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  1. Hello! Just got my first order of pheros, and have had a ton of fun reading through the posts on this forum for the past (oops) couple hours! A few questions: - Some of the pheromones say safe to apply to hair and/or clothes. Has anyone ever tried adding a couple drops to your laundry? Maybe dropping some on a dryer sheet? I imagine the pheros would probably degrade too quickly for this to be effective, but wondering if anyone's ever tested it out. - Are there guidelines anywhere that suggest how much, where, and how frequently to apply? - I'm female who works in an office with all men, and I often feel overlooked. My coworkers have made it known that they act differently around women they find attractive-- I'd like to use this to my advantage, while still keeping the workplace professional. I have a long-term bf so am not interested in getting anything overtly sexual. Any success stories with a LPMP pheromone for situations like this? I bought: Popularity Potion, Like a Magnet, and Pherotine Androstadienone. (I chose the last one for work, because the description said it can make men perceive a woman as "one of the guys," though after reading some reviews on this forum, I might not end up trying it out.) Hope to come back and post reviews of my own. Looking forward to reading more entries on this site. 🙂
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