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  1. Thanks all. I have in my basket - Comprising Positions w/ sexpionage, Phero Girl copulin enhanced, Cougar Potion, Elume w/Perfect Match, Sexpionage un, sheer essence un lt cops, Like a Magnet lightly scented pherm sandal/resin, OCO overt cops black Having seen my concerns do u think these are OK ? can I just mix the un cops in with my perfume I already have? Musk? what is the ratio of adding cops to perfume? Also, can i use together any of these. so sorry the more I read the more confused I get. Keep in mind attract more younger guy, self esteem. thanks all!!
  2. I guess I just don't want to scare him off completely!!!. Don't want What smells nice to me would it pewww him off. I can sniff musk and patchuli and makes me feel so nice and sexy but I want something to make him REALLY interested . I have in my basket. sexpionage, sandalsresins and essence black ops. trying to keep away from sickly florals and fruits. The only perfumes I have that I like are musk and patchouli body wash. what would blend nicely with them. I don't have a lot of money to pend on perfumes at the moment and can't afford to get ones that stink on me or don't work. I really want to invest in them but I am completely lost
  3. History - i am in my late 60's sexless marriage for a long time, a fella 10 years junior showing interest. I want to enhance the attraction but also want to enhance my self esteem feel like I am old, wrinkly etc although i still feel like I am in my maybe 30's. I want to strenghten this guy's interest, let him ignore the wrinkles etc. he is attracted for some reason unknown to me but I want him to really want me. His last girlfriend was younger than him and I guess I am competing against the younger woman stuff. I am dreading when we finally do get together he sees the wrinkles, sags and really goes off me. Can u give me some advice? I cannot stand fruity, floral, scents they make me nauseus Also I do not like vanilla coconut etc. I love musk, patchouli etc. I am drawn to the Sexiologoly but the cheese mention really turns me off. I want to like how I smell. Right now I am drawn to Musk and Patchouli. I want to like how I smell too. I need something to make me feel better in myself but also to make the guy want me. Help girls!!!!!
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