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  1. 4 hours ago, SugarKitten said:

    I put 5 drops of this in my red roses (which I put in most of my 5ml bottles lol. I already need to buy more of those ūüėÖ).¬†


    It's still a bit early, it has opened up some communication with people who probably would have just been in their own worlds, today (a lady at my coffee shop started talking about the weather with me even though I was behind her, she was eating and we don't know each other. I passed my her a couple times and she was in my cloud. The cashier also spoke more than usual). 


    I do wonder if wearing my rose DHEAS would be too much, but right now I'm just testing TMI. 


    I forgot to add my application: back, mostly, spread around with a plastic cap, same with the back of my knees and lollipoped. 


    I later found a spray bottle that got to the bottom of my hair supply basket and did a quick mix with a cotton candy body spray. So far, no one has really passed my desk. It's still early though. 

    oh good sounds interesting, so red roses is in all of the 5ml bottles?

  2. On 2/19/2019 at 1:14 AM, Kayla said:

    :) I figured, with a scent as sexy as this one is, cops would be very congruent with it. I can't wear the scented Dominance because of the rose, so I'm excited to have an amazing scent that it's premixed in. I am a bit afraid of Dominance, because I don't want to come off as overpowering or bitchy,  but I've tried Mistress Mine twice now and it has just made me feel confident. I think I'm okay as long as I  wear it in fragrance vs. the UN strength.

    ETA: I hope that you got the king sized bed!

    I have DOM Scented and after a month and a half it has now really mellowed, i get more hot chocolate than rose; only a light mild rose in the background!

  3. 58 minutes ago, luna65 said:

    It really depends on the situation.  LAM! is, to me, more for selfies and just that generally "womanly" aura which you would desire to project, with the added benefit of sexual attraction-type hits/reactions.  BAM! should be used on people you want to cultivate emotional intimacy/closeness with.  But some ladies don't like to wear b-nol because they're sensitive, it might make them overly emotional and/or talkative in a TMI kind of way.  I don't have that issue unless I'm wearing too much.

    thanks for the info, seems like i need both

  4. 19 minutes ago, luna65 said:

    Unfortunately I'm not around enough people day-to-day to get any real hits, but BAM! doesn't really give me selfies, I don't have an issue with B-nol unless I was to wear too much then I get the "b-nol babble" effect.  I think BAM! is a good phero for establishing good vibes/intimacy with someone who is receptive to its' effects.


    But also, I primarily review phero-enhanced perfumes for their scent; that's always the most important thing for me.

    sounds like i need some Bam not sure between Bam or Lam

  5. your welcome!

    it's prononced like that in france and i'm sure in all other countrys, though a lot of people still don't know how to prononce it lol!


    1 hour ago, Lainey said:


    Ah, just me, then. I usually search with quotation marks and "in content titles only."







  6. 27 minutes ago, SugarKitten said:

    It's from the site. 


    Oh that's good to know, maybe I'll just put it all together and add another drop. I had some more perfumes that I was going to use once I tested the rest of my pherotines alone (next up is TMI, which I can later compare to my True  Confessions  un just to see which (if either) I like better. I know that generally, I like true confessions, but this will be my first time trying TMI). 


    I'll do the same with each of the other ones and add some of each to whichever perfume I like best at the moment (but I think the original goal was to have each pherotine or unscented both untainted and in a variety of my faves so I can just roll and go, which is why I bought the other 20 roll on bottles. I hope they come soon. I really need to make more space in the drawer though). 

    I added 10 drops of UN scented of LFM to Mystic Dewdrop 10ML roll on

    I also added 10 drops of UN scented DOM to scented DOM 10ml roll on

  7. 2 hours ago, SugarKitten said:

    I mixed some of my CB pherotine (4 drops) into a 5ml bottle with a little (half, about 2.5 ml) of my bombshell. Let it sit overnight (long enough? Idk. It was about 9pm when I did this), shook it up to make sure it was all still mixed and applied it this morning at 5:30. 


    Couldn't smell the CB (or, bc I think it smells floral, I don't think I smelled it but probably did). It really just smelled like bombshell, maybe a little stronger than usual? Idk. 


    I've been in a pretty good mood, today (CB calms and relaxes me). I noticed a couple people treading more lightly than usual when they ask me for or about things. Idk how long it'll last, but I can't reapply bc I'm at work and don't have time to wait for drydown, again. 


    I might try it again, afterwards, though. 


    Application method, today: three swipes on cleavage (wasn't sure the first one even went on), lollipop, two rolls up wrist / forearm. I let it dry while I did my hair for work. 

    I have really no idea, i know somewhere Mara had said that 10 drops could be added to 10ML bottle, so i would of thought in a full bottle of 5 ML you could add the 5 drops.

    what is your Bombshell perfume anyway, is it off the website, or something you put together?

    i know in my 5ML perfume bottles i will be adding 5 drops, but i also need to find something to fill up the 5ML as well lol!

  8. 11 hours ago, Lainey said:

    I just saw the posts about the spelling. I didn't know cananga was another name for ylang ylang! How do you pronounce ylang ylang, anyway? Lang lang? Eee-lang eee-lang?


    Would it be possible to maybe add the way it's spelled on the label so that it can be found in search more easily? If not, that's cool...just a thought.

    The second one.

  9. 3 hours ago, Vicki Lee said:

    I’m sorry.... @Fang but to clarify I wasn’t being literal it was typed in a joking matter. I had no idea about the thread... But again like I said I was literally looking for labels when she made that post. I'm sorry you were confused and thought I meant it literally.... It was a coincidence. 

    lol no worrys, at least i wasn't the only one looking for labels!

  10. 3 hours ago, Vicki Lee said:

    I think you made this post for me because... I was just looking for labels to put on my permanent bottles for my decant perfumes. It says it‚Äôs currently unavailable so I‚Äôll look at stickers similar to this! ūüė≥ Thanks!¬†

    The post was actually referring to me, as i was looking for cute lables for my bottles


  11. 5 hours ago, amoradrianam said:

    Ok! Great to know :)

    Will do.


    So strange! I’m glad my order is good to go now. I still have my list so I’ll just order the others when I can, and re-ask my questions with that order instead. Thank you! 

    Hope you enjoy all your goodies when they arrive!

  12. 8 hours ago, SugarKitten said:

    @Fang, sorry if I missed it, have you already said which pherotines? I'm just now catching up on everything I've missed since my last visit here. 


    NVM, I saw in another thread! Wish I could help, but I've never tried to relabel them, I was just gonna buy sticker labels from target or something this weekend and use my best handwriting (which, tbh, isn't very good, but oh well). 

    oh good idea, might do that too!

  13. 4 hours ago, amoradrianam said:

    I feel like Aja is sort of in a class of its own since it’s from such a natural/unique source. 

    I’m pretty sure I’ve tried Aja though perhaps very long ago, and I believe enjoyed the way it smelled, so I would suppose closer to an OCCO for sure than just pure cops.

    If you’ve ever had pure cops.... you will knooooooowwwwww ha :) 


    Strength/Effectiveness wise- it may be similar to pure. I’m really not sure. 

    Will go for an OCCO when i have some more money!

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