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    Hi, everyone!

    Hi. I am a longtime lover of perfumes, but I've never tried pheros, cops, etc before (that I know of, anyway). I was pretty curious when I found out about them, so I made an order a couple days ago. I'm really excited to get my hands on these and review them here. I've read through some of the threads and decided I had to join you all, since you seem so nice and very knowledgeable about them.
  2. SugarKitten

    Hi, everyone!

    I was warned about mixing, but since I"m hardheaded, I did a little experiment today. I mixed some POP and LFM into a spray bottle with some of my body spray (just enough for this test, really). I sprayed that on my wrists, cleave and hair. Put some Liebchen on my wrists, threw my hoodie on and went to the store up my street. Usually, the guy who greeted me today and started a mini conversation doesn't speak much more than "Hi" or "excuse me", but we had some small talk about the weather and he seemed happy, which is nice. Normally he just has his work face on. I went to a restaurant nearby and ran into a friend who inquired about a couple of my hobbies (I use the term "friend" loosely, we see each other sometimes and are friendly, but we've never hung out or anything). He was genuinely interested and told me about some stuff he's working on, which I found intriguing. He told me a lot about himself today that I'd never have known. We definitely don't usually talk this much. I've been to both places both with and without these combos, but I think they didn't reach as far because I didn't use them as a spray, before? (I'm probably saying this wrong, but I'm sure you know what I mean by how I described them). Either way, I'm definitely sold on buying sprays, now.
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    Hi, everyone!

    I've been wearing Love Potion: Red with Popularity and getting some interesting interactions (one guy on the train, and someone else at a store, very interesting interactions, imo). Last night, I wore IR/OW, think I got it's intended effects confused with Treasured Hearts, but it's okay, because I didn't end up interacting with anyone, just smelling nice. It's very aquatic, which I like, but I think on me, it might be a bit masculine for my tastes (the scent) ... Idk what I should wear to alter that, if anything, but I'm still not sure how much I really mind. It smells really good, so I might just leave it alone. I need to compile a list of FB's to buy, there are so many I really like. I'd also like to try the sprays. I know there are two types I can buy, not sure which I'll like more, so I'd like to buy one of each in whichever of the first two scents I choose. I may try LPPink, the description sounds very nice. Don't imagine I'd like it any less than LPRed. Maybe I'll search the forums to see all of the LP blends so I can better choose from them, unless I'm just navigating the store site poorly (I probably am).
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    New Releases for JUNE 2018 - Summer!

    The labels are beautiful. I'm most excited for Deliciae and evening breeze, I think.
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    Hi, everyone!

    Still not sure this is the right place, but whatever. I'll post it here since I don't think I'll get a strike. In bit sure if it's me, or this blend (popularity / liebchen), but since wearing it, Codsworth has been getting... Bold, I guess. He's complimented me, before I started wearing mones, but he was shy about it. Today this boy damn near invited himself to my bed. There's another guy who's been getting a little ballsier (sp?) as well. Maybe the frequent exposure to these (though I usually wear lfm with liebchen to work) is amplifying what's already there and I'm just noticing it more? Idk, man. Wish I had some way to tell...maybe I could wear something else to work next week? I have the whole pherotine sampler set. I have yet to try bad girl with leather? Not sure that one's a good idea, but I've had my eye on it since last week. Any ideas Or insights would be super welcome.
  6. SugarKitten

    Hi, everyone!

    Idk if this is the right place to post this, but whatever. Over the weekend (not over yet, but still), I may have found my best blend. Pop and LIebchen. I got taken care of so well (and lots of flirts) while I was out and about. I was also gifted a lot, which was v. nice. I may need to invest in some FB's, but I'd still like to try the sprays. I think there are two options? Idk, anyway, it was really hot, which I think helped with diffusion (if I'm not mistaken, this is what people also call "sillage"?). I wore The Big Easy once, it still smelled a little different than the first time I used it (which is when it smelled the best). Upsetting, bc I loved how it smelled, then. Anyway, I had a good weekend. I got a lot more sleep today, so I'm energized to finish it off well.
  7. SugarKitten

    Hiya from Tx.

    Welcome to the forum!
  8. I didn't realize I'd enjoy aquatic scents so much, since I hadn't tried them before coming here, but wow! This one and Island Rain are among my favorites. I couldn't stop sniffing myself whenever I wore this.
  9. SugarKitten

    Forum Upgrade!

    I agree with Eggers, the forum looks really good!
  10. Wow! Thanks a bunch, @Eastwood22! Yes, I am taking notes, right now, they're just in a file on my laptop and the reviews I've posted. I'll definitely make sure to not try and make a spray with a phero that has cops, omg, couldn't imagine getting that in my hair, lol. I still have the majority of my Popularity Potion, so I think I'll get the perfumer's alcohol and take your advice with the 1oz spray bottle with that one. I'll definitely check out those threads. Thank you so much!
  11. Hey! Honestly, I'm not even sure, yet, lol. I'll definitely check online for the perfumer's alcohol. I do wonder how to make oil sprays, too. I hadn't thought of that. Good to know about the everclear, I couldn't imagine spraying that stuff between mine, either - yowch! I'll hold off making a spray until I get the perfumer's alcohol, then. How many drops do you think I'd need for my bottles, when I do get around to it? Thanks for your response ^___^
  12. SugarKitten

    New 2016

    At first, this was really clean and powdery on me, but later it evolved into more vanilla (still clean and powdery, but the vanilla was strong, which I love).
  13. SugarKitten


    Hey, I'm a disgruntled house elf! lol, I love it.
  14. It's chocolate on me wet, but not such a strong chocolate like I got with Wild Cherry. Now that it's been on for a while, I smell more of the honey and maybe a little amber.
  15. SugarKitten

    Lilela - Summer 2017 Collection

    I may need to try that (maybe with sugared violet, since that's the only sugared scent I have, yet), because this did the same on me. Update: I did and now I smell like a gumdrop.
  16. SugarKitten

    Island Rain w/ Open Windows

    I love how light and aquatic this is on me. It's been a while and I don't get the coconut but I really like this one. I agree about the teak.
  17. I've had a while to think about what happened when I wore this one, and I definitely think I got a hit. My waiter was extremely attentive to me while I was out. I didn't think much about it, because they were attentive to the whole party, but I was the only one who they touched (nothing uncomfortable, but as they passed behind me, they lightly touched me, which wasn't the case with anyone else that night). I didn't think much about it because I forgot I was wearing the scent. I didn't use much, just a couple dabs to my wrists and cleave (If I'm not mistaken, I was also wearing The Big Easy, that night, and I was so paranoid about covering it because it smelled so differently on me than the first time or two I wore it). It really doesn't take much, and it does smell like a dream.
  18. This one's delightfully mango on me. I do get some tea, too. The levitation in this was nice, too. I didn't know I'd need it the night I wore this, but it did keep my mood elevated and I wasn't stressed like I usually would have been at the time.
  19. I must've been asking this in the wrong way and place, @Dolly's last answer covered what I wanted to know about mixing my un's with my commercial perfumes and body sprays.
  20. SugarKitten

    Cataluna LPMP Has Sent You A Package

    Ah, it's unfortunate you've had that experience with Luxurious, I have yet to try it, I think. I guess we had different methods of buying, lol. I can't wait until I get my first FB. What I like about the TV's though, is that I can experiment with each a few times before making a final decision either way, and I love that certain phero blends are in a variety of scents, so if I liked it in one, but not the other, I'll be sure to remember which. I still have to finish trying all of my testers, first, though (I think I've only tried fewer than half of my pherotine set, so far).
  21. SugarKitten

    Cataluna LPMP Has Sent You A Package

    Ah, it's amazing how quickly these products disappear! I love how I feel wearing LFM, and I'm going to try pop tomorrow (maybe with LFM). I only ask because I asked elsewhere on the forum earlier this week, but you've spoken about it recently. Tho, my question was about mixing with spray bottles. I'm sure someone more experienced will see it at some point. But I guess it'll be pretty different. I just don't want to ruin the 'mones (not sure if it's possible to do, but I've read that some can't be mixed with alcohol, I think? maybe it was oil). Thanks for your response, though. I do have some roller bottles I might be able to do that with once I empty them of their current contents. They're tiny, so I might try using half of what you've done, for starters.
  22. SugarKitten

    Cataluna LPMP Has Sent You A Package

    Ah, no. I only got a pherotine sized one, myself, lol. May I ask how you mix?
  23. SugarKitten

    Cataluna LPMP Has Sent You A Package

    My Popularity Potion just came in, can't wait to try it. I also got Sunshine of your Love, Lilela and Rainbow Mango.
  24. My Pop should be here tonight, then I want to give HLP a try. Maybe soon, I'll dive into the B&B products, I've been enjoying what I've tried from here so far.