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  1. Ah, that makes sense. Thank you! I had no idea, but I will definitely keep that in mind whenever I wear them.
  2. huh, I didn't know that about the configurations. I guess to me, they mostly smell like how @Potion Master describes them (I've just gone to find out with my LFM and Popularity). I may smell Lace later to see what I think that smells like (those are the only UN's I've bought so far). I hope this isn't too OT, but I still have yet to notice a "cops" scent in my OCCOS or anything else that has them, of course, I let them dry down when I put them on, but is there a thread on here for that (or maybe my nose is just broken, heh).
  3. Back with an update after wearing this one out. I've worn it to my desk job once, I think, just because I loved the scent, but I went out with a group a couple weekends ago and got complimented on my outfit, which was nice. I was very mellow, all night, even though a few disputes arose. The member of our group who usually won't see things any other way than their own was surprisingly accepting of my points, normally they go on a tangent about how I'm wrong and they'll go on for hours, repeating themselves ad-noseum. People are generally more receptive to me when I wear this, which is nice. This may become one of my main 'mones for the work days. @Vicki Lee, that's so great how PCMP worked out for you! I know the feeling you described earlier in your post and it sucks so much when that happens. Can't wait to see your future tests with this one!
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    AJ from Canada

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    hehe, I just became Mrs. Kravitz!
  6. Right now, I think Lace, Popularity and Cops/Aja have been working the best for me in terms of favors getting done or people wanting to help me, but I need to do more field testing, I think. Maybe I'll test different ones each week, or something (I've already been using Lace for a while, so maybe I'll switch to Cuddle Bunny or the OCCO's for a week and just alternate to see which ones work best. There are a few in the list I haven't bought, yet, though). I'll keep coming back to update with more findings.
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    I don't think I've experienced the Marilyn-esque aspect of this I've seen mentioned in the thread (probably because it's my natural disposition, to some degree). I may have seen this mentioned once or twice, but having it affect others in a way that makes them forgetful (but extra happy?). It's happened a few times while I'm wearing this one, people will forget things they should know around me when I wear Lace. I'm not sure if it's just coincidental or that it's a side-effect of how Lace can affect them, since most are saying how it makes them "ditzy" and forget things they know, momentarily. It happens whether I wear lace alone or with other scents (like, today, after seeing me for months working the same schedule, people suddenly forgot (they seemed pleasantly surprised to see me, though) and asked me why someone I don't know wasn't working atm). Aside from that, I'm generally happier when I wear it, much more carefree and bouncier when I walk. When I'm out shopping, I've been given extras, discounts and free drinks while I'm wearing Lace (especially when I wore it with Liebchen). Sales associates compliment me and we talk, where, previously, some had even ignored me. I'm also a little more talkative (barely. Irl, I don't really speak unless it's absolutely necessary bc I prefer to just observe, hate repeating myself, and have always been a very quiet person). I'm not starting conversations with anyone, but I'll be pleased to continue or participate when wearing Lace. As for the chivalry from men, I think some of them reacted well to Lace (most, actually), I've only ever had one guy turn hostile while I was wearing it (I think that had more to do with him feeling rejected), I know it's been mentioned that it's a social-sexy 'mone, is it possible that some men pick up more on the sexy of it? I think that's been happening with one guy I know. It could be unrelated, though.
  8. I smell a lot of amber and musk in this one, took awhile for it to become floral on me, I do like the recommendations of mixing with other lavender scents, but I don't have any from LPMP, I don't think it'd smell bad with my fairy cake: violet. It is definitely deep, dark lavender, it's growing on me the more I sniff my wrists. I'll definitely be back later with more, I'd love to do some field testing with this one.
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    New lovely lady to the mones community :)

    lol, no problem. Glad you found them!
  10. SugarKitten

    New lovely lady to the mones community :)

    No problem! I felt the same way when I started here, too, lol. Spicy Brown Sugar Buttercream Peach w/Lam + Aja Deliciae PCMP/SWS (Phero Charged Money Potion) lmk if you need anything else!
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    New lovely lady to the mones community :)

    Hey, I'm currently looking for threads to link right now, and what's helped me was searching by topic, then having it match all of my terms and using one or two of the main words I'm looking for in the perfume's name. Usually, they end up as one of the yup 10 results when I do it like that. I'll come back and link any more of the ones you have that I've found if you still need the review threads. *Oh, and having it search title only instead of title and body.
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    Hi, everyone!

    I've been wearing bad girl all week (at the time I started this post before the sale lol). It has garnered me some hits. I'll have to grab the notes from my laptop. Right now, I'm going to try my occo trials from the sale this weekend, but before that, I'm going to keep wearing lace with various other scents. Maybe not all phero'd, I've had a couple ditz moments wearing it, but so have people around me. I really have to get the notes off my laptop (I'm using my phone, usually on the forum, but I like to keep my log of hits and various notes in a file on my lappy. I have some from this and last weekend, along with others on which to elaborate). I'm too excited about these occos! And then my last order from the sale. That's got some great ones in it that I'm stoked to try. I should get the focus potion, though, it might help me get through my to do list instead of distracting myself with things that seem more fun. Though, that's probably more of a self discipline issue than anything (I have the sd to get up and work out 3x a week upon waking, so that's a start (but it's much more results driven than I'd care to publicly admit)... Anyway, I need to get through my chores, now and find links to the review threads of everything else I've bought since my last update. Then, I'll review the ones I'm behind on.
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    I can buy two trials of Ashes if I can still also buy HLP. I already have you down for one. Did you want 2 in addition to that or 2 total?
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    I don't want a freebie of Honeyed LP. I've been meaning to buy a trial of it but keep forgetting. But I'd like a bottle of Themyscira.
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    Themyscira w/ Girl Girl and a trial of Honeyed Love Potion w/Gotcha will complete my order, thank you.