, maybe less cops? No need to torture him. Cops, yes, just less of them. I'd think if there was a phero that makes other people talk that doesn't effect you, that's the one!
  13. This man is a narcissist and he is looking for his next victim. They come on real strong like this. He can pretend to be whatever you want because he's studied you online and is pretending to be what you want. All he wants is for you to let down your guard and let him control you. But normal men don't "confess" that they miss a woman like hell so early in a relationship. Didn't he also say he doesn't want to get involved with your friends? That's another classic narcissist move. They don't hang with your friends because your real friends won't like him and his controlling vibe. Narcs isolate their victims slowly from their friends and family so they have no where to turn when shit hits the fan. Um, no. Not now, not ever: Bye. If you don't say what he want, he cuts you off? Is he a kindergarten bully or a man hoping to get another date? This is narc training, if you upset him, you're done until you do what he wants. Don't bother to go through the training. Ah, he's letting you know that his behavior will be bad but it will be different with you! You're the one person who can understand him and save him. He needs you. Just do exactly what he says and he won't have violent outbursts. I bet you he can tell you about how all his ex's were crazy and make you feel bad for him. Narcs like to blame their victims for imaginary problems, and confuse them about what they themselves are doing or saying. A few more months of this and you'll start remembering things how he tells you to remember them. A move-in? No. First of all, narcs don't let go of their last victims until they've groomed the new one, so whoever he'd be leaving for you will end up on your front lawn and she won't go away. He can convince you that she's insane because she'll certainly act that way, because he's made her crazy. But if you act up, he'll threaten to go back to her. Secondly, he's just yanking your chain. He wouldn't move in with you until he knew that he had lowered your self-esteem enough that you'll let him do whatever he wants. The fact that you're questioning him here means you're still sane. Talk to your real life friends and family about his behavior. Tell him if he really wants to be with you, he needs to get to know them, too. A real narcissist will do either one of three things: 1) meet them all and charm the hell out of them all so they'll tell you that you're crazy any time you bring up any red flags, or 2) dissapear completely, or 3) keep promising to meet them, but somehow it will never work out. Girl, run! He's a narc. If he's not a narc, at best, he's a controlling, immature, violent man with zero relationship and communication skills. Take a hard pass!
  14. Reading through this thread, I'm getting an uncomfortable feeling. @Kayla had a point, is he married? Anyone switching plans around like that, rapid fire, is up to something. Didn't you just meet him in person like two weeks prior to this? What is he so frustrated about? Not having sex on demand in a hotel? Because you've been internet pen pals for a few months? And if you wouldn't meet him in a hotel you don't even have a full meal with him, just coffee? What is that? How many dates have you been on so far? Less than 20? Because a man doesn't get to be angry with me within the first two weeks of us meeting and get to see me again. Especially if he was the one jumping around all willy nilly with half assed plans. If you've been dating less than a few weeks and he's already acting out, what kind of controlling jerk will he be in a year or two? Um, what? He doesn't want his family to know about you? Because his family includes his wife? That would certainly explain his feelings about not getting married. (Again.)
  15. Please do and report back! I must live vicariously through your exploits until my box arrives....
  16. @hedgehog Oleander the Great is a good workplace scent as it couldn't possibly offend anyone, it's clean and fresh. If you don't commit to that one, you could also get a spray of UN SWS. The only problem with the UN's, for me, is that I tend to overdo them without the scent "marker." I never ever want to be without SWS! Never. I'm not even sure what specific hits I get, but I get selfies from it and act more business like. Phero Charged Money Potion is the one I wear SWS in the most, my man wears Sharp Dressed Human for work fairly often. But I find myself reaching for my spray of UN SWS way more. I also have an FB oil backup, which is a bit redundant as my man has a FB SWS that I got him to layer with other scents and he never, ever, ever wears UN pheros. I'm afraid my entire bedroom is dedicated to sunglasses and LP's and the remnants of the destruction from me looking for my keys....
  17. I've not gotten my trials yet, so I'm just patiently reading these reviews, but it sounds like this VK would work well with the new OCCO Mocha?
  18. What a great combo idea! I wish I still had a bit of Totem Beaver left, for some reason the empty trial vial has been in a little basket where I ditch my phone and keep emergency hair ties and charging cords in the front of my studio.
  19. Go look in the Going Going Gone section, I think there's one left?
  20. I have worn it with the solid Aphrodisia + Cops Body Butter, and that was lovely, but I've worn way more with OCCO Ambrosia. Do you have that one? I have it from 3 different years and they're all fabulous. It's one of the very few that I have an extra bottle of in my bathroom for quick out-of-the-shower applications. I've also worn it with my OCCO Sandal Musk, although I can't remember now how that melded in the long run.
  21. I feel your pain! I do love sprays for work.
  22. I concur, 100%! I just ordered a bottle, and it had to be a spray, even though I try to stick to oils these days. (No open spots in the spray drawer!) But it had to be a spray, just like Drive By Fruiting. If the name Super Happy Funtime wasn't already in use, it would qualify for this one!
  23. I sent my invoice just now, but I'm playing with idea of a secret half boost of the Love God in there. My strangely stubborn BF won't bust open his Adam's Nectar with the LG in it, only the virgin, so I don't even know what it does for me! I also ordered a spray spray of Prisma w/ Audacious and I don't know what that does to me, either. Maybe it will turn me into a kleptomaniac. Or an Olympian athlete.
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