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    Glad to see that someone out there is reading my journal posts, haha. Also, I actually think things like that would be the best use of a time machine! Little things that make you happy but don't affect history in unexpected and catastrophic ways. Like how you wish for simple, specific things with a genie instead of grandiose things that the genie can turn against you.
  2. I wore Cougar Potion layered with LP O to a friend's house for brunch. We had a good time as per usual for Cougar, but one funny thing is that her mom (who I haven't seen in 10 years) kept telling me how "mature" I was. 😆 I'm still in my twenties and have a baby face, so I don't think I look "old", and I think she was mostly referring to how I have my own apartment, take care of my finances, go to grad school while working, etc. I just thought it was funny since I was wearing Cougar!
  3. Haha! I'm just imagining you pointing your head toward this guy. Like you have this invisible magic LP ray on your head that you're aiming at him! I love LFM and I'm so glad it worked out so well! And it sounds AMAZING with LP O. I'm going to have to try it!
  4. Whoa, this is very airy and almost ozoney to me at first (no idea what note this was) but sweetened up over time. There's still something a bit sharp about it until about 4 hours after application. I didn't get a sweet, fruity vibe at all - maybe there was something light and sweet in the background, but on my skin it felt like sharp, airy floral. Still pleasant in its own way, but not what I was expecting. I'm going to try this scent again and shake the vial next time. BUT THE EFFECTS! This was my first time trying anything with Cougar, and wow! This had me smiling as soon as I put it on. I went to an event with a friend and we were just giggling nonstop in the car. Both of us had so much fun! This is better than Girl/Girl for me for having a good time with the girls. I was maybe a little bit spacey (and I wasn't wearing much!) but in a good way, like when you want to just let loose and have fun, and not have to be the "smart, responsible one." I got no sexual hits as far as I know, but I was having too much fun to notice or care. 😄 When I came home, I had to finish some homework for school, and I was confident, productive, and felt like I figured out the problems pretty quickly, so it didn't make me too spacey to function, which is good. I'll test Cougar Potion next.
  5. Yes, I got the last bottle in the sale! The perfume gods were smiling down on me. 😊 Thanks @Potion Master and @Eastwood22❤️
  6. Today at work, I wore Winter in the Tropics layered with some LP Fraise Citron and just had an incredibly smooth day. I felt like I was gracefully and confidently gliding in and out of meetings and conversations. You know the number in a musical where the main character just kind of parades around the town dancing and saying hi to everyone? Like Belle in Beauty in the Beast when she's singing about being sick of her provincial life? That was me at work today. But I was also super productive, self-assured, felt really great at my job and in love with the world! Literally everyone was helpful, everyone was in a great mood, I made a good impression on everyone I met, and wow! Just a great day. I felt like I had taken some Felix Felicis (Harry Potter reference 😉.) I'm a pretty big introvert, but I'm going out tonight because today is just too good of a day to waste. Also, the leaves are turning beautiful colors and there's a slight chill in the air, just enough to be invigorating. I love autumn! I think the effects today were a combination of the LFM, how amazing I smelled, and my great mood. Pheros do a lot but it's incredible what a smile and a happy attitude can do!
  7. I tried the "Sort by Date added" and it doesn't seem to go by the order of the collections. Not a big deal, but just wanted to let you know. It's awesome and easy to use! Love it. And congrats on the larger space!
  8. I love it! I'm so glad you kept the wishlist - that was my favorite part of the last site.
  9. Haha, you were your own sweet and smoky treat! 😋 Airplane treat envy is real though! Especially when they run out of stroopwafels. I have a trial of this, but when I first swiped it I didn't get any sweet marshmallow, just smoke. I'll need to try it again now that it's settled a bit.
  10. Agreed with everyone above! Do you really want to be with someone who is this inconsistent, leaves you on the road, and makes you feel like you did something wrong? You sound like a kind, wonderful person and I'm sure you'll find someone amazing. This guy isn't it!
  11. Since you don't know what he likes, I'd wear something that makes you feel confident and sexy. If you feel sexy, you'll be sexy, period. I personally wouldn't wear Sexpionage to a first date, but I don't know how it works with your chemistry or what you're looking for. Also, if you're looking for more than just physical attraction from him, don't overlook the socials (i.e. OW) or sexy-socials (like Cougar, LFM) layered with an OCCO for added oomph. If he feels good when he's with you and you really connect, he'll remember that. That combined with the effects from the OCCO may leave a deeper impression than the super sexual blends.
  12. So to update on my previous post, I tried Sugared Patch but I don't think Patch was the issue. I tried layering LP Red with Pure Sugar and the extra sweetness fixed the problem completely. It now feels much sweeter and more balanced on my skin. I can now wear LP Red whenever I want now without worrying that it's going to turn on me! Yay!
  13. Yay, thank for setting this up Luna! My review for NoCo Pink: this is like LP Pink with the sweet cotton candy sugar turned waaay up and without the lemony verbena kick. Overall it's a lot sweeter and lighter than LP Pink - I don't think I smell as much of the patch/amber base either. It just embodies pink fluffiness, and layers beautifully with anything that needs to sweetened up with some pink sugars. I spiked a sniffie of this with LFM and wear it on Fridays with my unpheroed LP Pink. The combo puts me and everyone else in a good mood! I'm curious to see how the other NoCos differ from their respective LPs, because this was quite different from LP Pink on my skin...I might have to get NoCo Red since I already layer the LP with Pure Sugar.
  14. hedgehog

    Midnight Rhapsody

    This is exactly what it sounds like - pineapple orchid with some depth! It's not a fresh, fruity bright pineapple, but one that is sweet but well blended with the orchid. The blend with the orchid keeps it from being too simple or young to wear to work. I like to wear this one in my hair because it feels like a really, really nice shampoo. This also lasts astonishingly long for a fruity scent! I wonder if it's the amber that grounding all the notes?
  15. I love how you're Domming it up and asking for papers! Props to you for your patience in handling all this - I would have bailed a long way back, haha. Reading about it is interesting but it sounds exhausting!
  16. I love wearing this for afternoons with (girl)friends. It's warm and soft on me, long lasting but never too strong. When I'm wearing Themyscira, we invariably talk for hours, and even though things get deep and personal, the somber mood never lingers likes it does sometimes when discussing serious or depressing topics. After we're done talking about something serious, we move on and the mood brightens and we'e laughing again. Maybe it's the A-nol in this? But yeah, when I'm wearing this we ALWAYS have an amazing time. Whoa, I just checked the ingredients had no ideas this had copulins! I wore this at work a few times because it always felt innocent to me! Oooops.
  17. I have one of those too in my apartment! Great for sunglasses and keys...and emergency LPs you don't want to leave the house without, haha. I only have a TV of the Totem Beaver so I am carefully rationing it out! I'm eyeing Oleander the Great as a possible replacement as my SWS scent.
  18. I tried Totem:Beaver with LP Pink today. I had a technical meetup and wanted to be professional but still relaxed and girly, since it's the weekend. On my skin, the cranberry goes with the pinky sugars and verbena in the LP pink beautifully! And the Totem:Beaver adds extra depth to the Pink. I love it and it's exactly the vibe I was going for - Pink always seems to cheer people up and this adds some brightness in addition to the SWS effects. This would be perfect for Fridays at work, when everyone's a little more relaxed and happy about the weekend.
  19. It's a bright juicy watermelon candy at first, then gets sweet and a little powdery with a hint of that watermelon juiciness. This stage comes off as a little artificial on my skin. After that, it's a sweet, creamy pinkness on me, which I love. This is VERY sweet, so I use a little bit of this to sweeten up other scents (kind of like Pure Sugar). And I really like wearing this to bed - it's true to the name, like falling asleep on pink clouds of cotton candy. 😊
  20. This is such a sweet happy scent! It's a blend of sugars and you can catch whiffs of the brown sugar, pink sugar, etc, but it blends together really well too. The blend of different sugars makes it complex enough to wear on its own, but it's great for layering and bringing out the sweetness of different perfumes. I think of this as "the perfume rescuer," because there are perfumes I didn't love at first but became new favorites with a little bit of Pure Sugar.
  21. I was a bit wary of patchouli, since it's a problem note for a lot of people. But this is really nice. It's deep, earthy and a little green. It makes me think of a forest after a rain. (This is speaking as someone who didn't really know what patchouli by itself smelled like before smelling this!) It's probably not something I would wear by itself, but I could see it as a great "grounding" scent to lend depth to fragrances that are a little too sweet or bright. I can't wait to layer this with a cakey sugary scent to see if I get something like Double O.
  22. Wow, great story! Please keep us updated! If he was feeling like he was having trouble controlling himself and it's making him worried about being around you, it might be good to ease up on the cops a bit. My impression from what you're writing is that this guy is used to being logical and in control of his emotions, so feeling so completely out of control is scaring him. But he can't resist! But he's terrified! But he can't stop thinking about you! And so on - he's in turmoil. My impression of with guys like this is that their "armor" is their control over their thoughts and emotions, but they're big softies in the inside. They're stoic and rational, and that's become a part of their identity. But you've somehow gotten past that and now he can't stop feeling these really strong emotions and he can't get you out of his mind. It's disquieting, like having a stranger popping up at the foot of your bed at 3 am in the morning. And now that you have his heart, you could do a lot of damage, and he's scared. I agree with raydee - reassure him that you care about him, be warm, accepting, and basically help his logical side come around to where his emotions are. Once his rational side sees that you're a good partner for him, his internal conflict should ease and hopefully he can embrace the romance wholeheartedly. Good luck!
  23. hedgehog

    Moondust Cocoa

    @Blackgirlmagic, I remember you wrote about Moondust Cocoa in the LFM thread, and you are so right...it is AMAZING! I wore this to bed last night, and it is like the most comforting warm cup of hot cocoa, but without the calories! Nighttime cocoa that you pour in an oversized cup and use to warm your hands through your sweatshirt sleeves. And I can enjoy it as I drift off to sleep without having to worry about spilling the cup or cleaning it out in the morning. I think I will be wearing this a LOT this fall and winter!
  24. Yes, I am great at my job, but the LFM has been key in making sure that people NOTICE that. It's so common for women to do amazing work but get NO recognition, while men get respect for doing the tiniest thing! (Arghh, this makes me so angry. 😠) The way I see it is: I'm never going to play golf with the boys' club, so LFM helps me even the score a little. The paper study is so sad and frustrating. As is the fact that women need to work harder to get recognized, and even when we succeed we're frequently viewed negatively by both men AND women! I really hope things change in the next few decades as the generations turn over in the workforce. Sources: https://www.jstor.org/stable/27641021?seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents, https://www.springer.com/gp/about-springer/media/research-news/all-english-research-news/prejudice-against-women-in-power-is-greater-than-we-think/16219244
  25. First of all, well done on getting back up and getting your life together again after life threw you a curveball! It takes a lot of strength to do that. I posted this on another thread a little while ago: I personally would try something with a bit more edge, like Leather. It's probably congruent with your natural alpha signature too. (Of course, this depends on your personal chemistry, so definitely test out the phero beforehand if possible!) I think LFM/N could work too, depending on your chemistry and how he responds to EST. I would not recommend wearing something that can go ditzy, like Lace, right away. Also, I love INTJs! (I also am one.) 😊 I totally get what he means by "equal relationship" and that's why I immediately thought of Leather.
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