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    Oh, thanks. I should try Temperance also. I did not think it as an aquatic when I saw it in the tarot oils.
  2. pearl shine


    NYMPHS:THE NYMPHAI(or Nymphs) were female spirits of the natural world, minor goddesses of the forests, rivers, springs, meadows, mountains and seas. They were responsible for the crafting of nature's wild beauty, from the arrangement and growth of the plants, flowers and trees, to the nurture of wild birds and animals, and the formation of rocky caverns, springs, wetlands and brooks. THE NAIADES were fresh-water Nymphs who inhabited the rivers, streams, lakes, marshes, fountains and springs of the earth. They were immortal, minor divinities who were invited to attend the assemblies of the gods on Mount Olympos. The Naiad Nymphs were often classified by their domain: PEGAIAI were the Naiad nymphs of the springs; KRINAIAI, the Naiads of fountains; POTAMEIDES, the Naiads of rivers & streams; LIMNADES and LIMNATIDES, Naiads of the lakes; ELEIONOMAI, the Naiad Nymphs of marshes and wetlands. Nymphs are my favourite mythological characters. This perfume really captures the name. I think the name naiad really suits this perfume. I'm a water girl,I get the smell of pure water from this perfume. It makes me feel like I'm a nymph and live in a lake and waiting to seduce men who will come around. I'm usually fond of dark perfumes, but this is wonderful. It is a must in spring and summer. Please make NYMPH a permanent collection. It is the most beautiful water smell that I've come across. I have been in search for an aquatic perfume which smells exactly like water on which liles float.I think now I have found. The ingredients are super. Thanks for creating such a watery perfume for real life nymphs
  3. Mine is : 1) Dark Seductions II variant 2) LP Black 3) Betrothal 4) Sexology (scented) 5) Down & Dirty
  4. I am really in love with " BETROTHAL POTION " and " DARK SEDUCTIONS ". Plese continue brewing them!!! These must be inside the permanent line...
  5. I'm looking forward to getting CONSTANT CRAVING. I wonder the ingredients inside. This sounds evil to me
  6. I want the scented version of SEXOLOGY!!!! It was incredible.... Please rebrew it !
  7. Oh that's super !!! What do you think Dolly about this second variant of Dark Seductions ? Could this have the same effect ?
  8. What about the magic of Dark Seductions ? I wonder if there are any stories from the ones who've used before ? :banana055:
  9. Can this scent be appropriate for wearing in summer ?
  10. pearl shine

    Remind Me Again

    I do not have the concentrated version. Does the phero version have the same effect in magical purpose?
  11. I also wonder how Dirty Sexy, Nasty Habits and LP White smell like... I didn't have a chance to try, but I'd like to if they could be rebrewed again.
  12. I really wonder Dark Seductions II. Black Rose Variant. It sounds mysterious and dark : )
  13. I wonder something. Do having a shower regularly and using commercial perfumes have any effect on the pheromones that we produce ? It is said to have reducing effect... Perhaps we should not have a bath : )
  14. This is absolutely seductive scent. It makes me smell my wrist always unconciously. I feel like as if I were drunk. Can it be possible? This scent can make men drive crazy !
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