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  1. raydee8_love

    Cataluna LPMP Has Sent You A Package

    - i couldn't get the USPS redelivery to work - I spoke to my mailman and he said the form isn't connecting tracking numbers it's using the address but he was sure my package was at the Post office - I sent hubs to the post office to get my package most of them smell like pool chemicals - I can't wait to be better
  2. raydee8_love

    Cataluna LPMP Has Sent You A Package

    Horrors of Horrors I missed the mailman - I've been waiting so long and I get a "Missed You notice" - I was at home too usually I keep the blind open and he does the other side of the street 1st so I can hear and see him coming But I'm sick- I'm all stuffed up so maybe I couldn't hear him I don't know how it happened - I was going to go to the Post Office - but I just can't make it but even worse - being sick has taken the excitement away
  3. raydee8_love

    Ivory Cats: Silken Glow

    When I 1st tried this I thought of my childhood and 5 & dime stores with wooden floors. I thought - do I want to smell like an oldtime store?? However, just like many other scents from LPMP this one has grown on me and is a favorite. Luckily I snagged the last bottles....
  4. Welcome !! .... I have used other perfumes but I am spoiled now and I'm not sure I could or want to use any other brand. Ok - is this what you really, really want?? a guy who flakes?? - Hang ups??? what kind?? weird fetishes, doesn't do sex outside of a committed relationship, has another full time girlfriend, thinks sex is dirty, needs to have the 'STD' talk, doesn't mix business and pleasure, on the down-lo, has ED, thinks he can do better?????? - I mean .... You are worthy of someone who finds you adorable. If you want a battle plan - I would start with la femme Mystere, while ignoring him- nothing rude or overt, polite and open but getting on with your own work. ....""""bulls jump fences to get to cows, not the other way around. """ and the cow always has the opportunity to walk away - she just talks 1 or 2 steps forward - and he has to try again.... Then move on to another mix maybe TMI or Open Windows for that you can tell me anything vibe -- then back to LFM then move onto something like Gotcha, LFN or another mix with cops when you are within hours of passion - that means he has shown up....
  5. raydee8_love

    Hi, everyone!

    When my Aja came I thought "oh NO!!" I will never be able to wear this it's total funk. Now I think it has aged a bit and mellowed - I do like to wear this in my bedroom - so far I have not had trouble getting the scent out of my clothing
  6. raydee8_love

    Cataluna LPMP Has Sent You A Package

    I just got a notice - I'm so excited .... it came while I was reading forum articles!!! how kool is that???!!! I want to get another order - Dear santa......
  7. raydee8_love


    I thought the same thing - I had ordered just before Thanksgiving - luckily i was able to get an email to customer service before anything shipped - Plus I felt like the stars were with me regarding the sale
  8. raydee8_love

    New + Application questions

    i read here in the forum pheromones only last for a few hours - I think that was from the potion master herself - so it might not be worth it agree with Kayla i got the money charged and the men's sharp dressed this might backfire at work - made the guys stare welcome to the forum - you will become "perfume/scent/fragrance spoiled" within 6 to 8 months
  9. raydee8_love


    I 'm not really sure. But, it would seem the decision depends if you want to be more party-girl or more connection. I have the same kind of problem as I go through and try to decide which items to get and which items are on the wish list, the lists keep growing and changing.
  10. raydee8_love


    Just added to my collection- wow didn't know there would be a sale - so happy
  11. raydee8_love


    LPMP is a blessing - been wearing Island rain with Open windows- I think -it's OP - and my family didn't let the conversation over boil - so very glad you sent me this as a sample
  12. raydee8_love

    Leaking Bottles

    Thanks - just sent one off
  13. raydee8_love

    Leaking Bottles

    I have a bottle that arrived leaking! And it still is leaking - I wonder if anyone has any tips on handling this. Is it the lid? or the bottle? or roller ball? - I wind up with oil all over my hands, but I am more worried about having it get on other things. I have been keeping it in a plastic bag.
  14. raydee8_love

    Love Potion: Black

    - I thought the same thing - I had never been around this scent - But it is great for adding mystery - it really is black - very impressed by how much I have grown to enjoy LP-Black.
  15. raydee8_love

    Hi I am new here. Need advice on my purchases

    Hi pinksugarcandy, . I really like the Heart & Soul blend. I got a pherotine unscented size bottle and some limited edition trial size vials of Ohana & Passionbee. I have found people want to be more helpful and friendly, even people who were not receptive to me before. One lady even sat and chatted with me for about 20 minutes - before she was never friendly to me. I was just not someone she would speak to- wow what a difference. -