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  1. Reserve: 1 FB Crown Jewels 1 5ml Fairy Cake Berry Cancel: 1 5ml Fairy Cake Orange
  2. Oops, one more, one 5ml Sugared Daffodil, please!
  3. Ok, final edits! May I please reserve: 1 trial Still Life 1 trial Canaga Coco Cacao Threebies #705 <<TENTATIVE YES, I AM CHECKING TO MAKE SURE I DIDN'T LOSE COUNT Confirmed, you got it. Cancel: 2 trials of Delectable 1 FB Boo Berry Threebies #751 Thank you!!
  4. Thank you for the heads up! May I please reserve: 1 trial set Summer 2020 1 FB Pink Pearl 1 FB Tunnel of Love 1 FB Thatched Cottage 1 FB Altar of Venus
  5. 1 5ml Sugared Almonds 1 trial Fluffy 1 trial Gravenstein 1 trial Mangelwurzel 2 trials Delectable
  6. I know it's not part of the sale but I would also like to reserve Threebies #757 and #751
  7. 1 5ml Chakra Solar Plexus 1 5ml Chakra Root 1 5ml Fairy Cake Orchid 1 5ml Fairy Cake Orange 1 5ml Fairy Cake Plumeria 1 5ml Fairy Cake Raspberry 1 5ml Fairy Cake Magnolia 1 5ml Fairy Cake Gingerbread 1 5ml Sugared Patchouli 1 trial Columbia Rainforest Musk is listed under women's trials but I don't see it under men's trials? If it's available I'd like to reserve 1 trial please! THANK YOU FOR CATCHING THIS ERROR. THERE IS ONLY ONE VIRGIN BOTTLE LEFT AND NO TRIALS.
  8. May I please reserve: 1 bottle 10:31 virgin 1 bottle Baby Boo 1 bottle Boo Berry 1 trial Papal Purple 2 trial Protection Potion Thank you so much!! ❤️
  9. These look so beautiful!! Off to do some good reading and sale plotting... 😉🧐
  10. Wow, this is totally spot on, it gave me chills to read. I can count on one hand the number of people who know about my desire for a career shift, and the turmoil it's caused to waffle with making that decision. I've had to keep my true feelings about it under lock and key - people are gossips out here!! It's true, I once was a free spirit, but I feel so stuck now, COVID aside. Thank you for the perspective, I'm desperate to regain that sense of freedom. ♥️♥️♥️
  11. Thank you for allowing us to weigh in! I will bathe in anything with SS4W or Dom/Leather. Those are the pheros I reach for most for motivation and to feel like the best version of myself. We're on full lockdown and I'm gonna need all the help I can get to stay productive and positive. 😁 I'm already mightily battling the urge to eat Doritos all day in my Totoro onesie... How about something dark and violet-y (like Dolly's Dark Side) or orchid-y (like Soliloquy of Lady Macbeth)? I also second Carbon Black - I've never actually sniffed but strongly feel like I'd be alllll over that. And Tantalize too, for that matter! I love me some orchid. Also I loved Passionbee with H&S! And anything marshmallowey.
  12. These labels are beautiful! I already know I'm gonna need The Snake and The Key!
  13. I think that's where I am too, @tyvey Like literally one wand dot or I blast off into space 🚀Too bad because I really want to slather Frisky Business!
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