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  1. cheeseburger79

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    I'm hoping Unbeleafable has dragons blood, like the old Verhext!
  2. cheeseburger79

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    Soul Food, Ebil-ish and Espiritual are rebrews. These look great, the labels are gorgeous! Looks like some cool suprises are in store here!
  3. cheeseburger79


    You probably can here, Eastwood! This is some mellow civet. I love the stuff and I can barely pick it up here.
  4. cheeseburger79

    Back by popular demand!

    Awesome! THANK YOU!
  5. cheeseburger79

    Back by popular demand!

    Are all the Sugared Carnations gone? I bought the L'Artisan perfume Oeillet Sauvage and it's missing the little clovey twang I like in carnations. I'm craving them right now..I can't see them on Etsy or the temp site. So...gone?
  6. How Similar do you think this is compared to LP Carnival/Spring Equinox Luna? You know a PINK BLUEBERRY description piques my interest,ha! But I still have about half a bottle of Spring Equinox left. Just curious.
  7. cheeseburger79

    Thank you and Hello!

    That's right you are! Welcome to the forum! Glad you joined this particular branch of 'scented madness' !
  8. cheeseburger79

    Totem: Elephant

    I know this is off topic but I got you Ivysaur. Get my email address from Halo. I like this well enough but it's a little bit too light for me. I need to update my trade page, but you can have this one. Get at me.
  9. cheeseburger79

    New Member: Karma

    Hahahahahahaha!!!! That's awesome! Also WELCOME Karma!
  10. cheeseburger79

    Time Travel: 1942

    Looking at this makes me think of Soie et Foururre,which I loooove. This is on my list alright. I have a feeling this will exude class!
  11. cheeseburger79

    Ashes to Dust sugar scrub & aloe soap

    Awesome! Thanks Luna. I'm going on vacation for the holidays,but I'm hoping this stuff is still around after the first of the year. I am ALWAYS looking to expand my options for the churchiness. I'm assuming the oil is the same way,right? Sometimes things in bath products can read a little differently on the skin,but usually it's close enough!
  12. This theme looks EXTRA awesome!
  13. cheeseburger79


    Welcome Thea!
  14. cheeseburger79

    New Releases for OCTOBER 2017! ~ Boo!

  15. cheeseburger79

    New Member!