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  1. I have had great results wearing Phero Girl, I have been told it is BEYOND SEXY :angelstar-kaos058: And girls love it just as much as guys, beware when wearing. Use caution, you will get much more than you expected,
  2. Greetings, I am trying to find a produt that provides similar results as Stone Cougar. I got totally fantastic responses when wearing this product. I can not be more pleased, it delivers. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Misty :kyrii_faerie_action: By the way Stone Cougar does leave you sweating.
  3. Hi, I would love hearing how Tantric Butterfly worked. I am placing an order in a few days would appreciate getting responses on this new product. It sounds heavenly. :kyrii_faerie_action: Thanks Misty
  4. I am truly pleased at the positive reactions I have received from wearing Nakia Nectuar, not only from men but women as well. I have several family members who have even requested me to purchase them bottles as birthday gifts. I have alreay marked my calendar for 2009 and plan to give the Nectuar if it is available as presents in my gift baskets. SCORPIO
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