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    Anything new. Paranormal, horror, haunted anything.
  1. Saiyanprince

    Hiya from Tx.

    Thanks. IndiAna, Tink333 and SugarKitten. 😁
  2. Saiyanprince

    Hot Cherry w/ Heart Throb

    I rocked this tonight. No real thought at first. Sweet but not overwhelming nor like cakes or syrup. 20 minutes later. Its special. Like a high end flavor chew lol. Something like dip but not harsh or pungent. Sweet cherries and tobacco mixed lightly together. Less cherry but light tobacco with a hint of something stronger showing thru. Manly smell. I like it, wife likes it. 👍👍 Not as eloquent as the rest of reviews but still a review from a scent noobie.
  3. Saiyanprince

    Hiya from Tx.

    Thanks Eastwood and Eve 👋
  4. Saiyanprince

    Hiya from Tx.

    Thanks everyone, from what I read so far. She'll fit right in. Never liked budgets but she might have to get one set. 🤫
  5. Saiyanprince

    Hiya from Tx.

    Thank you, Wolf Dreaming. It should be fun and I will 😁 She bought the whole store already, lol. Kidding but just a tad bit kidding.
  6. Saiyanprince

    Hiya from Tx.

    I found this store from another area. Followed snoppyace and Nutrix reviews. I made a few purchases but the 1st one was the mans sampler. Got the bug after that. Now my wife got the bug. Went on the deep end. 😂😥 Enjoying the 1st time being able to wear fragrances. Finally allergies have died done. Ackward introduction out of the way. 37 married for 10 plus years. Just exploring and reading some very interesting reviews and post. Btw some of yall have a great way of writing.
  7. Saiyanprince

    Cataluna LPMP Has Sent You A Package

    Got it. Every packaged and delivered with care. Cant wait to play with the scents.
  8. Saiyanprince


    Hiya Snoopyace, I hope you feel better and a great compliment like that will set you in the right direction for sure. I need more testing on my trial size.
  9. Saiyanprince

    Cataluna LPMP Has Sent You A Package

    It's in my mailbox. To bad I'm at work. My wife got it out. Interested in my bath salts and to try my bad boy trial.
  10. Saiyanprince


    I loved the trial I got. I like the smell of it plus the hits from heartthrob. I have a full bottle with my order that should arrive soon. Spicy but nice. I'm not good a description of scents but it works for my night time rotation that I'll be collecting soon.