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  1. amoradrianam

    Moondust Cocoa

    Oohhh ability to smell too! I hadn’t thought of that. Ok, great to know. I really do. Life is crazy! Truth stranger than fiction and whatnot
  2. I’ve been wanting to try MLH. I was super stoked to get to try this one today! I looooove how it seemed to just melt into my skin become a part of me. Wonderful feeling. Loved the scent, then went wonky. Myself effects: Sort of confusing at first, but out and about I felt like an adorable sthupersthweet sthwedtiecutie squishypuffypie of sweetness...paired with the ability to get things done gently- not like Dom-Get outta mah way important things ARE going to get done. Ha love Dom ❤️ Lil girl voice kept trying to come out big time. I was fighting it off all day. I like my heart boom box real voice thankyouverymuch. Now I am even more curious to try Swimming with Sharks. Great hits! People that dont seem to usually talk to me, talked to me, and like it was the most normal thing in the world. Also, they weren’t just interacting they were very *nice* in an authentic way, about it. Not needed, but very cool. It’s so nice to feel like other people are comfortable around me! It’s crazy racking up my new life experiences getting to connect with these other kinds of people that perhaps would not have even noticed, or just stayed very far away from me before. Please say Hi no need to be afraid? Avoid? Sorry if you ever see me, and I’m grumpy! Ha, Hugs
  3. amoradrianam

    Favorites from Recent Order~

    Ooo if that’s all it was I can make my own with what I have Thank you! 🙂🙃🙂 My eyes are on a request for the Blud with no phero. I shall patiently wait and be good. Mostly good. Hrmm. I shall patiently wait, and do my best to be good, with a wink. Yes, that’s it. Also have my eyes on FB Black Velvet Pumpkin, but sold out. Oh what will the new releases hold 😁
  4. amoradrianam

    Moondust Cocoa

    3-4 uses all are like a wonderful hot chocolate. Went to gym- Applied a bunch after since I was going to sleep. Yummy sleep scents. It was completely different this time! I got a few notes of chocolate, but it completely changed. The only thing I can come up with is the chemicals from the hot tub? Maybe caused a reaction? Anyone know? :)
  5. Singing the Audacious Praises! I tried it again today. I did not feel good today when I got up. I put on a small amount of A- I started to feel much more like myself. At which point I decided to put on more! Ha So now Ive been wearing what I would think of as a more normal level of phero for me. Sweet spot. Great hits, and I felt so much better after putting even more. I talked to people when I normally would have been quiet/tired/not feel great. I just talked to people normally. I feel like LFM is me on normal day. Very deep feminine etc. So when I wear it- it’s like me on steroids which can be a good at times in small amounts and good at drawing others to me, but has that heaviness and sometimes Lil girl voice comes out ha. Audacious feels like me when I’ve slept, had food, and a roof over my head, and I’m just happening to have a great day too. I feel eel so balanced? Balanced and great! So far this is my favorite phero blend ever. This and OW <3 i can see using this, OW, and unDom Regularly. :) Now if I could just get Blud as a stand alone fragrance :D it’s wonderful. The only thing that I don’t enjoy about Lp black is that it gets that softness? On me. Blud doesn’t go soft. It has so much depth and different notes and blended its simply wonderful. I have FB of Black Velvet Pumpkin coming! I guess I’ll survive! Lol <3 :D
  6. amoradrianam

    Favorites from Recent Order~

    I would really like the Honeyed Love Potion, and Blud, but without the phero. I found Medium, and Black Velvet Pumpkin to order, but not Soul Food. Is Soul Food gone now? Found soul food, I was on the new site.
  7. amoradrianam

    Favorites from Recent Order~

    Also, can someone make Passion and Desire come back? It was my favorite and I’ve been out a very long time now. I feel like if I mixed Lp red and blud maybe I’d get something similar.
  8. amoradrianam

    Favorites from Recent Order~

    Favorites out of the things that were new to me are: 1. Time Turner- in Love. 2. Medium -Self Effects 3. Soul Food- Self Effects 4. Black Velvet Pumpkin- Dare I say I like this more than LP Black? Love both 5. Blud- So good. 6. Halcyon Daze 7. Honeyed Love Poition 8. Gravenstein- Reminded me of home/Louisiana. I think Honeyed Love Potion would be great with OW!
  9. amoradrianam

    Honeyed Love Potion w/ Gotcha! 2015

    LOVE!!! I love this scent. I think it might have the same ingredient that is in halcyon daze that I love, or maybe just blend. FB material for me for sure! At least the perfume aspect. I don’t know how I feel about Gotcha since the first and only Time I wore it I didn’t realize I had a phero on. I applied it like normal perfume, and I had a very, very, off day. I don’t know how much it affected me and I remember feeling like I had a phero on. Need to try out another time. I believe it was the next day that I tried Audacious and had a wonderful time unlike the day before, so def want to try it out again. Maybe apply gotacha more appropriately. Maybe people thought I was dirty due to cops being inappropriately places etc. not sure.
  10. This one I don’t like before or after ha!
  11. amoradrianam


    I really don’t know what to make of this one. It reminds of Occo Gold. I do like it. I like the honeys that aren’t soft? Musky? This one seems slightly soft. Enjoy, but not FB for me. Will happily use rest of tester
  12. amoradrianam

    Vampire Bait

    I enjoy this one in bottle. Skin makes it wonky on me.
  13. amoradrianam


    This is ok for me. It reminds of I believe vampire bait, but not as clean? I enjoy this one over Vampire Bate. VB goes wonky on me after dry down, but this one seems to improve with drydown. I won’t FB because it goes very soft on me.
  14. amoradrianam


    I enjoy this one.
  15. amoradrianam

    Sunshine of Your Love

    This one was ok for me. Thank you