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  1. I'm hoping to learn the same, really. I think when I get the dropper, I'll start with a drop, then work up to two, if necessary.
  2. Lol, I expect I'll feel the same way. I'll be out this weekend looking for a small flatfish case to keep them in for when I'd like a change-up. I've seen others mention keeping them in cigarette cases (can't remember if it was here or another forum), I might look for one of those emergency makeup/nail kit cases, soft fusion, flat, still unlikely to result in damage, small enough to fit into one of my million bags, hehe.
  3. I plan on keeping them as is for now, since I like the idea of wearing whichever 'mone I want with whatever perfume tickles my fancy at the time, and I sometimes layer my regular perfumes to match my mood (or intent, depends). Hopefully I'll be able to grab one of each before they're gone. I just know that I may want to wear Poison with BI or CB one day, then the next, I'll want to try popularity with one of my regular vanilla or candy scents. If I throw my 'mones into passion, but decide I wanted a dif phero that day, but the same perfume, it'll be too late or, because I'm a noob, I'll have ruined my 'mones just to experiment. Maybe when I've been doing it longer, I'll experiment. Idk.
  4. Changed my mind on the girl / girl and ended up getting the LFM dropper along with my pherotine order. Placed it minutes ago hehe. So excited!
  5. Hi from melisse in california!

    Welcome to the forums! Sounds like you got A bunch of goodies. 😁😁
  6. Ah, thanks @Eastwood22! That helped a lot!
  7. Ah, thank you @Lainey! I'll be adding that to my order, as well. ^__^
  8. Time Travel: 1942

    I definitely agree with SirenSong about it smelling like a classy perfume without the commercial harshness, bc that's what I got right out of the bottle (with a healthy whiff of amber). I smell like leather and rose, the most, right now. I'll need to get a full bottle when I can.
  9. I have the pherotine set (women and unisex) in my cart rn, but I'm wondering how similar girlnip is to girl/girl (though I saw someone earlier up the thread say there's girl/girl for women, so is there one for men, too? I don't think I want or need to buy the "for men" one, if it exists) 'cuz if it's not that similar, I'm gonna dig through all of the pages until I find girl/girl and add a TV of that to my cart, as well. I have a feeling I might need that one.
  10. Cataluna LPMP Has Sent You A Package

    How awesome is that?
  11. I wore this one yesterday on my wrists. I love how sweet and peachy it smelled right out of the bottle. It smelled about the same on me, maybe a little creamy (no complaints, I love the scent). I was still smelling it last night on my way to bed. It was sweet and peachy the whole time, maybe a bit brighter when I first put it on, but it mellowed nicely and I smelled more of the honey, I think.
  12. Ah, thank you. Hopefully I'll be buying on Monday, hehe.
  13. I tried CB9 this morning and it was a very fresh, floral scent on me. I felt so calm and relaxed with it on that I took a mini nap still sniffing my wrists. It was delicious. I may try this one alone when I go to work.
  14. Based on what I've gotten, this time around: full bottles of everything I received, but first, I need to try a few more, so, hopefully I can try Honeyed, Money potion, Girl/girl, Lam and Bam, BI, and Popularity potion. Those are the ones I've seen the most reviews on that seem like they'd suit me, thus far, but by the Gods, there's a lot to choose from. I hope this isn't the wrong place to ask, but how long is pherotine? I'd like to buy the pherotine set, before it's gone/there's no more time (I really don't know if I'm phrasing this correctly, so apologies)
  15. Cataluna LPMP Has Sent You A Package

    Mine has arrived! Can't wait to try them!
  16. Hi, everyone!

    Hi! Thank you. This is all great information. No, I have none of these (I would Def consider my cat as such, if I had one. They aren't allowed at my place 😰πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯). I'll definitely try to be patient with them. I just can't sit still with my excitement to try these hehe.
  17. Hi, everyone!

    Hi. I am a longtime lover of perfumes, but I've never tried pheros, cops, etc before (that I know of, anyway). I was pretty curious when I found out about them, so I made an order a couple days ago. I'm really excited to get my hands on these and review them here. I've read through some of the threads and decided I had to join you all, since you seem so nice and very knowledgeable about them.
  18. Cataluna LPMP Has Sent You A Package

    Mine has shipped (am I doing this right?) Anyway, I'm EXCIIIIITED!!!!
  19. Hi, everyone!

    Thank you. It sure seems like it! I've been learning more about the scents until my order arrives by reading through all the threads, I'm having a blast. ??
  20. Hi, everyone!

    Thank you all
  21. Hi, everyone!

    Thanks for all the warm welcome, everyone!
  22. Hi, everyone!

    Thank you. I'm super excited to get started!
  23. Hi, everyone!

    Thank you ☺️☺️. Mostly commercial, I've tried a few oil based that I've had no luck finding sources of :/ unfortunately, so I'm super excited to get started with these. Thanks! I'm super excited to give them ??
  24. Hi, everyone!

    Hi. Thank you. I got cuddle bunny, love potion red and Occo pink. Can't wait to try them ???