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  1. I feel for you I had a spill this morning too!! Bunch of my tine of Cougar on my jeans and comforter - OMG I was beside myself !!! must be mars moving into virgo
  2. I didn't know this before - Last year I kept my little bag you send in the super baking console box of my car .... i used to keep other scents in there too - but now I just make sure I have one in my bag - just like I make sure I have on clothes I like carrying a TV sometimes two not a whole bottle - I mean if i need a whole bottle - for business or something unexpected well whole bottle it is
  3. just paid my invoice - I am so excited - my package will be coming to me soon!!! I feel like a kid - I know I am going to love everything
  4. This one is not on the sale list, so please send it with your inventory request via email, ok? Thank you! okay I did that thank you
  5. since my invoice hasn't arrived .... may I add 1 tv of Honeyed LP with Gotcha, Please Thank you LPMP are like Lay's - "You can't have just one"
  6. ** say what?? Oh no I'm broke - but so tempted !!! I mean ..... should I or shouldn't I ???? One thing I know for sure 2020 i"m saving my pennies
  7. I just made hay..... so depending on the auction I'm over my set limit but so very happy and I'm going to smell divine !!!!!
  8. Please reserve 1 TV Winter in the Tropics 1 FC Magnolia 1 FB - One True Love -
  9. Is the sale is going until the 14th ??
  10. so $ 8.50 for the sale!? on the sugars and fc small
  11. - i have been thinking the same thing!!!! i need to wait for the auction anyway - what would another small order hurt?? right?
  12. they are coming - the potion master is diligently working on them - I have had emails from her - they are just so much more work than a regular order
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