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  1. I am definitely enjoying being single ! But....I may be ready for some casual fun, lol. So let's just say that these new OCCO's are just in time, at least I hope. And yes, the vanilla OCCO is my favorite, & there were a few times where I may have over - slathered
  2. Since I swore off dating for the past couple of years ( until I learn how to choose my men better 🤣 ) that's how I primarily wear my OCCO 's & anything with cops. I love to pair a small bit of OCCO White with sooo many things. A bit on my wrists or cleavage. Never had any issues ! Definitely hits, though.
  3. That is great to know, thank you so much for the suggestion ! I'll look for those in the future, when they are available
  4. Honey usually smells like cat pee on me ?? I hate that so bad because I like honey scents on the bottle, but my skin just doesn't get that love back. The only exception to that is when it's blended with very heavy fruits.... Drive By Shooting was delicious on me & I believe that it has honey. Same With Super Happy Funtime. But honey forward scents are a no go for me
  5. You may have a sensitive nose, because I definitely cannot smell them in the Red Lace, but I do in my OCCO White, while wet...but it dries down to a delicious, rich vanilla, at least to my nose ! I have a trial of Tsunome ( EoW in a banana / cocoa butter scent ) that I cannot detect any off smell, even wet, just a beautiful, tropical scent. I had trials in OCCO's Red & Pink too with no cops smell ( not to my nose, anyway ) & I have a trial of Black that I don't use because the scent is not for me, but again, no cops detected there either
  6. OCCO's are strongly scented, so they are copulins, but with a rich scent, to cover them. They still need dry down time, but they are basically cops + cover scents in one bottle. They are great !!
  7. Oh, NICE !! That is badass ! I am definitely going to try that option for the sale & future orders... Idk why I always assumed that it was 1/3 like the others ? Thank you so much for replying 😃
  8. This is probably a really dumb question & I hope it's okay to ask it here ( I didn't want to bug Mara with this when she's so busy preparing for the sale ) but when you choose the option to add a phero to a perfume on the site, is the ratio the same as the perfumes that contain a phero ( Red Lace, for example ) or is it different ? I'm just curious because I never chose this option & I'm strongly considering it for the sale.
  9. Ah, I was wondering if it was something along those lines....thank you for clearing that up ! There are still so many great pheros & those amazing new OCCO's to look forward to, so yay, regardless !!
  10. If I get an answer, I'll let you guys know right away !
  11. I also asked her about the drop down options on the new site ( the adding a phero option ) because they include Bang, SS4W, & Gotcha. I hit one with SS4W to see what would happen & it said in stock ? I may cry from excitement if those are back. Or spritz on some Lace & do a little dance, lol
  12. I literally just emailed Mara about that to see if it was a mistake ? I may literally die from excitement if it's really back, I missed out on it !
  13. OMGGGGG like 5 of those are screaming my name !!! And as always, those labels are TDF
  14. Let us know how you like it ! It's probably my fave Lace pairing, aside from LP Red Lace
  15. I forgot until recently how much I love LP Pink. I added my almost full bottle to my UN Lace spray, when it got down to around 1/3 full, & I've been spraying it on lately, enjoying the cloud of Pink Lace.....they're the perfect couple
  16. I can't even imagine how crazy it gets, lol. But so exciting !! Thanks so much for replying ! It's under the sale section, it may look confusing at first because I think the date says 2014 ? But she edited the very first post on there for the upcoming sale. It's a huge post that explains the rules clearly
  17. I saw it & have been reading it off & on all day, so that I can get it through my ADD brain & not drive y'all insane with questions, lol. When it said that the list of items will be available, does that mean in the same post or another thread entirely, in that section ?
  18. I'm just dying to see which OCCO's made the cut ! I was thinking of ordering mostly permanent collection items but idk now, these OCCO's are killing me with excitement !! I'm thinking now that I may end up with mostly OCCO's for the sale order, cause it isn't like the permanent collection is going anywhere. Especially if the Lavender Buttercream from the FB poll made the cut, & if Body Paint is on the list because that is sounding good with a phero. Okay, I need to calm the hell down because I'm getting way too ahead of myself here. This sale in taking over my brain ( in a very pleasant, albeit frantic way )
  19. YES, on all counts, lol. I am about to glue my hands to something, so that I can stop ordering. I ordered LP Original last week + a trial of Cougar, which I love, but got a sniffie of Cougar Panther, remembered I love that & ordered a FB the other night, lol. I keep yelling at myself like, damn, that could have been another free bottle, but I literally cannot stop ! I'm addicted to LPMP, what can I say ? I still plan on an order where I'll get 2 or 3 free bottles though, so it's all good. And the OCCO's are screaming my name lately, especially the choc - cherry.
  20. For the sale, Original Love Potion, Love Potion Red, OCCO Red, & Cougar. Who am I kidding, I'm sure I'll add to that by then. I loooove my Red Lace, but I'm craving an un - boosted Love Potion Red to pair with OCCO Red & my UN - LFM this fall ( possibly for a delicious man that I hope to be spending some time with by then, shhhh ). And I'm tired of knocking scented Cougar off of my list & then regretting it, so I need to finally keep her in my cart this time.
  21. Oh, that sounds AMAZING !! I may wait, then & thank you so much for the reply ! You are spoiling us like crazy, first the flash sale, then this, lol. Cannot wait 😃
  22. Can anyone give me an idea of how the summer sale works ? I started ordering like right after last year's, so I have no clue how it works, & I was planning an order for next week, because I recently fell in love with my trial of original Love Potion, after it aged a bit, so I have about 4 things in my cart...would it be worth waiting for the sale, or should I place that order with the regular 10 percent discount & then place another during the sale ? I'm fine with either, I can never have too many potions 🤣 Just trying to figure this out & plan accordingly 😏
  23. Can I conjure up all of my personalities in order to second, third, fourth, fifth, etc, etc...this ?? Because an OCCO on the order of what Wild Cherry was would DEFINITELY be something that I would be all over like it was Charlie Hunnam...
  24. I got a small bottle of this in my order yesterday & slathered it on right away...it is soooooo delicious smelling, OMG ! I think that it's a perfect blend of the orange & cakey notes at first. On my skin, it soon settles into this delicious vanilla cake scent, with the orange still present, just toned down a little. I'll probably be layering it with Fairy Floss Fairy Cake soon, cause I just reordered that & got it yesterday, too. These fairy cakes have me all like 😍 & I wish I was around back when they got released so that I didn't miss so many. I can only imagine what the cherry was like !
  25. Same !! Lol, I thought I was hardcore losing my marbles, so I had my 11 year old son smell it & he confirmed, lol. But it's good to hear someone else on the board say it, now I really feel validated, haha !
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