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  1. Yummy! I've had good times with all three! I think Odalisque should be a permanent offering. I just noticed tonight that one of my two bottles is 2/3 empty!
  2. Eastwood22

    Stalk Talk!

    On that note, I've had two dogs that would both shiver violently when exposed to citronella EO.
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    Erin's Latte Peche

    Great, thank you. I was actually thinking one drop, but was questioning if I was being cowardly. I'll proceed with one!
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    Now that I think about it, some men I've been with who would've looked great on paper actually sucked in real life! And my man would not look good on paper, but he sure looks good in my bed! I do get the samplers, mostly, but never an itty. I love the labels and whatnot. But I'll get them in the future so I won't have to just wonder and wonder what "Devour Me" and "Neal's Rush" smell like. It's really hard for me to imagine men's scents from descriptions. And I'll shy away from dismissing scents so quickly in the future. We sent all of my man's "nopes" to his dad, he likes to make quick decisions, and now I'm wishing that I saved empty trial vials, just for reference.
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    Erin's Latte Peche

    IF I wanted to add some cops here, should I try the Buttercream Peach with LAM+Aja? Or some OCCO White? I also have some BAM's (Vanilla, brown sugar, amber.) I made such an awful mix on myself yesterday that I cannot trust myself with any combo's at the moment. Speaking of not trusting myself, what if I added just two drops EoW, or even one, to whole bottle? I'm thinking I'll leave one untouched, make one into a spray, and add a minor amount of cops to one rollerball.
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    Jenna's Domina Venus

    That's good to know, I haven't put cops in anything for a while. When I open that EoW bottle, I need to have a quick plan! But there are a few that have crossed my mind as potentials, lately. I'm also considering trying just one drop in a few to test results. Isn't it something crazy like one drop per gallon that causes testosterone spike? I have never been so affected by time changes as I have been lately. Coming back from HI to CA this week has really messed me up. Last night I put on Beautiful Dreamer, but I suck at going to sleep early, so it was a little too late. My daughter got in bed with me at 5:30 am and was chatting away for 45 minutes, I'd probably oversleep and be late to teach today if she hadn't. Wish I could make it to acupuncture today.
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    Sugared Pink Musk

    Okay, thanks! Handing it over now!
  8. I'm sitting here in front of 10 Unscented Phero Trials, and I know I had big plans when I ordered them, but now I'm drawing a blank. I don't know where to start. I know I can make a bunch of UN sprays, with 1/3 Unscented Phero and 2/3 perfumer's alcohol. Or maybe I'll add a few drops of a simple corresponding essential oil, like a bit of grapefruit to the DHEAS? Its like I have stage fright, I'm really not sure what to do now. It's much easier to boss my man around, I handed him a Charisma trial and said "Go put this in something." Easy Peasy, right? What are your devilish/creative/brilliant plans?
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    Sugared Chai Spices

    This one is all gone, correct?
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    Sugared Pink Musk

    I wanted to like this one, it's just okay. I just don't think I do "pink" very well. I can't imagine why I'd reach for it when it's only inches from some spectacular scents that I love. I can give this to my daughter, right? It doesn't seem sexual to me at all.
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    Damn, Halo, you're right. I need this, too. I know I'd love this more than the OCCO Ambrosia. If I ever go to bed tonight, I'll do it in a mix of Pineapple Fairy Cake, Orange Fairy Cake, and Sugared Grapefruit with a tiny squirt of Honey'd LP. Pretty sure that's the closest I'm going to get to Hot and Sticky!
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    Hi from melisse in california!

    I wish someone would review it, too! It's kind of absurd that I'm sitting here wondering what a men's fragrance smells like. I FINALLY get why people order itty sets. To smell them! Who knew?! I like your story a lot, so far! How'd it go with those fragrances, and the Pashazade?
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    Private Editions for APRIL 2018

    Seajammarket, have you tried this yet? I really love mine, think I'm going to turn one into a spray next time I break out the science kit.
  14. Hey QG,

    I haven't seen you on here for a few weeks, everything okay?

  15. Eastwood22

    Lava Rain

    That's what I'll say if I end up with a full bottle when it arrives on my doorstep. "It chose me! Not the other way around."
  16. Eastwood22

    Lava Rain

    No. The need for FB's will NOT end.
  17. Okay, so you're not going to make "oil sprays,"* you can add 2/3 ratio perfumer's alcohol to 1/3 ratio rollerball perfume oil that is already mixed up to make a spray of your oil rollerball perfume. The rollerballs are 1/3 oz, the sprays that LP offers are 1 oz, so I just follow that ratio. I think you should just keep the phero's in the dropper bottles and keep experimenting with your 4 drops for now, until you really know which phero's work for you and in what quantities. It's much easier to test when quantities are easy to control. Plus, you don't want to put a phero in a light and fast dispersing/fading scent if the phero is going to stick around, scent wise, much longer. But, if you're going to put the pherotine into perfumer's alcohol (without scent,) I'd say just put the whole thing in a 1 oz perfume bottle and fill it the rest of the way with the alcohol. Remember that you can't put a phero with cops into a spray, because you want the cops from the boobs down, basically. (I have broken this rule but I have done all kinds of dumb shit in my life, don't be like me, just follow the rules and then your hair won't smell like vagina.) *LP does offer the sprays in either 100% alcohol, or a 60/40 mix, but don't worry about that right now. Just worry about figuring out which pheros get you the results you want. If your target is too far away, like not in your personal space, figure out how to get them, or you, physically closer. Also figure out which phero's give you "selfies," some might make you feel like a million bucks, some might make you feel nothing. My best phero experiences come from the ones that make me feel more of whatever I'm aiming for, and that can draw my "targets' to me. I thought I would mix up some of these pherotines into perfumes, but it's nice to have them separate. Are you taking notes? It can be helpful. The only phero's I've made into sprays were originally rollerballs that I had more than one of, or I split it. I also have a few purse sprays that hold 1/3 oz alcohol perfume spray, so they'd get 1/3 of a rollerball of a perfume, but that's mainly for convenience. The mixing and measuring and pouring is really fun, but first figure out what works best for you. It's a science, so the less randomization, the better. There are a lot of really smart and experienced folks on here, if you look through some of the journals, you can find a shit tonne of useful info. Mara helped me a lot when I had very similar questions, you can see that thread here: Mixing perfume oils and UN pheros and perfumer's alcohol - ratios? Also, just for fun, you might like to take a look at this thread: Hoarders - LPMP Edition It won't help with your questions but will keep you entertained for a few moments.
  18. Hold on Sugar! Whatcha' doin' over there? A spray is only going to increase the phero distance, but it won't change the effect. I love mixing stuff up, I have some extra glass bottles I've bought online to make 1 oz sprays from 30 ml bottles, and soon I'm probably going to take a few oils that are in my back up stash and make them into sprays. (Oils last longer, alcohol disperses more but wears off faster, too.) But you need to make sure you're using perfumer's alcohol, you can order it online, on etsy or ebay. Don't use everclear, I think that will have it's own scent. I'm not sure what's in what you're calling your "leftovers." I get that alcohol is basically alcohol, I clean yoga mats with cheap vodka and essential oils, but I wouldn't spray cheap vodka between my boobs, I don't want to see who that's going to attract to me.
  19. I have noticed that my ex-husband seems to respond positively to Open Windows, Treasured Hearts, and perhaps anything else I've worn around him like MLH, H&S, possibly SS4W (Not cops!) We have kids together and he pays my mortgage and some other bills, and I generally like him as a human being, and it's in our kids best interest that we get along. He also did cheat on me and gaslight me for 3 years, and left me for someone less attractive, less intelligent, and pretty shapeless and lacking in personality. She does have really beautiful hair, though. I still dislike her very much, because she did a bunch of weird stalker shit, and even accepted my sincere apology for my "unwarranted accusations." But I now have a fabulous, loving, kind, intelligent, articulate, emotionally available and attentive man, and my ex is now stuck with that quiet cow. (He likes that she doesn't talk. I talk. He hates talking.) I am very curious as to what pheros people wear around ex's? Mostly I want to keep the peace, sometimes I don't mind reminding him that he's dumb. He's also very alpha male, like caveman like, so wearing stuff with a-none wouldn't threaten him or make him uncomfortable. (MLH around my boyfriend, which was of course on me because of my kids, rubs him the wrong way.) I'm sure that you're all spiritual giants, and would never want to make your ex's feel dumb, but I'm not there yet. I'm definitely not shooting for cruelty or torture or excessive power, just wondering what other people have done in this kind of situation. I'm not a spiritual giant myself, quite yet. So, I want to hear your stories. Whether you want peace or power or money or prizes or just seeing remorse on their faces, has anyone had any effective or surprising or fun effects with pheros and their ex's?
  20. Here's a personal perfume joke that no one might think is funny but me- Today I wore Lady MacBeth and EST for when my ex came over to pick up my daughter. Because EST (and I) have the power to control him and manipulate his weakness, like Lady Macbeth, and my worldly fortunes and destiny and still entwined with his as we own property together.
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    Lava Rain

    Thanks ladies! But it wasn't so much that I thought about it really, I just decided not to take any FB's since the humidity where I was last time caused the ruin of all my labels. I did wait to try spring samples though, which Mara did use a lot of tropical flowers, but mostly I just grabbed a ton of sniffles that seemed Hawaii appropriate and I just got lucky on Lava Rain. It's pretty powerful, so I have half a sniffle left, but just like so many others, I WANT MORE!!!
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    Jenna's Domina Venus

    I'm wearing Lava Rain at the moment, which also has amber, Musk, and tobacco, but some aquatic notes keep it not quite x-rated. If it smells half as exotic and intoxicating as this, I'll be really happy. Almost makes leaving Hawaii tolerAble.
  23. Eastwood22

    Lava Rain

    Ooooh! I saved this for the last day in Hawaii with my man and kids, as we are going exploring in a underground lava tube in a huge lava field by the ocean, wearing headlamps and all. I have a small amount of common sense, which should prohibit me from going in a lava tube on an island with an active volcano, but WTH. Don't think today's my day to die. Plus, I smell way to amazing to die! Pele's gonna love me!
  24. I'm having fun with BI right now, this might be the first bottle I reach for (at night) when I get home. And I do miss my Tuberose FairyCake!
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    Jenna's Domina Venus

    I'm always in charge. The fun is when I pretend I'm not. But I'm not even capable of smelling submissive.