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    Julie's Chupacabra

    This is so lovely! I am so glad I took a chance on a bottle of this one unsniffed. None of the notes are singularly overpowering, and the vanilla, tonka/oud, and licorice all come together in a soft, warm, delicious blend that just makes me want to curl up under some comfy covers and roll around enjoying it for a while. I will say I detect the licorice more than the other notes, but it's not sweet or candy like. The way the vanilla and tonka come together almost makes me think of some kind of lightly sweetened puff pastry. It's funny, and a little bit strange, but even though they're nothing alike for some reason it puts me in mind of the guava pastries I used to get at Porto's Bakery back in California. Overall, I think this is a delight and I'm really glad to have it in my LP collection. I only hope there will be a rebrew at some point, because given how much I like it and how much the mister did, I'm going to be wearing this one a lot!
  2. Crash

    Jenna's Domina Venus

    Man, this sounds right up my alley. *stalks trades for it*
  3. Crash

    Tingle Tangle

    @Vicki Lee OMG I know! I was hesitant to try some of the pheros because they just didn't sound that useful, or the name made it sound like something I didn't really need, but they turned out to be incredible under the right circumstances. Even though I've had a bunch of the blends for months, I'm still learning and feeling out how some of them work for me, but I've gotten so much valuable insight off the forum reviews and journal posts here that I'm sure that saved me a lot of time and experimenting (and wasted pheros/potential ODs)!
  4. @Vicki Lee, yeah, I understand. I hope by the time you can do it without impacting your bank account too heavily you're able to get your hands on some Ebil-ish, then! And I am going to plan to grab some Honeyed LP in oil soon-ish.
  5. Crash

    Wine and Dead Roses 2015

    Why thank you, @Eve!
  6. Crash

    Tingle Tangle

    @Vicki Lee ....are you me?
  7. @Vicki Lee I've been trying to limit myself to one order a month. One or two FBs from the stuff I've tried that I know I can and will wear often, and a few samples each order. This way I don't go TOO crazy. That said, I like this one so much I just may order another bottle of it in my next batch of purchases before it disappears. It's just too good! Super excited my 'Weenies order shipped today, too! Eeeee, I can't wait to get my grabby hands on Ebil-ish and try out all of the new scents in the sampler!
  8. Crash

    Wine and Dead Roses 2015

    I'm not sure if my sample is from 2015 or the earlier version, but in the vial the alcohol had a really astringent scent that was pretty harsh to my nose. I put off trying it for a little while because of that, and because I'm not usually a rose person, but as with a lot of things here at LP, I wasn't going to let a little thing like my preconceived notions of what scents are "right" for me in other perfumes stop me from trying one of Mara's creations. That said, unfortunately this one is not for me. Rather than bringing out my inner Goth, it feels like it's for a far more sophisticated lady than someone with my jeans-and-T-shirts style. It's beautiful -- brings to mind a tall, beautiful, velvet-and-lace clad woman in some Edwardian castle sipping rich red wine and leafing through dusty tomes by candlelight -- but that's not congruent with my personality. Still... I'll save this for a day when I have something special to wear it to, though I'm not quite sure what that occasion will be just yet.
  9. Crash

    Tingle Tangle

    @Vicki Lee Me too! I have it on my "to buy" list down the road. I feel like such a dork, I have a prioritized list of what scents to get next!
  10. Crash

    Tingle Tangle

    It's funny to me, in the bottle I mostly got a maraschino cherry scent, and on the skin, I mostly get a dark chocolate with a hint of cherry and honeycomb scent. Not musky, not sugary, not lemony--just a dark, decadent, chocolate covered cherry that I just want to nom on. I don't get any of the other notes at all, but that's just fine. It's still a delight, and I'm bummed I only had enough left in my sample (I think it might have been from a trade?) for one application. The mister really loved this one on me, too!
  11. Crash

    Stalk Talk!

    Mine still haven't shipped yet. *impatient fidgeting* Looking forward to seeing everyone's reviews, though!
  12. Ahhhhh, I hope you get it soon and love it as much as I do!!!
  13. When I got the bottle, I absolutely could not wait to try it. I spritzed myself minutes after I opened the package, and at the time, the honey was soooo sweet and prominent, and it smelled fantastic on my skin. It evolved from sweet and dessert-like to sweet and sexy as hell. Lasted well into the next day until I showered it off, too. Fast forward a few days. It's calmed down a bit. I put some on today to take it for a test drive out of the house, so to speak. Let's just say I don't think it was necessary for three guys to scramble all over themselves to replace my windshield wipers for me. Gotcha! I really love this one and can see myself reaching for it often.
  14. Crash


    I feel a bit strange for absolutely loving this. I can see where people are getting the (hospital-like?) basement vibes. To me, the scent embodies something more like a gypsy tent, thick with some kind of exotic musky incense and strange potions as spirits are invoked in a secret late night autumnal ceremony. It definitely gives me that dark and slightly wicked vibe, of something not of this world creeping in the shadows just beyond the reach of our senses, leaving little trace behind but perhaps the scent of Ectoplasm. Heh. There's really something magical about it, too. I'm very intrigued, and I'm most likely going to be wearing this one again near the end of October to see what ghosts and ghoulies it might inspire to come closer...
  15. Crash

    Black Velvet Pumpkin

    As I wrote to myself in my own notes: This scent is Nightmare Before Christmas in scent form, and no one can convince me otherwise! Seriously though, I love it. It turns into a smooth, velvety, delicious pumpkin treat with a side of pumpkin spice coffee, just waiting to be nommed up. The perfect autumn delight!
  16. Crash

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    Ahhhh, I was SO excited to see the new scents drop! Immediately grabbed an FB of Ebil-ish and a full sampler set. I am thrilled to have the chance to try them all! I loooooove Black Velvet Pumpkin! Grabbed that one and White Velvet Pumpkin during the last sale. That reminds me, I should pull them out and use them more, because it's absolutely the right time of year for them both!
  17. Yeah, I am so glad I got it! I think it's one of those those things I never knew I needed until I discovered it, ha!
  18. Ahhh, just got my shipping notice! Can't wait to get my hands on the DHEAS spray and try out BAM (honey/vanilla and brown sugar), Honeyed LP, Winter in the Tropics, and Wild Cherry.
  19. Crash

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    I am so stupidly excited for these scents, it's ridiculous. I can't wait to try them all! I am SO curious about Ebilish after all I've heard about the last batch.
  20. @Beaux, I swear, it was like we both dunked our heads in a vat of TMI. I had a blast!
  21. @Eastwood22, when you put it that way... I was hoping for a sexier spin on what SS4W did for me, but you're right, I can see why it would cause problems.
  22. Crash

    Crayons: Indigo

    I fell in love with Crayons: Violet so I've been doing what I can to get my hands on some of the others. Lucked into a bottle of this one, and it's so soft and delicious, I absolutely love it. In the bottle, it felt to me like getting a whiff of an exotic lake surrounded by wildflowers at that moment of twilight just before it becomes full night, when the sky is that perfect shade of indigo with a the first few stars peeking out. Lush, watery, a hint of musky spice -- gorgeous. From the moment I put it on my skin, it was like that image just blossomed in my mind, growing more real and solid. It was almost like I could smell lily flowers in there somewhere. I'm not too familiar with the scents of pansy or morning glory, but I suspect that's what I'm picking up. The musk, patch and frankincense on this is so gentle but mixed with the sweet florals it gives it this lasting impression that sticks with me. They do amp a little bit as it dries down, but it only makes it more huffable, IMHO. I keep bringing my arm up to get another sniff of myself. This is a brilliant blend. It's making me even more excited to try out the other Crayon scent I managed to get my hands on (Cerulean Blue) and see if I can find the others I put on my wishlist. Like someone else said, I can see this being a stunner with Treasured Hearts. It's just so gentle, sweet, and soothing -- a very comforting blend all on its own. Though with the hint of exotic spice, I could also see it being a good one to use with Cuddle Bunny if you wanted to give it a cuddly yet sexier edge, too. Something tells me if you wanted to really rock the feminine mystique on a quiet, intimate date, this would also be killer with LFM...
  23. Hi @oceanjewel, certainly. I was using a FB roll-on of Odalisque and did a smaller than usual lollipop and a small dot at the crook of each elbow, a dot on the back of each hand, and a dot in my cleavage. With the other pheros I am a bit more used to, I am a little more careless and usually do a stripe on the girls and my elbows/inner wrist and slather a bit more rather than just little dots, but I wanted to be cautious given it was the first time using it and because of the cops (though I also added a couple swipes here and there of a non-phero'd vanilla perfume just in case). I just let these air dry. After doing more reading on the forum, I'm thinking I am going to try again adding a spray or two of DHEAS to soften the blow, so to speak, and see if that makes a difference. It could have just been a fluke, maybe a reaction with another phero I thought was already washed off and out of my system or something, but I'll experiment more and see.
  24. This is a beautiful scent -- the musky vanilla with just a hint of coconut is so fresh and huffable! The other accords are definitely present but not overwhelming. Aside from how delicious it is, I'm thinking the PM is what's brought a big smile to my face every time I get a whiff of it, too. It feels like a sexy night on the beach, when it's just a smidge too cold to do more than dip your toes in but you want to walk the boardwalk and maybe spend a bit of time cuddled up next to your honey to watch the play of moonlight on the water. Lovely, and I think I'll be keeping this for myself instead of giving it to the mister!
  25. Thanks for the rec, @Eastwood22! I don't think of myself as a knockout, but yeah, I suppose I could have been putting across too threatening of a vibe to them. It was actually in an oil (Odalisque in a roll-on, but since this was Bang-specific rather than scent, I figured better to post it here), but this is Florida, so I'm sure the diffusion when I walked in was pretty good given it was hot as heck outside. Funny you mention Treasured Hearts. I tried it once, and it resulted in the mister's mom blabbing at me like I was her BFF for a couple of hours over dinner, being very emotional and huggy with me, and all of the guys acting like I didn't exist--including the mister. LOL! I thought maybe I wore too much and would try it again some other time, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I keep seeing mention of DHEAS. I guess I'll have to toss a bottle in with my next order, because it sounds like it's a good thing to have on hand regardless -- I just hope it's not too much since Bang already has that as an ingredient. A little more can't hurt, right?