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  1. ok thankyou, also thought about blatant invitation, or is that more bedroom? was looking for a sexy swinging hips vibe.
  2. going to have to hunt for something similar to super sexy
  3. the title says super sexy concentrate which i'm looking for, but this link is swimming with sharks.
  4. for the labels, my favs are Prisma and Divine Magick, i love strong bold colours that stand out, they are a bit like the colours when i dream, psychodelic.
  5. so i'm looking at the sets, so how much would it be for 10 samples of a set, i know somewhere it was written 40% off but the set themselves are not on the site like the other ones. also would love to get an UN and am limited to only one finance wise, so my choice is between LFM, Cougar, Lumina, Cuddle Bunny, these 4 work quite good for me but soo mad cause can't get them all that i want and will have to wait another year for the rest, these should be permanetly on the site, then we are not tied for time and money!
  6. lol you make me laugh! maybe if you added a drop or 2 of the UN to perfume, it might make them last a bit longer!
  7. lol done the editing wrong, anyway did you try Aja, it's similar to Essence Oil, but with a Honey type of smell.
  8. It says on the descriptions for each UN that a drop or 2 could be added to perfume, did you try it that way?
  9. i am exhausted lol, call myself ditsy lizzy lol! so how long will the UN scented pheros be on the site for? want to make make out my list
  10. lol thanks just checked lol thanks for the info lol! lace should have been made for me, such a ditsy lol
  11. cool in between pukeing etc i should be ok lol not because of you lol, just cause i'm sick lol no offence
  12. crema deliza with bam sounds like creme brulé or creme caramel vanilla. white licorice sound like licorice with soft musk. how does it all work, so you pick 10 samples? how does the discount work etc? where are the UN scented phero trials? lol soo many questions.
  13. so far out of my last order it's Pallas and Mystic dew drop!
  14. will there be any new ones for st valentines? are pherotines back in february?
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