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  1. @oceanjewel Thank you so much. It sounds like an intriguing scent (sooo many of those at LPMP )
  2. So sorry @luna65, I was not aware. Thank you for letting me know. It shall not happen again ❤️
  3. Is this stii available to buy?
  4. Most Holy

    Caramel Musk

    Teehee 😁 I hope you confessed some good stuff! I actually have TMI but never openede the bottle. Hmmm, maybe it would be a good one to wear while writing in order to writ truthfully.
  5. Ooooh, will there be another Mystery Magic Box next year?
  6. Ooooh, would you trade your bottle?
  7. After thinking of getting this scent for probably a year now, I finally ordered it and got it in the mail today I concur with @androstenol the centuries old wood, lovingly oiled is a good description. It's soft and woodsy and sweet but not too sweet. And it's delicious too, without being gourmand. I think I'll love wearing this on its own and also layering it. I had a tester of Sugared Rose added in my package and I think it would compliment it nicely!
  8. Most Holy

    Caramel Musk

    OMG I just got this in the mail today and it smells so delicious! I didn't know what to expect, I was a little afraid that it may smell like I rolled around in the displays of a Godiva chocolate store (not that that's a bad thing ) but no: it's airy musky and the caramel combined with the musk turns into something that is utterly delicious but doesn't smack CARAMEL in your face. It actually reminds me of some type of French perfume that young women would wear, sweet (without being sticky), delicious and innocent but very, very sensual. I love this!
  9. I love iiiiiiiiiiiitttttttt! Can't wait! Ordering tomorrow. You guys make all of us so happy with your fabulous, fun, fantastic creations! Blessings and happy creepy season
  10. Unscented Cougar is amazing! I always have a bottle in my arsenal. It gives you this sparkly magnet irresistible type of vibe. And if you really want to turn things up a notch, mix it with LAM. So. Much. Fun.
  11. OK you all are seriously inspiring me to try Dom and Leather. I've shied away from them (even though I own Dom) as I was afraid it may make my already alpha vibe a little too much. Even though it's worth mentioning that pheros helped me grow into what I think is my natural alpha vibe (due to childhood conditioning I used to not be good with asserting myself and boundaries, working with alpha and status pheros has completely changed that). Will give the Dom a spin tomorrow
  12. I think it woul be an excellent idea to also offer spray products and not just oil. I know there are two or three sprays available like Topper, Est etc. but it would be nice to have a bigger selection of sprays on Amazon.
  13. Hi Maya, sorry for the late response, I did not check my forum alerts. I have the spray (not sure if available anymore) and also the oil. Actually both work for me without a vinegary smell when I use them close to the hair but on skin as mentioned before. Hope this helps.
  14. I find aphrodisiac plant essences / scents on their own to be very effective, after all each plant has a certain energy and fine tuned in an aphrodisiac blend such as Mara's wonderful concoctions the results can be amazing. The addition of pheromones definitely takes it over the edge though. I also believe in the energy of pheros and that they strongly influence what type of energy we send out when we wear them. Even when we are not in the same room with another person. I have experienced pheros to work over the phone or via email as well, perhaps because they become part of my general energy field and signature. I am convinced the plant essences and also the pheros can help us achieve sustainable change, spiritually, mentally and even physically. Used correctly they can aid us in transmutation and achieving all kinds of goals. I'm a huge fan of combining ancient wisdom with cutting edge science.
  15. Ha, I just see LPMP actually has a product called Smooth Operator, sorry about that, I didn't want to confuse, but you get what I mean ;}
  16. My husband loves Charisma! He already is such an amazing guy (of course!) but this gives him an extra edge and enhances all his good attributes even more. Whether it is in business meetings or socializing, Charisma is "Smooth Operator" in a bottle. Clearly alpha, but approachable and trustworthy. Other males are OK with him being the lead without getting contentious. And women feel even more comfortable in his presence. Like bees to the honey :}
  17. The scent is super sensual and sexual and it's presence has a kind of "texture" that is nearly palpable. One of my favorite scents to mask the cops. Or rather than merely mask it just works synergistically with them. I get very vocal and very positive reactions from both men and women when I wear this: "You smell amazing!", "Oh my god what is this, it smells divine"... etc. Definitely one to have in your OCCO arsenal if you are not afraid of a scent with an unapologetically sultry signature. Love!
  18. I just ordered this as part of the sale and can't wait to try it! Love the idea of a "darker" version of Cougar (even though the regular version is wonderful).
  19. I noticed that Aja (the spray, not the oil) behaves best in hair when I spray it close to the scalp, at the temples or on the spot at the back of my neck where the hairline begins. No vinegary smell then, it is absolutely delightful. Perhaps it has something to do with the transmutation on the skin.
  20. I have been playing with this combination for a while and thought I'd share it as some of you may enjoy it too. I use the SSFW unscented in the spray bottle (4-6 sprays on neck, hair, cleavage, wrists) and combine it with the Sugared Vanilla & Honey LAM roller (2 inch on each arm, 1 inch on both sides of the neck and then a dab in the cleavage, to be honest, I'd roll myself in a puddle of that stuff if it existed, aaah, one can dream :)). The reactions have been overwhelmingly wonderful, from men and women alike. People stare and try to get closer, they open up quickly in conversation. Women are extremely friendly and complimentary, I usually get very sweet compliments from females when I wear this, zero cattyness. Men become very charming, playful and flirtatious in a respectful way. It seems this combo is also a strong beautifier and gives a youthful glow.
  21. This is such a lovely scent on it's own, even without pheros. It puts my mind and heart at ease. The combination with Treasured Hearts makes it my go-to for a dinner with friends at home where I want everyone to feel warm, welcome and loved, or when I spend time with family and wish for everyone to get along a little better. It also helps when themostwonderfulhusbandintheworld is grouchy. Once he gets a whiff of this he'll turn from grizzly to teddy.
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