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  1. I'm loving my UNLevitation! First of all, I think it smells delicious even though it is "unscented." I applied it to my wrists and I've been sniffing it all morning. Yum. I feel light & breezy and positive even though its the *bitchy* time of the month!
  2. Does Stone Cougar have cops in it? I thought it didn't, but the ingredients aren't listed so it was a guess on my part.
  3. What are your thoughts on the 100% vs 60/40% sprays? Any practical differences when wearing them? For example, will the spray with oil in it stain clothing? Which broadcasts better? Lasts longer? etc I'm thinking about ordering Stone Cougar. I would like to wear it in my hair and have it broadcast nicely. I already ordered Open Windows in a roll on before I realized sprays might be better for socials. Thanks!
  4. Circe


    You ladies are all so kind & welcoming!
  5. I'm so excited, I placed my first order. Scented: Buttercream Peach Like a Magnet/Vanilla & Honey UN: Open Windows Levitation (I want to see how Lev compares with OW) Super Sexy Leather Blatant Inv Sexpionage Sheer Essence Can't wait to take them for a test spin! I want to start a diary recording when I wore them, how I felt, reactions received etc. Where is the best thread to do this? I hope this isn't too personal, but I've found the the reactions I get from people IRL without wearing pheromones vary vastly with different times during my cycle. I always know when I'm nearing ovulation based on the menfolk around me. :) They get whiplash. After reading these board posts, I'm guessing I produce a lot of copulins naturally and whatever other substance make men act chivalrous but not lewd or horndog (more like embarrassed blushing schoolboy). So when I record my results with the pheromones and various perfumes, I must take my cycle into account. At the end of my cycle I turn invisible to the world (except hubby who is almost always an angel). But I like being invisible then because all I want to do is curl up with chamomile tea and a good book, hubby rubbing my feet, my dog babies snuggled up next to me. :)
  6. Circe


    Hello! I'm new here and to the phero world. Looking forward to receiving my box of goodies from LPMP and testing them out (especially the Sexpionage ... *blush*) I will give a full report (on at least the "socials.") The rest I might spill when I know you all a little better. :) Cheers and a chaste kiss to you all!