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  1. Oh, Cougar how I love thee, let me count thy ways! Oh goodness THIS ONE! So I first bought the trial size because I wasn’t sure about it and the name....I’m not looking to attract any younguns...but I am 43 and on bc and becuz of previous bc had gained 20 pounds (which I did finally loose last year) and felt kind of like I’d lost my mojo...so another whim and I got the trial size...well this stuff smells so amazing I had to turn around and get the FB! The self effects are freakin amazing! I do smell the grapefruit a little in the beginning but the dry down with the Amber is heavenly. It is definitely a popularity type potion for me (I haven’t tried the actual PP YET eventually I’m sure I will). I am a Leo and naturally gregarious but as I mentioned before.. I really felt like I’d lost my mojo. Anyways...with this one I have other stylists asking me to chime in with their clients and pple who were not necessarily chatty with me before are suddenly all about it! The other thing is that I have people almost desperate to make eye contact with me...I’m putting on the cape to start cutting their hair and they’re turning in the chair to catch eye contact with me....they can do that with the mirror but I have them turning around to make sure we make eye contact lol. I put cougar potion in all of the usual places you would with normal perfume or oils..but I also anoint my hands with it and I do run it through my hair. What happens when I do that you ask? Well then it’s “oh can I wait for her to cut my hair?” And “wow you’re having a great hair day!” (This has been true even on extreme humid days when I assure you my hair looks like Rosanna Danna lmao) As another poster mentioned it def gave me my swagger back. Hell, I’m even checking my own self out! I have been layering it with LPRed too for an out of this world combination...the hits just keep coming! As I mentioned before I didn’t get this one to attract any younguns lol I have a boyfriend and we are happy together. What I’d hoped for was a more youthful appearance so I could attract more customers and boy did it deliver! So don’t let the name keep you from trying it the self effects alone are worth it.. ”When I’m a walkin’ I strut my stuff then I’m so strung out...if I’m high as a kite I just might stop to check you out...”
  2. Hi,all! So I wanted to post my thoughts on LPRed...this was one of my first orders and on a whim I went FB on it...so glad that I did. For the first couple of days I couldn’t quite place what it reminded me of, then I remembered...it reminded me of a metaphysical store I used to go to back in the late 90s-early 2000s and it kind of brought up some unresolved feelings I had over that period of my life and I almost put it away for good...but it smelled so good I just couldn’t break up with LPRed...so I powered through...made my peace with that time in my life and really fell in love with it. What I have noticed about it...while no one has commented on the scent, people DO what to be physically close to me....whether it’s at the store or at work...they’re leaning in or standing as close as they can to me. 😳 My boyfriend is extra attentive and very snuggly as well. (These are all awesome things) I noticed people tip me more than they normally have in the past (it’s gotta be the cinnamon!). I’m a hairstylist and I live off of my tips so this has been an added bonus for sure lol! I’ve also had a rather “a-ha! Moment” where I figured out that with LPRed...folks (this is men AND women) seek my approval as if I’m Queen of the Land lol I’m not even exaggerating lol I had a client who started telling me about how on his off time he goes to Alaska and fishes for salmon...ok...then he’s like I always catch the biggest ones and I’m like....ok.... and then this man had to pull out his phone and actually show me pictures of all of these GIANT salmon that he has caught himself lol This guy was probably in his 60s or more and married and he wasn’t hitting on me but it was like he needed both my approval and needed to impress me at the same time. It was pretty comical. So it’s things like that and pple saying they did this or that for me so I wouldn’t have to that has me saying to myself “Red, I got you girl I got you!” (And of course it smells pretty amazing so there’s that too lol)
  3. SpookyK8

    Hey y’all!

    Thank y’all very much!
  4. SpookyK8

    Hey y’all!

    Hi y’all! I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Kate and started purchasing love potion fragrances around the end of Dec/early Jan and am definitely hooked! I’ve been reading the forum for about a month and decided to join. I’m still reading and enjoying all of it (and still trying to get the lingo down lol). This is great stuff ❤️
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