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  1. Oh, good, I just looked to see which of those I have, turns out I have both!
  2. Yea! I've also been waiting for this review. Since I went a little crazy in the sale AND I just got my first two PE's, (and got them boosted), this was the ONLY one of these OCCO's that I ordered. I'm really looking forward to it. @luna65 do you think this will be good with Liebchen? Like turn it to a down and dirty Liebchen? Or would you wear it alone? Just curious....
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    It's all good, I did buy a book called "How to Break Up with Your Phone," and I guess my phone saw it, so it's having some fun with me. It's kind of like the movie Williard, except no one dies, and there are no rats. I just tried to resend from my phone and my phone is being, well, I'd better not say. She is watching. I just didn't want to look at my invoice, I need to think of it as sent so I can't add anything. My laptop is resting peacefully at home with her new cord and I can resend from there.
  4. Story of many of my lives. I don't think I know that song, I'll look into it.
  5. Eastwood22

    Dari's Rocket Powder

    Omg, Stacy they are both so good! I haven't been able to really do review since I can't do just one! Tonight I'm in just Dari Gold, it's just perfect. My man pulled out a little sniffle of Sugared Gingerbread I gave him/he stole from me eons ago, he says the butter thickness is similiar. They're both so perfect and amazing in their own way. i have to tell, my man is playing in his scent box right now, since he felt compelled to pull out the sugared Gingerbread. I just made him wash off a sample, he's got Tonka tobaccum and Teachers Pest samples out and he put on something I didn't like? Um, no. I smell way too good to put up with "let me just use this sample up" tonight.
  6. Eastwood22

    New Releases for JULY 2018 - SPECIAL SET!

    @Eve, I went too crazy sale-wise, I didn't order the full set of these, currently only the Lavender Midnight. Just in case you've added some of my imaginary bottles to your imaginary back up stockpile.
  7. Can't go wrong with Tom Petty. I remember someone mentioning receiving a precious gift of a cross stitch needlepoint something or other that said "all the good girls are home with broken hearts." He had a very unique way with words.
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    Private Editions for JULY 2018

    @dolphindolls2, compared to the pineapple in the LP variant, it's less bright and much more powdery from the gate.
  9. @Eve put the Tom Petty song in my head, and now it might be there forever and ever, for each and every LP order or invoice I'm waiting on, for all of eternity. Unless, of course, this last order was my LAST order.
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    Private Editions for JULY 2018

    I just got it yesterday, so it needs to settle, but I'm most likely going to wear it again today. I think it was the pineapple and mango that helped make it shine. But I don't remember experiencing it as powdery until after 9 hours. I love pineapple and have it in the Summer '15 LP, I know the pineapple in that is too strong for some but it's just right for me. Do you have that one? I'll put some of that somewhere on my body for a pineapple comparison. It's definately more noticably pineapple on me than Fairy Cake: Pineapple, it's more cake and not enough pineapple on me, I have never experienced "too much pineapple." Vieux Carre also could've had more for my tastes. There were 9 itty's with Rocket Powder, plus two other ladies ordered FB's, so I'm looking forward to reviews from our peeps who speak perfume more eloquently.
  11. Eastwood22

    Private Editions for JULY 2018

    A girl can try. Rocket Powder just pulled into a soft, pillowy powdery place, 11 hours later! I feel like it went away for a bit and then just came back. I hope it's this awesome AFTER it recovers from its travels!
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    Private Editions for JULY 2018

    @johnsonlisa90012, @Kayla, and @StacyK, you ladies will absolutely NOT be disappointed! Dari Gold is exactly what I imagined, and it has staying power, I didn't put much on and I'm still getting it 7 hours later. Like Mara said, it has Lick of Cream and Ebil-ish elements, with spices and amber to hold it down. I could bury my face in it all day, or cuddle up to it like a sleeping kitten. It's perfect for LFN. Rocket Powder is so much more than I imagined! Creamy, spicy, velvety coconut goodness, but with a more sheer vibe. It's not a floral in any way, but maybe it's the sandalwood, pineapple and mango together that almost give it a floral vibe? Can we just take a vote and decide that pineapple is a flower? But when I compare to say Creamy Ylang, that's a real floral on the coconut. I wish I spoke perfume better. I just know it's more sheer and luxorious, than some more recent coconuts, or maybe I've gotten accustomed lately to the grounding from the cocoa butter. (There's no cocoa butter in here.) Anywho, this is NOT a review of either, that will happen in some days.
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    I finally got a spray of this, it's a very good time!
  14. Oh good, I think it's perfect for work. I really did wear it to my man's work when he first starting working at a newer, fancier, place with the intention of making him look better! He wears SWS or Charisma every time he goes there, and he's the best sound engineer in this circle for sure, and I like to be the explanation point that drives his professionalism home. Last month he was offered the head engineer position and he turned it down because it wasn't enough money, and I know they'll eventually make him a better offer. I don't believe he would've had the confidence to tell them their offer wasn't good enough without the pheros. Of course I can't credit Winter in the Tropics for his effort or skills, but I know the cloud around me has the perfect sophisticated vibe that makes him look better when I'm next to him. LFM is great for me when I'm at work, too. I don't know if this will be a work regular, though, I need to be authentic at work and it does feel like playing dress-up for me. Sorry for rambling, waiting for coffee to do it's job.
  15. I wouldn't say strong, no. It's just enough to keep the florals from acting up. I'm not the best to compare this kind of fragrance to other florals because I just don't wear aggressive florals or anything known for being especially clean or green. (I'm a fruit/foodie/vanilla gal,) It's not tropical like something like Ohana, it's not a creamy coconut vibe, it's more crisp than warm, it's the opposite of being sweaty/sticky. When I look for the grasses, they're there, but I would definitely say they're very mellow because they would bum me out otherwise. I wouldn't call Winter in the Tropics sexy though, just sophisticated. To me it puts out an "unattainable" vibe, which is why it's so great with LFM. I think it needs some cops or an OCCO to sex it up a bit, then you're unattainable AND they really wish you weren't. I might try it with a bit of the BAM Orchid Rose when it gets here.
  16. Eastwood22

    Halcyon Daze - Summer Collection 2017

    @dolphindolls2 I'm sorry, I don't remember, and I ended up getting Sugared Grapefruit instead of Halcyon Daze. If I were getting one more bottle this week, it would be this or Butterscream Lemon.
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    Tangy Tart

    Awesome! My man hates cucumber but I think it will be worth having this one in my arsenal.
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    I'm sorry, I've been tripping on this one, I'm worried about the earth note, and the last thing I need in my life is a perfume I won't wear, or god forbid, another bear. I have all the bears I need. I don't need them, and more importantly, they don't need me. I've read all the reviews on the remaining threebies, can I please drop Totem: Bear and add Tangy Tart? I love lemon and licorice and tart/sour candy, don't know why I never had my eye on this one before.
  19. Eastwood22

    Tangy Tart

    Omg, LIK M AID?!!! Now that's the best!
  20. @dolphindolls2 it's really nice. I decided that it was too high class for me, but it never escaped my mind and I'm also very happy to have a FB coming. I love the idea of it being your cold winter tropical refuge, that's a great idea. And you can't go wrong with LFM!
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    That is unusual, but I've had that happen to me a few times. A few times were when it first arrived in the mail and I didn't wait for it to settle from its travel shock, and once was when I used entirely too much I like muted it out. One other time I was getting a cold but didn't know it yet. I do have one in my collection that I've never smelled because I tried it the day it arrived and then the next day I started getting a cold. It turns out I lose my sense of smell several days before my body shows other signs. Wait a week and try again. Themyscira is a beautiful scent. You didn't put on too much from what you said, maybe an impending cold or allergies? When sampling/testing, though, I always have some (or a lot) on my wrists so I really can get close and easily check it throughout the day as it does/doesn't morph.
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    Thanks Mara! I figured the laptop cord dying was a sign from the universe to stop shopping! I had designs on more non-sale items but I went a little crazy. Too much good stuff! So mostly everything will be from the sale, I'll decifer it all tomorrow. But phew! I was afraid I had to turn in a finished report and it would count as most of my grade.
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    You guys, I'm confused. A few people have been breaking down in the reserve thread, I bought this/spent this, so I want/get this for free. Here's my problem, I'm not a mathematician. I know how to request an invoice, but I don't know how to arrange THIS invoice request, as far as stating that I'm buying these and I wish to receive these as gifts. Also, I would normally arrange something like this highest to lowest, is that what I'm supposed to be doing? Let's just say that I'm only purchasing bottles off the sale list, do I start with pheros and work my way down? How do other people do it? I thought I'd just be sending a list and I'd be told a total, and that bottles X through Z were my gifts. I now feel like I need to get 3X5 cards and make piles and move them around, or maybe a diorama, how are other people doing it? It doesn't help that the intensity of the sale killed my MacBook. Which isn't really true, at all, but my need to keep my laptop on and open for like 48 hrs straight meant my man tripped on the cord of the power adapter and destroyed it, and now my laptop won't charge, which means my running list is unavailable and I might need to make a list ON PAPER. Can I please get an example on how to do this? I'm sure I'm over complicating the situation.
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    Thanks for the clarification Mara!