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    Rebel w/ Wanted Man

    My man's wearing this now. "I smell amazing" he says about himself.
  2. @Crash it's so hard not to just put on all of everything you're excited about, all at once. I once heard it said, that a woman should get fully dressed and the remove ONE accessory before leaving the house to look more polished. I think it's like that with scents and pheros, just try to control yourself and don't put on that last great idea. I also wear less jewelry when wearing a powerful scent/phero combo, I'm at a wedding with only diamond studs and a handmade leather cuff. No necklace, no rings, only that one cuff on my wrist. But damn, you should smell me!
  3. @Crash I'm breaking in a new leather jacket, the best way to do it, as far as I'm concerned, is to wear it when I'm hot and sweaty and it will break in faster. I was warm and had on a smutty fruity cops number, and I love the smell and kept getting whiffs of myself. But I was driving around and doing errands, it wouldn't have been a good idea to just roam the earth all alone smelling like that. Heat diffuses the scent and can smut it up a bit, maybe not the right thing for out and about in high heat and humidity?
  4. Really loving this Summershine with Topper. I'm entertaining my man's best friend while he visits with his mom. It's polite and happy and we're having fun playing cards. I put it on my scarf to keep it nearby.
  5. Eastwood22

    Sydney's Embla

    Neroli is a rich and grown up floral note, I think similar to orange blossom but distilled differently? Might be considered "spicy" for a floral, but definitely a floral. Like ylang-ylang, it's one of the ones I can wear, the opposite of jasmine for me. I remember asking about musks, too, I wish I could find the thread. But I remember reading that Mara has over 100(!) types of musks in maybe the Sugared/Layerable thread.
  6. Eastwood22

    Hello. New to pheros and need advice.

    Welcome @Spicin’itup! This is a great place to hang out, there's so much to learn! I was thinking of your daughter's situation, and that we'd like to see her come out of her shell and get more attention all around. I'm going to suggest Pallas w/ Lumina, this is my top easy go-to pick-me-up, for scent and phero. The scent is grapefruit forward and totally safe for work. I think she would benefit from the lively scent, and Lumina is an attention grabber for sure.
  7. Eastwood22

    Stalk Talk!

    I think I might have to put that trip off a little longer because my man will be in upstate NY for work that weekend, it turns out. So first Friday is out but maybe still in October. I could go without him but his nose is so strong and his opinions matter, it would be like going hunting for the weekend and sending your bloodhound to a dog boarding facility.
  8. @Crash I don't know, I wish I had some answers for you, but I don't. I've had women take an instant dislike to me many times over the years, it's hurtful and it sucks. It's never until years later that I realize that it's a jealousy thing. I'm guessing you're already hot and Bang, when out and about, is too threatening/sexual for them. I try to use Treasured Hearts when going to be around potentially bitchy women. Was the Bang in a spray? Maybe it had too far of a reach? You did say a server came running. I'm sorry that happened. One mean girl can ruin a whole evening, most guys don't even notice these kinds of female politics but it's hard to shake. Bang is a win-win at home though, maybe just save it for your man? One thing I thought of, you could add a bit of DHEAS to enliven the mood. I'm also thinking you might want to try Lumina for getting along with the ladies and looking/seeming extra sparkly to the men.
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    @Snoopyace he just dumped a pile of scents on the table here, final choices are Iskandar, Merlins Blend, and Tonka Musk. What do you think?
  10. Eastwood22

    Body Butters

    Quick, what scent would pair well with the Aphrodesia body butter? I smell so amazing, but I think I'm maxed out on suitable cops amount for going dancing and I want to add a little something....
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    I probably should since he is often where I am and I'm going to have to deal with when he over slathers and I can smell him from the other side of the room! He did pick 2018 Girl Nip but that's just too close to home for me, even if the choc is different. Maybe when he actually snags a girlfriend.
  12. Eastwood22

    Aphrodisia w/EoW copulins

    I've decided that roses need to stay on bushes and off of my skin, but (and I know this answer is one year late) I would never know there was rose in the Aphrodisia Body Butter if I hadn't read it. @StacyK that makes me want to try the White Choc Rose, I look at the bottle, pick it up, get scared, and decide to wait just a little longer to try it!
  13. Eastwood22


    If the young gent whom I'm going to be purchasig Love God for doesn't pick his scent soon, I'm going to kill him. Really it's my fault, I've prob given him up to 10 men's samples, but I want to see this stuff in action!
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    Oooh, yeah, @Potion Master, SWS is important! Just to clarify, you will absolutely positively still be carrying/making/re-making SWS? I'll need back ups otherwise and I'd rather save for Weenies at the moment. Not only do I wear it all the time, but it's a big turn on for me when it's on my man. He's told me that it's his #1 for getting lucky, but also threw in that it's also the one he's most likely to be wearing on the regular so it could be a numbers thing. (I doubt it.) @Snoopyace's V2 is the one he says gets me naked in under 10 minutes every time. Love God is on my list but I'm a little scared....
  15. Eastwood22


    I happen to have SS4W on right now, never get selfies so not even sure if I get hits or if I'll miss it, but I do know what Bang does! Edit- Wait, that was last night that I had on my UN SS4W spray. I guess I am suffering from a shortage of coffee at the moment. I forgot that it was cops and EST that turned SS4W into BANG. It's pretty amazing to realize the power of cops and EST. SS4W is almost like a baby leather for me, I am in charge and respected, but not necessarily anyone's good time. But I don't know if it's the pheros that make me serious, or if people are responding to me as if I am serious so my personality falls in line.
  16. Eastwood22

    Sugared Oakmoss

    Wow. I dismissed Sugared Oakmoss because I didn't like it on me, never thought to try it on my man. We were discussing a few scents and trying to isolate the note his skin doesn't agree with, as he likes Tonka Musk in the bottle, but wearing it makes him feel like "he's a carpenter, sweating while sleeping in a pile of wood chips." Anywho, I put Sugared Oakmoss on him just to rule it out. Crazy thing- it smells really rich on him! That's the Oakmoss I was expecting, not what it turned to on me. And as he sits here, watching the recorded qualifying races for the Singapore Grand Prix, he just smells sexier and sexier. I don't know who's going to win the Grand Prix in Singapore, but I know who's gonna win around here.... This means his box that holds 25 rollerball bottles is no longer big enough! It's not that he has over 25, but all slots are used including his samples. I had a feeling this day would come. The box we both have variants of, (mine holds 96) also comes in a 36. He's been reluctant to cross the line to a bigger box, but these things happen. Plus @Potion Master will be making some dastardly delicious manly Weenies soon enough. He could totally wear this Sugared Oakmoss on it's own. I just offered to spike it with a Charisma pherotine and he said "I don't need Charisma when I smell this good." Alright then. Better go order that box and take Sugared Oakmoss off my trade list. I wonder what he'd smell like in Sugared Oud....
  17. I know I've done things like put on Blatant Invitation when I meant to put on Focus Potion, clearly I needed the later phero more! What are some of your phero "accidents?" Like reaching for wrong one, or ending up with different people than you intended? Yesterday, I had gone through my samples and meant to put on Liebchen w/ Treasured Hearts for car ride home with the kids, but put on Frusky Business with Audacious. We may or may not have had more fun, obviously I have no way of measuring yesterday's fun vs. the heart to heart talks in one of my currently running parallel universes. Anyone have any funny stories?
  18. Eastwood22

    Stalk Talk!

    Another Libra! I'm in Oakland so it's a short flight.
  19. Eastwood22

    Stalk Talk!

    @Potion Master I seriously might be coming for first Friday party this year. My man asked what I wanted to do for my bday, and my birthday is the week before. Flights to Portland are reasonable, and sleeping in hotels with no children to wake me up makes me happy.
  20. It's helpful to have a rollerball tool, and the oil, don't think you want to use any alcohol. I'll get back to you when not in a restaurant. I got a lot of info on making oils into sprays and phero ratios from Mara in this thread here. I'm confused though, if you want to put something from LP into a rollerball, what is it in now? Are you talking about a trial vial? As far as adding perfumers alcohol, once in a blue moon I'll add a few drops to a rollerball if it's not coming out freely, but I wouldn't recommend this because you could make it too runny. I store all my bottles upright, and I'm less likely to take a rollerball bottle out of the house because it could leak.
  21. Eastwood22

    Stalk Talk!

    Now me on the other hand, I want to go directly to the store for the Weenies "pre-release" so I won't have to wait for descriptions or trials or anything. I just want to go there, and wait and wait, but I WILL BE READY. I'm actually having a pre-release party, in my mind, right now.
  22. Eastwood22

    New Releases for JULY 2018 - SPECIAL SET!

    Thank you @Potion Master!
  23. Eastwood22

    Stacy's Lady Luck

    @StacyK I've been wearing this a lot this week! I've had a lot to pull off and I think it's helping, and there has been a bit of cash flowing in. Is it my imagination based on the name, or is this the intention? I'm loving the scent either way!
  24. Eastwood22

    Stacy's Lady Luck

    I know this post is old, but @Midnight Requiem I use one of these rollerball remover tools. If you look at the fourth picture for that product, it shows how to put the whole rollerball assembly back on by using the circle and pressing down on the outer rubber, NOT the ball itself. It's really easy once you get the hang of it.
  25. Eastwood22


    I love that "bitey vibe". So who's doing the biting ? I feel like biting sometimes with this. It's just the super-sex potion secret. I was just searching for "biting," because I wanted to see what pheros it came up around. I have been bitten (in a good way) while wearing both Compromising Positions and UN Cougar. I don't believe I get selfies from Cougar, possibly a little more swagger in my step, but I don't reach for the ones that don't seem to effect me much. But I do like being bitten! My man's very gentle and kind, so the occasional neck bite is hot. (I'm a bit of a shoulder biter.) Besides Sexpionage, does anyone else bite or get bitten with Cougar?