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  1. Maya


    Is the list of scents that are on the sale's thread updated to what's currently available?
  2. Maya


    I hope so!!! These perfumes are addicting and so unique.
  3. Maya


    I finished my vial the other day after waiting a few days.... It still wasn't strong enough (for me).... I like heavy loud scents (red door, Chanel No.5, Chloe love, etc). I did put more than before with no lotion this time. I covered my whole chest, lower back and arms... I was able to smell it for a few hours before it disappeared. Who knows maybe it doesn't work with my chemistry.
  4. Maya


    No problem, it all makes sense now. Thank you for helping me understand the whole process! 😊
  5. Maya


    Just so I understand... my order consist of all the OCCOS (trial vials), Aja, Girl/girl, summer blossom and one more thing I forget.... Since those items are not listed on the Sale thread, I sent that over to Mara directly. But before I do based on the amount my order comes out to be, I choose my freebies and include it with my order list via email as well? 😓
  6. Maya


    I am a newbie to LPMP so I had no idea this sale was going on until yesterday when @Bella15 pointed it out (Thanks hun). My question is do I email the items I'm going to order along with the freebies or do I post the whole order in the sale thread? I apologize in advance if this is a silly question but I want to make sure I participate correctly.
  7. I went overboard too LOL... I'm sitting in a cloud of spring blossom right now.... I do prefer it though... I like deep/heavy scents..... Those are the only ones that smell right on me. I will definitely be adding a full bottle of this to my order!!!!
  8. I am curious as to why Overt Cops for Your Covert Ops is not showing up in the Etsy Shop but when I search for it online it leads me to luvpotionperfume.com which is powered by Etsy. I wanted a sample of all of them but I can only get it on the website not the Etsy shop..

    Also when I try to leave a review for the ones I recently purchased, I'm only given two options: I haven't received this item. Item isn't as described (
    i've attached a screenshot for a better description). Is this because I purchased from the website and not Etsy directly????? I don't want to purchase from the website again if I can't leave reviews... any help is appreciated.  Thank you. 


  9. Maya


    I am wearing Themyscira w/ girl girl today and I smell absolutely nothing and no reactions. I shook the sample vial before applying... I didn't bother with the wand and just used my fingertips instead. A few lines on my torso, cleavage and arms... Also on my lower back. Before applying the perfume I put on lotion like I normally do after a shower. I allowed it to dry ( 5 to 10 mins) before putting on my clothes. I usually wear fragrance oils and I can smell it on my body and clothes all day.... Did I do something wrong? 😟