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  1. Hi thank you. No he wasn't always totally this way. Seemed to get worse after baby #1. We felt we were soulmates. Therapist thinks he has major fear after falling deeply in love with each other. Fear intensified with his love for his children. Basically more to lose. What is EST? And when you say he isn't into it what do you mean? Is it something I can change?
  2. I need help. This is my last ditch attempt to try to fix my marriage. My husband claims to love me but hes a real jerk. We've gone to marriage counseling and our therapist agrees that hes just stuck in his mean ways. Hes rude and selfish. But hes a good father. And loyal. Very loyal. But doesn't trust me even though I've done nothing. His pain stems from previous relationships. We have 2 toddlers age 2 and 4. The last 2 years our sex life has gone downhill. Badly. I am also still nursing the 2 year old. I need a phero that will increase his libido while also making him more open and trusting. AND NICER TO ME. And even though I plan on applying after my girls are asleep I'm wondering if it will affect them or the one who is still nursing. Do I need to wash it off after sex? How long does it take for pheros to fade from skin? Will it affect my milk production? Im willing to buy different pheros to get different results. 1 for sex (I mean I want one that is going to drive him insane) 1 to make him nicer to me Or a safe combo for both. 1 to relax me at other times so I'm not always upset 1 to help milk production if one exists All need to not have affect kids or milk or baby girl. Or if they do let me know so im not using it around kids. Thanks everyone! Hoping this will save us.
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