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  1. Ok, thanks Heather. I was actually thinking of emailing you, I wasn't sure which email was the best, but I'll try hers.
  2. Hi Mara, I don't want to be 'that guy' , and I wouldn't be if I wasn't traveling, but since I already changed the shipping address to come to where I am until September 1st, is it reasonable to expect my two orders will come by then? I know darn well you guys are busy and I'm not trying to be impatient, but the first order hasn't shipped yet and it's been two weeks. I just don't want to miss them. If you can give me a roundabout time estimate that would be awesome. I'd gladly send extra money for expedited shipping too if need be!
  3. Ok, thanks Mara. Sorry to be a pest. Love you!! 💗
  4. Heyyy. Sorry Mara. I asked this upthread and I sent an actual email, but I haven't heard anything back yet. Since the TAT changed, I emailed you guys to try to get the shipping address changed for invoice #2573(my first sale order.). I'm leaving town Friday. I would like that order sent to my Taylor address. It's in the email. Also what kind of TAT are you guys working with now? No big rush for me either but I had sent my second invoice request on Sunday and I just want to see that you actually got it. I just want to make sure my stuff will go to where I'm going to be and not sitting in a hot mailbox for two weeks. I know this is likely terribly annoying and I apologize, but it's stressing me out.
  5. Gosh I hate to even ask this, but since the TAT has changed and since my FIRST sale order hasn't shipped out yet (it's been paid though), is it too late to change the shipping address to where I'll be on vacation for two weeks? My second order already has that address on the invoice, but the first order is supposed to come to my residence....I leave on Friday evening, so can John change the shipping address or is it too late? I'm so sorry to bug you guys, but I had read in the rules thread that TAT was only a few days and now it's different.
  6. 1 FB 2B-PE: Carolyn's Nile Spice 1 FB 2B's: Gargoyle Gargle ALSO; you have me marked down for one trial of 'Time Travel: Somewhere in Time' but I want a full bottle and NOT a trial. Thanks !! 😬 AND: not to get elfed,but there's a bunch of stuff in the storefront for sale that is marked as claimed here..(specifically, Ebil-ish, but there's other stuff too) before I finalize my invoice, is that stuff actually all gone? Just wanted to be sure.
  7. Oops! Let's do a small Figgy Fairycake instead. I'm sorry.
  8. 1 Small Apple Fairycake << You mean Sugared Apple? No Fairy Cakes left! 1 Small Sugared Cherries
  9. I love you too, Black Cat! 😁😁
  10. 1 FB Time Travel: Somewhere in Time
  11. One Small Gingerbread Fairycake! Love these little things. Just rediscovered my sample set .
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