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    Cheryl's Summer Tea w/ Aja

    I absolutely love this one on me. I never would have thought lemon tea would be more than a drink for me, but there you go. It's a very pleasant, calming scent that smells positively lickable on me. I'm glad I got a full bottle!
  2. I have Vampire Bunny, but given that it has Cuddle Bunny, it's not something I would pair with Leather. Mr. Crash loves VB, though--I have a couple of full bottles just because A - I love how it smells and B - I love how he reacts to it. I agree with Luna, LP: Black is a good match for layering with Leather. If you can get your hands on some Bad Girl, that's also a good one that has Leather!
  3. Crash


    Can I please reserve an FB of Neal's Rush? I'll send an email with what to add to my invoice shortly. Thank you! COMPLETE
  4. Crash


    Can I please reserve the a bottle of Odalisque 2017 w/Bang! (2nd Edition)? Thank you! COMPLETE
  5. Crash

    Private Editions for JULY 2018

    Can I please get one of those bottles of Cheryl's Summer Tea? I'm kinda shocking myself liking it the best of the itty set--usually tea isn't my jam, but it's just delicious.
  6. Crash

    Eve's Choco Cherry OCCO

    @Kayla You're welcome! It really is. It dried down to a nice, dry, milk chocolaty scent with a hint of underlying cherry candy. It's lovely! Not sure what I would pair/layer it with given the other scents I currently have, but there's definitely something nommable about this one.
  7. I haven't had the opportunity to spring any pheros on an ex, but this whole thread was an entertaining (and sometimes horrifying) read. If I were you guys, I would have no regrets about hitting back either. Good for you for standing up for yourselves and showing you won't be bullied! Tempting me to take some self-defense and kick boxing classes. Here's hoping I'll never need them.
  8. Crash

    Eve's Choco Cherry OCCO

    @Kayla I have this in an itty sample, and it smells absolutely decadent in the bottle. I haven't tried either Wild Cherry or OCCO Choco Cherry, but this definitely smells like a very cocoa-y chocolate under sweet maraschino-like cherry in the vial. When I put it on, the chocolate becomes richer, more like a heavy (less sweet) dark. It reminds me of those chocolate-covered cherry liquors I used to go bananas for as a kid. I can update later after dry down, but that's my initial impression. Hope that helps.
  9. Oh-em-goodness! Like someone else mentioned, this goes on with a very sweet cherry element and dries down to a sexy, smooth tobacco/oud finish that for some strange reason made me think of a really rich dark chocolate. It layered amazingly well with Bad Girl, and I'd dare say this would go great with Bad Boy, or any other leather/tobacco heavy blends. Mr. Crash didn't know what hit him tonight. Let's just say the OCCO part did its job.
  10. Crash

    Rik's Southern Lights

    @Eastwood22 Ahh, that makes me happy to hear! ❤️ Oooh, violet is a scent that intrigues me. I will have to keep an eye out for a sample of this...
  11. Crash

    Private Editions for JULY 2018

    Got my itty set today, yeah!! Giving it a day to get over travel shock. Can't wait to give these a good sniff tomorrow.
  12. Not necessarily a phero fix, but maybe check if anyone has dealt with a similar problem either on www.captainawkward.com or www.askamanager.com -- both of those are great resources for things like scripts for handling awkward situations, how to set and enforce boundaries, etc.
  13. Ahhhh, got my notice last night! I can't wait!!
  14. Howdy, I was talking to a friend, and we're both at a loss. Levitation is under unisex in the pheromone list here, but the listing in the shop says it's for women. Can someone enlighten us as to which it really is? Uni or ladytypes only?
  15. Crash

    Bad Boy 2015

    I'm not sure if this thread is for the same version of the brew that Mr. Crash got with his samples, but let me just say I love this on him. Holy schnikes, when he put it on, even without any 'mones I couldn't keep my hands off him/stop smelling him. That leather-vanilla combo is killer. I ended up snatching two full bottles because it's just so deliciously huffable on him.
  16. Crash


    I can't go back to edit my previous post, but to answer, I should have mentioned if it was OK to add to my previous order (which it was, yay!) then the alternative I wanted was: Friends & Lovers (Spray) w/ Treasured Hearts (bottle) Mark's Girl Nip w/ Perfect Match *2014* (trial) Thanks again very much! COMPLETE
  17. Unfortunately, this one didn't do so well with my chemistry. It smelled great in the bottle, just not on my skin. I gave the sample to my sister-in-law, so I can't retry right away to figure out what it was that didn't quite mesh with me if someone wants me to spend time figuring it out. However, sis-in-law seems very happy with it, so I'm glad someone else is getting some use out of it.
  18. Bright and sweet with a hint of florals, this one really does provide a nice mood lift. I love this fruity scent when I feel like I need a little pep in my step. Makes me think of one of those beautiful, warm days at the end of spring edging into summer, when all anyone wants to do is playfully frolic outside before things edge into the sultry heat of summer.
  19. Okay, first---that story is awesome! Thank you for that, I enjoyed reading it. This is one of my favorite LP scents, because I know within minutes of dry down all I have to do is move somewhere in the general vicinity of Mr. Crash and the Sexpionage does exactly what you'd expect. He once described it to me as, "smelling like incense. But the good kind of incense, not the stinky kind." As he huffs the general vicinity of my neck. He also went on to tell me that this is his personal favorite out of the scents from LP I've tested so far. I do love that hint of apple, and I'm pretty sure the addition of dragon's blood helped Mr. Crash's assessment that it smells like incense, but overall this is a deliciously complex blend that hides a hint of bite. It has a kind of sweet, almost honey-kissed scent to it (probably the benzoin) that makes the darker aspects so much more intriguing when they sink in. I think Black Cat did a very good job of describing it, as it's definitely not something I feel daring enough to wear out of the house, even on date nights: Absolutely a keeper. After sampling, I picked up a full bottle of this one.
  20. Crash

    Private Editions for JULY 2018

    Thanks very much, I sent the email. I appreciate it!
  21. Crash


    I'd like to reserve: Black Velvet Pumpkin (full bottle) Vampire Bunny w/Cuddle Bunny (full bottle) Thank you!
  22. Crash

    Glace au Cafe - Summer 2017 Collection

    I really loved this one! I kept smelling coffee and sweet pastries, and had me craving them the whole time I was wearing it. Even my mister, who is not a fan of coffee (sacrilege, I know), thought this smelled delectable on me. Like others have mentioned, the coffee scent comes out more on the skin, but I think it also had this lovely hint of decadent sweet pastries, like I mentioned. Very nice!
  23. Crash

    Lina's Buttered Caramel

    I tried my sample of this today, and it's lingered with this beautifully delicious caramel scent that has me craving sweets! So good, I think this would be an amazing scent to wear around the holidays, cuddling close with your honey for some sweet one-on-one time together, or maybe out to a carnival or fair.
  24. Crash

    Love Potion: Red

    This is the scent that sold me on LP. I had a friend refer me to the site, and I've gone completely bananas ordering samples. I've lost count of how many I've ordered already, but I still have a ton on my wishlist--and the very first full bottle I ordered was LP: Red. While there are a ton of scents I already love, this one I can tell is going to be a staple for me. It smells absolutely delicious on me, and the mister gets far more cuddly and up close and personal when I wear this one. I've noticed it's also garnered me a bit more attention than I'm used to getting when I wear it out of the house. A definite keeper!