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  1. raydee8_love

    Cataluna LPMP Has Sent You A Package

    my last order was waiting in my mailbox - 5 different trial vials including Sharp Dressed Man & PHeroCharged Money Potion with SWS for job interviews recommended by OceanJewel & Vickilee. I feel like a kid in a candy store! I like that I am expanding and experimenting with new scents
  2. raydee8_love

    Catch a Tiger

    I just read an article stating that they are trying to catch a female tiger using CK obsession perfume. The article says the perfume has civitone which is loved by big cats. I did not know commercial perfumes used attractants.
  3. raydee8_love

    Evening Breeze-Summer 2018

    This a beautifully soft feminine floral - no doubt just like lady. Spring flowers in a vase
  4. raydee8_love


    Extraordinarily happy with this scent makes me feel "Fluffy"
  5. raydee8_love

    Threebie lot 515

    I thought getting this would be a good deal as a start. I wasn't sure if I would like any of these scents. I wanted virgin scents. But I decided to just try. I thought Tangy Tart would be my favorite, however Summertime Blues is the big winner here. Wow blue musk - so lovely. I was worried that Guavas in the Mist would overwhelming and I'd smell like a fruit basket, but is not overpowering , but still fruity. Tangy Tart is all licorice on me, I was really hoping for lemons. I may try using this as a room brightener, or as part of layering when I grow my collection. So Summertime Blue made this purchase winner for me. Lovely, fresh and a bit of feminine mystery Guava's mellow once dry.
  6. raydee8_love

    New lovely lady to the mones community :)

    Hello VickiLee ! I have been using mones for several years -I used to buy then at the lingerie-sex shop. I found LPMP when I was on Amazon. I was very hesitant about buying something I couldn't smell especially at $50+ I would not be able to return - so i checked out the website and was really happy about the $6.50 price tag. I was still hesitant because I did buy some 'Pheromones' that are sooooooooooooo awful - I don't mean like the copulins - I mean horrible old lady smell that does not go away ( I still have that set of 4 bottles) I have been very pleased with everything from LPMP. Other products I have used were more limiting - I would get responses from people, I have found that people are just more helpful , more often towards me when i use mones. I am also expanding the range of scents that I am wearing. For instance I would not have worn a musk, now I want to try different types. And of course I am so excited when I get the email and track my package.... Hey Mr Postman. I see pictures of things on the other social media sites that I would like to buy - maybe I will indulge myself for Christmas - or Thanksgiving - or any holiday.
  7. raydee8_love

    Hello Lovers of LPMP

    Thanks Kayla
  8. raydee8_love

    Hello Lovers of LPMP

    thank you eve
  9. raydee8_love

    Hello Lovers of LPMP

    thank you Tink333
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    Hello Lovers of LPMP

    Thank you oceanjewel
  11. raydee8_love

    Hello Lovers of LPMP

    I have over 20+ years of all kinds of volunteer work also ... everything from river clean ups, treasurer for groups, I started a baby sitting coop and planning community events. I was told by a recruiter that I can't use any of that - she said, "no one knows if volunteers really work"
  12. raydee8_love

    Hello Lovers of LPMP

    thank You very much IndieAna
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    Hello Lovers of LPMP

    Thanks QuietGuy
  14. raydee8_love

    Hello Lovers of LPMP

    Than k you VickiLee - I did check out the link - thanx
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    Hello Lovers of LPMP

    Thank you Oceanjewel