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  1. I have this in a spray, and I love it. I'm not sure that I "need" more, but I sure did enjoy it, as evidenced by the mostly empty bottle. Tonight, as I was spraying if on me, it was making a little sound, which I've never noticed in a spray before. I'm sure it's the glitter in the nozzle, but I swear it sounded like it was giggling! That's how I see this one, not sad that it's almost all gone, just happy and giggling that it's getting to come out and play.
  2. Hmmmm.... Going to re-visit Perfect Match tonight in consideration of 02.20. This is one phero that I've mostly had used "on me," meaning in Firl Bip. (Supposed to say Girl Nip, but I'm okay with Firl Bip.) I had also bought my man Year One w/PM, but we've most likely worn it the same number of times. It smells better on me! I know I'm a responder to PM, but is he? He's already a cuddly MF. I'll post back on this after testing.
  3. @Dolly it's nice to see you posting again! When I first. came onto this forum I read all your phero info posts and you saved me from asking a few less questions and I made a few less mistakes. And you're funny, so I'm glad you're back.
  4. I want to visit the castle! I had my sights on Halloween time but my man took me to New Mexico for a gig he was working (and a show I didn't want to miss.)
  5. It ate through some kind of tire something or other that sounded real important. @raydee8_love
  6. I would've preferred that, but my new battery somehow leaked all over all cables and sensors in the car so every light on my dashboard was on. Bad times.
  7. Yay! @Potion Master I knew you were working on Bang & Gotcha, as soon as people mentioned the Pherotines, I guessed we'd be hearing about it soon. We all really do need that Gotcha! I'm glad you're also working on the others with the famous Dr. Stone. I still have unopened pherotines (but not Gotcha) from the past two years! I'll have to break them out and use them to justify buying more. I always need the CB, too. It's really best for me in pherotine variant, for portability and I haven't yet found a perfect CB scent. I know it's a loooong time away, but I bet there will be some amazing new scents to pair with these new/old pheros in the spring and summer. Thanks again!
  8. Ah, yes. That would be nice. Or perhaps "a warm rich mix of vanilla musk and a trio of ambers melded with a bevy of tobacco accords (maybe Cuban tobacco, pipe tobacco, traditional tobacco leaf and a dash of cherry tobacco) layered upon a Chypre base?" Have I ever mentioned that I sure did love that Teacher's Pest?
  9. Just go with that! I'm glad I placed my spell collection order before I picked up my car from dealership and paid for the repairs! I thought it was going to be about $1000, turns out it was $1996 dollars. I was $63 short and had to run to the bank and deposit a check to get the difference! And not for one second did I think "I guess I shouldn't have bought the full bottle set yesterday." If I had paid for the car first, I never would've bought the FB set. I would've known I was over-spent for the month, and I would not have had such a magical day today.
  10. When I first got this, the raspberry was a bit too strong for me. As I have so many other LP's to play with, I put it away in the "yeah, I dunno" section. I don't know why I grabbed it today, but I'm so glad I did! There were a few moments of "um, smell me, I smell good..." and then I mostly forgot about it. Eight hours later, there's still a sweet coffee cream and perhaps a bit of amber lingering on my wrists. I'm not a big fan of berries on me because my skin can make them go sideways, but not so much when there's cops involved. I know cops are considered stinky, but they tend to enrich and ground a few scents that I wouldn't otherwise enjoy. If you have a bottle gathering dust, bust it out! It made me real happy today, and it's my understanding that it has not insignificant amount of cops, so I expect it to rev some motors later this evening.
  11. Has there ever been an LP with cilantro?
  12. @halo0073 I was constantly finding coins as a kid, my grandmother called it "lucky money," she kept it for me and I had two full Crown Royal velvet bag's worth. I read a study about how people who consider themselves lucky to begin with are more likely to notice and find money on the street. I've found all kinds of paper money, too. I was once walking back to a parking garage and remembered that they only accepted cash and thought "I need to find five dollars." I looked down, and there was a folded up $5 bill. When I unfolded it, there was also a $20 and a $50! It was a nice reminder to not think small when asking the universe for a favor. I have taught my kids never to walk past coins on the ground, that they shouldn't ever tell the universe "thanks, but no thanks" when it comes to little gifts, EXCEPT for tails-up pennies. I've taught them to turn them over, so it will be heads up for the next person to see it.
  13. Just put this on an hour ago, and I think I might always have same initial response. "Hmmm, it's okay, guess I have it for the phero." And then 45 minutes later it's mellow and smooth, like a Lavender root beer float. The green and the lavender are too sharp for me at first, and then I get these great big purple fluffy pillows drifting my way. The birch really seals the deal for me on this one.
  14. My man just texted me that the band he's working for tonight keeps teasing Tom Sawyer. I didn't know! Neil Peart, Rush Drummer Who Set a New Standard for Rock Virtuosity, Dead at 67
  15. @Most Holy it might just be too much work with the store moving and also bath and body products coming soon.
  16. Today was my last few spritzes of a bottle of Pallas with Lumina. Thank goodness I have a few Lumina oil back-ups to turn into sprays! Not long after I put it on, my daughter jumped me and told me I smelled good. I think everyone feels that way around someone in Lumina!
  17. Um, not sure what you mean. I do have a tendency to buy "extra" of everything, though.
  18. I've done his many times, patiently waiting for an invoice to appear in my email, when there's been one in my PayPal all along.
  19. I'm excited for you to have more space! Personally, I hate moving but you seem to adjust quite well. I've been using the 'shop moving' as my excuse to not order my full spell set yet, but mainly it's because some sugared-up fat guy wearing a fluffy red suit beat me up, took all my money, and made me buy 100 lb of reindeer feed. He also spitefully took one bite of every cookie in my house and threw crumbs all over the floor. Both driveway and backyard were covered in little reindeer droppings. Asshole. Curb your fucking pets. Anyway, I just want to make sure there are still some full sets left, @Le Wizard / @Potion Master?
  20. Eastwood22

    Caramel Musk

    @Angelic and @Most Holy, I'm wearing TMI right now, which has the same caramel musk scent. It's so good! I can't stop sniffing myself. God only knows what I'll be confessing later this evening.
  21. I just knew we had this conversation about something.... glad I have the forum as a memory substitute!
  22. Right?! But I also hinted that I need a new snowboard and bindings (like for reals, mine prob has 150 days on it and it's from 1999) and a fancy face roller and god only knows what else he's bought me. BF is really clever with gifts. He also encourages my crazy, like I love headlamps, and he found me a beanie with the lights built in! He just got a new CC and I'm afraid of what's happening behind the scenes. I know he's already put several AirBnB ski in/ski out weekends at Kirkwood on it, and a tv for my daughter because of Disney+. Whatever he buys now means he's working more to pay it off later, so less time for me. And that's what matters most, him fawning over me with his attention. Plus, I cannot think of a FN thing to get for him and that's so embarrassing. He's a pretty basic guy in that there isn't much he wants. Shit.... I know what he wants.... he wants a housekeeper! Ugh. Thanks, @luna65, for inadvertently walking me through that. I don't want a housekeeper. I will get him a few month's worth.
  23. Omg @Eve! Makes me wish I had carpeted stairs. @Potion Master congrats on the move! You're a braver woman than I, I loathe moving! How wonderful to hear that it's a bigger space! Someday I really will visit.
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