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  1. Thank you to the LPMP store for getting my 0220 here B4 valentine's day arrived last night!!
  2. oh my word - wow that could have been even worse!! what if it had happened on the hwy?? or it ate through something else!!!
  3. >>>> I just went GAGA!! - I am so very excited !!!!
  4. - wow what an awesome thought pattern!! - i am learning to ask the cosmos to fulfill my needs as they arise - which is hard to do because it involves trusting in the unknown - at the same time doing my part to keep preparing for the unexpected YIKES !!!!!!!! what ever happened to mashing on it or banging on it with a hammer???
  5. yes !!! - i started just after summer clearance for next- summer 2020 sale- hope nothing interferes that plan!!
  6. Should I start saving from this paycheck or can i wait....... what a foolish question- aways save for LPMP i didn't get myself a b-day present yet - i just can hardly wait !!!!
  7. ... yes - very much a thing a really special thing - try connecting the dots , locations /people/events/thoughts can be very spooky !! I have realized it's the cosmos telling me how much i am loved oh my word!!! - i call it lucky money too !!! - but I keep it in ziplocks witha piece of ducktape on the outside so i wont spend it and really special lucky coins get scotch tape to keep them seperate in the lucky money
  8. no one was in te house when it happened - same thing with the coin on the freshly washed counter that was sppoky but kool, the nickel on the staircase ..... somany and outside all the time
  9. yes - has been happening for decades !!! the spookiest of all was when we were cleaning out my mom's house for sale. One night a never before seen picture showed up outside on the back porch, on top of a plie - I of other papers I thought my sister found it ... but she had no idea of where it came from. The picture was of My father's Mother, her 2 sisters and their mother - they were all young college /high school age my great grandmother did look old but it was more likely the style my mother often said things moved - none of us believed her - I thought she was just unorganized ....... Now I know better .... way way way better I think there is more than one person I think I have about 5
  10. Still Loving LOVING my 2020 Cimaruta collection- However this..... One day I thought the Cosmos took it away from me, I had gone out to meet a girlfriend for dinner - my idea since I had not seen her in over a year - wore some Mercury and some TMI - we had a serious heart to heart - then the next my little pouch was MIA - I was horrifiied !!! - I went on an search & rescue expedition - no luck- i was just so sad. Days went by and i tried to understand what the cosmos wanted me to know, was i not giving of myself enough??? well NO not that !!! Did i act carelessly?? maybe, was i a bad girl - NO COMMENT! - Resolving to be a better self for 2020, my little pouch reappeared .......in a LPMP box next to my bed. Plus right now I need extra help on the evil eye thing - wow got daggers at my back!!
  11. well when it wasn't there i called the store - something i normally wouldn't do and when he mentioned the new release had been posted well........... i got some extra stuff and ...... well...... it's LPMP
  12. Loving, Loving,Loving 2020 Spell Collection!!!!!! I was waiting for a Chrstmas present invoice - I didn't it in my inbox - so I called the Store to ask and he just happened to mention the spell collection just came out a few hours before i called so I needed a new invoice - But- Funny thing was the invoice WAS in my inbox the whole time -
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