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  1. I'm trying to figure out how I feel about Cougar Potion. I love the smell - it wears beautifully on me and as for self-effects, it seems to make it easier to walk with confidence and to project a vibe of "here I am and I deserve to be here!!" vibe. I honestly think it makes my wrinkles less obvious to my eyes viewing my image in the mirror, lol. That's a nice effect! That vibe is my normal presentation, tho. Even if I'm not feeling it (as I tell my kids, fake it 'til you make it, lol). I think I've been expecting more. I have it in oil and just ordered it in spray so that might make a difference in "hits". There have been a few hits that seems relatively out of the norm - just not that far out of the norm for me to be convinced that it's CP w/SC in and of itself. I'm worlds away from being a beauty queen but get more than my share of attention from men. I've never been exactly sure WHY and now that 50 is looming, the amount of attention directed my way surprises me. There are the obvious things: long hair, trim shape, body conscious clothes and a obsession with high heels which undoubtedly help. People tend to think I'm younger which is lovely because all the years of smoking and tanning have certainly caught up with me - and it shows. Omg does it show - but who am I to argue with that particular perception, lol? On a day/night where I'm feeling all bubbly and smiley and confident, I get attention. On a day/night where I'm feeling all bubbly and smiley and confident and wearing Cougar Potion, I get attention. Regardless, the perfume itself is gorgeous, so it'll definitely continue to get worn. More testing :).
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    This is not exactly a personal review but I thought it was some hilarious info. Backstory: my sister lived locally to the storefront but recently moved up north. She loves honey scents. She’s also married to a fishing fanatic. I’m new to LPMP but I keep smelling certain honey scents/reading descriptions thinking of how much she would love some of these. This morning I texted her to ask if she ever got any perfumes here. Sis: Yes I did and one of them helps me catch fish, I swear to god this is true...it’s called Une. Me: Lolol!! Perfect story! Sis: They are nice strong perfumes, the two or three I bought. I caught two huge steelhead one day wearing Une...go fishing and see what I mean. Fish love Une. —— So, new use for Une, lolol. She loves the scents she got at LPMP, but they’re a little pricey for her. Nice to already figure out what to send her for Christmas!!
  3. @halo0073 Thank you! I’ll do that.
  4. @Eastwood22 Gah! We went to a punk show a few weeks ago in a tiny bar - TINY. A couple of the bands were touring and it was PACKED. There were several extremely odiferous people there standing right in front of the door (apparently the sole source of ventilation) thru which a huge breeze was blowing straight at us. Omg. It was so bad. On top of that, this chick next to us was hanging out with her huge, beautiful, so sweet and incredibly gassy Burmese Mountain Dog. It was like being surrounded by rotting corpses, I kid you not. It takes a lot for me to bail on a fun night, but it was too much for even me, lolol. I don’t blame the dog, just to be clear 🤗. Now I need to huff my LPMP covered arm to recover from the memory 🌺.
  5. @Eastwood22 I feel your pain, lol. My first husband was in a band. His hygiene was stellar. The other guys? Not so much and I can’t even talk about their fans 🙄...this might be part of my rabid dislike of patchouli. Everyone I knew who wore it used it to cover their dislike of water and more importantly, soap. I’m still working to get over the trauma, lol.
  6. I was digging around on the shop site hoping I could get this as a virgin bottle...can’t find any options for that. Does anyone know? Thanks!
  7. @Eastwood22 Lolol - that one really made me laugh :). Obviously, all users of LPMP scents are good women (still giggling :)).
  8. Well! I surely do love me some Gossamer Threads w/CB. Spouse and I went to go see a band at a little local dive bar Friday night. I'm not sure how much I applied...not tons and it's out of a sample vial, so I'm just smooshing that little bitty wand around. Elbows, wrists, cleavage and line from belly button to boobs...maybe that is a lot - full disclosure: I have no earthly idea. We got there, stood by the bar for drinks and sat down. I got up to find an ashtray. First I wandered around the pool tables and a couple tables of people. Our of the corner of my eye I could see a few male heads turning and following me as I walked around. No luck with finding an ashtray. so I went up to the bar. A guy was sitting there with two of them and I asked if I could take one. He slooooowly turned to me, looked at me a a loooong minute and said "You can have anything you want" and just STARED. I got the only thing I wanted (ashtray- but now I'm thinkin' I should have asked for his wallet) and went to sit down. I eventually went up to the bar to order a round. Dude had moved to the opposite side of the big u-shaped bar. I'm waiting for the bartender to notice me and suddenly, the man sitting next to where I'm standing elbows me and points across the bar. Dude #1 is yelling at me - like we're having a conversation He's over there just talking away, making huge gestures (bar sign language?) and BEAMING. I have zero idea what he's saying (band = loud) so I shrug, smile. He starts screaming "WHAT'S YOUR NAME? YOU'RE GORGEOUS!! Etc., etc.). The bartenders were cracking up (which they don't ever seem to do here) and the man sitting next to me leans over (he sniffed me, lol) and smiles and said "He's right - you're gorgeous. What IS your name?". Then HIS friend comes over to my other side, sniffs me and says "They're right - you're gorgeous. What IS your name?". Not wanting to start a marital spat, I just smiled like I couldn't understand anything and went back to my table. One last drink for spouse. Again, I'm waiting on the bartender. I start chatting with a guy next to me because he has an interesting accent and I can't place it - he's super friendly, so is his friend. Nothing way out there but still very eager to chat. BUT the man on my other side (who was there with a truly gorgeous woman) kept turning to look at me. Each time, he'd look longer and longer and then snap back to his lovely woman. Then slooowly move his head around toward me and gaze. THEN (because you know it's not over yet), we were talking about leaving, so I decide I'd better hit the bathroom. To get there, I walk practically through the whole bar, past the band and then the pool tables. Heads turned and eyes followed. I saw one woman elbow her staring husband - HARD. The lead singer (a sweet young baby) was grinning at me as I sauntered past him and three guys converged to head me off from the bathroom to tell me (I bet you guessed this) "Omg! You're gorgeous! What's your name?" I've never ever had so many men ask me what my name was in a two hour period ever (except at a conference maybe) lol. It's like they all had the same script. Perhaps it's the Cuddle Bunny Script. HOWEVER. I had three drinks and omg. The next morning I had a really bad hangover - which never ever happens on three drinks. With lots of water I felt like it faded faster than a real hangover would but next time I'll hydrate like crazy and probably drink less. I think I get buzzed more quickly with this stuff than without as well..
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    New to LPMP

    Lolol - my kids tell me me the same... I’ll just blame all the TMI on a Phero - I just don’t know which one 🙄. Thank you everyone that read my Vomitmous post and were nice. Sometime daily life gets hold of me and does not want to let go. i wore GT/CB out to see a band tonight. Review coming and tooooooo funny.
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    New to LPMP

    Removed because I woke up in the middle of the night thinking “Wow! That post was not well done at all”. Fit of anger + disappointment = non-judicious posting of TMI. Whoops.
  11. Thank you for the suggestion Eastwood22!! I've done that!
  12. HipGrrrl

    New to LPMP

    It was recommended I post here because I am a newbie (at so many things, but LPMP in particular 😊). I discovered LPMP while searching online for an essential oil blend of lavender and pumpkin spice because I'm always looking for scents that amp my perceived attractiveness to others...it makes life more fun :). There was a reddit comment referencing something similar from LPMP that caused a boyfriend to forget entirely about the job of moving apartments and become laser focused on swift and immediate activity that was not remotely related to packing boxes. I thought to myself “THIS is the one I need!!” Long story short, LPMP no longer has that blend available, but finding the site led me to HOURS of reading on the forums and becoming more and more convinced that I had to get me the entire store...which I'm working on order by order. I've been wearing two particular perfumes for a few years made by a organic perfumery but they've discontinued the two that I really liked, so it was time to branch out – and wow! I'm glad I did!! After a few weeks of wearing LPMP, my prior perfumes seem very flat to me – which is never how I would have described them before. Years ago I randomly purchased a couple pheromone perfumes (at one of those "at home" parties because I had to buy SOMETHING that wouldn't send spouse off the deep end, lol). I think I wore them a few times just because they were there but there was nothing about them that I really liked or even noticed – except the potential, I suppose. From LPMP, I bought a phero sample pack and a summer 2018 sample pack and started playing. I haven't messed around with the un-pheroed scents much. It's not that they don't smell yummy (because they do) but given the opportunity I tend towards the boosted scents because more is better. Right? Right. That's what I thought 😉. More musky scents attract me. I've never been a fan of super sweet but I've been surprised how much I've like LPMP's florals and some of the very sweet ones. When I was in college (maybe high school. I'm so old if it's that far back things sorta blend, lol) vanilla was HUGE and while I like vanilla, I have never wanted to walk around smelling like a cupcake and I recall lots of girls smelling like cupcakes. Much to my surprise, the vanilla in LPMP scents is wonderful and delicious in a way I never knew it could be. I love nutmeg and cinnamon (although years ago I bought some sort of body lotion with cinnamon and it smelled like Red Hots. That was not at all nice). There are some scents I will never ever care for because I have a true hatred of patchouli...likely not deserved but I find it very assaultive...perhaps because in my youth I worked in a super "cool" and alternative used clothing store, in a basement, with no ventilation, and when the patchouli lovers would come in they would be DOUSED and I could not escape. Even when they left, it felt like I'd be swimming in it forever. So, my feelings on this could be purely psychological🙄. I hope to recover so I can wear some of the LPMP signature blends without feeling a little freaked. Cougar Potion is great. I've had nice and friendly hits with that as well. One DIHL from a guy who was sitting a looooong way away from us during dinner. On his way out he was grinning at me and then paused by my chair to do...nothing, lol. Two priests were eating dinner next to us and before we knew it, they had schooched over to chat, chat, chat with me totally uninvited. When I wear it out shopping, everyone is nice to the extreme. Yesterday I put it on about 6 a.m. (I don't think I wear a lot. Small dabs to wrists, smoosh and then one light, light line from bellybutton to under-boob) and after working out around 10:30ish a.m., I reapplied to my wrists after changing. I got TIRED. Like so, so, so tired. I could barely hit the grocery store and as soon as I got home I took a crazy deep nap. Maybe I'm phero-easy. I LOVE Gossamer Threads (it's with CB and the "hits" have been great, but I adore the smell). Spouse loves it and will tell me over and over again how pretty and delicious I am when worn. I left a review with some funny hits for that one. My heart is broken that now that I finally discovered this it has gone away. I wore Bad Girl 2018 to the gym and I found it interesting. I like the perfume but I think maybe the leather phero is weird for me. One of many paper towel dispensers wasn't working and I found myself getting VERY irritated about it and that's not my norm. On the other hand, it was easier to push myself on The Hated Butt Machines than normal. More experimenting with this one. LP Orig, Red and Black - too much patchouli. So sad. Must work on scent memory for these 😪. That being said, I put on a smidge of LP Original this morning around 6 and now by 11 a.m., it's toned down a little and I can focus on the lovely, lovely notes it has without being pummeled by patchouli. Maybe there's hope!! Deliciae w/popularity was quite handy to wear to a meet and greet with a few moms who I don't know well. Our girls are BFFs but my daughter is the new one, so I really wanted to make a good impression. I don't think I"m fond of the berry/sweet notes in this one - but it is pretty. Generally people like me but I am very shy when I don't know people well and sometimes feel terribly awkward. This seemed to help. Blud w/Phero (this was the label. I assume it has Sexpionage - it was a free sample). I liked this one A LOT. I was surprised because I've never thought "food" scents were my thing...it's dark and rich, tho. Nice, nice, nice. I think I only wore it in the house. Carta J'Amour w/DHEAS and a-nol was worn once...my thoughts are getting very blended about the perfumes I've tried that don't stand out in hugely so I'll have to try this one again. I think it was very sweet. Phero Girl w/EoW. I love honey scents! I'm not sure if they love me, but this one is sexy as all heck. I feel amazing when it's on. I've only worn this one in the house and my spouse may or may not have noticed it. Hard to tell these days. I need to wear it some more and see if I can get some of those EoW self-effects. Cuddle Bunny 2009. I want to. OMG, how bad I want to but I cannot. It's so strong and detergenty on me that I can't bear to smell myself. I'm so jelly of those that wear it and love it. Interestingly, spouse said it was "flowery" and "pretty". I'm starting to think he's an EST guy. Vampire Bait. I like this one, too. There's an element to it that I find super hot and smooth. There's a note or two that make it not my most favorite blend ever but the other notes make it worthwhile. Creamed Honey - I love this one. I had an interesting experience with this tho. I got my load of vials on tumbling class night and put on a little (just a SMIDGE on wrists) of the Creamed Honey before going. Once we came in and sat down, a woman next to me scooted away from me and loudly said "I didn't move away from you because you smelled - I just didn't want you to think that!" I was like "Oooookay. What in the heck?" She pretty quickly ended up out of her chair, sitting about as far away from me as possible. It was weird. THEN, one of my daughter's friends mom's was there at the end of class and I was talking to her about cheer - she was answering me but she wouldn't even look at me and couldn't get away from me fast enough. I was SO confused by the whole night...and worried. What did I do? Why isn't BFF Mom being friendly? Later it occurred to me that maybe the honey was very overtly sexual and they couldn't deal. BUT It has no EoW!! No cops at all!! And in case anyone wants to know, I had showered about an hour before class so I REALLY don't think it was me stinking up the gym, lol. I'm sure there are others, but I have so many tiny little vials laying around it's easy for me to forget. I believe it's time to buy a notebook just for journaling my LPMP journey 😍. Maybe this is not the spot for my thoughts on all these scents...but any thoughts on the Creamed Honey and ghosting in particular would be appreciated. Thank you LPMP!!
  13. Maybe that’s what it is - I’m extremely scent ignorant but I will say that while I’m very attracted to the idea of “clean” scents, I’ve rarely liked them on ME and often find commercial cleaning smells unbearably sharp and jarring. I never would have put that together - thank you! One super fun thing about the various sample packs I’ve gotten from LP is how totally in love I’ve fallen with some scents that I never ever would have thought I’d like (too sweet, too floral, etc). Who woulda guessed, lol?
  14. I luv, luv, ,luv Gossamer Threads w/CB. Holy schmoly! This stuff is the shizzle!! I get a fair share of male attention BUT NOT LIKE THIS. The first two times, I wore it out with family to eat outside. Both of these places have a laid back party vibe but are also family friendly. We were standing around waiting for a table to open up and there were two different groups of men there for drinks that ended up congregating around us. It wasn't like they came over to speak to me but like the whole group just sorta drifted over and I noticed quite a few looks from them. Additionally, I got grunted at by two different men each night (yes, you read that right. They GRUNTED omg). Each time this happened, I looked up to investigate the source of the grunt (it might be normal for other ladies to get grunted at but it's a total first for me, lol) and every single time, the “grunter” looked SHOCKED that they made that noise and then started BEAMING at me. Like total huge crazy sh*t eating grins. Like I had just handed them the keys to their dream sports car free of charge – and included a six-pack of their favorite beer. My spouse also kept telling me how beautiful I was and at one point said “you sit there looking like a dream and then you move and just come to life” - whatever that means, lol. Yesterday I ended up on an unexpected quick run to Home Depot, wearing GT/CB again. Again, not a lot (I don't think, anyway). Two guys (one employee, one customer) greeted me upon entering (not with grunts, thank goodness, lol). Then, they practically got into it over which one was going to get me a cart. They were intense and getting puffy with each other. It didn't seem as though their struggle was going to be over anytime soon and it was getting sorta aggressive, so I just grabbed another cart and continued on. Checking out, the guy behind me (who might have followed me to the line, actually) was practically crawling up the back of me to smell my neck. I turned around to give him the “WTFH do you think you're doing and get away from me right now” look and he just...beamed. And sniffed, lol. Men tend to be quite friendly and helpful with me at the hardware store but never quite like this, lol. I will think again before I wear CB to Home Depot :).