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  1. melisse

    STORE: Stationary & Journals

    Thanks! It’s actually even nicer than the green one❤️
  2. melisse

    STORE: Stationary & Journals

    OMG. This one. Can I add it to my upcoming order I’ll be making on May 31?
  3. I think I’ve decided to wait and see what Mystic Dewdrop is like before I order Winter in the Tropics. Looking for an LFM enhanced scent.
  4. melisse


    I got Pashazade 60/40 spray for my... my... not sure what to refer to him as anymore! But we both really liked it.
  5. I’m getting a bunch of samples (including Cacao Amor) this payday, but as far as FBs: Friends and Lovers (spray) Odalisque (roller) Winter in the Tropics (roller)
  6. melisse

    STORE: Stationary & Journals

    If you still have this style, does it have either ‘guide dot’ pages (for lack of a better word) or plain blank pages? Any other colors?
  7. melisse

    STORE: Stationary & Journals

    I think I still like the small dark brown & gold Paperblank with the metal latches. I’m guessing the paper is lined? Im looking for unlined, or even better would be the “guide dots” that I see sometimes. I could go for lined IF it’s very subtle lines. How much $$ is it? I also like the green blown glass pen. Still have those?
  8. melisse

    Stalk Talk!

    I guess it could be the scent I’m using, but with different scents and different cats, I haven’t found the pattern yet - maybe I was watching for the wrong issue? ive heard some essential oils are toxic to cats, but I thought that was only when they are forced to lick it off, because someone applied it to their skin for holistic reasons? Just smelling certain oils can be bad too🤯? ETA - I’m currently using just LP fragrances. Which leads me to another question - I understand you don’t use artificial stabilizers (or whatever chemicals ordinarily go into perfume). Does this make it less objectionable to environmentally sensitive people?
  9. melisse

    STORE: Stationary & Journals

    Do you still sell journals? I‘m admiring that small gold Paperblank in the photo quoted below:
  10. melisse

    Desperation & Djinn

    Looking forward to trying this one.
  11. melisse

    Hi from melisse in california!

    We had a nice date. And I gave him the Pashazade, it’s a 60/40 oil spray. He liked it, but I’m not sure if pheros work on him. I shared with him my favorites, Open Windows and Balm Bomb, because those seem like the best examples of how they work... but they didn’t on him. And I’m like, damn, Really? My main phero of the night was Panther with some additional cops. He liked the fragrance a lot! But with the failure to feel the more “first person” kinds, I’m wondering if he detected any of these either.
  12. I’m diggin’ my Panther❤️
  13. melisse

    Chrissy's Autumn Halo

    I got my bottle and tried it out immediately. From reading the reviews here, I knew to expect something unusual. It really seemed to take me back to my preteen years, when the warm days were starting to get shorter, and Mom’s curfew was nightfall. So I’d walk home in warm Autumn sunsets at a time of evening when traffic is quieting down, families are together at home, dinner is ready. I refreshed it and wore it to bed. I’d wake from time to time, notice it’s gentle aroma again, and it was very comfy. Very nice.
  14. Hope I’m not a heretic, but I added what I had left of the sample vial of Cougar to my Panther spray and let it rest a few days. Not sure if that was enough to make a difference, or if it aged, or if it just grew on me, but I really like it. I also want to know what “sparkle” means in this case. When I first got it, it gave me tingles, almost to the point of feeling chilly! Or does “sparkle” refer to a note in its fragrance?
  15. melisse


    Now I have nothing on why this is. I thought musks were the issue.