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  1. Hi Rose, Im interested in a Tarot reading but I dont have a facebook acount. Is there any way to get in touch with you? Thanks, Krazykat

  2. Yes, its true. I think that's why LFN works so well for so many, its got both the softer and temptressy, captivation elements without too much fallout...LOL. Interesting about your CB experiences, you may have non-esty males on your hands, there are a few ladies on here who have the same issue. Ive also read a few threads on here about how some men don't like cops, but are fine with other molecules, it would be interesting to find out what it is exactly that isn't wearing on you. I don't know where you saw that but that's a funny quote, quite true for a lot of men I'm sure! Wait till you try H & S... the self affects alone are incredible, and its my favorite social, it nets me the biggest hits, both men and women love on you. I would wait to try it if your boys don't like est though, its got quite a lot!
  3. I wasn't quite sure how to respond to this because I resonate entirely with most of what you wrote especially about your men. Have you tried LFN or LFN? I have a similar vibe (I think) but perhaps a bit more "cool" (as in reserved). I'm super busty and a bit plump now, naturally people tend to project "nurturing" or "milfy" perhaps a bit more than I am. I tend to do well with LFM or H & S for everyday and LFN for nighttime. I wear CB a lot too as the LF's can go a wee bit more alpha than I like from time to time, and I have a couple of alphas who prefer my softer side.
  4. Sample yes, good idea. one of these days Ive gotta get around to ry that one...lol.
  5. Cyclekitten, yours and mine both. The younger one of my partners (hes 42... I call him my young buck) is terribly worried I'm going to go and find a 3rd partner to keep up my appetite! He accused me of using him for sex last week after a fight LOL! Sexpionage sounds interesting, I look forward to hearing your results with that one. I always mean to purchase but something continuosly delays me from placing in my cart. I think I'm worried I would turn into Queen Bitch. She rears up with too much none. BI turns me into Medusa.
  6. Im going to try and get past my ADD today and get around to starting one. It sounds like you may be younger than me. When I was in my 20s and early 30s I couldn't wear ANY copulins. Believe me, I tried! I had such a high reproductive signature which it sounds like you may have. The few times I did wear cops people would STEER CLEAR of me. I wear them now for how they make me feel. I met my primary partner at 27 and I was not wearing copulins then unless it was included in the formula but he is older than me so Ive witnessed his body making changes and copulins def help there, especially in conjunction with none! My lover is 42 so we are close in age. He responds well to light copulins. The older one is the subject Ive written about above. Tuesday I see the lover, Im planning on trying my copulin application AFTER copulating to revisit the affects with him so I can see if my hypothesis is correct. I will probably wear them very lightly before as well. What Ive noticed about the younger one is he really likes the chase and the times I have worn very heavy cops BEFORE sex, his desire to chase diminishes, and sees me as a sure thing. he also tends to go for the hard core lovey-connecting mixes (Heart and Soul, Cuddle Bunny are his faves) may have something to do with his Alpha Male mentality, though they are both Alphas. Anyways, I TOTALLY hear you and resonate. As a rule, I don't think any female under 35 should wear excessive copulins in the way I don't think young men should wear none. You just don't need it. Some of us need less of somethings and more of others as well. I could be wrong here but I wanted to share my 2 cents. The other thing I just thought of is some men like women who do not produce a lot of copulins or pheromones naturally.
  7. Beccah, I am aware of copulins, pheromones and I have a very small idea of how they may work according to the limited information out. Im 41 years old, so Im unsure of the natural pheromone output of my body, but I am not counting it out as a possible explanation and it could very well be leftover pheroblend residue. My experiences are synchronistic in timing and the behaviors are residual of pavlovian response but something different I still cant quite put my finger on. That first article is very interesting but different from my observations and findings, I can see why so many people would like to laugh at her results. I'm almost tempted to replicate them and start a journal. My personal observations where from manufactured cops only mostly LP, my personal findings radically different and have no idea of how the real deal in comparison.
  8. Sure. I can only share my own personal experiences with others in hopes of finding explanations for my findings. I was unaware of other women having experiences until my internet research last night. I'm was not interested in judging the validity of their experiences as being authentic or not because my experiences certainly where authentic, and I have more observations which I have not shared here, I was hoping to find plausible answers. I stand by my own experiences 100%. I shared a small bit personal info here in hopes of trying to understand things more clearly.
  9. Yes, That is Interesting about the restaurant owner, Ive also seen people specifically men acting like that but I didn't attribute it to the cops, now in hindsight I realize that must've been it. I found a few blogs about copulins and how they affect the subconscious mind, some women go so far as to how to train your man to be completely submissive to you. I was so curious I spent some time reading up last night. Im not sure if Im allowed to post a link here or not ? If you google copulins you can see a bunch of articles come up. A few ladies have some interesting experiences that expand a bit on this
  10. Yes, Those are cuddly products, I guess its the timing of application and the affects that Im curious about.
  11. I get the sense copulins do much more than we know, its hard to put my finger on. I do wear cops on a regular basis but only notice this behavior with one of my partners, and to a lesser extent the other one as well. The common denominator being the both are my intimate partners and have copulated with both. I am in a polyamorous relationship.
  12. Recently Ive been in the habit of spraying on copulins after sexual activity (and his orgasm) and I notice he doesnt want to leave me alone afterwards hes over the top clingy, which I don't mind, I kinda like it as I'm a cling on. When I dont spray the cops he isnt as clingy. Ive had Similar results with Occo, Lam, Bam and Cuddle Bunny, strong copulin content. Its also been imprinting him to a greater extent, getting love calls and texts hours later he misses me etc.
  13. Do copulins over a long or even short period create a bonding feeling or deep emotional response worn consistently. Ive noticed a bit of a difference when I wear copulins solo vs in a blend around my main squeeze and I'm trying to suss out the difference on why. He becomes more emotional around but I'm not sure if its unconscious feelings of possessiveness (ovulating female) or if there is something deeper maybe Any ideas?
  14. BeachGoddess, That's probly it. Since Ive stopped taking fish oil, my skin has dryed out considerably! Thanks for the feedback.
  15. Yup. Luckily my man enjoys est...I think at this point he is immuned to all my pheros lol! I had an incidence a few years ago of H & S buildup in my hair and apparently I was the only blissfully unaware of the smell until I was at the hairdresser. I found the perfect industrial strength hair serum so masking hasn't been an issue as of late, but I do agree about going nose blind!
  16. When I was in my late 20s I would never be able to do this, so I DO NOT recommend this for someone young or inexperienced. I think its a bit like how older men can get away with wearing none in heavier doses than young men and it suits them somehow, at least the older phero users I know anyways.
  17. yeah, its FAR more snuggly and sensual than sexual on me for some reason. Cops too, I dont get an over the top reaction unless its mixed with none or combined with a blend other than est. I'm in my 40s so that may play factor here.
  18. Purplehoney, this may be the case for me, my body temp has dropped alot recently and my skin has become drier. The hits I had last night wearing included the oil along with the spray and it seemed to pack a punch, may work for you too!
  19. Eggers this is EXACTLY what was happening to me with the next day hits when I was using the oil alone. The belly button method seemed to do the trick when I tried last night but I was also wearing the alcohol spray on top. I wear CB a lot under my phero blends and I notice with that blend if I mix into my hair serum which is strongly scented at the ends it hits fast and hard for some reason. I'm kinda a nut though in the way I wear pheros. lol
  20. I tried to respond to this yesterday before I went out and my computer kept freezing up on me! I ended up trying this application you suggested under my spray with the oil and the hit was harder than just spray alone, I mean out of the ballpark harder, next time I will adjust to the oil solo only and see if that will do the trick. Thanks Mara.
  21. Alot of the oils I have are about half full more or less, so its difficult to know what to do with those oils, there are a few a could mix together and add to a spray but some are beasts onto themselves. Im all open to any ideas and would love some.
  22. quietguy, thats what my typical line of snuggle attack usually. Im pretty hands on and he is a very well padded snuggle muffin so its not too hard. The problem is the snuggles go on FOREVER and I want the raunchy too. LOL!
  23. Mara, I usually slather up and down my arms, cleavage and back of necks and also hair ends under my hairspray.
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