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  1. I do so love this, Mara. Eager to see the magickal ingredients. 💋💋
  2. Oh my, Potion Master. This is quite something. I am all a-flutter.
  3. Ok, I'll fight myself. Wouldn't be the first time. Shrunken Heads, $15
  4. Ok, fight me, people. I double..no..triple dog dare ya!
  5. Officially requesting two Mystery Boxes, please. $30 Halloween $40 Moon and Mystical Nature YOU, PM, are a wonder! Thank you for every incredible thing you do for us. 😙
  6. Opening bid for Shrunken Heads: $12.50
  7. Honey smells like itbis straight of the comb on me. No powder, no sex, just glorious, golden sweetness.
  8. Is butterscotch easily layered with the coffee, do you think?
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