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  1. Buying the following, please, and thank you. There may be more if I need to add to reach the three priorly requested freebies. HAND SANITIZERS SMALL BOTTLES (1) Citrus Flower. (1) Natural. $ 9.90 SUGAR SCRUBS, ONE EACH: Lemon Cupcake Mermaid Soup Vanilla Caramel-I think that's the name. Happy Hobbit Mud Scrub. $ 71.80 SOAPS: (2) Grapefruit Cherry Marshmallow (1) Pineapple Vanilla. $ 16.50 FRAGRANCES: FULL ROLLER BOTTLE (1) Sneaky Clean. $ 32.95 (1) Thatched Cottage. $ 24.95 TRIAL VIALS (1) Occo Pumpkin Weenie. $ 6.50 (1) Sneaky Clean. $ 6.50 ________ $169.10 CREDITS: $10.00. -$ 10.00 _________ $159.10 PREVIOUSLY RESERVED FB FREEBIES: (1) 10:31 Virgin (1) Gravenstein (1) Z-Day If I'm off my nut on the pricing, let me know, and I'll adjust accordingly to reach just above the $150 mark. I may add to this list before I close out, but I this is good for today.
  2. Wanderlust

    Pink Pearl

    If one of the two of you order this, please let me know whether this mostly peach, mostly melon, or balanced. Peach can go overripe to nearly sour on my skin (which makes me want to cry).
  3. I was absolutely bug nutty about Vardo, which was a very forward, long-lasting, ripe and warm from the sun berry, or a stewed blackberry. The scent leaned into the bramble's natural habitat of earth, grasses and sage, but the berry was the star. How does this compare in terms of how the honeysuckle plays? Is this definitely berry forward, or more floral? Thanks.
  4. First screw up! Should have said the 10:31 should be a virgin..she's saving herself until after the pandemic. HAHA!!
  5. Mara, may I please reserve one full roller bottle each of: 10:31 Gravenstein Z-DAY Will let you know the whole order in a minute. Thank you so much, sweetie. TAKE YOUR TIME, YOU HAVE 5 DAYS!
  6. Just the description makes me think of summer parties in dappled light. Ahhhhhh, a girl can dream. Really looking forward to trying this fragrance.
  7. Blackberries and Honeysuckle..I mean, I could lounge in that all day. Betting this would make a gorgeous bath and body product.
  8. Good Afternoon, you have reached my voicemail. I'm on the beach. Do as you must, but I may never get back to you.
  9. This is, simply put, a bottle of magic. It is all citrus up front with a bit of bamboo and sheer, soft musky drifting in, quietly. The citrus lasts for much longer that any other citrus I've ever worn. Having said that, as the citrus recedes and the bamboo and musk come forward, it never completely fades. It changes from a fresh-sliced citrus to a candied citrus, probably assisted by the sweetness of the pineapple. I am truly intoxicated by this fragrance.
  10. Berry and citrus slut puppy here. This wears on me exactly as it smells straight of the bottle. This is all that gorgeous fruit-warmed, but not stewed- a wee hint of grated ginger, and fresh lemon curd on top. Absolutely love this!
  11. Happy in a bottle! You cannot help but feel a spring in your step, and feel a smile spread across your face when you wear this. The citrus wears like a pink grapefruit, which plays nicely with the marshmallow-which-balances, but in no way diminishes the brightness of the red currant. Been wearing this around the house, and finding myself humming.
  12. This smells like butterscotch toffee tastes, but carries the depth and silk quality of pudding. It is insanely good. Again, mixed with the Mocha..just slap me.
  13. Ok, oldsters, remember the tv ads for General Foods International Coffees, and the promises of being whisked away to some exotic, romantic destination with just one sip? Well, this is so much better than any of that. Rich, true mocha in all its glory. If you could drink it (DON'T! It won't cure The COVID!), it would be full-bodied, fragrant, no bitterness-just absolutely THE perfect mocha.
  14. I love this bright, juicy, buoyant, ZINGER! Oh so good combined with the Mocha.
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