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  1. anchoredinopulence

    Beta Androstenol review anyone?

    Thanks, NuTrix! Just tried Gossamer Threads w/ Cuddle Bunny yesterday and happy to report everything went swimmingly! Bae looooved the scent and was buried in my neck all morning, and I felt happy and upbeat. After a couple hours I refreshed with an added a drop of Dom for funsies and WOW. Winning combo! Now I've got to give Lace a try... 🤗❤❤❤
  2. anchoredinopulence

    Beta Androstenol review anyone?

    You know, originally I thought it was the EST, but after further analysis I'm now realizing I think it's b-nol in a blend that gets me particularly weepy, angry, and emotional. I mean Leather and I are bestest buds but Perfect Match? LFN/LFM? Gotcha? Forget about it. Gushtown Express. Like instantly. The tiniest dab of LFN makes me catatonic and depressive in 3 minutes flat. Every time I put on Perfect Match I start a massive fight with boo - pretty contradictory to the intended results. Which sends me down a rabbit hole of, what have I been repressing that decides to leak out when b-nol is in the picture??? I consider myself a pretty open person but looks like this molecule has something else to say about it. Or I'm so open already the b-nol pushes me over the edge?? These are questions for my therapist of course, but it's good to hone in even more deeply on what molecules love me, and a relief on my wallet knowing I don't have to collect 'em all. 🤣 So I will be saying goodbye to my TMI and BAM and LFN and Empathy Potion. And I had been frightened of the EST but perhaps it's time to try Cuddle Bunny after all...
  3. anchoredinopulence

    Sweet Pea Cupcake

    Thank you, Luna! Guess I'll just have to try both! ?
  4. anchoredinopulence

    Sweet Pea Cupcake

    WOW. I am so in love with this. I don't know what I envisioned, but it is so much more than the sum of its parts. It's absolutely delicious without being overly sweet or foody. Just perfectly light and fluffy and dare I say refreshing? So fitting for the summer storms and horrifying sauna of humidity - I want to smell lickable but don't want to wear anything that could be construed as sticky - this is just lovely. Can anyone enlighten me on how this compares with Fairy Cake Sweet Pea?
  5. anchoredinopulence

    New Releases for JUNE 2018 - Summer!

    I had the same thought!! Dukhan sounds incredible. I'm certain I will love it.
  6. anchoredinopulence

    New Releases for JUNE 2018 - Summer!

    Yay yay yay!!! I'm so excited!!
  7. anchoredinopulence

    Egg 2014

    Indeed - the full spectrum of feeling. The pleasure, the pain!!!! Fine lines all around!
  8. anchoredinopulence

    Egg 2014

    OMG EGG. EGG!!! Now that I know your pleasures, how can I bear the thought of living without you???
  9. anchoredinopulence

    Indiscretion w/ TMI & Cops

    Really digging this. I know there's no spice in here but I'm getting spice - something like clove and orange peel? Dunno what's causing that (maybe the way the smoke is playing with the pumpkin), and normally accords like that make me nauseous, but this just feels very yummy and comforting. It's rainy and grey and a bit chilly here today - this is the perfect shroud while I burn some incense and cozy up by the window. I get a lot of walnut and creamy smoke at first which I absolutely ADORE - kind of wish it would stay there, but the dry down is also pretty darn delightful. It gets louder and throws more the longer I have it on. I smell the cops a LOT in this, but I kinda like that little bit of funk. Wish I had snagged a FB - I can anticipate really craving this in the fall.
  10. anchoredinopulence

    Compromising Positions

    I feel like I'm constantly up in this thread but seriously, I cannot extol the virtues of this enough. It is flat out insane and dangerous how effective this is both with my man and with the selfies it gives me, not to mention how utterly and entirely delectable the scent is. Anytime I wear this I'm a maniac with my arm glued to my face, and once I get a whiff, well... mama gotta find some playtime stat. And yes, the O's are better. I don't get nearly the same effect with UN Sexpionage either - it's all about the blend. I'm almost all the way through a full bottle, and that's saying a whole hell of a lot considering I own over 1,000 fragrances, I only wear it at home (because Sexpionage), and I've had the bottle less than 2 months. I have never gone through a scent faster than this! I simply cannot get enough! Properly addicted.
  11. anchoredinopulence

    Laloo w/ Popularity Potion

    Do you guys remember Petite Nate? When I was a kid I had the sparkly skin "lotion" that was more just like a thin gel, and it was my prized possession (I wasted no time starting my scent obsession youuuuunng, I had the Tinkerbelle perfume too, and filched my mother's tiny collectible Yves Rocher bottles on the regular). On my skin this smells exactly like Petite Nate. I'm frankly amazed I even remembered the name of it, but one sniff of this shuttled me right off to the corner of my brain that stores my toddling-around memories, feeling so sophisticated and chic slathering the "lotion" on after a summertime bath, lounging in the backyard with my parents eating Flintstones Push-Ups, picking mulberries, trying to convince my grandma to swim with me in the pool, catching fireflies in a jar. The smell and feeling of this makes me so so so so so nostalgic and happy. I don't even know if I'll be able to wear this on the regular simply because it's so evocative, I'd just spend the whole day smelling myself and staring off into space in a daze of time travel. But for the coming hot lazy evenings of summer, those nights when I just want wine, the sunset, and a long fluffy mind trip, this is going to be the perfect treat. Thank you, Mara, for taking me back to some of the happiest memories of my life.
  12. anchoredinopulence

    Love Potion: Black

    This. Is. Awesome. I'll have to come back and do a proper review later on, but I just put this on along with OCCO Black for the evening and have enveloped myself in a cloud of divine lusciousness and HAD TO TELL SOMEONE!! I'm in love with myself. Seriously LPMP should be a required resource for any self-love program. I want to seduce myself.
  13. anchoredinopulence


    Thanks, girl! This one is dangerous and distracting - I have so many beauties to sniff through from the sampler but it's been sweater weather here for the last few days and all I want to wear is this layered with OCCO Black and slink around in dark corners looking for a makeout. I'm a monster and I can't be stopped...
  14. anchoredinopulence

    La Femme Noire

    Thanks Halo, I will definitely give this another - measured - go under better circumstances! From all these great reviews, I'm not giving up that easy...
  15. anchoredinopulence

    La Femme Noire

    My period was a surprising few days early this month and not knowing that, I made the mistake last weekend of wearing this a few days before. Wow, was that a big mistake. By now I know Est and I don't get along but I was enjoying the after effects of a Sexpionage night and feeling cocky had a Pherotine vial I hadn't tested yet and thought, what the hell, maybe the other elements will balance it all out, -none and I get along pretty great. Being an UN, it's entirely possible I OD'd on the dosage too, not to mention the raging hormones that create a stampede of havoc in my body when I'm PMSing, but needless to say it was not a restful Sunday. I was zonked out all during brunch with the in-laws, and then my man wanted to take a jaunt around town for Earth day, and that mix of sun and champagne and PMS and LFN somehow turned into a weeping existential meltdown. Whoopsie. Now that I think of it, the one time I wore LFM in Sensual Harmony, I felt wonky too. I got great hits that day, but I felt off and cranky and sad. Maybe I'm using too much. Or maybe I just oughta lay off these two and stick to my dom blends?