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    Lost Highway

    I am working from home now a little bit more, so I’ve been testing old LPs since I don’t have to smell “work appropriate”. Lost Highway is really interesting- it definitely smells sweet out of the vial but there’s this almost dark or dusty note that I can’t quite place. Maybe the musk? That note fades over time on my skin, and it dries down into this delicious spicy creamy cake. It reminds me a little bit of Warm and Toasty, but more cakey and a little bit less buttery/bready, not too sweet. Like carrot cake but with a mild cream cheese frosting, not the super sweet buttercream.
  2. In terms of vibes: La Femme Mystere: I’m a queen and you will obey my benevolent rule because you think I’m just that awesome. La Femme Noire: I’m a sexy goddess and at this point, you don’t care if my rule is benevolent or not.
  3. I love the pumpkin pie spice in this, but there’s something cool about it too. I don’t know if it’s the myrrh or the cedar, since my uneducated nose don’t know what those smell like, but it reminds me of the thing in Caramel Musk that keeps it from being full on girly and foodie. This is a great scent to put on your pillow, just soothing and calming when you’re stressed out. To make it a little sweeter and more girly, this layers nicely with A Wake to give it a little extra depth. I think I might give this to my brother but not tell him what it’s called. 😄
  4. I'm eyeing the new Raspberry Chiffon w/ PP so I figured I should actually review this one! This starts out with a sweet fruity amber, unexpectedly deep for a name like "Raspberry Chiffon." Then as it dries down, the amber recedes and the raspberry goes from deep and resinous to downright jammy. The creaminess comes out and it reminds me of stewed strawberries with whipped cream, except this is raspberries! When I was a kid I used to read a lot of British Golden Age mystery novels,where there was a lot of talk of Christmas puddings. As an American, I thought of puddings as well...a creamy concoction rather than a baked dessert. I envisioned a huge berry pudding in a gigantic cut glass bowl, topped with a mountain of whipped cream and berries on top. The drydown of this is what I imagined that majestic Christmas pudding would smell like! Hmmm... maybe I should make that pudding sometime...
  5. I haven’t been wearing N-95s, but I’ve been putting a little dot of perfume on my mask so I at least I can smell it. After all, we’re all socially distanced anyway so it feels like a shame to wear perfume that no one can enjoy!
  6. Haha, love it. I could totally see this as a ballad called “Manda Panda” that starts with the line, “She was a preacher’s daughter...” this also reminds me of reviews where people say “If this scent were a person, she would be...”. I always love those descriptions.
  7. @androstenol thanks and good luck with the new job! Pheros and this forum have improved my life so much so I’m happy to help out when I can! I also wrote quite a few reports of using LFM (seriously my all time fave) at work in the Winter in the Tropics thread if you’re curious.
  8. I’ve mostly worked in male dominated workplaces and it’s not that different, in my opinion. Your current pheros will still serve you well. Honestly, I would just wear whatever makes you feel good and confident- that shines through and frequently works better than pheros targeted to the audience. I haven’t worn Teddy BB to work before so I can’t help you there unfortunately! Personally I like LFM for men more senior to me- it gives a powerful but female signature. Like you’re not one of the boys, but that doesn’t matter because you’re a queen who can blow them out of the water. That’s the vibe I get from LFM. To boss around men more junior than me, I like SWS.
  9. I can only speak to what’s helped for me, but hopefully that’s somewhat helpful! Balm Bomb is great for anxiety- it really helps me calm down and takes the “urgency” off the anxiety, if that makes sense. Like if anxiety is like this hurricane in my mind, it slows it down enough so it’s not too overwhelming to handle. For depression, I tend to get caught in circles of rumination and negative thoughts. What really works for me is something that breaks that cycle and helps me gain some self-efficacy. So I gravitate toward pheros that make me feel strong, uplifted, and confident. I like Open Windows, La Femme Mystere, and Swimming with Sharks. scents make a big difference too! It’s probably different for everyone but I know there are scents that just make me feel happy. A lot of people like LP Pink, myself included.
  10. Congrats!! Definitely wear whatever makes you feel good- I think the selfies really make a huge difference in how you act and how people respond. Best of luck in your new job! 😊
  11. I did too! Summer Crush was the rose containing scent that changed my mind. I didn’t even like florals before trying LPs...they really are magic!
  12. Yay, good luck on your interview @androstenol! I’m sure you’ll blow their socks off. 😊
  13. Oh no, I’m sorry you had to go through that! ☹️ Super excited to see the new Etsy site though!
  14. Oh my gosh, 25 releases and pheros??!! This is amazing! Thank you! We are so spoiled. 😊
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