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    Love Potion: White

    I re-discovered this recently and WOW! Before leaving the house I put on UN LFN. I had a bit of a drive and about 45 minutes later, applied White (applied after leaving home because I live in a fragrance-free house). That's when the selfies came! I did feel a little more confident with the LFN, but I felt soooo HAPPY after applying White. It was wonderful. I felt feminine and elegant. It's really beautiful and a must have IMO.
  2. Great question, Tinkerbelle. Looking forward to reading more stories! Thanks to everyone offering stories, too!!
  3. After having been friends for literally decades, a male friend and I found ourselves both being single at the same time. I've always enjoyed his company but never gave much thought to him in a romantic way. Recently, I found myself incredibly attracted, almost drunk feeling in my decision making with very little sense of inhibitions (though NO alcohol was involved). Fortunately, there was a part of my brain still functioning and intervened, but normally my guard would have gone up MUCH sooner. Looking back on it and being surprised by the crazy level of attraction, I started to wonder. Was there some unknown attraction to him that surfaced or was it possible I was phero-ed?