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  1. Hi all! I’ve been away from LPMP for some time and am rebuilding my stash. I would like some feedback on what might have happened on two occasions now with my bf. Some background: I have used pheros around him before, mostly CB, some TC and TH. When I first got Honeyed LP w/Gotcha, I just swiped a little on and went to see him for a bit. We hadn’t seen each other in a few days so we were very cuddly and had a really great time with each other. Previous to this day, he’d been a little standoffish. Almost a week later, I put on some HLP and this time, I’m really digging the scent and it just gives me this sexy lift. So I maybe use more than I should have. This time, we have a great evening for a couple of hours and then have a huge argument. I mean, he blew up in a way he hasn’t before and over something that I never would have dreamed would have led to such a blow up. We end the evening and clear things up the next day. Fast forward almost a week to last night. I put on some HLP, heavy handed probably. I go over, we are planning an easy night in, enjoying each other’s company. 2-3 hours into it, BOOM!!! One minute we were talking and having a good time. He brings up a subject that we both need to work on and after very little back and forth, he gets way more heated and irritated than the subject called for. It just kinda dawned on me this morning that both nights I was wearing Gotcha. Could I have OD’d him?! Thanks for any insights!
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