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  1. Good point. For some reason I thought SS4W has cops in it. Haha, that guy didn’t know what hit him! I can just imagine him standing in your wake holding a roll of paper towels thinking,”What just happened??”
  2. Welcome @Vika! Like you, I find the pheros fascinating, and have also fallen in love with the scents! @androstenol you should write about your experiences! I would love to read stories about how you’re using pheros and LPs to boss it up at work. I’m trying to do the same thing.
  3. Whoa, I had no idea LFM was more sexual than Classy Dame/SS4W. I wear LFM to work! I guess it could just be an individual chemistry thing, because it doesn’t seem very sexual on me, just kind of...femininely powerful? I don’t even think it has cops? I’ve only worn Classy Dame a few times in Luxurious, but I don’t get the “I am a straight up queen” vibe I do with LFM. I feel a little more chilled out, not in a Balm Bomb way but more in an effortless, “I don’t care what other people think” way. But nothing as dramatic as the selfies with LFM. But also ordered a pherotine to experiment more with it!
  4. Also the label is the absolute cutest! If the scent doesn’t make you smile the label will! 🐷
  5. I usually don't slather obsessively, but I have been with this one! I've only had it for a month or two and it's already 1/4 gone. I think it's because this isn't so much of a scent I wear out as a scent I just wear at home as a comfort and cheer-up scent. It’s bright fresh green apple on a pillowy layer of coconut. It's also unexpectedly great layered with LP Black. Six months ago, I would have told you that LP Black didn't work for me...now I'm realizing I just need something sweet or fruity to tone down the resins a little.
  6. hedgehog

    SALE 2020

    Could I reserve: 1 FB Themyscira Charisma for women pherotine Classy Dame pherotine Thanks!
  7. I still haven’t completely figured this out. Sometimes Aja smells dirtier on me, sometimes it’s just powdery sweet honey. It’s definitely not vinegar or cat pee, but sometimes it’s dirtier than I should wear out in public. And sometimes it changes on the same day! Maybe it’s just my nose. On the spectrum of dirtiness from Creamed Honey to Oshun and Ogun, this is in the middle. More powdery than the deeper honeycomb of Sugared Honeycomb.
  8. Do it! Do it! I need to stock up my LP Original and some pherotines. And there are like a bunch of other things on my wishlist but I can’t decide...
  9. For what it’s worth, I don’t like wearing masculine scents (anything that’s too green or musky or just smells manly) and this doesn’t read masculine at all. It’s more floral than anything, kind of reminds me of one of the florals on the 2011 cats collection.
  10. hedgehog


    This is the perfumey version of a fizzy pineapple cocktail with a flower garnish. The pineapple note is full-bodied and true - this isn't just pineapple juice, this is big chunks of fresh pineapple. There's also this "bubbly" or "fizzy" quality I'm getting - maybe it's the grapefruit? And there's what smells like a well-blended floral in here as well. The rest of the notes round it out so that it's a perfume, not a cocktail. The drydown is a sweet, powdery musk. The perfect summer fragrance, sweet and light, so you get wafts of pineapple as you move. I could see this going well with something with a-nol: something about the fizzy pineapple makes me think of the type of drink that tastes so good that you're tipsy before you know it.
  11. @Eggers wow, this is one of the most well written and comprehensive posts on this forum! This should be added to a stickied thread because every newbie needs to see this! @NickGabryel I’m still a relative newbie, but this thread was really helpful for me on breaking down what all the different ingredients in a blend did: And to understand the blends, I zeroed in on one at a time and read the review of it in the Unscented Pheromone forum. Everyone has slightly different results and different tips for what worked for them, but after you read a few pages you get an idea of the effect of phero and things you should watch out for. And if something doesn’t work the first time, don’t worry. There are so many other factors in play: mood, how much you applied, your body chemistry, etc. Test something a few times and have fun!! Definitely the most important part. 😊
  12. Haha maybe I was reading too much into it! I was pretty sleepy when I wrote that post. 🙃
  13. OMG, I was just checking my phone before bed and just realized that these are all innuendoes! I can’t believe it took me so long. The label art was too distracting. 😄. I remember thinking, “tunnel of love is an odd name...” And then I saw “Thatched cottage” and “pink pearl” and was like, “ohhh! I get it now!” You ladies definitely got creative! My favorite is “Petticoat Lane” because it sounds so innocent and ladylike until you really think about it.
  14. These labels are absolutely beautiful. There’s something very real about the art, like these are people I know or have met. And I love the diversity! That is something I’ve noticed with this collection and last year’s pherotine collection- you always make the extra effort to have diverse representation in your label art, even though I’m sure it’s harder to find those images. Thank you! ❤️
  15. @Chocolatechip06 Welcome to the forum, and I’m glad you’re enjoying your new scents! I found LPMP last year and was blown away too. LP Red and Pink are also some of my favs! If you haven’t ordered the sampler set yet, you totally should, it has a bunch of classics and really helped me figure out what I liked. https://lovepotionperfume.com/collections/sets-specials/products/best-selling-sampler-set-for-women
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