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  1. Liebchen with Treasured Hearts! I’d be interested in PFYT too since I see it mentioned so often.
  2. I selected this blend in oil based on how good a scented trial of this made me feel but I would like to experiment with spray at well. If I wanted to take a portion of the bottle and turn it into a spray, would it be 1/3 phero to 2/3 perfumer’s alcohol? If I wanted to create a fragranced spray how would those ratios change? Very grateful for any suggestions!
  3. I’ve slowly been working my way up to see how many sprays I need for selfies. Two sprays gets eyes following me. Four sprays earns me very vocal admiration. I haven’t used anything at more than four sprays before so the testing phase has been/is very fun.
  4. Does anyone else find themselves absolutely captivating when wearing Lace? Two sprays of the 60/40 blend and any reflective surface I passed I availed myself of it. I could not stop gazing at myself all day, I felt I looked so unnaturally beautiful. I had self-effects galore that by the end of the day I was ready to wash it off. I started to feel a little too silly but this is a very fun, bubbly, girly blend.
  5. I snagged the last two samples of this and I’m in love. I see it’s been released twice, I hope it comes back soon!
  6. Thank you! I am going to try and get some in a trade. I appreciate the links. I am going to look up the notes for these, thank you.
  7. I managed to get some samples of Bad Girl and I absolutely love the selfies I get from Leather! Are there any current scents that would be congruent with the sexy, sassy yet oh-so-girly feel of Leather? I have Carny in my cart right now but I am open to suggestions. I also like to layer scents so I’m open to any and all ideas. Many thanks. 💛
  8. I used a version of this this weekend (Bad Girl for Leather and Open Windows since I don’t have DHEAs) and it was a super fun, sassy combo! Thanks so much op.
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