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  1. I got the virgin version of this I got because I have LAM and OCCO white and I've over done it with cops specifically pherogirl in the past and the people who were around me got angry. Lol The note I loved most when I tried the sample first was the teakwood! The combo of gingerbread marrying teak wood I fell in love. I wore it on Sunday and it smells amazing! Just fall cupcakey goodness! Everything blends really well together just a great comforting scent. I was debating layering it with sugared pumpkin, sugared berries, or brown sugar pecan.
  2. Wearing this one today in honor of the first day of fall!πŸ˜ŠπŸ‚πŸŽƒ I love this it's sweet from the honey and syrupy fruits, it's earthy from the fig and leaves. Fall in a bottle.
  3. Vika

    Petticoat Lane

    I have a trial vial of Gossamer Threads and I was really disappointed when it sold out. I stocked up on this one hoping it was the similar and it is! Lol It's a beautiful scent for people who like white amber type of perfumes like Kuumba mades Persian Garden, this is in the same family. Very pretty!
  4. Vika

    Cupid's Cathedral

    This is just as I imagined! Wet I get Lily and vanilla but the lily burns off after a bit. The dry down is beautiful where the vanilla and balsam combine to a very creamy sweet scent with depth.
  5. I'm a big fan of ginger as well, especially the Chimes ginger candy. This smells just like real crystallized ginger and the dry down is beautiful! It's just a really pretty scent. Highly recommend.
  6. I just received this today and I just wanted to say that I love this one! It's so light and refreshing! I was scared it was going to be like a heavy berry candle type but it's not at all! I will definitely be layering this with a lot of other scents!
  7. I was back and forth on whether I should get this one and I'm so glad I got it! This smells delicious! It's a cinnamon sugar caramelized pear that's perfect for fall.
  8. This smells so good! It's sweet, buttery goodness. The dry down is more cinnamony but not overpowering at all.
  9. It's an older generation name from my family but also I do like the show Vikings I definitely have a few stories to tell but that is what's so fun about experimentation! Lol @Kayla @androstenol
  10. @adrostenol @hedgehog I have been using them for work as well! It's been interesting! Lol I really like SWS, PM and Treasured Hearts for the workplace. @Eastwood22 Right now I like the tropical scents for summer. Today I wore Tropical Musk I really love the coconut and vanilla dry down with that. I've also started experimenting with the Aja in Cananga which I love for the selfie effects and it also helps with setting the mood. Lol I have a good portion of the LP line and I like original the most with Fall Equinox and Black coming in behind it. Original is what I've gotten the most compliments on so far. My favorite pheros are the bonding ones mainly because everyone seems to get along when I wear them and it puts me in a good mood as well. I do have cops which I made the mistake of wearing too much one day and I had some awful reactions. I'm really cautious about using them these days. Lol I've just started using Gotcha which I also LOVE! It's just such a fun one to test out in public. Also Balm Bomb is a frickin lifesaver!
  11. Hey everyone, I figured it was time to introduce myself, I'm Vika and I'm a long time lurker but I've also been an LP customer for about a year now so I have a solid addiction to the products hereπŸ˜‚. The forums have been such a great resource for figuring out what's what as far as my introduction to pheros and LP's went. I've been interested in pheromones for a long time and the science behind them. I used to buy those cheap Pure Instinct brand ones just to see if they worked, they didn't but at least they smelled good! Lol! I'm grateful that I found this shop and community. The fragrances have lead to many magical and eye opening experiences! I'm grateful to everyone here including Mara for making such great products.
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