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  1. Ok so bought a trial of this for hubby to try. I actually picked it because of the Vetiver. Sniffed in the bottle I really wasn't too sure. When he finally gave in and tried it(2 weeks later) OMG! I felt the need to follow him around the house. It's traditionally masculine very sexy. He had to wear it twice before he decided he liked it. I bought a full bottle the next day. I have only smelled one other on him that has the same effect. Totally different scents but worth every sniff.
  2. I am in love. I was just trying to pick a few scents to try. I had no idea what my husband would like. I could wear this daily. I like the way I feel wearing it and everyone around me seem so relaxed I get so many compliments. Will be a full size bottle I purchase.
  3. Personally I have trouble wearing cops no amount of dry is enough even when my husband wears em I can smell em. He however swears you can't so I trudge on because he likes this on me. I have worn pg out and to work and have been told it smells wonderful. I have found I can layer LP pink just a dab and then I no longer notice the cops. I don't want to change the scent a lot as he does enjoy it. Initially I was afraid because he calls most commercially available scents "church lady" finally found perfumes he likes too!
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