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  1. no don't think it's just for the older ladies, some young ones apprently wear it!
  2. i read somewhere that someone think it was beccah, added 3 drops of Aja to a full bottle of cougar scented and the results were very good, maybe give it a try?
  3. how will you be wearing all of these? LFM just on it's own or with one of the sugars?
  4. have you tried Cougar yet, apprently it's another good one!
  5. lol aja with lesbians, will have to be careful wearing it!
  6. no more than a drop for the trails! i sprayed my bag with odalisque and it still smells of it lol
  7. you can always add a drop of aja to your pheros trial!
  8. lol i'm thinking if i use aja and dom or leather mixed, would make a creative scent! something kick butting something bruce lee lol! hum, got me thinking now, i need a bruce lee scent lol!
  9. should of sprayed it with dom, or leather which i don't have, before or after i knock his head against a wall? i'm soo p....... off by what he did this weekend, and he is soo embarassed! leather and dom will be my future buys!
  10. lol, lol at the moment he is complaining the whole house smells of perfume lol, no idea why! oh i know now, sprayed my bag this afternoon with odalisque lol! lol lol!
  11. it has to be a full bottle of 10ml with the 2 or 3 drops, otherwise it's way too much! over time it blooms in the bottle, so make sure to shake it before using! if its trial vial i would say just one drop no more, otherwise too stinky, it can be added to trial vials but not much!
  12. aja alone on my skin is pretty stinky so no idea, depends on your skin type, it seems to work for some people so not sure, you could try a trial vial and see, otherwise you could always add 2 to 3 drops of the trail vial to another perfume, no more though as it seems to bloom as the hours go by!
  13. i thought all trials are the same ingredients as the full bottles
  14. sounds good, can't wait to read your reviews!
  15. oh ok sounds good, i thought you might of bought the lam, bam etc, as you had mentioned somewhere your interests lol
  16. yeah i did rub, maybe a little too much lol
  17. which other ones work for you seeing as we are both menopause etc, i might have more results by trying the ones that work for you. odlaisque on hubby didn't work at all.
  18. is it the scented one you wear of sexpionage? roll on or spray?
  19. that might explain things for me then, as i'm in menopause so it might explain why cops don't do anything for me lol, but i have ordered scented cougar so it might work seeing as it works for you lol! i haven't seen Dom Noire on the website as it sounds interesting!
  20. oh ok would be cool if it had pheros but no cops (une)
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