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  1. Honeyed LP has Gotcha ☺️ https://luvpotionperfume.com/listing/522693712/honeyed-love-potion-w-gotcha-limited
  2. anchoredinopulence

    Ivory Cats: Closer w/ Copulins

    I had Bad Girl on today and was reminded how much I adore honey and leather, and then remembered I had an old sniffie of this. Wow. I don't know quite what my skin is doing but this smells really dirty on me. But like, FILTHY. By far the filthiest LP I've tried so far - I think this is more along the lines of what I was expecting from OCCO SLF, which actually turned out really clean and classic-perfumey on my skin. It's something naughty the pear is getting up to with the honey and leather that makes this smell like I last bathed in September - straight up BO and vajay. At first I thought it was the fresh EOW getting me into trouble but if anything, it's gotten MORE pungent after drydown. Very interesting. Makes Bad Girl's honey/leather seem like marshmallow fluff clouds in comparison. I don't necessarily dislike it, but I will not be wearing this one in the vicinity of other humans.
  3. anchoredinopulence

    North Pole 2017

    Got a sniffie of this and I absolutely adore! Love at first whiff. I get a full blast of almond at first and when that starts to fade, the most deliciously bright gingered woods emerge, like a raging just-lit fire in the morning when the air is still very crisp and cool. It has an internal warmth that feels so very cozy but hints at the cold weather outside, it is just magical and so lovely. This is full bottle stuff for sure, "for my husband" of course, definitely "for my husband".
  4. anchoredinopulence

    EBIL-ish! 2018

    Fresh on the skin this starts out SO very deliciously - round and full and deep and sensual. After about a half hour the musk takes over a little too aggressively and the whole thing takes a soapy turn but I think letting it sit for a few weeks will solve that. I imagine this will age beautifully. For now I've layered with a small scribble of Moondust Cocoa - makes it all mega mellow and creamy, almost nutty. Love.
  5. anchoredinopulence

    Cataluna LPMP Has Sent You A Package

    Yes!! I finally did on Thursday afternoon. It was farcical all that occurred and I had to bare my teeth on more than one occasion to make it all happen, but I've been happily in a cloud of scent since so I consider it forgiven. I blame (mostly...) Mercury Rx. BTW did you get my 2 emails? No rush - I have just been noticing those are getting lost too... πŸ™„
  6. anchoredinopulence

    Mara's Rocket Fuel

    Omg, is Rocket Fuel gone??? I know there's no more SS4W but is the scent going to be coming back?? Please please please??? 😰😰😰
  7. anchoredinopulence

    Tails of Mystery

    Lord, I really really love this one. It makes me feel so slinky and sexy and powerful and mysterious. I'm so curious what it was like when it was first brewed because to my nose this feels like it's at its prime! Cohesive and full of depth. The vibe to me is elegance with an edge - rich and luxurious, smooth black velvet and a glass of champagne, stealing off to make out and drive around with the top down, showing back up an hour later full of secrets, full of [tales] of mystery, mwahahaha. I wouldn't be opposed to a man wearing this but to me it feels sexier on a woman with that bit of darkness. Maybe I'll try it on Husband if I'm feeling generous... I have a super fancy dinner Friday night and I think I know just what I'll wear! Paired with some Leather and good dose cops of course.
  8. anchoredinopulence

    Cataluna LPMP Has Sent You A Package

    I just had to come in here and vent. I have a big shipment that was slated to arrive yesterday Priority Mail, so you know I was bursting with excitement!!! 11:23 am the tracking info said out for delivery. I damn well planned to stay at home till it arrived so I could sign for it and spend my Saturday rolling around in heavenly bliss. Long story short, it never arrived. 1:23 am I get an alert in big angry red letters saying "Delivery Date Unknown" and "Awaiting Delivery Scan". I know I shouldn't panic but I'm panicked. Of course I can't get a hold of anyone on a Sunday, but Google tells me Priority Mail still gets delivered on Sundays, so I have every digit crossed and hoping it's not lost and arrives safely to me today. But I'm going crazy!!! Aaaaaah!!!!!!! Did the Mercury Retrograde gods filch my precious goods???? AAAAHHHHH!!!!! ETA: 8:30 pm and still nothing. I'm melting.....😫 ETA: It's now 6:30 pm Monday and still nothing - I'm on hold with USPS and hold time says greater than 1 hour. Lord please grant me patience... and pray that they find my package!!!
  9. anchoredinopulence

    Beta Androstenol review anyone?

    Yeah, the weepies are never fun, but at least testing out all these molecules is!! 😁It's so interesting how my perceptions and selfies and even hits have evolved over the time I've been experimenting. I've been using pheros off and on for over 15 years but it hasn't really been until the last several years that I've gotten more into the science bit... so enlightening and exciting!
  10. anchoredinopulence


    UUUMMMMMM!!! I've had a trial of Un Dom for a while but never really got around to road testing it since I'm such a big fan of Leather. This past weekend I gave it a go, mostly to temper some Cuddle Bunny because I was worried about the est and WOOOOOW. Not only did I get awesome selfies (felt really grounded, sexy, calm, and content), my man absolutely cannot get enough of me in this one, I would say even more so on it's own than with CB which surprised me - he was so reverent and awed and weepy with love, could not stop grabbing and rubbing and telling me how beautiful and sexy I am, how lucky and grateful he is to have me, and he spent the better part of the weekend fawning and cooking and taking care of me, all of which definitely kicked things up several notches at bedtime... ? He kept saying, "You're the boss, you're in charge, you're my queen, anything for you." Okkkk!!??? Needless to say a full bottle is going in my next order. I want to bathe in this. Drink it, even. Looking forward trying scented Dominance too. I could get used to this!!
  11. anchoredinopulence

    Beta Androstenol review anyone?

    Thanks, NuTrix! Just tried Gossamer Threads w/ Cuddle Bunny yesterday and happy to report everything went swimmingly! Bae looooved the scent and was buried in my neck all morning, and I felt happy and upbeat. After a couple hours I refreshed with an added a drop of Dom for funsies and WOW. Winning combo! Now I've got to give Lace a try... ?❀❀❀
  12. anchoredinopulence

    Beta Androstenol review anyone?

    You know, originally I thought it was the EST, but after further analysis I'm now realizing I think it's b-nol in a blend that gets me particularly weepy, angry, and emotional. I mean Leather and I are bestest buds but Perfect Match? LFN/LFM? Gotcha? Forget about it. Gushtown Express. Like instantly. The tiniest dab of LFN makes me catatonic and depressive in 3 minutes flat. Every time I put on Perfect Match I start a massive fight with boo - pretty contradictory to the intended results. Which sends me down a rabbit hole of, what have I been repressing that decides to leak out when b-nol is in the picture??? I consider myself a pretty open person but looks like this molecule has something else to say about it. Or I'm so open already the b-nol pushes me over the edge?? These are questions for my therapist of course, but it's good to hone in even more deeply on what molecules love me, and a relief on my wallet knowing I don't have to collect 'em all. ? So I will be saying goodbye to my TMI and BAM and LFN and Empathy Potion. And I had been frightened of the EST but perhaps it's time to try Cuddle Bunny after all...
  13. anchoredinopulence

    Sweet Pea Cupcake

    Thank you, Luna! Guess I'll just have to try both! ?
  14. anchoredinopulence

    Sweet Pea Cupcake

    WOW. I am so in love with this. I don't know what I envisioned, but it is so much more than the sum of its parts. It's absolutely delicious without being overly sweet or foody. Just perfectly light and fluffy and dare I say refreshing? So fitting for the summer storms and horrifying sauna of humidity - I want to smell lickable but don't want to wear anything that could be construed as sticky - this is just lovely. Can anyone enlighten me on how this compares with Fairy Cake Sweet Pea?
  15. anchoredinopulence

    New Releases for JUNE 2018 - Summer!

    I had the same thought!! Dukhan sounds incredible. I'm certain I will love it.