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  1. Oh thats right... I forgot about that one. With all those stinky cops, Id rather stick with the Ew blends here... Somethings wrong with ordering from that site... everything is always sold out, so I gave up... It sucks to get attached to product and then disappear, poof... all the time. BI is like LAM and mix135 together... hhhmmmmmm, very interesting, maybe I'll try that combo on top of the one I have been using, Thanks CC! I am intrigued by the fact that PP has been seriously getting me hits from GUYS and GIRLS, every single time, and they are direct and approachable. Maybe with the cuddle bunny, mix is irrisistably fabulous and adorable. I just ordered treasured hearts and the one with the soul mate mix (oh and sexology) to add in to my collection...
  2. Only 1 last rebrew... That is not going to be a keeper??? CB honeyed is absolutely THE BEST scent around...
  3. *Update* I did popularity potion with scented cuddle bunny (little dabs of cb under my arm-pits, sneaker tops and underside of ponytail, pp on my skin)... well I think that popularity potion did one hell of a number on him, He could not stop smiling!!!! The intensity coming out of this particular class I attribute to my no-holding back application. I have been a little reluctant to try me-jane for kickboxing class, a bit like being a cat in a dog-fight, if you get what I mean... I think this is going to be the slow, silent killer combo, I will eventually up the cb, maybe lace in some extra ew. Once I get that down, I will order Sexology or BI, or whatever is still in stock.
  4. SB, Love the idea of striking up question about stretching (btw, its funny, I do yoga and I really have been wondering about some stretches!)... CC, Im thinking of lacing my locks with honeyed EW for a few hours the night before, then washing my hair with a gentle, natural organic cleanser that smells reallly good. Im going to try both mx 135 and me Jane but on different days, I dont want him going brain-dead...he is teaching class afterall. Btw, I have noticed he gets ahem "aroused" when I stand behind him in class.
  5. Thanks Jo Anna~ I think maybe I'll dab on some Me Jane, maybe mix in some Ew or Cuddle Bunny in my deodarant, hee heee heeee (poor guys not gonna know what hit him)!!! I thought about purchasing True Confessions and lacing my pony tail or sneaker trails with.... I do need a good conversation starter tho, I also notice though that any phero leftovers get a better hit (after Ive showered) I tend to get some wacked out DIHLs which to me is very odd because I go without makeup, hair tied back in oversized sweat gear??? And my gym sweats still beats out my tight jeans, bustiers, heels, lipstick and mascara every time! Go Figure.
  6. Ok, this is my first post. I have this Alpha-kickboxing teacher Im in love with and believe me there are sparks (it is mutual) problem is Im 1 in 25 women in his class. Please if anyone could give me advice, he has responded well to my sweaty phero residue ( I use pheros on a daily basis outside the gym). At present I own Cuddle Bunny (scented), Me Jane, Popularity Potion, Ew in honeyed Sugarcomb, CFM-all lovepotion and I also own Soe/w (from another site), Is/A and mix 135, also Instant Honesty, and Mistress. He is Alpha, Latin, sexy and HOT!!! Help.
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