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  1. @Eastwood22 Yeah i think i definitely bought Lick of Cream after 2014, but it turned really bitter smelling on me. Actually a lot of fragrances do. I checked out the thread for fav buttercream perfumes and so I bought Pie in the Sky after much deliberation. I got the package today and tried it out and it went a bit bitter on me too, with like a waxy candle smell. Not as much as Lick of Cream, but I can still smell the sharp bitter notes on me all the same. I don't know if it's just my skin chemistry with all of the perfumes, but I don't know what to do. I might buy a trial vial of BBM, but I really don't know at this point. I bought LAM vanilla and honey like a year ago and that also goes bitter too as well as Fairy Cake: fairy floss. I feel like my skin chemistry just brings out a bitter, waxy scent and it really bums me out. Frosting type scents or like cupcakes is actually really ideal. I just didn't want anything too foody like chocolate or pie or something. Like, the bath&body works Vanilla Bean Noel is really pretty, but the only downside is that it literally fades after ten minutes. The fragrance notes for it were vanilla bean, sugar cookies, warm caramel, whipped cream, and snow kissed musk. I think I had a friend describe it as smelling like cotton candy vape juice LOL. Maybe I should just order a private edition? Even so, I'm scared that it'll end up turning really sour on me too, at least knowing my luck it probably will. But, yeah I'll probably try BBM @tink333 I didn't think of the egg notes as meringue at all. My thought process was eggs=boiled egg smell LOOL but meringue I'm totally down for 😂
  2. Hello! I'm sort of a newbie here. I bought my first LP in 8th grade like 7 years ago (and it was LP Red. yikes LOL) so I've been around for a while kinda lurking in the shadows, but I never really joined the forums until recently. I've tried various scents over the past couple of years and I think I've just gotten rather unlucky for the most part. A lot of perfumes that I've bought have ended up really powdery on me. My first one was LP Red and I LOVED IT, but I've outgrown the resiny scents so I've been looking for a milk/vanilla/buttercream scent for a while. I bought a Treasure of Rubies(an old one I know) years ago and it was wayyyyy too powdery on me. I had one friend tell me I smelled like straight up baby powder. I also bought a Lick of Cream and that turned powdery/sour as soon as it hit the skin. LAM: Vanilla and Honey did the same too so now I'm a bit nervous to buy again. I loved that the perfumes here are so potent and long-lasting . I could smell LP Red on me till the next day and I've had it for YEARS now. I don't want to give up that none of the scents will work on me so I really really really want to find a creamy scent that won't go to shit on me. I'm a broke college student now so I can't splurge as often as I want with my parents' money anymore LOL I'm nervous to try Beth's Blushing Milkmaid as the egg notes kind of scare me so if you guys have any favs or recommendations I'd greatly appreciate it. I've heard NEW 2016, and NOCO White are great, but I'm not looking for a gourmand scent that's like heavy bakery-ish. (I work part-time at a bakery/coffee shop so I already smell enough of like baked goods and coffee 😂) Something that smells like Bath&Bodywork's Vanilla Bean Noel is actually super ideal. Unfortunately, it's a seasonal christmas scent and also it disappears after like two minutes which sucks, but yeah something like a creamy milk/buttercream/sugarcookie is great.
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