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  1. its in the 60s, 50s here. Thanks for the great idea, spray conversion Dolly, I forgot about that!
  2. Can someone help me figure this out? I have a TON of pheromone oils I would like to put to use, it seems everytime I wear them they do not hit until the next day! Ive had this happen to me on more than one occasion and most recently my BI oil finally hit after like 40 hours with my lover. I have mainly been wearing sprays the last year or so but I would like to go back to including the multitude of oils sitting in my cabinet and put them to good use. I want to say the oils where hitting much faster on my skin in the past, so I'm just trying to figure this all out. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank You!
  3. Ive finally figured out how to wear this. My main man is still not responsive to this phero, but my side-piece... he loves it! I figured out its the alpha t-dhoc. It seems to be quite strong and sedating on me with this blend. I have to spray 1 long spray and run thru it. I still go quite heavy with the cops as I'm no spring chicken. I tried the LFM/Gotcha Combo above and I felt stoned, I think that the different alpha and beta t-doc don't do well together with these 2 blends, at least on me. Everyone around me went glazy as well, I did get the dihls I think its because I was spacing people out (ghosting?). I have had great luck with this blend over sexology, it took things over the top sexually. I
  4. Donsie...yes and there are quite a few quality types who are attracted to the "queenly" type. Not every male likes the super bubbly over the top extraverted phony airhead especially non-American males. Quality is something that is hard to come by these days LFM emphasizes that quality in you without being super dominant.
  5. It could be one or more of several things... He may be type of male who doesn't respond well to Est or he may respond TOO WELL to est and the other pheros and found himself attracted to you, or maybe the combo got him emotional, I once sprayed my girlfriend with ALOT of Heart and Soul and found myself highly emotional with her to the point of tearing up. A lot of males get snippy instead of teary as a natural response.
  6. also SS4W hits very quickly things are very speed date-y that may be to your benefit. I would def pick spray form for whatever blend/s you choose! Oil hits harder but it takes time while alcohol will hit instantly and given the context of the event that may work to your benefit here. You could also try BANG in spray form which is like SS4W on roids... the added est and cops may appeal to many (but not all) older men and help them extra connected and protective.
  7. Goddessinjapan, I would go with something sexy and impressionable given the fact there will be "competition" if you're over 30 add the cops! Like SS4W over Occo or if you're feeling extra sociable over LAM, SS4W is always a good solid (or) if you're more introverted LFM over Occo (this is the combo I would choose). I don't have much experience with Cougar but it sounds fun and sexy... however you don't want to give off the impression you're TOO fun people are there looking for longer term and you want the match you're talking to to feel attracted and connected.
  8. I would LOVE LP Red and LP Original as wax melts. I currently use LP red as a swipe on my plug in air diffuser.. its DELISH!!!
  9. BG, its really sad what I see a lot of women around me going thur right now, I think having good boundaries is essential to surviving in the dating world, especially if you're a more feeling type of person. Beccah, sounds heartbreaking. good for you for having the strength to move out of your relationship, Im sure you'll have a great deal of wisdom from your ordeal not to pick the same kind of guy maybe find a gentleman that responds well to Est next go around...lol.
  10. Yes, absolutely I wholeheartedly agree with this recommendation. I think every woman should read this.. so many guys pulling games like push-pull and disappearing reappearing these days its like dating self defense...lol.
  11. Im normally a fan of LFN or SS4W for sexytime but I have been experimenting with Bang for several days. My man who normally loves Est seems to not respond sexually to this blend which is rather shocking to me. I have been receiving ALOT of hits from others both women and men but more adoring as opposed to the sexy SS4W. Must be my skin chemistry. I love how this FEELS though its really calming and sexy, I cant explain it. Doesn't get my man aroused we were kissing last night and he started to fall asleep..lol. While we where sleeping he was cuddling and squeezing me so hard I couldn't breathe at all. This morning he called me his sweet love cat. Even cuddly bunny hasn't gotten me this kind of attention...lol. Im sure this blend could come in handy if we're fighting or Im starved for a snuggle, its very soothing.
  12. Thanks Ladies! I gotta an email from the ex, he wanted to let me know it was great seeing me and if we could "catch up on old times." I politely turned him down and gently reminded him that I did meet his wife and they seemed very happy.
  13. Hahaha! Dolly I didn't mind the attention, especially at my age...lol. I wouldn't wear this combo as an everyday combo for obvious reasons but I just NEEDED to get phero revenge on my ex...lol.
  14. Thanks Everyone... I ended up wearing Occo under Cuddly Bunny under Super Sexy in spray and LFN on pulse points....I know its a no-no, but the combo worked together for me BEAUTIFULLY! it was lethal, I was lethal. I made sure to get all up in ex's space quite a bit. He was very flirty and I was as cool as a cucumber. I was there alone and he was there with his partner. I didn't feel bad about it one bit, in fact I ran into a few single classmates who where flirty, overall a good night and I *think* I may have left a memorable impression on him.
  15. Coming up in a few weeks, Ive decided to go with LFN over cuddlebunny, I'll keep everyone posted!
  16. Thanks Ladies..After some though I think Im going to go with LFN spray and oil over occo!
  17. I was thinking LFN, I wasn't sure if maybe it was too alpha. I have both the spray and the oil..hmmm.
  18. Hi All, Im seeing an ex boyfriend at my high school reunion in September. We have been on and off for years. We are both in relationships now but he has repeatedly broken my heart. Interestingly we have never had sex.. but came close with him pulling the breaks. Stupidly I have been devastated by him on more than one occasion and Im hoping for some phero revenge..lol. Which phero's do you think would reak some havoc? I would love to imprint myself on his mind...FOREVER LOL. Hes done some real damage to my soul and I want to return the favor. He sent me a text after he saw I accepted and he said "Im going to make you fall harder for me than I have for you." So obviously the obsession is still mutual. He is not attracted to alpha female signatures and I don't want to drive him further into competition with me. I want to imprint this bastard for good. Advice please??!!!???!!! and Help.
  19. Yes, thanks StacyK. When I changed over to this, I didn't notice reactions right away but then people especially men and attractive men would remember things about me that I didn't. I haven't posted all my hits since switching over because I don't have a journal. My sweety is noticeably more in love and hornier at sexy time. Its got the pull of BI, but its higher value. I would say its as attracting, if not more as SS4W socially but a bit more serious there is a selective factor. I consider LFN the Louis Vuitton of my phero collection..lol! Upside is the none in this only causes aggression at sexy time, its really blended well. The downfall to this blend is it doesn't have nearly the popularity factor with others like LFM. But its truly unforgettable. Im curious to see how the 60/40 works for you. Im doing the alcohol spray with oil on my pulse points now, but its going to get expensive.
  20. Ive graduated to the alcohol spray with this one. Im shocked to see how much harder the affects are. I was wearing LFM with LFN in oil before. Last night I was sitting at a restaurant bar waiting for my sweety and the bartender told me that I shouldn't be sitting alone, that Im far too sexy..lol! Men cannot leave me alone when Im wearing this. SS4W does something similar but attracts younger guys hitting on me more of a hyper mix, slightly impressionable, LFN really seems to leave a deep and unusual impression on people where they cannot forget you. This blend is really intoxicating.
  21. I don't share the fact I wear pheros with many people as I like to keep that private, unfortunately pheros have become so mainstream here that most women do in fact wear them, Im no longer that "special lady" at the party...lol! my dirty lil secret is out.
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