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  1. It seems like Leather/Cuddle Bunny with Leather is working for you. It seems like it has the EST you like, good self effects, and you're getting the results you want? Maybe add a spray of DHEAS in there?
  2. I pulled this out and gave it a second shot after seeing these reviews. It's deep and fascinating but maybe too "womanly" for me right now. I feel like I'll be ready for this in 10 years! This is what I would imagine a femme fatale wearing. Unfortunately, I am closer to the secretly steely ingenue if anything. Or sometimes, the precocious little kid bouncing off the walls. But alas, not the femme fatale, though it might be fun to put this on and pretend every once in a while!
  3. I don't see this on either site, so I guess it must be sold out! For some reason I thought it was permanent...probably because it was a LP: Color? This is LP O's elegant older sister. The tea and jasmine come through pretty strong on me but it tones down the sweetness and adds a freshness and sophistication. It's very well blended - everything just melds together. After a few hours, the jasmine and tea fade a bit and the apricot shines. Less overtly sexy than some of the other LPs, more coy, maybe? It seems like it would be congruent with LFM.
  4. hedgehog

    A Wake

    Mmmmm pumpkin spice coffee. Nice dark coffee at first, then it gets creamy and the pumpkin spice blooms, and it almost reminds me of a pumpkin spice quickbread I used to make a few years ago. I think a little bit of the coffee lingers and adds that warm, "baking" smell. It just makes me feel so cozy, perfect for wearing with a cashmere sweater while it's snowing outside. Edit: I also like wearing this one one wrist with Warm and Toasty on the other. So much comfy coziness.🤗
  5. I wore LFM today to give an important presentation to a director. It went great! I felt so confident and my delivery was smoother and more confident than I was expecting, since I had just finished the slide deck half an hour ago. I’m sure there were hits during the day but I was all about the self effects today. LFM never fails to give me the confidence to be more me, if that makes sense. I call it the impostor syndrome cure. ♥️
  6. hedgehog

    Caramel Musk

    Yes, there’s a clean “cool” musk note in it that reminds me of Weenie for some reason. I could definitely see a man pulling this off. Actually, one of my favorite colognes I’ve ever smelled was one I would describe as a “a manly caramel.” It was worn by a coworker who was kind of annoying, but at least he smelled good!
  7. Also I’m pretty sure propylene glycol is antibacterial, so I wouldn’t be surprised if DPG was as well!
  8. Wow, these are gorgeous! I love that the font is Jane Austen's handwriting, and the old-fashioned style of the artwork.
  9. @Angelic You're not bogging down the thread at all. That's what this thread is for! 😊 I can feel your enthusiasm and excitement in your post - I'm so glad you're having fun with pheros! I love playing around with them too. And your niece's reaction is adorable. Little kids are brutally honest so you know that you really do smell amazing.
  10. It's definitely on the new site! https://lovepotionperfume.com/collections/for-women/products/honeyed-love-potion®-w-gotcha
  11. Honeyed Love Potion with Gotcha is still in stock, if the scent works for you. I think I read somewhere that there are plans to bring it back? Will have to search for the thread.
  12. Dooooo itttt! Thanks to everyone at LPMP! This is amazing!
  13. hedgehog


    Glad to see that someone out there is reading my journal posts, haha. Also, I actually think things like that would be the best use of a time machine! Little things that make you happy but don't affect history in unexpected and catastrophic ways. Like how you wish for simple, specific things with a genie instead of grandiose things that the genie can turn against you.
  14. I wore Cougar Potion layered with LP O to a friend's house for brunch. We had a good time as per usual for Cougar, but one funny thing is that her mom (who I haven't seen in 10 years) kept telling me how "mature" I was. 😆 I'm still in my twenties and have a baby face, so I don't think I look "old", and I think she was mostly referring to how I have my own apartment, take care of my finances, go to grad school while working, etc. I just thought it was funny since I was wearing Cougar!
  15. Haha! I'm just imagining you pointing your head toward this guy. Like you have this invisible magic LP ray on your head that you're aiming at him! I love LFM and I'm so glad it worked out so well! And it sounds AMAZING with LP O. I'm going to have to try it!
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