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  1. oh my .... is there a date set for the release? - thinking i really want a set - i missed summer french - feeling regret over that i have to somehow rethink how to purchase and bugets love the visual aspects
  2. now I am regretting not getting a few more items.... my budget got in the way.... i am grateful for the Sale, the items i ordered and the items i already have - love wearing LPMP everyday
  3. i am looking forward to the next collection too plus I need to save up for the summer sale but 20% off wow - i must buy something now and i am hoping wax melts will be coming too
  4. bless you for asking.... i know now I can't make up my mind ....... too many things I want
  5. i am going to annoy the house elf...... is it only the items on the page the link directs you to, or is it all items on the new site?? When you click the link you go to a page with 12 new release items and 12 items from the permanent collection.
  6. I feel for you. Do the two of you do anything special - not sex- together? like a hobby ? play cards, cook? music ? knew about a similar situation - the dad was jealous of the kids but at the same time didn't want to interfer with the nursing and mom time. he just kept doing and saying stuff that wound up ruining the relationship how about some La Femme Mystere or Levatation - for everyday , I gave my sister Open windows and cougar they worked pretty well sexpionage or La femme Noire for sex maybe some TMI to find out what is on his mind There is a saying - Fear makes you dumb - Love makes you smart I have found this to be very true
  7. I am still using the "brown background' site.. because I'm still looking at the GGG and sale stuff..... I want to make sure I get what I can while it's still on the site. I do know that when you click shop blog it comes to the new and very pretty site here. I do like the colors adding...Haven't tried the new features here yet
  8. NOTHING !!!! - You have done nothing wrong. Do you understand how you now believe that, you committed some offense for which you need to be punished/banished ? He has placed this idea in your mind. He criticizes you without really knowing you. He finds objections before there is any evidence. He admires you then pushes you aside. He speaks sweetly then explodes. He acts like a gentleman then he assumes the role of a cad. Do you pick men or attract men who all follow these actions? If so, then I would say maybe you need to find a different path. But in this case this man - this is all on him. Yes, this is mind games. He wants a certain response and so he tries method A, then Method B - no result = explosion. He goes back to Method A and still no result = he disappears. He tries method C = cut you off. Where are his divorce papers????? Why can't you meet his family??? Why can't he meet your friends and family? Can't Even Text?? No 10 minute call ???? It's really hard on our psyches when we like someone like this kind of man. What about your investment?? So far I don't see any investment or true concernment on his part my best friend is dealing with something very similar - they did have a relationship but is was the same thing, finding fault, criticizing, exploding temper - she was often wonders what she did wrong too- but it's the same answer NOTHING - you didn't do anything wrong!!
  9. i thought this meant apologize - does it mean break it off?? i think the up/down, in/out, hot/cold is just a operating mode it usually works Lfm helps people like you but remain respectful
  10. I agree with this - preformance is at the top of his list - and the big head needs to have the little head make it ED is heartbreaking and can ruin a relationship if correct action is not taken - and medical checkup is needed
  11. i find this highly worrisome - new people are usually more blind to people's faults .... He is telling you it won't work out without saying this. 10 days?? his sister?? no communication??? Very odd Plus - leaving a lady stranded on a street ???? - what kind of a man or a friend does that ?? a lot of what he is saying probably works on other women - yes sit back and do NOTHING do stuff with friends and family, make things, read, cook i think he will call in 10 days LFM - mix it up
  12. Where have Sugared layerables moved to?? they used to be with Fairy Cakes -
  13. that is very Capricorn... so thrifty .... so cheap this!!! this is just selfish - he could have fish, soup, vegetables he doesn't need to order high calorie food - so I'll call him on that ......hhh say What??? so he is testing to see what you will do - here for work again ???? if you already established and he was asking you to come to him that would be different why are You the squeeze in on the schedule avoidant behavior - he can't get close, when is he coming just to see you?? neither do I - what the hell?? hey be a gentleman and make a plan to see the lady ... another avoidant behavior capricorns are big on respect and reputation - his behavior towards you seems, at times, to be disrespectful also why doesn't he have his own copy of his divorce papers?? just another nagging tidbit in the usa divorce papers are public records and can be searched by county yes I agree 100% and when you're older we also have kids, stepkids, grandkids, elderly parents, other dependents and our work, our houses and stuff, debt, faults, baggage, unfinished business so it's acceptance ++++ I wonder if you could ask for some references ? you do for work professional and personal references I am still hoping he'll get over himself
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