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  1. There are a lot of Pherotine samples still left! I think only a few have run out, like LFM, Open Windows, and Heart and Soul.
  2. hedgehog

    Warm & Toasty

    I can't believe I haven't reviewed this one before. The banana is pretty light on me, just enough to give it extra sweet, buttery "flavor" (putting flavor in quotes because I don't eat my LPs, I swear. It's just that it's SO foodie that I almost think of it in terms of taste.) It's pure nutty sugary buttery goodness. It's the best scent EVER to wear to best. Just soft and comforting.
  3. We're going out after work on Thursday. I think we'll figure things out then. We're both very direct, logical people so I think we can talk it out and come to a mutual decision on what we want to do. I hope you have a great date on Friday! You'll have to give us a report of the LFM effects!
  4. Ok, I might have to take this back too. I've been wearing a swipe of Sensual Harmony w/ LFM about 3 days a week at work for the last month or so (with more occasional use before that). A coworker asked me out yesterday! Well, I think he asked me out. I am so oblivious when it comes to things like this. We've been friends at work longer than I've been wearing pheros, and already talk a lot. So what happened this week? 🤔 Well, a bunch of us were crammed together in a tour trying to see a demo, and he definitely got a good whiff of the LFM... It continues to amaze me how powerful pheros are. I'm a little uneasy though, because I think we work really well together and want to preserve the work relationship. I might have to switch to SWS to keep things more professional, which makes me sad because I LOVE LFM's self effects. LFM is so congruent with my personality that it makes me feel more confidently and authentically myself, if that makes sense.
  5. YES YES bring it back! These reviews are AMAZING and I am dying it try it! I have a lot of reserved, unemotive people in my life! haha
  6. @BlackgirlmagicSince you're using 2 drops to get some pretty extreme results, I think regular UN is reasonable. That will allow you to use it a bit more lightly for other situations too. (You may not want to pherobomb people every day. I only use a fraction of a drop of the phero-enhanced fragrance, which is basically 1/3x for daily use at work.) If you go through the 1x too fast, you can always order 2x!
  7. I take this back! From what I've observed, wearing UN LFM (even <1/2 drop) is like WHAM! Heads turn, some people are immediately affected, you get the upgrade to the hotel suite. Wearing Sensual Harmony with LFM is more subtle, like a sneaky takeover. People slowly start to view you differently. They listen to you more. You don't see the results right away, but you do after a few weeks or months. I think this is a combo of the phero acting on others and the self-effects (if you feel confident and radiate general "I'm awesome and I know it" vibes, people around you can sense that). That said, I apply LFM and most perfumes with a light hand, mostly because perfume doesn't fade easily on my skin and I like a subtle, close scent at work. People who are right next to me still get a good whiff, but it's not strong and I don't leave a trail. So the effects here are all for a fraction of a drop (by my *calculations, about 1/3 of a drop of the phero-enhanced perfume.) *Assuming a 10 mL FB has 200 drops, then a 1.75 vial has about 35 drops. This is based off of how quickly I'm going through my trial vial vs how many times I've worn it.
  8. hedgehog

    Vampire Bait

    @halo0073 I don't have that many scents and I already have a tough time deciding on what to wear! I can't imagine how hard it would be for you to even find a specific one. I'm imagining you in a ball pit full of LP trials lol!
  9. I posted 5 reviews under the name "hedgehog": Heart and Soul, LFM, LP Pink, LP O, Lace I know you're busy with the sale, and I'll probably be posting some more, reviews so no rush with getting these logged. Take your time. I just wanted to write these down before I forgot.
  10. hedgehog

    Vampire Bait

    I received this in the sampler set. There are so many notes in this that I couldn't pick them all out. It's very well blended and a real morpher on me (which I love about LPs, that they interact with your skin chemistry and become your own personal scent!) I first get a lot of floral (I am terrible at picking floral notes apart), then what feels like a smoky amber (sandalwood maybe?), then the redcurrant comes out and sweetens everything up, and then everything blends together into a woodsy floral redcurrant jam. This is over the course of about 5 hours. Sweet, floral, woodsy, berry ...it has a lot of layers and they all smell great. I probably won't get a big bottle of this because there are just so many other scents to try, but I will be enjoying every drop of my vial!
  11. I bid on this before I got a chance to read the reviews because I was in and out of airports that day...but now I am super excited!! It sounds like a sweet lemony dream!
  12. I think I have the same taste as you do - I also like fruit/foodie/vanilla! Is this green or sharp at all? I like some white florals (like the ylang in Sensual Harmony and the florals in Gypsum White) but I don't think green scents agree with me. Maybe I could layer it with one of the Sugareds if it gives me trouble...
  13. This is such a deep, thick honey. It makes me feel sexy and slinky, but on my skin it's not dirty, just deep and rich. It's actually cleaner than I expected! The "earthiness" here is a natural kind of depth like you "feel" with a well blended amber, not actual "dirtiness" you can smell like I get with pherogirl. The honey is so dense and thick here that I feel like if you bathed in this type of honey you might actually float. This lasts for hours and hours. One of things I love about LP perfumes is that they blend with your skin chemistry and "blooms" over time, and this starts out very sweet and blends in with my skin to be this thick, honey skin scent. (By skin scent, I don't mean that it's faint or indistinguishable, just that it blends so perfectly.) It loses some of its sweetness as it blends, but you still get little bits of sugary sweetness. At 16 hrs it's faded to a light almost powdery honey. Great sexy and multidimensional honey scent.
  14. Thanks to Mara for being SO GENEROUS and choosing such an amazing cause! Would it be better to PayPal gift the donations since that avoids PayPal fees?
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