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  1. I like to wear it alone or maybe with liebchen, but not to cover it. I also slather the stuff bc I enjoy it so much.
  2. Have you tried balm bomb? I haven't delved into the diffusables, yet, but maybe there's something with that in it. I think that's the only one I really know that's supposed to calm /mellow someone or oneself. Idk, hth.
  3. SugarKitten

    Hi, everyone!

    Yeah, Aja is wonderful to sleep in and it does wash out fine, I forgot to try the Sandalwood OCCO again to see if I like it, lol. It's definitely had a bit of time to mellow, if it's gonna, lol. I actually want to buy another Aja even though I still have a ton, hehe.
  4. SugarKitten

    Hi, everyone!

    I've clearly abandoned the project... Oh well. It was fun. Anyway, last time I wore PCMP, coach Sylvester completely ignored me! not even a hello! Thankfully. The holidays are a bad time for me, family-wise, so I despise being asked what my plans are (though I don't like being asked about my non -work life, anyway, especially if I'm not close to the person asking (coach Sylvester and I don't even work in the same department, for 💩 out loud). Unfortunately, this means my default response is extreme bitch face and an evasive answer. I don't sound convincing when I "politely" ask about theirs in return bc I genuinely dgaf (if I don't know someone, why would I want /need to know what they're doing on the weekend /holiday???). I don't feel a need to work on it because I find the practice intrusive. I can feel that her minions (especially the one who was there for that exchange) dislike me now, more than before, but I only see them in passing, so, again, Idgaf. Though, they could also have been reacting to how much PCMP I was wearing (I did bathe in the stuff). But I don't know, for sure, as others were pleased as punch to be around me (men, specifically, but georgette tried to get my attention while I was engrossed in a book (though, she typically just wants to vent (I'm not getting paid to be a therapist or listen to her, therefore, not interested), gossip (I genuinely dgaf after hours she's treated me the past couple of years, self absorbed...), use me for something, or try to feel superior because I don't partake in drugs... This is when she's not acting like I'm gonna steal her man...🙄) or talk about her body issues, then try to tell a former fitness professional (that would be me) that I basically don't know 💩), I don't ask about these things bc we're clearly not friends and I genuinely dgaf. I probably sound heartless to anyone reading this, but I'm just sick of people's bs. I've lost the patience to deal with it and at work, I'm actually encouraged to ignore anyone trying to take my attention away from my job /distract /get me involved in their drama/have me do things that aren't related to my job. I'm not completely evil... I think? Either way, I'm not sure if it was entirely the PCMP or that someone (coach Sylvester) is finally taking the hint. Though, I think she might actually be scared of me? There was a boy in school once, who, for no reason, was terrified of me. I thought we were friends until I found out that he was scared of me, so anything I asked him to do, he would treat as an order? I was hella polite to that fool, too... Oh well. Not that I'm rude to people,usually. I'm just saying there was no reason to be scared of me. The only reason I doubted that it might have been PCMP with these women is that it should have long since worn off by then (I put it on at 6 am and didn't interact with them until the afternoon). I want to try putting it on later in the day at some point. But I did find my Themyscira, so maybe try that next time. Idk. It smells do good!
  5. SugarKitten


    I wore this today with just a cotton candy scent to cover it. Went to Starbucks 1st thing bc oc. Walked in, one cashier is price checking, sees and proceeds to ignore me, but I'm not awake enough to care. I walk in a little further, a few of the cashiers standing around are legit mean mugging me. The guy barista is the first one to acknowledge me. He greets me like I'm an old friend he hasn't seen in a while. Then the others (all female) relax and start to act friendly. Again, too tired to really care, I sit down and drink my coffee, come back with a lollipop they're selling and the first woman who ignored me suddenly perks up, all excited and asks about my plans with it (eat or gift to someone else. I'm def gonna eat that, later). I was definitely greeted by more men today, than usual, some even had conversations with me as they passed the desk, where they usually ignore me, so I'm taking these as hits. ftr, I wore a long stripe smooshed on both wrists, lollipop up to cleavage, and a swipe on each side of my waist.
  6. SugarKitten


    After reading the reviews, it sounds like it does!
  7. SugarKitten


    Ah. I want more connection than party. But I'll probably end up getting tmi later.
  8. SugarKitten


    I sent an invoice request, I can't find True Confessions on one site (etsy isn't showing me all of the pheromones and supplies, it says there are 41 but it's showing me 7) and the other won't let me buy with paypal. If True confessions isn't available, should I get TMI instead?
  9. SugarKitten


    That's so awesome, thank you, PM! and Happy Thanksgiving!
  10. SugarKitten

    Hi, everyone!

    I deviated a little bit, today (when don't I, tbh? Like, can I stick to anything? Not really). I bathed in Blatant, threw a little BCP on for good measure, (Luxurious/Bi was large lollipop, several wipes on chest/cleavage, a few wrist swipes, BCP was a small circle on belly button, little stripe under belly button, some on hands, elbow crooks), Liebchen behind my ears, Stormy Weather on my ankles and the back of my knee (it's probably a wonder I didn't ghost? I was in a lot, today), then LP's Rend and Pink in my hair (I smelled divine). A couple sprays F&L on my hoodie and scarf, then I went out. Dorothy, who I've mentioned in another thread somewhat recently (didn't have a name, yet), was actually genuinely nice! Like, it was so weird even with my cleavage showing some and I was there a little longer than I meant to be because Dorothy took her time and wasn't trying to rush me out. Strangely, she was the one to keep conversation going (well, I don't talk a lot, especially if I know someone doesn't like me, lol, but I've always been pretty quiet/shy irl). If that's not a hit, idk what is because, as I mentioned in the other thread she hated my guts before I wore mones around her. Downside: I got followed, twice. Once, by a very old guy I accidentally made eye contact with when I was going up the escalator and he was going down (I saw him in my peripherals following me when I looked to the left for something) and then some creeper at a store (I thought he was following me because he thought I was stealing, but he was just another customer (he whipped out a walkie, but he came in after I stared at the new christmas display). He tried to flirt with me, but 1) I wasn't in the mood because of the previous reason, 2) his game was weak on ice and 3) he was, yet again, not my mf type. Not sure I even bothered to hide my irritation. But, again, after getting followed up an escalator and then for some distance (I sped up because I got freaked out, lol, pretty sure he gave up because I walked too fast). I guess that was a very blatant invitation I sent out, and quickly forgot about, lol. fml I'm not funny I'm sorry.
  11. lol yeah, it was super weird ?
  12. When I wore this today, there was this woman who has made her disdain for me known (her partner has, as well ?), who, after I got done at my local Timmy Ho's, decided that she had to sit very close to me and stare at me. It got creepy, so I went and talked to a coworker before sitting down somewhere else, only to have her move so she could see me better. The bartender was making jokes today, and I did get some intense stares while I ate breakfast, normally I just don't exist to most people there, so that was kind of weird. Oh and this girl I want nothing to do with has been trying to get friendly with me today...??? I know it's the BI in this. And maybe the Aja I put on a few hours later (like two hours ago).
  13. SugarKitten

    Hi, everyone!

    Last week, Codsworth tried to come around for his usual creep session, but I had enough of him, so I ignored the guy while I read (good book, too, I didn't want to put it down, anyway). I hate when people decide to be creepy, especially if they had been useful at one point and decided to just be creepy and useless later on, which is what's going on with Codsworth ... I can't escape the guy completely, because of work, but ... I won't entertain him if I can help it. I know the Cherry Tobbac is what had him trying to linger around more than usual. Week 7: Pallas (Lumina), Aja, Luxurious (bi), can't top up on Tuesday, so I'll wear Sareena/Lace. Morning Noon Night Mon Pallas Aja Luxurious Tue Aja Sareena/Lace. Pallas Wed Luxurious Pallas Aja Thur Pallas Aja Luxurious Fri Aja Luxurious Pallas Sat Pallas Aja Luxurious Sun Luxurious Pallas Aja I've been hoping I'd get to dig out my Aja soon! I love it in BCP with LAM but I also like it alone. So, Tuesday, I'll wear it. I have to do something on Wednesday, so I'll wear Luxurious with BI then (and I'll probably wear one of my TH scents with it on my hoodie. I hope that's not too incongruent? It seemed to work well with my BCP/LAM/Aja, though I misreported, I also had a couple drops of LIebchen (behind the ears and crooks of elbows, the BCP was lollipopped 3x, smooshed, rolled 2x onto my arm and smooshed again, then a swipe on each side of my chest. I bathed in it and have no regrets. The F&L was sprayed 2x on my hoodie and scarf). Anyway, I'm excited for this week.
  14. SugarKitten

    OCCO: Cherry Tobac

    I wore a lot more of this for my OCCO week and I think it smells like cherry kool-aid (which is my favorite one, so this is a good thing to me). I love to slather it.