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  1. I'm still loving Balm Bomb...I just slathered some on a few minutes ago, actually. I've been getting consistent hits with this from a very handsome male. It's my cat, but still 🤣 Seriously, he loves this ! I remember that he seemed to like it months back, & thought " Okay, you're losing it now, he's a CAT " lol. But then I saw that Mara put a pet bonding phero out recently & thought, interesting. Anyway, I was having my usual trouble sleeping the other night, so I slathered on some BB. My cat was on my bed, near his favorite window ( well...his favorite window in my room, anyway ) & as soon as I laid down, he came over & plopped his furry butt right beside me, purring away & nudging my hand for some pets. I obliged him for a bit, then turned to my other side, & he walks literally over me, & plops his orange behind on the side that I switched to, purring away. So, I can now safely say that Balm Bomb had my kitty's seal of approval. Not sure if it's the phero, the scent or both. He seems to be more affectionate when I wear Red Lace too, LP Pink, with or without a phero, & seems to like when I wear LFM, too. But none of these quite as much as BB. Christ, re - reading this, I sound like a whackjob 🤣 What can I say, I've been quarantined for too long, I guess...
  2. You are so welcome ! I'm very happy to provide the reminder, it's such a gorgeous scent, I hated the thought of it getting no love in the sale - so happy you got it ! @Eastwood22 that idea for the Butterscotch OCCO pairing is awesome ! It just so happens that Butterscotch is going in my order, so I'm going to try that out, too ! @Kayla it also goes amazingly with OCCO White, I pair it with that a lot & it's a gorgeous pairing, too.
  3. I figured that I would bump this thread, since I see that there's a bottle up for grabs for the sale, & it may get overlooked. I bought a vial of this back in June, I believe ? And fell so deeply in love with it, that I immediately ordered a full bottle. I am not exaggerating in the least when I say that this is absolute heaven ! It's creamy, boozy, caramel ( at least, it reads caramel on me ) banana folded into that gorgeous LP base. It's one of the richest, most edible gourmands that I've ever tried - ever. If you're a gourmand lover, & you're trying to think of something to grab for your free bottle, I would highly consider this !
  4. You're the reason that I reserved one of the Fairy Cake Gingerbreads, lol. I remember you raving over that one awhile back. Can't wait to try it ! To stay on topic, I reserved ( for the time being, anyway, lol ) Fairy Cake : Gingerbread, Fairy Cake : Rose, & planning on ordering OCCO Butterscotch & OCCO Weenie Pump.
  5. 5 ml Fairy Cake : Gingerbread 5 ml Fairy Cake : Rose
  6. That is so cool ! I was actually BIG on dolls & I had no idea, lol
  7. Really ?? Wow ! I have always wondered if there were more who loved that scent, because it's such a nostalgic thing...kinda bummed that I missed out on that PE, lol
  8. One of my favorite things about Mara's perfumes are how they morph into an even more exquisite scent over time, sometimes even in a matter of a few days, which is definitely the case with this one ! Yesterday, this one called to me, so I gave myself a good slathering of it, along with one spray of Topper. First of all, I think that I phero bombed my daughter 🤣 She's already a cute little bubbly 20 year old, lol...but we went on a long drive & she was in party mode, lol ! Dancing in her seat, laughing, just having an awesome time. So, that was definitely fun. As far as the scent, it has morphed in just the week that I had it, & omg, it may have moved it's way right into my fave spot of my new scents ( sorry, Rocket Fuel & Bonbon Booty...I still have mad love for both of ya ) It is just GORGEOUS ! When I first put it on, it still has that Drive By Fruiting vibe ( which I do love ) but the dry down....omg, the dry down... Just this luscious swirl of buttercream with a hint of berry ( I can smell all of the berries now, as opposed to last week ) just dripping with sweet honey. Just completely edible & lickable, & with the Levitation in it plus a spray of Topper...just a big, delicious cloud of good times ! Yesterday got stressful but I wasn't feeling the stress...I felt oblivious. So, I am loving everything about this. I love it so much that I put it on again TODAY & I never, ever wear the same scent twice in a row. Today, I also paired it with BBM, along with Topper, because BBM dries down to a creamy vanilla doll head type scent ( I know, I'm weird af, lol )...I noticed that this plus Raspberry Chiffon are just excellent with BBM, so it's nice to have ( new ) scents that give me some BBM use. I will probably be ordering a backup bottle of this somewhat soon.
  9. I'm not sure if it's appropriate for me to review this, since being quarantined, I can't really speak of hits. But I did want to say that I use socials even at home because I get good self effects from them, & this is one of my new faves for that...I loooooove this phero ! I used 3 sprays ( in the alcohol base ) on top of Rocket Fuel w/ Bang Bang & have been in a super happy mood ever since. And I woke up with my anxiety trying to flare up. This is up there with Lace & Open Windows for self effects.
  10. This is about as YUM as you can get. My skin amps the cinnamon like mad when I first put this on, which is odd because cinnamon is not usually a note that I amp like that...nothing unpleasant at all, I just found it strange, lol. Anyway, as it dries down, the dominant notes on my skin are definitely the brown sugar, which I'm reading mainly as caramel, I think ? And a very rich, edible vanilla note. I put just a bit on each side of my neck ( and a good bit on wrists ) because I'm not sure how many cops are in this, but apparently that little bit is enough because I'm surrounded by this rich, luscious cloud of sweetness & I feel like a walking dessert. I did add a couple of sprays of UN Classy Dame to this, figured it would be safe since it's a variant, & I'm loving the phero cloud as much as the scent cloud ! I woke up with my anxiety trying to claw it's way out & I just feel super happy right now, so it has to be the pheros. This one is a winner for sure, & tied with Bonbon Booty as my fave from the order.
  11. I'm not sure why I didn't think of that ? 😅 It's definitely good to know that this blends works that well for me, though. I can't remember at all if Wild Cherry had that effect, but I think that I barely put any on, because that was my first jump into sexual pheros & I was 🐓
  12. Okay, so after my shower last night, I couldn't wait to try this, so I did...this is soooo sexy & lickable ! I get mostly chocolate, plus whatever I'm picking up that was reminding me of Wild Cherry, & it was just dripping honey. Honey usually only works for me combined with fruit, so I was nervous about ordering a full bottle, but I'm really glad that I took that leap of faith because this was just decadent. And for some reason, the Sexology hit me HARD last night lol. I wear OCCOs all the time, so not sure why. Anyway, so far, this is my favorite, although I did just put on Rocket Fuel w/ Bang Bang & already, it's vying for that spot...but that's a review for another thread 🤣
  13. Just an OOB review of this right now, because I'm already slathered in Raspberry Chiffon AND Sugar Pie Honey Bun, & don't want to push it with the different pheros, lol....but this smells amaaaazing wet ! Super sweet, with a hint of spice, & something about it smells very...caramel ? Probably how I'm reading the brown sugar. I'll likely test run this one tomorrow. I feel like it begs to be paired with LP Red 😈
  14. So, even though I slathered Raspberry Chiffon already earlier, this one kept calling me all day, so my Aries impatience got the best of me & I put a bit on about 15 minutes ago...something about this one REALLY reminds me of Drive By Fruiting. I know, I keep comparing the new fragrances to the old, like the Bonbon Booty to Wild Cherry, lol....but I love Drive By Fruiting ( and WC ) so that definitely is not a bad thing in any way whatsoever. In the bottle, it doesn't remind me of Drive By Fruiting at all, it smells very blue raspberry slushie to me, when wet, so to be fair, my skin is probably just amping the fruits that were also in Drive By Fruiting, & the honey. I love it ! It's very, very bright, delicious, & extremely fun...Levitation is such an awesome phero for the vibe of this.
  15. Like Halo, I haven't tested this on skin yet, but I agree, oob, it's so delicious smelling, it's just sinful ! Not sure if this is happening for anyone else, but there is something in this that REALLY reminds me of Wild Cherry, but without the cherry, obviously. I know the obvious thought is ' Well duh, both have dark chocolate ' but it's something that doesn't smell chocolate to me...I assumed when I had Wild Cherry that it was the vetiver because I never had anything with that note, before Wild Cherry...I'm kind of wondering now if it's just how it smells when Sexology is in the chocolate scents ? Or maybe I'm just REALLY overthinking this 🤣 Either way, I love this already & can't wait to try it on skin...
  16. So my package was delivered a bit ago & I figured I would choose this to try first, since it hasn't been reviewed yet. I'll edit when it dries down later but for right now ( I've only had it on for maybe 5 minutes ) I'm getting strong fruit loops vibes here ! The raspberry & lemon are definitely the dominant notes on my skin...it's already starting to dry down to the point where some vanilla creaminess is * just * starting to come through, & getting a little softer. I like this one a lot ! It's very fruity & summery. Edited for dry down : I love this even more when it dries down ! The vanilla creaminess really softens the sharp berry - lemon, & it tones down to a gorgeous, delicious gourmand. I have a strong urge to pair this with BMM for a cops boost next time I wear it...I feel like even though I have OCCO Raspberry Rhapsody, which I do love, that BMM will go beautifully with this.
  17. Sounds awesome to me, then ! Should have mine within a few hours, the wait is always torture on delivery day 😅
  18. You may be onto something there, because I almost always wear an OCCO, but maybe there's just the magic amount of them in Red Lace 🙃
  19. That is how I'll be looking at the mailman today ( through the window, of course....quarantine & all ) as he brings my box of pherotine stuff, lol.... Anyway, I just realized that I never came back here to talk about how Red Lace is by far what brings me the most hits. It's unreal ! I'm not sure what it is, because I have UN Lace, which I've worn with regular LP Red, & yes, those work beautifully too, but Red Lace gets me full on dazed, lovestruck looks every, single. time. Idk if the scent is just THAT congruent with it ( it IS beautiful ) or what, but it's insane, lol.
  20. Oh YAY, this sounds amazing & a fb will be in my order today ! Is it at all reminiscent of Super Happy Funtime ? The description put me in mind of that, which is why I decided to go fb....looooove Super Happy Funtime ! This sounds like it will be amazing either way, though
  21. That's what took so long for me to learn with Cougar, because I can handle some pretty hefty amounts of things like UN Lace, even Topper...I did OD on Levitation once but not like Cougar, lol. She is definitely worth the trial & error though
  22. I have anxiety that just spirals out of control, & I've actually had lots of luck with a lot of the socials...Open Windows & Levitation in particular. Both have really pulled me out of a downward spiral, more than once. Lace is also a huge mood booster for me, & Topper is great for those kinds of self effects, too. And of course, Balm Bomb. Not sure how I would have made it through the last few months of 2019 without Balm Bomb, actually. It helped me get through an especially brutal time. I would definitely play with the socials a bit & see if those help at all. I really, truly hope that you feel a lot better soon...depression & anxiety are no joke. Sending you lots of good, happy vibes 🥰
  23. Soooo happy to see a review on this, thank you ! I have 4 fb of the NR & this is definitely the one that I'm looking forward to the most....also, I think that ' fuckable gourmand ' is my new fave perfume term 🤣
  24. My love affair with Cougar continues, but like all great love stories, the road has been bumpy... This particular phero has by far been the most " trial & error / learning curve " for me, but I * think * that I finally have her figured out. The most important thing for me is, NO Cougar while I'm drinking, or especially the day after. I made the mistake of overdosing on Cougar while hungover one day & it was not pretty, yikes. I've learned that I can do one spray of UN with another scent, or three with scented, which is hard because I love the grapefruity goodness & I want to bathe in it. I loooove to layer Cougar Potion....especially with OCCO Pink & LP Pink. @Beccah I'm not sure how I never thought to layer with Pure Sugar like you just mentioned, because I remember my trial of it reminding me of Cougar without the grapefruit, but that is a fabulous idea...I may need to order a full size Pure Sugar later today with my pherotine order !
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