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  1. Thank you for the welcome 💜 And yes I am wayyyy into my OCCO White ! I later it with almost everything !
  2. Lol it seems like a blast, doesn’t it ?? When I spray Lace, I get an initial reaction of...almost lightheadedness ?? In a good way, though ! Then I got a sample of that berry perfume ( Carta something ? I’m sorry, it’s almost 2 am here & my brain shuts off around midnight 😂 ) & that was like bliss in a bottle. I’ll update if you want, when I try it !
  3. I may start with just a drop, then ! I know everyone is free to mix pheros but I like to err on the side of caution 😂I was thinking of maybe adding a drop or two on top of my Lace, since it’s a simple blend. Idk if I’m brave enough to try mixing anything complex, lol ! I do add cops to anything but only cause I read on this forum that those are fine to do that with. Thank you for replying !
  4. I hope it’s okay to ask this on this thread...since Topper has DHEAS in it, is DHEAS alone okay to add to any phero mix ? Not a ton, but maybe just a drop or two ? I ordered a pherotine of this & was curious about that.
  5. AHHHH !!! Got my shipping notice !!! I thought it would take much, much longer, due to the sale...this was a super nice surprise !
  6. You mean the scented Balm Bomb ? Because that is absolutely beautiful ! My mom hates 99.9% of all perfumes & I bought her Balm Bomb & she fell head over heels & ordered her second fb, which should be in Monday. It’s that good, lol.
  7. I love that the reviews for the new releases are starting ! Really excited to get mine ! This one sounds nice...I hope that I don't amp up the magnolia, though. I mainly got a trial of this for the papaya note, I love papaya. Also looking forward to trying Lumina...I got a pherotine in it unscented, too. Thank you for reviewing this !
  8. I am a was a little nervous about this one, since Dominance doesn't sound like it really goes with my personality ( if I was a phero, I would be Lace, lol ) but the notes sounded so intriguing, I put a trial in my order today, anyway. Sounds luscious ! Thank you for reviewing this !
  9. It definitely makes sense...I remember putting this one on as soon as I got the package, & no joke, it pulled straight honeysuckle on me, which is SUPER weird, because I don’t think that’s even a note in this ? 😂 Then over a month or so, when I tried again, it was much more fruity. This time, I think it fully bloomed because I smell the fruits with the musky - honey in the background...so that definitely makes sense because this seems sooo much more complex than when I got it in August
  10. Oh, for sure ! My order after my pherotine order on Tuesday, will be for a fb of this ! It's funny, I wore this a few times before & enjoyed it, but today, I kinda fell in love with it, the scent AND the phero ! Maybe aging a bit affected it ?
  11. I’m wearing the last of my trial size of this & now I’m kinda bummed that I didn’t order a full bottle, in a spray. I think it’s still available but this month, I need to make the pherotines a priority 😂But after that, I may need to get a full bottle of this. I love the fruity scent scent of this. It’s so bright, happy, & summery. On me, it’s a perfect blend of all of the fruity notes...none are prominent. And a slightly musky, honey filled background....mmmm. I love that it’s full strength Open Windows, too. I’m just chilling at home today & this has me feeling extremely happy & worry free, & for me, someone with severe anxiety disorder, worry free is HUGE & next to impossible ! I am definitely seeing a full full bottle of this in my future 🙃
  12. Well, I only had enough to order Special Delivery, til early next ( well, technically it’s Sunday here, so this ) week, but I didn’t want to wait & have it sell out, lol. That one was top priority. Depending on if all of these are still in stock when I order on Tuesday or Wednesday, my plans are the UN pherotines in Lumina, Cougar & DHEAS, a fb of Red Lace, & sample vials of White Licorice, Tropical Musk, Sarong w/ Lumina, Prisma w/ Audacious, Tropical Musk, Mistress Mine w/ Dominance, & Crema Delizia w/ BAM !
  13. OMG I had an extra...um, vivid ? dream last night about the guy I’m currently drooling over, & it just now hit me that I was wearing Compromising Positions last night 😂 Actually, I can still smell it on me now. Yay for longevity ! So either the same happened to me, or it’s a wild coincidence. Maybe I should try again tonight. You know, for scientific purposes 🙃
  14. I don’t have the courage to get any sexual blends in UN, lol. I don’t mind though, cause I loooooove the OCCO’s & Compromising Positions ! Do the new releases tend to sell out quickly ? Debating on if I should nix a couple pherotines next order, to include Special Delivery. Unfortunately, I’ll need to break my orders up into 2 or more over the next month.
  15. And still, you got the pherotines all on the site last night...that is dedication ! Hopefully you get some rest & get better really soon...my son just got over the flu, it was pretty nasty 😖 Feel better soon !
  16. So, I got a trial of this when it first came out & loved it, then for some weird reason, decided to mix it in another bottle with OCCO Red, lol. Which came out good, but I missed it alone, so I ordered a full bottle & got it yesterday. I put it on late last night & forgot exactly how good it really was. On me, there isn’t a whole lot of vanilla. It’s there, it’s just in the background. My skin amps up the boozy notes & the musk, & let me tell you....I am not a fan of musk - forward scents, ever. They come across as ‘ dirty ‘ on me, & not in a good way. But there is something so special about the musk in this. It’s just exquisite & just straight up beautiful. I kept inhaling my wrists. I’m sure I looked insane, lol. But it really is THAT pretty. I can definitely see the hype over this & I’m pleased that I decided to grab a FB on a whim last week.
  17. This is just beautiful 🥰 I love everything about this...the reddish color of the oil itself, the dainty little bottle, the pretty redhead on the label, & it smells like sweet, candied cherries...mmmm. Cannot wait to pair it with OCCO White, as suggested in this thread. I feel like it’s also begging to be paired with Love Potion Pink. Actually, I ordered Sugared Milk Chocolate to wear this with, but now that they’re here, I want to pair that with coconut & this with other things, lol. But yes, if you like sweet cherry, you need this ! I slathered this on right away yesterday.
  18. These are exquisite ! I cannot wait to see the notes of all 🥰 And to get my pale little hands on a bottle of Special Delivery ! Will these be out fairly soon ?
  19. I ended up ordering Sugared Cherries & a bottle of Sugared Milk Chocolate to layer it with I still may toss Moondust Cocoa in a future order though, even just a vial, because it sounds great, too. I debated for a hours on which to choose & just kinda ended up picking one just so that I could finalize my order already 😂
  20. I never had vanillas as luscious as LPMP’s ! I’m obsessed with any of her vanilla based scents 😍 So if there are new LE vanillas, I will be crying tears of joy, but my wallet will be crying for different reasons 😂
  21. Passionately fourth this !!! Come to mama, new releases ! And let there be a vanilla blend 😍
  22. I have this in my cart for a possible order tomorrow with Sugared Cherries because I am really on a chocolate cherry kick right now & I see I hesitated too long to catch a full bottle of Wild Cherry....would this be a good layering chocolate for cherry ?
  23. Awesome !! Thanks so much for replying !!
  24. Can we add some of the pherotines to already blended scents ? Like, say I order some Super Happy Funtime in the same order, with a Levitation pherotine...can I add some more Levitation to it, for a boost ? Or would it mess with the fragrance of it ? Will there be a pherotines of DHEAS ? Cause I would love to add some of that to my Love Potion Pink ! About how many drops can we add to a perfume ? Sorry for all of the questions ! My wheels are just really turning, lol. This is so much fun to think of the possibilities !
  25. Okay, thank you for the reply ! Ohhh, a sale in the summer, too....this is all so exciting !!
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