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  1. Just got my bottle, and ❤️! Yummy almond right off the bat, just a hint of coconut. The vanilla is creamy and smooth but doesn't overwhelm the almond. They mix so well. In a few hours I'll check for the sandalwood (which I love) that would be the best addition!
  2. Yay my notice came! I can't wait to try out my new scents!! 😍
  3. *impatient dance* hurry hurry hurry! 😂😂
  4. So lucky! I'm still obsessively watching for mine lol! I know perfection takes time, so it'll be worth it!!
  5. Thanks! 😀 I haven't... I'll have to give it a listen! Still watching for my notice, trying not to be impatient lol!!
  6. Checking my email obsessively for my notice lol!
  7. So many to choose from! 😯 I'll start with $10 on A Touch of Cerise 😊
  8. I've never really done a Mad Scientist blend before with just straight pheros. I've added cops to a few different blends before, or increased something that was already in it, just to tweak it a little. But no starting from scratch. A discussion seems to be in order lol!
  9. It just seemed to mellow my hubby out more when we had serious or relationship type conversations. He wouldn't get as tense or upset about things, was more willing to REALLY listen and try to understand what I was saying, rather than simply take a superficial meaning from it (if that makes sense?). With H&S, he's open, but not as understanding and seems to still get easily upset; Empathy Potion just seems to make him cuddly, and listen but not really pay attention; and True Confessions is just chat city lol. With Soulmate, I felt like we really were open, communicating and bonding. I never really wore it except around him.
  10. Yeah, I've tried Perfect Match, too and it's not quite the same either. I've also tried Empathy Potion and True Confessions, as well as blending different types together. Hmm, maybe I'll just have to try and figure it out somehow.
  11. I don't see it on this list, but what was Soul mate made up of? I've tried replacing it with Heart & Soul, but it's not the same.
  12. I had to get this just because my daughter's name is Aleah (was supposed to be spelled Aliya, but her dad changed it on me lol), and she looooves fruity scents. I, of course tried it out first . Love the peach, doesn't smell fake or plasticy like peach candy does. I think the creamy part blends really well and helps cover the honey, which doesn't play well with me. Usually honey scents stands out like crazy, in a bad way, but I didn't notice it this time.
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