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  1. my news years eve was quiet, just a glass or 2 of champagne, but with this bronchitus i have, have had breathing problems, spent most of the night over the toilet coughing trying to clear my chest, sleeping almost in an upright position otherwise i feel like i'm gonna choke, yesterday started the antibiotics and cortisone so hopefully they will kick in working soon, cause normally i fly out to the uk monday and dad wants me to get better before i see him, don't want him to be ill just after his heart op! tonight will be some champagne again.
  2. well i tried this combo out tonight, had to go to the docs cause for the past 3 weeks i have had a cough i can't shift, anyway i go there for 7pm, he is the only one there with it being new years, all the secretarys and other docs gone home so it was empty apart from me and him anyway he listens to my chest saying i'm wheezing etc so prescribed anti inflammatorys and antibiotics etc and on the way out he says i'll give you a kiss for new year lol, only on the cheek though lol!
  3. Happy New Year, love the cat, wish mine would wear a cute hat lol
  4. sounds a cool idea, will try wearing them both together, fab idea!!!!!
  5. ok i'm wondering which LP perfumes i could wear along side these i have in my collection any ideas? Island Rain/with open windows Mystic dew/with LFM Dom Scented Stormy weather/true confessions Sareena with/lace pallas/lumina i have Tusomonie not sure spelt right lol
  6. ooh wow great idea, i have both in samples so will be doing this!
  7. I took this out for a test run on my Psy lol he is a good tester even though he doesn't know it! the scent i love, plus it was like a truth serum, he told me he dreamt about me over christmas lol, i think i might of put a bit too much on, but for some reason the nols, beta, est etc seem to work much better for me!
  8. going to have to put some more on before bed time lol! i'm in love with this scent, might work more on me than the other half, hum?
  9. i love this, tried it tonight, like a hum bug vanilla scent, then on dry down turns a bit licorice, this will be a future buy full bottle, haven't tested under the covers yet, but hubby seemed to like it!
  10. do they normally get annonced when being disconned?
  11. just got my package woo hoo, just arrived in time for after christmas lol, our postal service here is crap! anyway i have soo much to go through and try out, don't know where to start! Thankyou LPMP and john, mara for the samples!
  12. for me it's pretty strong stuff, but if have found a way to wear it, i dab some on, then cover with lush cream perfumes, rose jam, restless etc, works pretty good for me!
  13. one thing, the shop shows prices in dollars, where as the original shop always has prices in euros for me which is how i buy them, can this be changed please to how the original one is?
  14. Thankyou! it looks great!
  15. how can i see the new store, i have tried typing in lpmp store etc nothing.
  16. hi with the scented perfumes phero enchanced you need to let them sit for a week before trying them out because of travel shock! try it out again in a week!
  17. lol cougar is still my go too, every time i wear it i get men advances lol, but only from the oldest guys for some reason, this works great on my therapist who is almost 70 lol 20 years my age, tommorow night is therapy night so here we go cougar lol!
  18. ohh sounds interesting will give it a whirl!
  19. oh dear hope you get better soon, to be able to smell your goodies! force!
  20. ooh, how sad, your probably going to have to wait a while before you can smell them, hope you get better soon!
  21. i have had some good results with cougar scented oil a few times, seems to work on the older guys though for some reason! i also have gotcha scented limited edition but need to wear it more to see the results! (oil) all mine are oil scented, which work fine for me, some prefer sprays and un scented, i prefer scented as it's difficult to find what would pair well with each unscented. i have just placed my christmas present order for some more oils soo excited for them to arrive lol!
  22. what is your review on the scented gotcha you ordered, i have one coming in a few days!
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