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  1. i have had some good results with cougar scented oil a few times, seems to work on the older guys though for some reason! i also have gotcha scented limited edition but need to wear it more to see the results! (oil) all mine are oil scented, which work fine for me, some prefer sprays and un scented, i prefer scented as it's difficult to find what would pair well with each unscented. i have just placed my christmas present order for some more oils soo excited for them to arrive lol!
  2. what is your review on the scented gotcha you ordered, i have one coming in a few days!
  3. how long will these scents be available?
  4. i am taking a guess and think soul food contains licorrice.
  5. so i wore cougar today lol! so i go see my therapist, he is my tester incognito, so he says monday i wore a dress, lol i never do, so we talk about stuff and my child hood molested years which is why i don't wear much dresses today and he says "wow monday night you wore a dress, you look look better than better wearing it, he is now thinking i don't wear dresses to avoid men which i do in a sense because after going through years of child abuse from an african baby sitter in africa i'm kinda of afraid to draw male attraction! so i can say it worked on him lol, he is my tester as i know the effects from him and know they won't go too far lol! so tonight at home i made a small trial vial 25% cougar, 25% tusamie cops, and 1 drop of aja! will see monday the effects lol! soo far cougar and gossamer are my favs!
  6. no not yet, letting it sit a bit before trying! tried mostly Gossamer threads as a trial vial and think that will be a full bottle next time, first time i tried it, i used it to go see my therapist male just to see his reaction lol, well while speaking to me during therapy he asked me if he could whisper in my ear, this was like a joke and made us both giggle, so i think it had some effects there lol, then after that i went into town and walked by a begger who was a young guy of around 35 i would say and good looking, so the guy asks me for some money, and i say after i come out of the shop, so on my way out i get approched by the guy again and so i look in my purse for some coins and i give him a euro in coins and the guy said thankyou can i give you a kiss? which he did but it was the french greeting kiss. so that was the first day of trying gossamer, i don't have anymore left but will be buying full bottle for sure when i can.
  7. Fang


    same for me lol
  8. i have transferred some of mine to empty trial vials, get a better coverage that way!
  9. also using soap takes away the normal pheromones that you have on your body!
  10. i agree on not rubbing it too hard, i also have figured out just to let it dry down, works better for me.
  11. are you using soap or shower gel on your skin? maybe try shower gel, i can keep my scents on all day without any problems, also i don't mosturise my skin either.
  12. Fang

    Love Potion: Homme

    i love it, on a women it smells fantastic, sweet and sexy men type of perfume! no coffee scent here, really sexy, hard core stuff, i get a powdery sexy strong sweet scent! more potent than the female scents!
  13. my cougar has just arrived, couldn't wait 2 weeks for the bottle shock lol, so had to try it, i love the scent, it starts out like a strong grapefruit scent and on dry down like a strong floral powdery grapefruit, very sophisticated, will see if any selfies happen this afternoon lol! will write a review after more experiments!