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  1. SugarKitten

    Hi, everyone!

    I may have to rework my experiment. I Def don't have enough sensual harmony for a full week. Not if I'm applying my usual amount, anyway. One of my orders is on its way, though, so I'll have enough liebchen for a long time. I have a new addiction (LPMP) and I'm not going to do anything about it. Anyway, I wore something off schedule, today bc I wanted to road test it (I talked about it in the POTD thread, today). 10/10 will wear again. Back to the experiment, though. Liebchen has been consistently wonderful on me. That's why I've gone and bought more (twice in one week). Stormy Weather is entirely pleasant, but also too strong for me. Girl nip was hit or miss this week. I'm almost sure about what happened. At first, it was the vanilla, chocolaty amber goodness that I knew in the beginning. Then it was like a bag of peanuts and a hint of chocolate. I panicked a little. Then, I wore it again last night and all was as it should have been. I think when I got "peanuts" out of the wood and chocolate notes, it's because I crushed the scent, rubbing my wrists together too hard and fast. I was more gentle last night, so it smelled like it had, to begin with, all over again. Lesson learned. Tune in next week to see if I stick with my experiment longer than I did this time or if I change stuff around, again.
  2. I tried to do an experiment where I wore this for a week straight (different times of day, in alternation with a couple other scents, kind of a "getting to know you" of my scents, both well-loved and rarely-used). I do love the scent, it's very aquatic on me, it's also pretty masculine for the first hour and a half or so, then it mellows to a nice, mellow aquatic. Unfortunately, I get a headache wearing more than one "drop" at a time. It sucks, but maybe I'll use it in my oil warmer or something, since I love how it smells. I haven't noticed any "truth-serum" effect, but I started only wearing 3 "drops" and wiping the wand around my neck/chest, so I wouldn't expect that (not alone, anyway. I did wear it once with Island Rain and got a gross-out overshare that I've mentioned in another thread) from so little. IIRC, that time, it was 2 "drops" SW with 1 "IR", both wands swiped wherever.
  3. SugarKitten

    Hi, everyone!

    Week 1 day 4: Last night, I slept like a baby with Liebchen (though, I also tested my little roller of BCP/LAM/A out of curiosity. Can't smell the Aja even though I added what must've amounted to four or five drops more of it. Perhaps I couldn't smell it because I added so little? Who knows (one of the more senior members who's been dabbling in mones for longer than I have would probably know, but anyway). I had a weird dream, I'd post it in the "did you have any weird dreams" thread if I could remember more about it. There was an innovatively designed guitar that some guy called a "thines", but dream me heard "thighs" and I told him that he could play with whatever of his body parts that tickled him when he found another room because he'd barged into my apartment and I just wanted to shower in peace, but I stood around and listened to his weird guitar, played with it for a while and he played something that was supposed to be a tiny keyboard, I really wish I could show you guys how that looked, because both those instruments looked freaky, but it was pretty cool. Then I woke up. Anyway, I'm in Girl Nip, now and wile it was nutty on me at first, today, it's gone back to vanilla and amber with a hint of chocolate and sandalwood. I'm so confused about how it's been behaving the past couple days, but now that it smells okay, again, I'm happy. I asked a friend what they thought it smelled like and they said it smelled "like really fancy incense". *shrug emoji*, idk, but they weren't mad at it. My wishlist is ever-evolving. I definitely want to add a bottle of Super Sexy before it's gone (I'm thinking I may have time, I really hate to keep putting off my OCCO LE's and PCMP. I'm thinking this time around, I'll get one of the OCCO LE's (probably cherry tobbac or midnight lavender, a PCMP roll on and maybe if I have enough credits, I'll use one of my freebie thingies? Idk). Then, next time, I'll get Super Sexy and a trial of something else I want, then the time after that, I'll get a LAM (I'm leaning towards honey, this time, because I love all things honey, when I order it again, I"ll try the pink amber one). Then, I'll get another PCMP roller and an OCCO LE (whichever I didn't get of the cherry or lavender selection last time), then I'll get BAM and a trial of something else I've been eyeing for a while, and basically continue that cycle until I've gone through my whole wishlist and (inevitably) built up another (probably much longer) one. Just another question for anyone who may be reading this, I've noticed some people always have a specific color when they post, is there a way to set my preferred color (this one) as automatic, because I can't do that when I'm on the phone, or is it that I choose it only when I'm on my laptop and should remember to change it when I get back on the lappy? Night: I don't need a full 7 days for Stormy Weather. I love it, but GD is it strong for the first hour or two. I'll need to switch it up and wear one of my "pre LPMP" rollers so I can get that junk out and make room for ...whatever else I'm gonna put in there. I read somewhere that someone got SS4W and combined it with something else, they seemed to like that a lot. I want to maybe put one of my Un's in something I won't mind committing to just that Un, since I have a few pherotine bottles. Maybe something with Lace or LFM. I also have Popularity, which could be fun. Maybe I could do Lace and Pop with something that's virgin. Idk, I have time to experiment.
  4. SugarKitten

    Hi, everyone!

    Week 1 Day 3: Morning: I woke up late since I didn't feel so hot. I've only been in SW for a couple hours. I used one drop, no wand swipe. This seems to be enough, otherwise, I get a head ache. Sucks, 'cuz I really like the scent, but I guess it's too strong for me to wear much (any) more than that. Afternoon: Time for Girl Nip. IDK why it smells nutty on me right now. I can pick out both chocolate and amber notes, along with Tobacco, but my brain says "you're wearing peanuts". Thankfully, my body doesn't also say that, or I'd be heading for the hospital right now. I do have something that I think could accentuate more of either the chocolate or the amber, though. It's not an LPMP scent, but one I bought from a company I tried before buying from here. I haven't even thought of them since, really, knowing how 'none makes other women react to me and how it's a main mone in their scents ... Anyway, I'm gonna go sniff through those quickly and see if I can find something to sweeten this up a bit. Yikes!: There's a reason I put these down, aside from the none... The nuttiness has been cut down, but I ended up smelling like chocolatey orange juice, now there's only a hint of that with heavy musk. I'm pretty sure I was smelling sandalwood and, despite having smelled (and liked) it before in other things, my brain said "no, that's nuts!" for some reason. Glad to have figured that out. I expect I'll be emptying some tiny roller bottles very soon. I decided to do an experiment since I had a roller body oil that I didn't like the scent of, anymore and another scent that, while not great on it's own, added nicely to the roller. The second scent came in a tiny bottle (.03 fl oz), so I thought it was the perfect size for something else (namely, the samples LP sends, there's one in particular that I really like (and for some reason thought I had two of, so I ended up mixing them (BCP/LAM/A and Cotton Candy Peach/Phero*. I also put in just a touch of Aja to top it off - this is all in the small roller, the big one has my other two.) I won't know how good it smells until later, though. In doing all of this, I'm now wearing more than I'm supposed to and only one of them is the mone for this experiment (I've got wand swipe amounts of BCP/LAM/A, CCP/P* and because I wanted to know if I was allergic to the original scent from that bottle, I put some on my hand. I can say with 95% certainty that I'm not. I may test it tonight, just for kicks and giggles, since I'm really curious about how these all smell put together (I shook them up once the roller was put back on, but didn't want to pherobomb myself, so I didn't test it, then). I think it'll smell really nice, since I like all of these scents individually. I guess it's a little early to break an experiment, but I can hop right back on the train tomorrow. Gotta go do some work, now. *I found the Cotton Candy Peach thread. Turns out, I had two samples of BCP/LAM/A, so nvm, lol. Lucky me, though! Although, perhaps I didn't need to add the Aja, since I already knew it was in the BCP? A few drops more won't ruin it, right?
  5. SugarKitten

    Hello. New to pheros and need advice.

  6. This is the only thing I wore during a recent family reunion (It was a few days long and I brought more for just in case). For the most part, everyone was very calm, loving and got along really well. It was particularly helpful when, during the trip, I needed patience from them because of some anxiety I had. They were very patient and helpful, which I deeply appreciated.
  7. My lucky Day ­čśť @Vicki Lee you the real mvp finding these! (I saw that you found another one that was just about sold out, too.) The other one wasn't on my list, but I had to cop this one! My whole week has been made.
  8. SugarKitten

    Hi, everyone!

    I'll format later when I'm not on my phone. Week 1 day 2 findings /observations : Morning I've noted in the general discussion thread that girl nip smells different today than it did yesterday. I have reapplied since this morning because it grew faint. My application method was the same, three tip-overs onto my wrist, wipe the wand around and in my cleavage, this time, I put a line of it onto each side of my neck and some on the back of my hands / forearms. What I've noticed: Most women have received me well. Arlene was back to her usual "strictly professional" self (she was much friendlier than ever, even in greeting me last week with Themyscira, which I'll have to say was definitely a hit, as her behavior when I wore that was extremely out of character). Her assistant practically rolled her eyes at me when I tried to greet her. And I was just about to compliment her hair. Oh well. I don't know her assistant from Adam, though. She might always be like that. Though, the Perfect Match could be making them react unpleasantly (I don't think that's the case, though. I really think, at least in the case of Arlene, that's just her/their normal behavior). They're the only two to behave like that towards me, so far. Well, there was one man who looked at me like, "Yikes! I hope she doesn't say anything to me ". But a lot of people don't like being spoken to before they've had coffee. No excuse to be rude, but I understand. Oan, everyone seems to remember me, so I can confidently say that I was wearing too much lace, and it really doesn't take much for me to ghost (although, ghosting for a whole two weeks after the fact is a bit much, imo ­čśí). I won't let it happen again, lol. It'll be time for my afternoon scent soon enough. As for selfies, I've been in a pretty good mood, today. Walking around, all smiles and junk. Afternoon: Not much, I was alone aside from a couple interactions with people I see regularly. Codsworth was flirtier than usual, in retrospect. ­čîâ Night: I'm about to wash these two off and wear Stormy Weather for tonight, though. Perhaps I'll use one drop on my wrists and only swipe the wand on my chest. If I feel the need for more, I'll increase by one drop sometime before bed.
  9. SugarKitten

    Hi, everyone!

    Week´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ 1: Liebchen (TH), Stormy Weather (TC) and Girl ´╗┐Nip (PM) Day: Morning Noon Night Mon Liebche´╗┐n Stormy Weather Girl Nip Tues Girl Nip Liebchen´╗┐ Stormy Weather Wed Stormy Weather G´╗┐irl Nip´╗┐ Liebchen Thur Girl Nip Liebchen´╗┐ Stormy Weather P&L Fri Liebchen Stormy Weather P&L Girl Nip´╗┐´╗┐ Sat Stormy weather P&L Liebchen´╗┐ G´╗┐irl NIp´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ Sun Girl nip Stormy´╗┐weather P&L Liebc´╗┐hen´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ Week 1 day 1: Morning It's two in the morning and I can't sleep, so I'll end up applying my morning scent twice, probably. I work out when I'm officially up for the day (since I like to do this first thing), so I'll put some on now, try to sleep, again (perhaps after actually finishing What Dreams May Come -I miss Robin Williams so much!), then wake up, work out, shower, reapply, make breakfast and do some work. Then, around noon, I'll wear stormy weather and probably around five, girl nip. If I do another scent later than that, it'll be something to get rid of what's in an old roll on perfume from somewhere else so my next order can be whatever I need to make a diy LPMP scent from my trial vials into one. Anyway, it's day one, so I'm already thinking too far ahead. I'll be using my "first aid kit" to make sure I don't forget my scents each day. My application method is: "can't sleep, starting early": tip Liebchen onto my wrist three times, rub in, wipe wand on neck, close vial, wipe into crook of elbow. That's been my method since about the second week of wearing LPMP. I adjust as needed and depending on the scent used. We'll see what I do with SW. Afternoon: I'm in Stormy Weather, now (have been for about half an hour) and I may have realized something: I don't need three dabs on my wrist (also, I touched the wand to my upper lip, having seen that people get selfies when they do that - huge mistake this time!), and to wipe the wand all over my cleavage - it's far too much. I have a headache, now and, while I really enjoy the scent, it's definitely more masculine on me (and very strong! I've been applying it this way since day one, minus the "selfie swipe" on my lip, we'll see how I feel about Island Rain next week). Not sure why and it could just be my imagination, but I think it smells kind of manly. Tomorrow night, I'll try just two dabs, no "selfie swipe" and see how I feel, then. The Liebchen wore nicely and for a long time, though. I put it on at 2 am and still smelled it at 8.
  10. I think this was a response to someone else (I haven't read the whole thread, sorry), but I think this is a good breakdown. I only have a sample of Pallas, right now and I don't have DBF, but knowing this, if either are still around as trials, I'd definitely get both.
  11. yeah, right now, I have a ton of trial vials and little samples, probably not enough to do anything with just yet, tbh. I might have been getting ahead of myself, but I figure it's better to learn now, anyway. I'll def read that thread, now! Okay, good to know about the perfumer's alcohol, I'll save that for the new atomizer I just bought, because I'll probably buy two of something and make my own spray (I was thinking two rollers of PCMP since I like it so much, that way I can have a roller and a spray, which, if I'm not mistaken is sold out as a spray in the store). Thanks so much, @Eastwood22
  12. When I wore it, I did a couple wipes on my wrist, swiped some down my chest and let it dry a little before putting on my shirt for the night. I was just using the wand from my TV.
  13. SugarKitten

    Stalk Talk!

    I can't wait to see them!
  14. I'm sorry if this has been posted somewhere on the forum, before, and I know @Eastwood22 has helped me with a similar question, before (because I wanted to make a spray, can't remember which thread I asked in, though), but now I have a roller of perfume oil that's getting a little empty and I want to put one of my LPMP scents in it as a diy oil roller scent, when that finally does happen (idk the proper term for this). I don't know which I'll be using, yet, but when I figure that out, since I want it to be an oil, I'm not sure I'd need any perfumer's alcohol for this? But, I'm also not sure what else I'd need to make sure I don't waste/ruin a scent. Any help would be appreciated. Again, I'm sorry if this has been asked/posted around here, somewhere. I tried several different search terms and couldn't find a thread about this.
  15. Yikes, @quietguy I know this thread is old and I've already mentioned this, I think in the BCP/LA thread, but this was when I didn't really know what LAM and AJA did, that night, my waiter was all over me when I wore this one, once. I've ghosted wearing Lace (to the point where a couple weeks later, people who know me and my schedule were still acting as though they'd never seen me before. definitely OOC for them to react that way). I can't remember what it was that I wore when a couple sketchy guys went out of their way to get near me on the train after having passed through my cloud (if I could remember, I wouldn't wear that one in such a setting, again :/). I'll find it, somewhere and edit. ETA: It was in my welcome thread. I wore LFM/POP that day, but more drops than I meant to (I have pherotine droppers of these), because I was clumsy that day. I don't think I've worn them together, since. I've also learned not to wear popularity when I want a quiet day at work, because everyone and their mom will need me that day (it's really a no-brainer, but I didn't realize just how popular I'd end up (for the day, at least), wearing that). Otherwise, I'm pretty much in solitary at work.