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  1. Wow, great story! Please keep us updated! If he was feeling like he was having trouble controlling himself and it's making him worried about being around you, it might be good to ease up on the cops a bit. My impression from what you're writing is that this guy is used to being logical and in control of his emotions, so feeling so completely out of control is scaring him. But he can't resist! But he's terrified! But he can't stop thinking about you! And so on - he's in turmoil. My impression of with guys like this is that their "armor" is their control over their thoughts and emotions, but they're big softies in the inside. They're stoic and rational, and that's become a part of their identity. But you've somehow gotten past that and now he can't stop feeling these really strong emotions and he can't get you out of his mind. It's disquieting, like having a stranger popping up at the foot of your bed at 3 am in the morning. And now that you have his heart, you could do a lot of damage, and he's scared. I agree with raydee - reassure him that you care about him, be warm, accepting, and basically help his logical side come around to where his emotions are. Once his rational side sees that you're a good partner for him, his internal conflict should ease and hopefully he can embrace the romance wholeheartedly. Good luck!
  2. hedgehog

    Moondust Cocoa

    @Blackgirlmagic, I remember you wrote about Moondust Cocoa in the LFM thread, and you are so right...it is AMAZING! I wore this to bed last night, and it is like the most comforting warm cup of hot cocoa, but without the calories! Nighttime cocoa that you pour in an oversized cup and use to warm your hands through your sweatshirt sleeves. And I can enjoy it as I drift off to sleep without having to worry about spilling the cup or cleaning it out in the morning. I think I will be wearing this a LOT this fall and winter!
  3. Yes, I am great at my job, but the LFM has been key in making sure that people NOTICE that. It's so common for women to do amazing work but get NO recognition, while men get respect for doing the tiniest thing! (Arghh, this makes me so angry. 😠) The way I see it is: I'm never going to play golf with the boys' club, so LFM helps me even the score a little. The paper study is so sad and frustrating. As is the fact that women need to work harder to get recognized, and even when we succeed we're frequently viewed negatively by both men AND women! I really hope things change in the next few decades as the generations turn over in the workforce. Sources: https://www.jstor.org/stable/27641021?seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents, https://www.springer.com/gp/about-springer/media/research-news/all-english-research-news/prejudice-against-women-in-power-is-greater-than-we-think/16219244
  4. First of all, well done on getting back up and getting your life together again after life threw you a curveball! It takes a lot of strength to do that. I posted this on another thread a little while ago: I personally would try something with a bit more edge, like Leather. It's probably congruent with your natural alpha signature too. (Of course, this depends on your personal chemistry, so definitely test out the phero beforehand if possible!) I think LFM/N could work too, depending on your chemistry and how he responds to EST. I would not recommend wearing something that can go ditzy, like Lace, right away. Also, I love INTJs! (I also am one.) 😊 I totally get what he means by "equal relationship" and that's why I immediately thought of Leather.
  5. It was just a busy day. The five hours of homework are the result of a) going to grad school while working full time and b) INTENSE procrastination...so mostly my own fault. πŸ™ƒ Today I have a clay mask on and am kicking back with a chai latte. I'm a scientist, so I don't ACTUALLY have to be sophisticated and glamorous at work, but the LFM makes me feel like the badass queen of the world and helps me speak up more in male-dominated meetings, while making both men and women friendly. 😊 I think the mixture of the self effects and the general LFM vibe has been really helpful at work. I got called into a project yesterday as an "expert" despite being in my mid twenties and only working here for a year! And the much more senior guy who pulled me in was really apologetic, like, "I know you're really busy, but we needed an expert on <topic> and I thought you would be the perfect person!" I really like that LFM is confident and badass while still retaining that feminine signature. It projects female power and confidence, which, when paired with high performance, stands out (in a good way!) in male-dominated organizations that aren't super aggressive and testosterone driven.
  6. hedgehog

    Double O

    The kitty on the label is super cute! This reads like CAKE CAKE CAKE on me. I'm actually not getting much pink at all - it feels like sweet white cake with sugary white frosting. The patch is barely noticeable, just adding some depth and preventing it from getting too sweet. I also like to wear this to help me sleep - something about this makes me want to curl up in a blanket! But the patch makes this grown-up and wearable for general wear as well, although I probably wouldn't wear this to the office. (People would be following me around asking where the cake was! πŸ˜‹)
  7. I’ve been wearing Winter in the Tropics at work recently. @Eastwood22, thank you so much for your review and answering my questions! You sold me on this and I love it! It doesn’t feel too fancy for me at all – a perfect elegant work scent. It I think I’ll wear this to the symphony too.. This reminds me of Ohana (but less floral/watery and more spicy and sweet), the drydown of Lani's Heavenly Lei (not as floral as the beginning, but a little more sophisticated and more "warm"), and there's a note in there that makes me think of Themyscira (I'm guessing this is the ginger?) It's more creamy and sweet than I expected, which I love! That creamy sweet sophistication makes me think of Sensual Harmony, but it's not powdery or vanilla-y. This is very congruent with LFM and I'm so glad I have a bottle of this! I was worried that the grass and thistle would make this too green for me, but they're not green or sharp at all. The grass and thistle just add a bit of coolness to me (the Winter part of the name) and I couldn't even pick the notes out. You know the feel of a breeze through cool dewy grass? - that's what they feel like to me. This, juxtaposed with the warmth from the ginger gives a really interesting effect of simultaneous coolness and warmth - I can see where the name comes from! I think this makes it extra congruent with LFM, too, since LFM, to me, gives off both cool and warm vibes ("I'm a classy lady and you can look but not touch" but also sexy and approachable.) Okay, this review felt kind of like word vomit, but I just had to get my thoughts written down AND I just got home from a long work day plus 5 hours of doing homework. So my brain is fried!
  8. Out of the bottle, this smells a bit masculine to me in the same way that Weenie does. There's a little bit of a cool-feeling masculine note. But on my skin, it warms up and is a wonderful sandalwood vanilla - not too masculine at all! It's a little warmer than Sensual Harmony - Sensual Harmony is more floral, powdery, and sophisticated, and this is a little warmer and richer. I haven't gotten a chance to test the phero yet in public, but I do like the scent!
  9. LP Red is amazing. I definitely have to be in the right mood for it, but it's a deep, foodie, spicy...just complex and compulsively sniffable. BUT...I have an LP MYSTERY (that actually sounds like it would be a cool variant...) I love 95% of LP Red, but there is this ONE NOTE that comes out sometimes that I don't like. This note just smells kind of "dirty" to me, in the same way a "smutty" honey or a certain rose notes might smell. I'm not getting that note at all in LP Pink, and little to none of it in LP O. It's stronger in LP Black. I think I smell something similar in Phero Girl but NOT in the old Sugared Honeycomb (which comes off sweet and gooey on me, not very dirty at all). Is it resin or a honey note, maybe? I also considered cinnamon and brown sugar, since LP Red has these and LP O doesn't, but my skin usually loves anything foodie. Or maybe patchouli? Both Double O and LP O are well behaved on me, and both have patchouli. Any ideas? I'm going to try Sugared Patchouli tomorrow to see if it's the patch.
  10. Interesting! The fixative looks pretty potent so I don't think you'd need anywhere near 2 oz! Like a few drops for a whole FB. I'm curious how the fixative affects pheros though, since it slows diffusion. I think it could work really well with cops or a single molecule maybe? But it might unbalance a blend a little?
  11. Coworker was coming on strong for a while (like talking about possible vacations together, which freaked me out - and this was after I stopped wearing pheros around him!), then seemed to come to his senses and think, "waaait...we work really closely together and we have a great professional relationship." We talked yesterday and decided we're going to stay good professional colleagues. Haven't seen him since but we've been friendly, which is a good sign. So no more updates, but I'm actually really relieved. I think this the best thing for both of us. Besides, now I can experiment with cops at social events without feeling a little bit guilty. I have a fancy party coming up and I want to have some fun with pheros there. Good luck with school! Unfortunately, all my classes are online, so I can't use pheros for nefarious purposes. πŸ˜‰ Keep us updated on any classroom hits!
  12. I could see something sparkly...grapefruit and pink sugars? And cops of course.
  13. I could see this as good for dealing with people who are feeling a bit unsure/insecure and may find you intimidating normally (or might react badly to other pheros because of their insecurity). It's very calming and bonding-heavy, but still alpha in a quiet way.
  14. I've stopped wearing LFM around my coworker for a week now but it doesn't seem to have affected his interest in me. In fact, he asked me out to an event. I guess he was already attracted to me for a while, and the pheros just pushed him over the edge. Still, we worked together for quite a while and I never noticed any signs (although I am admittedly a little oblivious.) So now we are going to have the "what should we do since we work together" talk and we'll see how it goes. I should probably get a journal so I stop posting about this in the review thread... Another hit: I'm really busy with a project at work and asked if I could borrow another coworker's technician for a day. He told me that I could have him the whole week, no problem! It was funny because he said this with a big smile on his face. This was SUPER nice of him, and I'm pretty sure LFM had something to do with it. LFM is just THE BEST for when I'm asking for things!
  15. This might be due to my own chemical signature, but EST works better for me with more nurturing, less alpha guys. LFM and EST makes them treat me like a straight up goddess - they are amazing to me but I still feel respected and heard. Whereas with really alpha types, EST makes them like, "You're so adorable. Let me take care of you." I'm definitely catered to but I feel like I'm not taken as seriously. Something with a edge, like Leather, gives that "we're an amazing team and we're going to take over the world" vibe. That said, I get the whole "you're adorable" thing even without pheros. So maybe I just naturally give off that vibe and the EST with certain men is just too much.
  16. hedgehog

    Kiss of Nectar

    This has rested for about a week, so hopefully travel shock is no longer a factor. This is way different than I expected. I was thinking a very sweet butterscotchy floral, but I can barely pick up the butterscotch and vanilla at all at first. Instead, this is very clean in a floral way. It's a soft floral, not sharp at all, and very fresh and clean smelling. It's a "laundry" kind of clean, but not like Downy or Tide (which make me sneeze). It's kind of like how you wish your laundry would smell when it's drying in the breeze on a beautiful summer day. 5-6 hours later, the butterscotch and vanilla come out, but the freshness remains. So it's this sweet fresh vanilla. It feels very effortless and natural, like "oh, I just woke up looking like this. And yes, I just naturally smell that good." I'm not sure about the musk - is musk the "clean" smell? Musks confuse me and I don't actually know what the different musks smell like.
  17. I only got this a couple days ago, so I know I SHOULD wait for travel shock to wear off...but I don't care! It's just so amazing that I have to review it NOW! I have pretty much been wearing it nonstop since I got it, because I am IN LOVE. I thought this would be much more "cakey" from the start from the reviews, but it's this rich blend of lemon vanilla with what feels like the LP O base. There's a lovely depth and sophistication to it. (I paired it with LFM It settles down to a to-die-for rich lemon vanilla, with just enough amber to give it a skin-scent feel. And it lasts all day! I don't get the strawberry at all, but it's perfect as it is! I think some of the earlier reviews said that this was more tart, but now it's settled into this creamy deep lemon vanilla amber. Still sweet and lemony, but rich and smooth. I could see myself wearing this anywhere; it's sophisticated enough for work, it's bright and fun for parties, it's sexy, it's comforting for a bedtime scent... And the label is absolutely gorgeous! This is AMAZING. Thanks so much to Mara for including it in the charity auction!
  18. Sounds like both the scent and the phero were a huge hit! Ended up cancelling the date on Thurs because Thurs got super busy. Wore a bit of SH with LFM to work yesterday layered with LP O, and had a meeting with him. He switched his afternoon plans around to work on a project with me, even though we could have done everything perfectly well at our respective desks. I think we're on the same page of: "There's chemistry here, but we can't seriously date while we're working this closely together" though, which is good.
  19. Just picked up my package from my mailbox today!!! This was my first time getting FBs, and they are sooooo pretty! The LP Frais Citron label is just wow!
  20. Got my shipping notice today! Can't wait.
  21. There are a lot of Pherotine samples still left! I think only a few have run out, like LFM, Open Windows, and Heart and Soul.
  22. hedgehog

    Warm & Toasty

    I can't believe I haven't reviewed this one before. The banana is pretty light on me, just enough to give it extra sweet, buttery "flavor" (putting flavor in quotes because I don't eat my LPs, I swear. It's just that it's SO foodie that I almost think of it in terms of taste.) It's pure nutty sugary buttery goodness. It's the best scent EVER to wear to best. Just soft and comforting.
  23. We're going out after work on Thursday. I think we'll figure things out then. We're both very direct, logical people so I think we can talk it out and come to a mutual decision on what we want to do. I hope you have a great date on Friday! You'll have to give us a report of the LFM effects!
  24. Ok, I might have to take this back too. I've been wearing a swipe of Sensual Harmony w/ LFM about 3 days a week at work for the last month or so (with more occasional use before that). A coworker asked me out yesterday! Well, I think he asked me out. I am so oblivious when it comes to things like this. We've been friends at work longer than I've been wearing pheros, and already talk a lot. So what happened this week? πŸ€” Well, a bunch of us were crammed together in a tour trying to see a demo, and he definitely got a good whiff of the LFM... It continues to amaze me how powerful pheros are. I'm a little uneasy though, because I think we work really well together and want to preserve the work relationship. I might have to switch to SWS to keep things more professional, which makes me sad because I LOVE LFM's self effects. LFM is so congruent with my personality that it makes me feel more confidently and authentically myself, if that makes sense.
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